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What Is Test Complete?

Test Complete is a bodybuilding supplement formulated to stimulate the body’s own testosterone production through the use of various ingredients. This supplemental drug claims to increase the bodybuilder’s muscle mass by naturally stimulating the male body to increase the rate of testosterone production, which will cut down on the body fat and build up lean muscle. The added testosterone will also allow bodybuilders to feel more energetic and alive. As a natural testosterone enhancer, Test Complete gives aging men the opportunity to regain the vitality of their youth by bringing the hormone back up to the levels of their previous years.

Consisting of eight different ingredients, Test Complete was manufactures with clinical studies in mind. JEM Nutrition, the manufacturer, took a great deal of time and effort in order to formulate a supplemental testosterone enhancer that will aid bodybuilders in increasing their muscle mass, feel more confident, and recover from long endurance workouts. The supplement does all of these in a natural way by working with the male body. The pill does not do anything that the male body wouldn’t do by itself; instead, it literally enhances the specific hormone in men that is responsible for muscle growth, energy, metabolism, and attitude.



According to the manufacturer’s website, JEM Nutrition is a decade old company located in Southern California. They have a policy to provide customers with the highest quality products without cutting any corners. To do that, they rely strongly on the latest scientific research to aid them in ingredient selection and supplement manufacturing. They have various other products available for bodybuilders, including the vast ranges of collagen, creatine, and protein. It appears that the company focuses on providing supplemental pills for three very specific areas: strength, protein, and health.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information available about the manufacturing process that JEM Nutrition uses. In fact, there is not much more available about the company than the single sentence at the bottom of their website. While this might be a little concerning, they do list a support email on the website as well for anyone that would like any further information. This would be the same email used to contact them about their high quality guarantee.


How Test Complete Works?

Test Complete is an innovative supplemental pill that does not actually ‘supplement’ the male body. Instead, it enhances it. The pill is formulated from specific ingredients that have been well tested, and proven, to increase the production of testosterone. Considering the considerable benefits of testosterone in men, this natural way to pump more into the body will have astonishing results. Testosterone, for instance, is a hormone known to contribute to the various workings of the human body. In men the level of testosterone is even more stressed since they are affected by the hormone to a greater degree.

By increasing the testosterone levels in men, Test Complete empowers the bodybuilders with renewed confidence while, at the same time, assisting their bodies in building muscle mass. The hormone will greatly increase self-esteem and the general attitude of bodybuilders, giving them what could be considered the traditionally masculine mental state. Outside of the hormones capabilities to reduce fat and increase lean muscle, the shift in attitude and confidence will have bodybuilders striving to work harder and longer to obtain the results they desire. All of this is achieved by naturally stimulating the body to reproduce its own testosterone at a greater rate, unlike steroid alternatives that replicate testosterone and replace it.


Ingredients of Test Complete

Combined with 1200mg of T-Spike, the other ingredients within the Test Complete supplement create a full dose of Testofen. According to studies done on male humans in a double-blind clinical trial, the Testofen composition of the pill will significantly increase muscle growth, free testosterone levels, while also significantly decreasing body fat. The results were obtained through a randomized and placebo-controlled clinical study. That, however, is only the first ingredient on the list.

Test Complete is also comprised of six more ingredients: Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (at a ratio of 100 to 1), Siberian Rhodiola Rosea, Rhaponticum Carthamoides, and 4-OHA. Here is a quick run-down on what each ingredient does:

  • Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is an herb that doesn’t have a lot of positive studies supporting its claims to increase the growth of muscle mass.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is a well-known herb that has been clinically proven to stimulate the production of testosterone and to also have stunning anti-estrogenic effects. Unfortunately, there have yet to be any opposition studies to verify the first clinical trial and make this scientific fact.
  • Siberian Rhodiola Rosea and Rhaponticum Cathamoides are both credited with increased mental functions as well as increases in muscle growths.
  • 4-OHA is another anti-estrogen drug that is also a powerful testosterone booster through its strong androgenic properties, which builds lean muscle and reduces body fat.



