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What Is T-Up?

T-Up® Mega Testosterone Booster is carefully formulated and clinically tested to ensure that its major ingredient of D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) raises the body’s natural testosterone levels significantly. Elevated levels of this powerful hormone in your system will assist with rapid growth of lean muscle and greater supplies of energy and strength as well as the welcome benefit of faster recovery after exercise. In tests of this advanced supplement, users tested have shown a median percentage of 42 to 50 percent testosterone count increase after using this fitness product for just 12 days. Most nutritionists agree that an overall increase of testosterone in the body results in a similar rate of increase in the free (active) testosterone count, which helps regular exercisers and bodybuilders improve muscularity, athletic strength, endurance and workout skills.

Experienced bodybuilding trainers know that the testosterone raising effects of T-Up are cumulative, so users will experience continuous benefits over time. They will gain lean muscle growth with each week and month they take this advanced fitness supporter. Many athletic trainers advise bodybuilders and steady exercisers to use this formula in cycles, with the maximum duration of a cycle equaling 12 weeks. They also recommend a 4-week rest from taking the supplement afterward, followed by repetition of the dosing cycle again. As an additional strength and energy enhancing practice, these workout experts also suggest combining regulated, intense training with weights in combination with regular use of T-Up and eating a diet high in protein to optimize the ongoing efficacy of this unique fitness formula.

This contemporary muscle and energy building blend of empowering natural substances gains its dependable power from the percentages of its pure, nutritional ingredients in combination. Not only does this supplement contain Sodium D-AA as a strong initiator of testosterone boosting in the body, but its formula also includes highly effective vitamins and other nutrients that raise and sustain ongoing functions of the vital organs and circulatory system that enhance physical performance and mental alertness. Also, this product’s unique blend of ingredients as energy and stamina boosting compounds is manufactured in pure, liquid-filled capsule form for convenient use and fast absorption into your internal system as an effective pre-workout aid.



Fourteen years ago, the Nutrex Research company was merely a concept of an advanced fitness supplement manufacturer and promoter, and on July 20th, 2012, this successful enterprise celebrated its 10th year as an innovative company contributing numerous body-enhancing aids to the natural fitness supplements industry. During the company’s tenth anniversary events, a major moment was the ribbon-cutting for its soon-to-be built 80,000-square-foot, top-tier corporate offices and business headquarters located in Oviedo, FL, in the U.S. Not only did the outstanding success of this company lead the way for improving the local economy, but it also created a wealth of valuable, empowering fitness supplements for the modern consumer market, helping many bodybuilders and athletes of all degrees of skill to achieve their fitness and muscular development goals.

This company’s executives work with a well-trained and knowledgeable team of scientific experts, natural nutritionists and sports medicine specialists to formulate the best possible blends of carefully selected natural compounds, vitamins and other naturally occurring substances to grow lean muscle mass and improve physical performance. Experienced staff members of Nutrex Research realize the importance to athletes of all types to have supplies of sustained energy and stamina to endure the toughest training imaginable on their way to winning grueling competitions and sports events. This Nutrex Research team also understands the great value of fast-acting supplements that can rapidly build muscles while reducing body fat, provide power to champion over difficult bodybuilding workouts and ensure quick recovery afterward without serious pain or fatigue. These experts know the extent of physical power, mental commitment and supportive energy supplies that are necessary in order to attain increasing heights of success as a bodybuilder or serious athlete today.


How T-Up Works?

The unique proprietary blend of ingredients that comprise this fast-acting fitness supplement was formulated scientifically to promote and maintain a steady, increased level of active testosterone in your body before, during and after exercise. When such ingredients as the powerful testosterone booster compound of Sodium D-Aspartic Acid are combined with the essential natural nutrients of Vitamin B, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid, the D-AA content is more quickly and easily used by your body’s internal system. Subsequently, greater levels of free testosterone are produced and available for strenuous physical activity and recovery afterward. When using this supplement regularly, you will even have plentiful energy supplies to meet all the demands of your day or evening following your vigorous and challenging workouts at the gym.

By providing your body with 3,000 mg. of D-AA in each daily dose, Nutrex Research created a very active and reliable energizer causing constantly rising rates of testosterone production in the body. With the additional vitamin content and the inclusion of another empowering ingredient, the compound of Massularia Acuminata, the company’s scientists and nutritionists came up with an even more active and powerful recipe since this compound also elevates bodily testosterone percentages to support growth of strong, massive muscles and the development of a streamlined, packed and powerful, ripped physique. What makes this fitness aid so effective along with its muscle, energy and endurance building properties is its unique blend of these components. By combining all substances in percentages carefully calculated with the help of clinical and practical research, supplement formulators determined the best possible ratio of ingredients for ultimate effectiveness to athletes.


