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What Is T-Gen?

T-Gen is a testosterone booster designed to raise the levels of testosterone in a person’s body. The ingredients are formulated to increase muscle mass as the supplement is absorbed by the body. It also increases energy levels while working out and in general, gives more strength during the weight lifting, and increases loss of fat. Several clinical studies of the product have been done. One involved 60 male participants, aged 18-35 years old for eight weeks. After eight weeks of taking the T-Gen, one of the supplement’s primary ingredients, test subjects who were taking active ingredients saw an increase in testosterone levels of 98.81%, a significant increase.

However the other clinical study listed that was done for another ingredient in the supplement called Sitosterols seems not to matter because the ingredient is to help with prostate health. This doesn’t have much to do with gaining muscle or losing fat or helping with bodybuilding. Also to note is that the trial done with T-Gen was conducted by Gencor, which is T-Gen’s manufacturer. There is an argument that if the manufacturer of an ingredient themselves is doing the testing, there may well always be a positive result.



The manufacturer for this product is Chamonix Nutraceuticals. There is no clear website for Chamonix Nutraceuticals itself, however. There is a website listing the manufacturer of T-Gen with details such as its filing date, registration number, and attorney name and only one employee listed. Also more information regarding what the manufacturer makes does not include anything about bodybuilding or nutritional supplements. Rather it lists dietetic substances but for medical use, veterinary purposes, dental wax, disinfectants, fungicides and herbicides.

This doesn’t seem very promising if you are looking for testosterone boosters. There is another site that says another name for Chamonix Nutraceuticals is Chamonix. When you go to the Chamonix website you find T-Gen there, so this must be the manufacturer’s site. However the site is filled mainly facial and skin care products for women. T-Gen is the only product listed by Chamonix that is supposed to have any bodybuilding purposes. This might make you wonder as there is no history of listed successful bodybuilding supplements, and the other products listed on the other site don’t seem to indicate any more bodybuilding products either.


How T-Gen Works?

This testosterone booster is made to raise testosterone levels by taking the product. This will lead to a gain in muscle, a gain in overall strength and also energy to sustain workouts, and better fat loss. According to test results done for the ingredient T-Gen, one of the main ingredients found in T-Gen, customers should see results after eight weeks of using this ingredient. There were not many testimonials about the product, but the few that did review the product did say that it was quite ineffective.

This is opposed to the results the clinical studies the manufacturer of one of the key ingredients, T-Gen found. This study found a 98% increase in the test subjects’ testosterone levels after eight weeks of taking the product. If you are deciding to go on the word of the manufacturer-conducted tests, who want to make money from their ingredient, and real reviews from real people who took the product, you might lean toward going with the second category. Due to the negative reviews from those who actually tried the product, you might question its overall effectiveness. As for dosage recommendation, you should take one supplement a day with a drink.


Ingredients of T-Gen

T-Gen is the featured ingredient in the product. It is an extract from the ingredient Fenugreek. Fenugreek is known to increase the level of testosterone in the body. T-Gen was tested in a clinical study involving 60 male participants, and in the group taking T-Gen there was a 98.81% increase in their testosterone level after eight weeks of taking the product. Sitosterols is another main ingredient in T-Gen. Sitosterols is an ingredient found in plants and helps promote prostate health. There was also a clinical study done for Sitosterols but it was mainly to do with the prostate and didn’t seem to have much relevance to bodybuilding or seeing results in the gym.

Selenium is another ingredient, and studies have shown that this ingredient helps promote many functions for health including protection against some diseases and improving immune function, as well as protection against heart disease. However there is no mention of how this ingredient helps with building muscle, losing fat or gaining energy. Also there is a precaution with taking Selenium as an overdose could lead to a severe toxic reaction, nerve damage and gastrointestinal distress. There is also Pine Bark Extract, which has been known to raise the level of Nitric Oxide in the body, which increases blood flow and therefore energy levels and power to prolong workouts, leading to better results. The final ingredient listed is Zinc, which again can have immune system function but wouldn’t necessarily help a workout directly.



One of the supplement’s main ingredients was shown in a study to raise the testosterone levels in men 98.81%. When testosterone levels are increased in those who have lower levels, there is an increase in ability to build muscle and trim fat. There is also an increased amount of energy and power during workouts to sustain lifting and to workout for longer periods, therefore yielding more results. Also, the ingredients in the product are natural and have no harmful ingredients such as steroids, that lead to long-term very negative health side effects.

As well there is not a large amount of fillers listed for T-Gen. When there is a high percentage of fillers, the active main ingredients are diluted because fillers have no active role in boosting testosterone or doing what the product is intended to do. There is no nutritional value in the fillers. The capsules can be taken just once per day which is significantly less than many other supplements. Some require taking up to four capsules per day, spread out throughout the day. Also it is an advantage that one of the ingredients was tested in a clinical study, however again since the study was done by the manufacturer of the ingredient the positive results are questionable.



There aren’t any certifications or labels for T-Gen itself or for the manufacturer. There aren’t any for any of Chamonix’s other products either. There are also no labels that confirm the safety and privacy of the financial information the customer gives when they check out and buy the product. There are also no other forms of media coverage, videos, social media or other information or sites for the product.

There is a 4.5 out of 5 star review on the site where you buy T-Gen, and its one review only. This customer said they’ve been using the product for two years and was very satisfied with the results. They said they have more energy now and don’t get fatigued after a long workday or workout at the gym. They said they lost 35 pounds using T-Gen and also improving their exercise and diet routine. However they didn’t report more muscle mass. Also, this was one positive review while most others were negative and claimed no results. Also this review is on the manufacturer’s site so it might be less able to rely on than real reviews on neutral sites.