The advantages of using Test Complete over competing supplements rely entirely on what the bodybuilder is looking for in a supplement. This particular supplement boasts of being entirely natural. It stimulates the body into working for the bodybuilder, unlike other drugs that will replace the body’s natural processes with their own. The main concern when using the other drugs, one that replace or replicate the hormone testosterone instead of increasing its production, is the possibility that the bodybuilder’s body will adapt to the supplements assistance. Basically, the male body may become lazy over time and reduce its own production of testosterone. This gives natural supplements like Test Complete a clear advantage.

Another obvious advantage that this supplement has over others is the vast amount of clinical studies done for a number of the ingredients contained in each pill. These studies prove that the herbal ingredients used in Test Complete will actually work for their stated purposes. In a field of uncertainty, and a growing list of untried herbal supplements, having clear scientific evidence to back up a claim is an extremely important advantage.



Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be any obvious or significant certifications or other companies backing JEM Nutrition when it comes to this product. It appears to be a fairly small scale operation, but it has some extremely die-hard fans that have seen amazing results. Their products, including Test Complete, consistently receive excellent reviews on the formula quality and their desired effects. The company may simply need more time to get into the national market before other companies come in to certify them.

There are, however, various ingredients in Test Complete that have been certified by both businesses and scientific studies to validate their effectiveness in their intended purposes. As was previously mentioned, Testofen was studied fairly intensively in both animal and human trials to gauge the level of testosterone increase. There have also been other ingredients in the supplemental pill that have been tried and tested by various other laboratories and earned their approval. It should be mentioned, unfortunately, that there still has not been an extensive amount of testing on many of the ingredients. While one study might show positive results for the herbal supplements, it will be seen as inconclusive until multiple studies are done in other laboratories as well.



The testimonials for Test Complete are generally extremely positive. While there isn’t a lot known about JEM Nutrition, other than it is a small company, customers are willing to choose their product over the various other brand name supplements that saturate the market. Various customers have even stated that they chose the product simply because it is manufactured by a small, non-national, company. They believe that smaller companies are not ‘in the business simply for the money.’ This provides the company, and the Test Complete supplement, an extremely loyal customer base that will swear upon the benefits of using the supplements.

There are other customers that compare the product to other brands in the performance of its benefits. They mention the fact that the formula utilizes more than a single ingredient that is well-known for naturally enhancing the production of the testosterone hormone. There are multiple customer testimonials that say that they have lost an incredible amount of body fat while building up their lean muscle, and that they have not received the same results when taking other supplemental testosterone boosters.


Awards & Media Coverage

Test Complete itself has not received any obvious media coverage from national or local outlets. Once again this could be attributed to the fact that the company, JEM Nutrition, is fairly small in size. It is difficult to navigate through their website for any specific information on their location, but customers have often bemoaned the fact that their products could be difficult to obtain since the company was not quite large enough to be on the national marketplace for bodybuilding supplements.

Oddly enough, one of the well-known ingredients in creating the Test Complete testosterone enhancer has caught the attention of large media corporations in recent years. The herbal supplement, Testofen, has been the target of various law suits. Although it has the backing of clinical trials and major bodybuilding retail stores, this particular ingredient in the testosterone boosting supplements has made people question the benefits of taking such pills. The most common argument against Testofen is the possibility that the clinical trials were not done in a manner that was scientifically objective or fair. However, both the original and appellate judges dismissed the cases against the drug.


Money-back Guarantee

JEM Nutrition definitely stands behind their product with the guarantee that, as their website puts it, “each and every one of our products is made from the highest quality ingredients and the highest grades of specific ingredients. We cut no corners to deliver the highest quality.” This makes it obvious that the manufacturer has placed the level of quality, and therefore enabling customers to rely on the possible benefits of the product, well ahead of any other factors when formulating the testosterone enhancer pill.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any specific mention of a money-back guarantee for customers. The manufacturer only mentioned that the product has a guarantee to be a high quality supplement. Since there isn’t a standard on what is considered a high quality product, or if the average consumer would know if cheap ingredients are being used, it is a little doubtful if the guarantee will actually be a policy that customers can use to get a refund. There is a support email address listed on their website that can be used to contact JEM Nutrition with any questions regarding their guarantee policy.



