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What Is T-Mass?

T-Mass, manufactured by Armour Nutrition, is a safe, empowering testosterone booster to provide you with greater sustained energy, endurance, agility and determination to excel at rugged workouts and competitions for increasing bodybuilding and sports action success. With regular daily use of this nutrient-enriched fitness formula, your physical build and athletic abilities and skills will rapidly improve as you gain new lean muscularity, body strength, stamina and the will to persevere during strenuous, competitive training and sports events. Your body will be able to endure more intensive workouts without injuries, dehydration or fatigue. In addition, your recovery time following difficult or lengthy athletics will be significantly faster, easier and more complete, supplying you with additional energy and mental focus for all the challenges of your busy lifestyle.

This fast-acting, effective T-booster and body energizer contains high percentages of natural, healthy proteins with rapid absorption and uptake rates, supporting your body for sports activity within an hour or two after your daily dose. This product also has impressive lasting power, giving you vital energy bursts that promote sustained, vigorous athletic action so you can stay strong for the duration of long workouts and sports practice or games. By increasing the levels and activity of amino acids in your internal system, this unique sports formula helps the muscle-building process to continue through your active day and even while you sleep at night. Your muscles, joints and body tissues will be well-rested, repaired and revitalized during sleep, preparing you each night for the next day’s bodybuilding and sports training or events. With daily doses of this specialized athletic aid, T-Mass, all aspects of your sports performance will improve while you build a lean, streamlined physique with new and denser muscularity for a totally ripped appearance.



This innovative sports supplements production company is currently based primarily in Canada, with international facilities and sales outlets in the UK and many other locations throughout the world. Every product manufactured by this company contains only the purest, most beneficial substances for promoting quality sports skills and action, and each ingredient is well-tested both in the lab and in practical sports settings by athletes before inclusion in fitness formulas for sale. Supplements are formulated by experienced scientists and natural nutritional specialists. These experts discover and use the best possible percentages of each ingredient in sports performance enhancers like T-Mass to create fitness aids for both amateur and pro bodybuilders and other athletes with optimal levels of efficacy and safety for daily use. It is the goal of this company to enable sports advocates of all grades of training and experience to realize their own highest ideals and dreams in sports performance.

No banned substances or potentially harmful ingredients are ever contained in sports supplements produced and sold by the Armour Nutrition company brand. Even natural substances that are somewhat questionable in terms of safety and effectiveness are excluded from this company’s pure, vitalizing fitness aids. The professionals at Armour Nutrition will never cut corners in terms of fine quality, safe ingredients for all supplements produced in company facilities and placed on the consumer market. These experts want to supply each and every serious athlete with an abundance of energy, stamina, body strength, speed and good, fast neuromuscular signals and reactions to excel at the highest possible levels of athletic skill to meet their sports action goals.


How T-Mass Works?

The T-Mass formula contains a specialized blend of natural proteins with optimum rates of absorption and uptake in your body for rapid-action energy boosts and dependable increases in levels of supportive endurance for greater strength, prowess and achievements in athletics. These empowering proteins plus the high amino acid content of this supplement raise rates of anabolic (building up) muscular development while helping to prevent catabolic (breaking down) activity of muscles, bones and body tissues. Even with low counts of the ingredient, Maltodextrin, which absorbs quickly like simple sugars, any depletion of glycogen or amino acids in your body will be balanced and restored to healthy levels to power and activate your muscles for exercise. This unique formula also increases nitric oxide (NO) counts in your body, delivering more vital oxygen to all muscles of your body to fuel muscular action during sports performance and aid your body in recovering rapidly and thoroughly after athletics, free of pain and stress.