Ingredients of T-Up

A bottle of 120 capsules of fast-acting, effective T-Up fitness supplement contains 3,127 mg. of testosterone boosting formula. This blend of natural nutrients from Nutrex Research includes the following ingredients:

Sodium D-Aspartic Acid

This non-essential amino acid interacts with the brain, resulting in higher production levels of luteinizing hormone, called LH. This hormone is responsible for enhancing the body’s production of free (active) testosterone, and this additional testosterone content boosts energy, strength and endurance for enduring and benefitting from lengthy, strenuous workouts. It also aids your body in building more lean muscle mass and eliminating any excess fat.

Massularia Acuminata

This active natural compound in this formula is a powerful strength booster, significantly increasing your energy and stamina both during and after rigorous exercise sessions. It is also a very helpful ingredient for speeding up your required recovery time following workouts. This optimized recovery is essential for serious bodybuilders and exercise advocates who work out every day at the gym and undergo difficult training sessions to prepare for competitions. This ingredient also increases blood circulation to fuel the muscles and thickens muscle interiors, giving you strong, dense and flexible lean muscularity.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is commonly found in many roots and in fish, fowl and some fruits. As part of the Vitamin B group, Vitamin B6 actively promotes many necessary enzyme interactions within amino acid, lipid and glucose metabolism, and these three types of metabolic activity are essential for maintaining good body strength and stamina needed for any type of strenuous sports and bodybuilding participation by athletes.

Folic Acid

This water-soluble form of Vitamin B, along with folate, naturally occurs in many types of foods (vegetables, fruits, yeast and meat) and assists the body in absorbing vital nutrients needed for energy and endurance, especially during physical activity. Folic acid levels in your body also are essential in preventing or curing anemia (often called “tired blood”), and this ingredient strengthens all organs and tissues of the body, supporting strenuous physical and mental activity.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, found in many fish, meat, and dairy foods, also helps prevent anemia and is a major energy and mood enhancer. This vitamin is also helpful in preventing and eliminating inflammations of the muscles and joints caused by over-exertion during strenuous or prolonged workouts or sports action.



There are some major advantages to making T-Up your regular fitness supplement, whether you are a committed bodybuilder or an exercise enthusiast, including the following:

  • This healthy bodybuilding supplement promotes lean muscle growth, body strength and shorter, painless recovery afterwards.
  • Only a single dose of this powerful formula is needed to supply higher energy levels to complete significantly more difficult workouts daily.
  • Efficacy and safety of this unique fitness supplement’s ingredients have been well tested clinically and through documented practical use by athletes.
  • One daily dose of this formula consists of four or five, easy to ingest and metabolize liquid-filled capsules, and this product is very effective even when taken up to one hour before workouts.
  • This fitness aid contains no unnecessary filler ingredients, and every ingredient serves a valuable purpose in preparing and sustaining bodily energy and endurance for each workout, shortening the user’s recovery period following each exercise session.



Nutrex Research often issues certificates of appreciation to online sales sites, fitness supplement retail enterprises, supplements distributors and to bodybuilding and exercise trainers who encourage their students and followers to take their example and start using this effective natural fitness product on a regular basis. The company also gives certificates to pro bodybuilders and athletes who have chosen this formula as their primary testosterone booster and energizer. Management and staff at Nutrex Research are confident that increasing percentages of their growing sales numbers for this fitness supplement are due to the collective efforts of all the sports-focused trainers and sales businesses and to pro athletes who are loyal to this muscle and energy-building aid. As they constantly promote its use to their colleagues and young trainees of all levels of experience, they increase supplement sales.



I am totally amazed at how fast and actively this supplement works. It gives me the muscle power and stamina I need to finish my daily workouts in good shape, feeling fit and energetic for the rest of my day. Another great perk is the shorter recovery time afterward. I never thought I could finish my training sessions at the gym free of muscle pain and stress, but guess what? With the help of this great testosterone booster, I did it. Cheers for T-Up. Get your supply of this powerful supplement today. – Alan King, Atlanta, GA

Ever thought you had just endured your last bodybuilding workout after experiencing lasting pain and fatigue when leaving the gym? Well, join the club, my friend, and luckily, you will meet a huge group of athletes now benefiting from the relief and empowerment of T-Up, the energizing testosterone booster from Nutrex Research. If you really want to succeed as a bodybuilder or pro-style athlete, gaining impressive lean muscle mass plus the energy and stamina to see you through your workouts, recovery and the remainder of your day with bundles of extra energy, order this outstanding fitness aid today. – Charlie Reeves, San Diego, CA

Want an awesome, ripped appearance with massive muscles and energy to spare? If so, grab a bottle of T-Up today and experience the joy of attaining that terrific muscular physique and high self-esteem you have been sweating and struggling through tough-guy training sessions at the gym to achieve. Just a few short weeks of taking this unique supplement will make you a believer for life. Join the T-Up community of healthy bodybuilders today. – Terence Taylor, Birmingham, UK