JEM Nutrition previously had their products listed on well-known online marketplaces. This means that customers could order the product from the comfort of their homes and have it delivered in a matter of days. The amount of time necessary for the delivery would be entirely dependent on the customer’s distance from southern California, where the manufacturer is located. There does not seem to be any current listing available online to provide more information on shipping practices or policies. The large online marketplaces, however, do typically guarantee the company’s full cooperation in ensuring that packages are delivered on time and intact.

Outside of traditional shipping, various customers have been able to find Test Complete and other such supplements from JEM Nutrition available in their local nutrition stores. One customer even mentioned that their particular store kept the products available for sampling to help people decide if it was the right product for them.


Customer Support

JEM Nutrition lists multiple avenues of contacting their customer support on their website, ranging from emailing their support team to filling out an online contact form. They also list a phone number at the bottom of the page. This is a good sign that the company is willing to keep its guarantee of high quality ingredients, and that it would be willing to work with customers on finding satisfactory resolutions when a product is defective.

Sadly, it appears that the email listed on their site is currently inactive. Customers that send messages to their support team will get an automated response from their email clients insisting that the message could not be delivered. It is not known whether this is a temporary or permanent disabling of the company’s support email. On the same note, the phone number listed on the manufacturer’s website is also incorrect. It sends the customer to a different company that does not appear to be affiliated with JEM Nutrition in any way. Overall, the lack of current customer support options for this supplement seems to be pointing to either the manufacturer going out of business or merging with a different company. There isn’t enough information available to make any definitive claims one way or the other.


Safe & Secure Checkout

JEM Nutrition does not directly allow customers to purchase Test Complete, or any of their other products, through their website. Though, the previous listings of the testosterone boosting supplement could be located on online marketplaces that boast of the best security in checkout processes, which include the option to pay through even more secure services like PayPal. Unfortunately, there is not a currently active listing of the supplement available. Any information about the security of purchasing this product can only be deduced from where it was known to be previously listed.



The pricing of Test Complete is generally unknown at this point in time due to its current unavailability. Customers interested would need to contact the manufacturer, JEM Nutrition, directly or inquire about it at their local nutrition and bodybuilding stores. This lack of a price point is fairly concerning, since it only furthers the idea that the product is no longer available on the market. There are some websites available that provide links to Test Complete, and other JEM Nutrition products, but the links no longer work. In fact, those same websites list that customers have reported the product has been discontinued.

As a point of reference, previous customers have mentioned that the product was comparable in price range to other testosterone boosters on the market. This means that selecting Test Complete would need to be based off of its higher quality ingredients instead of affordability. However, the difficulty in finding the product, or its discontinuation, could lead to a steady incline in price since loyal customers may still be looking to purchase it for supplemental use.


  • Test Complete is guaranteed to be manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that the supplemental testosterone enhancer delivers only pure herbs and minerals.
  • The supplement is comprised of seven different ingredients that all play an integral role in naturally enhancing the body’s ability to produce its own testosterone hormones.
  • Test Complete brings together ingredients that have been tested in clinical trials and proven to provide a significant benefit to the production of the male hormone testosterone.
  • The testosterone enhancing supplement has, or had, a loyal customer base that preferred using it over other leading brands due to the manufacturer’s small size and the intended benefits of the supplement.


  • The lack of a customer support system could lead customers to question the company’s high quality guarantee and leave them unable to dispute defective supplements.
  • The inability to locate the product either online, or through local store listings, may mean that the supplement is no longer available on the market.
  • Some of the ingredients listed as being used in manufacturing Test Complete have been disputed as being misleading in law suits in Massachusetts and California.
  • The company does not necessarily give the customer a money-back guarantee when say that their products are guaranteed to have the highest quality ingredients used in their manufacturing.

Test Complete

Summary: Test Complete is a natural testosterone enhancer that enables the male body to work on producing its own testosterone hormone instead of replacing it like other similar drugs that are available. The manufacturer offers a high quality guarantee, but no particular money-back guarantee is made available. Moreover, it appears that the supplement has been removed from the market for the time being. This conclusion can be reached after realizing that the company’s customer support cannot be reached through email or phone call, and the fact that there is no known listing of their products currently available in retail stores or online.

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