Ingredients of T-Mass

The innovative fitness formula of T-Mass is composed of pure, nutritional substances that combine to empower your body and sharpen your mental focus and drive to improve your bodybuilding and sports action skills and performance. The safe, effective ingredients of this proprietary blend include the following components:

Natural proteins – As an essential nutritional substance, natural protein is necessary for varied functions of your body, such as the growth and repair of cells, muscle and tissue. Everyone’s daily diet should include proteins. However, if you are an athlete engaged in intensive bodybuilding workouts, sports playing training or weightlifting sessions, your body requires increased protein levels for ongoing exercise and recovery. Although daily intake of such foods as eggs, meats, poultry, beans, milk, nuts and soy products supplies some amounts of healthy protein, athletes need good protein supplementation for strenuous sports activity.

Healthy and empowering protein supplements, usually in capsule or powdered form for mixing with liquids, often contain whey or casein as major ingredients. Most athletes need daily intake of at least 0.8 to 1.0 grams of pure protein for each kilogram of body weight. Many sports nutrition experts recommend 15 to 25 grams of healthy protein at least 30 minutes before workouts for good biosynthesis and use and at least that amount again during the day or evening following athletic performance.

Amino Acids (BCAAs) – As corner stones of protein, the nine essential amino acids are vital to human existence, and three of these are responsible for about 33 percent of your body’s muscular tissue—Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine. Referred to as “branched chain,” these three essential amino acids (BCAAs) were given this term due to the form of their molecular structure. While Leucine promotes the biosynthesis of muscle protein, Isoleucine initiates uptake of glucose in body cells. Valine aids muscle protein absorption by the body and alleviates bodily fatigue.

Maintaining high levels of BCAAs protects your body from experiencing a serum decrease in BCAAs which can take place during workouts and sports action. This decrease can cause tryptophan entrance into the brain, which triggers the generation of serotonin, causing bodily fatigue. Taking supplements rich in BCAAs before and even during exercise sessions will boost your sports results while replenishing any BCAA loss immediately. When you use BCAA supplementation post-exercise, this will lessen bodily counts of cortisol and help prevent any catabolic (destructive) activity in your muscle tissues.

The following major vitamins are included in this formula in percentages that its formulators determined to be the best for creating a unique and empowering sports supplement with optimal efficacy and safety:

Vitamin A – This vitamin is necessary for healthy skin, bones and body tissues as well as for maintaining vision and eye health.

Vitamin B – The B vitamins help produce red blood cells for good energy levels and body strength. They also support good digestion of foods and the conversion of nutritional foods into active energy supplies for exercise.

Vitamin C – This vitamin protects your entire body against wear, tear and damage from free radicals while raising your bodily levels of collagen, a natural protein that literally holds your bones, muscles and body tissues together. Vitamin C is also necessary for your body’s production of the hormone serotonin, which is essential to functionality of all parts of your internal system. This vitamin also generates neurotransmitters that transmit messages from your brain throughout your body via your central nervous system, benefiting all activity of your body.

Vitamin D – This vitamin is essential for good absorption rates of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc in your body to build and maintain strong bones and joints, enabling you to participate in intensive sports training and performance.

Vitamin E – This vitamin is an antioxidant that can prevent or alleviate free radical damage to body tissues. It also assists your body in producing red blood cells for good energy and endurance levels. Vitamin E also helps prevent loss of lean muscle mass and muscular weakness, promoting your ability to engage in strenuous workouts and other athletics.

Maltodextrin – This ingredient is most often made from rice or corn starch and sometimes from potatoes or wheat. This natural starch is then hydrolyzed using acids and enzymes and then filtered and purified to form Maltodextrin, which is usually corn syrup solids. However, after it is processed, Maltodextrin, which lends substance to food similar to the way fat does, contains less than 20 percent sugar, but its glycemic index is 130, while ordinary packaged sugar has an index of just 65 percent. Maltodextrin combines easily with other food ingredients and extends the lives of food products.

Natural Flavors – Popular flavor choices for T-Mass are chocolate and cookies and cream, and all flavoring is natural and pure.