If you’re like me, you find it really difficult to build up your muscles using most bodybuilding aids on the market today. While some guys seem to have success with any product they use, gaining powerful, streamlined bodies and unstoppable energy levels, the rest of us exhaust ourselves battling through strenuous, muscle-and-joint-wrenching exercise routines, nearly collapsing from fatigue afterward. Well, now there is more than hope – there’s real-time, everyday proof that guys like us can get ripped, too. Just try your first dose of T-Up today and get that Atlas Man look and attitude you’ve been dreaming about. – Lenny Bush, Montreal, Canada


Awards & Media Coverage

T-Up is currently receiving notice on various exercise and muscle-enhancing websites and webinars due to its unique and rapid-results formula of powerful natural ingredients. Some of these online venues favor proprietary formulas for bodybuilding aids and energy boosters since these products are designed using clinically and practically tested ingredients combined in exacting percentages needed to best raise testosterone levels and improve athletic performance. This advanced fitness supporting supplement is expected to receive both major media coverage and future bodybuilding aid awards based on its formula, popularity of use and growing positive impact on the exercising public, pro and amateur athletes and bodybuilders of all levels of accomplishment.


Money-back Guarantee

Nutrex Research offers a money-back guarantee to anyone who purchases this sports supplement and is not completely satisfied with its use. The company’s entire staff is focused on creating and supplying to consumers a top-quality supplement that is of great benefit to every serious exerciser’s workouts and progress toward physical fitness. If you should experience any problems with the ordering, purchasing or delivery of your supplement, the company wants to hear from you. Your feedback is very important to the staff and will help them to improve their online sales process for all consumers who purchase this product on the Internet.

If your order arrives at your address late or fails to arrive, concerned company staff members will refund your supplement order payment or replace your order immediately, according to your wishes. If you try this bodybuilding aid and are not pleased with its effects, you are also entitled to a refund. Just return the unused portion of your order, and you will receive prompt reimbursement.



Shipping and handling of your supplement are provided by professional transport companies and delivery experts, whether it is being sent to a domestic or international location. Nutrex Research insists on using secure, sturdy packaging, and each address is carefully checked prior to shipment to ensure the correct delivery route and destination. Shipments are made promptly, and you can look forward to receiving your bodybuilding aid safely within the delivery time given when you placed your order.


Customer Support

The customer support team at Nutrex Research is make up of friendly, courteous and well-informed staff members who are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about the purchase, receipt or use of T-Up. Whether you experience a major problem with use of this product or merely have a minor concern or question about delivery of your order, these employees are prepared to resolve your issues and answer all questions. You can contact them by phone, email, online support ticket or website chat services.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Online payment and checkout is always safe and secure on the company website. Because this site is professionally encrypted to prevent fraudulent use of your contact and identity data by Internet hackers and data thieves, you can order with the reassurance that you are purchasing a valuable exercise and bodybuilding supplement on protected web pages. Each time you return to the site to order another monthly supply of your fitness aid, you can depend on the quality security provided by this reputable and responsible company for protection of all your personal and financial information, including your credit or debit card numbers.



The company offers buyers of this supplement a month’s supply of this advanced formula (120 to 150 liquid capsules) for just $59.95, and there are seasonal sales of this product at various times throughout the year. During some sales, you can purchase your monthly supply for as low a price as $29.95. Whether you buy during a sale or at the regular price, you will find this supplement to be well worth your money for the energizing and muscle-building benefits it offers.


There are many benefits to using T-Up as your major sports and bodybuilding supplement, including the following:

  • This advanced exercise-enhancing formula has undergone rigorous clinical and practical testing to prove its safety and effectiveness.
  • This sports supplement is a proprietary blend, so all ingredients have been combined and blended according to researched and tested percentages in order to provide the best possible support for building strong muscularity, strength and energy for strenuous exercise.
  • A single daily dose of four or five liquid capsules is all you need to get the power boost of increased and sustained testosterone that your body needs for optimal athletic performance at the gym or in competitions.
  • This supplement contains all natural, safe and healthy ingredients, so there is no need to worry about inclusion of harsh, artificial substances in this exercise enhancing formula.


There are also a few minor disadvantages that can be encountered concerning regular use of this active bodybuilding supplement, such as:

  • This fitness aid is not formulated for use by regular exercisers under the age of 18.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding babies should refrain from using this fitness supplement.
  • Bodybuilders or sports enthusiasts who are currently taking prescription medications should consult their doctors before using T-Up.


Summary: T-Up Mega Testosterone Booster is an advanced, innovative exercise and bodybuilding formula of powerful natural ingredients. As a component of a proprietary blend, each ingredient is included in the exact proportion determined by scientific research to be the best amount for achieving optimum muscle-building and energizing effects for athletic achievement. Containing active, versatile compounds such as D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) and Massularia Acuminata, both of which raise testosterone levels in the body for increased muscularity, excess fat reduction and improved energy and stamina supplies for strenuous workouts, this supplement is unique in its composition. This fast-acting and body sculpting athletic endurance promoter is also a strong aid for decreasing recovery time following workouts. In addition, bodybuilders and regular exercisers who use this fitness aid as their primary athletic supplement report painless recovery periods with excess energy supplies throughout the remainder of the day or evening after workouts.

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