This unique sports action supplement offers multiple benefits and advantages to regular daily users, including the following:

  • This effective testosterone booster raises and replenishes bodily levels of energy, endurance and mental drive for significant improvements in athletes’ sports performance.
  • The empowering BCAA content of this unique fitness formula boosts energy and body strength while increasing nitric oxide levels in your body, delivering oxygen as fuel to your muscles to help you excel at intensive workouts and sports competitions.
  • All nutrient-rich ingredients of this athletic supplement promote anabolic (building up) activity in your body, building lean, dense muscles and repairing worn or damaged muscles and tissues during recovery after rugged exercise.
  • This specialized, proprietary blend fitness formula enhances your post-workout recovery, making it shorter and painless, extending this bodily rejuvenating and repairing process all through your nightly sleeping hours to prepare you with fresh, new energy, stamina and strength for the next day’s athletic training and events.



Armour Nutrition sends certificates of recognition and thanks to pro and amateur sports figures, bodybuilding coaches, powerlifting trainers, exercise instructors and other sports performance industry professionals who promote and encourage regular use of T-Mass by their trainees and other sports enthusiasts. These dedicated sports advocates are very helpful in gaining new customers who choose this major T-booster as their primary athletic supplement. Serious muscle-builders and other athletes of all levels of training, skill and experience are favorably influenced by these respected sports figures, coaches and trainers. Especially novice sports enthusiasts in early stages of training are glad to have the advice of experienced experts before purchasing their first primary bodybuilding and sports action supplements.



This great T-booster will give you plenty of energy and stamina for all your sports action challenges. You will finish each workout like a pro and recover quickly with energy to spare, completely pain-free and refreshed. You will have new, lean muscle growth within just a few short weeks with daily doses of T-Mass, and your powerful, Atlas Man look and persona will wow all your sports buddies at the gym. Even your trainer will be amazed! Start building a lean, mean, totally ripped physique today.

– Stan Everton, Chicago, IL, USA

Are you tired of struggling through muscle-wrenching workouts and long post-exercise recovery while suffering from endless aches, pains and near-exhaustion? With this unique powerhouse fitness formula, you can make a major move toward advanced bodybuilding and sports action. Try T-Mass right away for a major boost along your path to optimum heights of sports performance success.

– Warren Hoffman, Washington, DC, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

This safe, effective athletic aid continues to gain new popularity and users as more exercising consumers learn about the empowering effects of its multiple sports action benefits. T-Mass is predicted to be a winner of such esteemed sports industry awards as the Supplement of the Year award from Bodybuilding.com and similar well-recognized sports performance authorities. This unique fitness formula is currently receiving ongoing notice and discussion on many athletic performance websites and forums. It also is a topic of interest in many sports action newsletters, and this major testosterone booster and body energizer is expected to receive coverage by primary sports news media channels and networks during future months and years.


Money-back Guarantee

This sports supplements production company sells each product with a full money-back guarantee. Company leaders and staff members are focused on providing quality products and services, and they currently have an excellent record for customer satisfaction and a long-term client base of ongoing sports supplement users. However, if you do experience any questions, issues or problems with the receipt or use of T-Mass, the staff wants to hear from you right away. Whether you have a minor question about an ingredient of this fitness formula or your supplement package contained the wrong product, you should contact the customer support department of Armour Nutrition to report this issue. A friendly, concerned staff member will work with you to resolve your question or problem. If, however, no satisfactory solution can be reached, he or she will process either a replacement order of your supplement or a full refund for the cost of your purchase.



All orders of Armour Nutrition supplements are professionally packaged and shipped to customers around the globe. Quality domestic shippers and reliable global transport carriers are used for this purpose, and this sports supplements manufacturer has an excellent record of prompt, safe, accurate product deliveries to customers. Errors rarely occur during the shipping process. However, if your fitness aid product arrives damaged, is delayed in transit or does not arrive at all, just contact the company’s customer support staff for a prompt, satisfactory resolution to your problem. A team member will track your package, send you a replacement order or process a full reimbursement for the cost of your athletic supplement.


Customer Support

The well-trained, knowledgeable and helpful customer support team at Armour Nutrition is always available to assist you with any issues, difficulties or problems that may arise with the purchase, delivery or use of your new T-booster for sports action improvement. Whether you have a minor question about a benefit offered by one ingredient of your supplement or you have a major problem with an allergy to another component, you should contact this expert team right away for a resolution to your issue. A team member will discuss your problem thoroughly with you and seek to find a completely satisfactory resolution. If, however, no solution can be found to your issue, this team member will process a refund for your supplement purchase. You can contact the customer support team easily by phone, email or via the company’s website at any time.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout procedures are always safe and secure for customers on the company website, due to advanced encryption technology used in the construction of this modern site. Company leaders take the need to protect all customers’ personal information entries on this website very seriously, and for this reason, every available security measure is used to ensure safe data input. Each time you visit the site to place your order for a new supply of this empowering fitness formula, your name, shipping address, email address, phone number and credit card numbers will all be well guarded against potential online identity thieves and site intruders or hackers. You can enjoy your buying experience free of worries about compromising your valuable personal data while shopping.



Armour Nutrition is known for keeping the prices of its safe, effective sports performance aids at reasonable, affordable rates for the benefit of serious athletes who want a fine quality fitness formula. You can purchase a month’s supply of T-Mass for from $83.99 to $39.99 or even less during special product promotions and seasonal sales. During holiday sales, you can even find this supplement on sale for the low cost of just $22.40. By visiting the company website frequently, you can stay informed about scheduled product promos and sales to take advantage of discounted prices.


There are definite benefits to making T-Mass from Armour Nutrition your major T-booster and fitness formula for greater sports action and achievements, such as:

  • This natural sports performance supplement contains only safe, effective and pure ingredients, all of which contribute to significant athletic improvement and bodybuilding success.
  • This formula increases natural production of testosterone in your body for impressive energy bursts and plenty of sustained stamina, agility and athletic speed to get you to the next level of advancement in your sports training.
  • The Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) in this sports formula raise your body’s nitric oxide counts for additional energy and increased amounts of oxygen that fuels all your muscles, organs and body tissues via your bloodstream.
  • Greater amounts of nitric oxide (NO) in your body also boost your metabolic rates, helping you shred extra body fat more rapidly and easily for a sleeker yet more muscular body as you build an admired, totally ripped physique.


Some potential purchasers of T-Mass as a daily sports performance supplement may encounter a few inconveniences or obstacles to becoming regular users of this fitness formula, including the following:

  • This exercise enhancing product is not designed for use by athletes under the age of 18 and could be harmful if taken by children.
  • This effective T-booster and bodily energizer is not intended for use by women who are nursing or pregnant.
  • Sports enthusiasts who are taking prescription drugs should seek the advice of a physician or holistic practitioner before beginning daily dosages of this safe, effective fitness formula.


Summary: T-Mass, an effective, safe testosterone booster from the Armour Nutrition company brand, raises your body energy, strength, stamina and willpower to excel at difficult, strenuous gym workouts and sports competitions. When you use this fitness formula as your primary sports action enhancer, your athletic skills and capabilities with improve while you gain more lean, dense muscle mass for a streamlined, but powerful, ripped physique. You will be able to complete intensive bodybuilding and sports game training sessions free of injury, muscle strains, stress or fatigue. Your recovery periods following challenging athletics will be remarkably shorter, smoother and pain-free, and you will have excess energy to get you through the remainder of your busy day or evening. With its impressive contents of natural, energizing proteins and nutrient-rich Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), your nitric oxide counts will increase, delivering more pure, nutritional oxygen to your muscles via your bloodstream for even more energy, stamina and body strength to conquer every new sports action challenge.

$39.99 to $83.99
RatingRated 3 stars

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