T-Gen has has basically no real customer reviews to report. They supposedly have a site registered from October of 2011, but it is difficult to find this site so it may not exsit anymore. Other sites don’t have many reviews about the product either. The manufacturer Chamonix has a B rating with Better Business Bureau because of 21 complaints. These complaints range from ineffectiveness and that the product didn’t work to difficulties with trying to cancel the autoship enrollment and other similar categories.

Most other sites with reviews, if any, rate lack of results and bad customer service as their highest complaints. Chamonix is supposedly another name for the manufacturer, Chamonix Nutraceuticals. However when you go to the Chamonix site mostly what you see are skin care products for women. There are a few products for men, but T-Gen is the only listed bodybuilding supplement. The lack of manufacturing information, combined with minimal reviews, and negative ones at that for both the product and the manufacturer might make the potential customer think again before ordering the product. There is one positive review on the manufacturer’s site at the checkout page for the product, but it is questionable that there is only one positive review in a sea of negative ones that happened to be found on the manufacturer’s site on the page where they are trying to sell the product.


Awards & Media Coverage

There aren’t any video links, athlete recognition, promotions and no social media coverage, on Facebook or Instagram or any other site for this supplement. There is really not much information at all available about T-Gen. There is one blog on the website but it is mostly talking about skin care products and it contains promotional content. There is one review on the manufacturer’s site on the selling page with one positive review. The person said that they saw more energy and fat loss when the product was combined with a better diet and exercise routine.

This review was posted on the manufacturer’s site on the same page that is trying to sell the product. So judge for yourself whether you can rely on this review. There are a few other sites posting reviews from customers and most complained about lack of good customer service. They said the customer service was there to basically sell the product and not to give any quality information. The reviews also complained at the lack of results gained from using the product. Generally speaking there seems to be a lack of good media coverage or coverage by real customers and those that do exist are mostly negative.


Money-back Guarantee

There is a 60-day refund policy for the supplement, which is a long period of time as compared to other similar supplements. You will still have to pay shipping and handling, which in this case is $6.95. Therefore for each way it is delivered, if you ship it back for a refund you will still have to pay around $14. Also there is a 9% restocking fee. So for refunding a bottle of T-Gen, if you ordered one bottle of the product at $69.95 you would pay $6.30 for the fee. Or if you are shipping back two month’s supply, which is what will come to you if you are an enrolled member in the autoship program, you will pay $13.40 for the return.

The autoship program kicks in after you buy your first bottle of the product, after which you are enrolled until you cancel the membership. You can cancel your enrollment by calling their Customer Support telephone number. Their hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm. Remember that for this product you will need to call the number to get an RMA number to include with the product when you ship it back. Otherwise they will probably not process your return. Overall the 60-day refund policy is a long period as compared to other supplements as far as a trial period. There is no official free trial but most other supplement companies that do advertise a free trial actually are just offering you a refund when you decide you don’t like the product. And as is the case here, you will still have to pay shipping and handling. And the average free trial for other products would be about 14 days.



The cost for one month’s supply of the product’s shipping and handling is $6.95. If you order in bulk they will ship you the product for free. Keep in mind that there is a 60-day refund policy, however if you return the product you will also have to pay shipping and handling again. That means that though you can get your money back for the product, you will still be paying $14. You will also be paying a 9% restocking fee for the price you paid for T-Gen. Many products don’t require the restocking fee and if they do it is minimal, so the 9% sounds a bit high.

The shipping is standard and should arrive within three to seven days from the date you place your order. That is for people living in the United States. If you live outside the country you will have to pay an international rate. This will be much more expensive, and also remember that sometimes you will have to pay other fees when the product crosses the border. So find out how much these fees will be if possible. Based on reviews about the customer service however, you might have trouble getting much information from them.


Customer Support

T-Gen has a Contact Us page. There you can fill in your name, company name if applicable, address, phone number and email. You can fill out the form and ask a question there. However be aware that even if you don’t buy a product, giving them your personal details could connect you with receiving promotional material from them such as ads in your email inbox and in your mailbox. There is also a customer service number you can call from Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm.

In the limited customer reviews, one main complaint was about the lack of effectiveness in the product, but the other was about the below average customer support. One review said that the representatives knew little to nothing about the product, but were simply trained to sell the product. Another complained about being able to get through to them and there were others to this effect. Others had problems with processing orders. Overall from reviews don’t expect to get many answers from Customer Support other than about how to buy the product or return it.


Safe & Secure Checkout

There is a concern for this product’s site because there are no labels that ensure the security of your credit card details when you check out. This is a concern because these certificates guarantee the safety and security of credit card information that the customer gives when they buy a product. The manufacturer’s site selling T-Gen has nothing mentioned there when you are ready to check out. There is an assurance in the privacy policy that they take measures to protect your financial information but there are no certificates or information to back up this claim.

Also Chamonix says that when you become enrolled in their autoship program, you will be subscribed to their distribution list. This means you will receive periodic emails from them and promotional material. They said you can unsubscribe from receiving further emails. However always keep in mind that it can be very difficult to fully unsubscribe. If you’ve ever had the experience where you unsubscribe yet still get emails from the company, just be aware this might happen. If you decide to order best to use an email account where you don’t care if you get spammed.



The product is sold on several sites so the price might vary depending on the site you’re visiting to purchase from. On one site, one bottle of T-Gen is $69.95. You have the option of buying multiple bottles and getting bottles for free. You can buy two and get one free for $139.90, or you can buy four and get two free for $279.80. If you are consuming one bottle per month, the best deal would be to buy four and get two free. This would be a six month’s supply, which would equal $46.63 per month approximately to take the product, minus shipping and handling.

According to reviews, if you order from the manufacturer’s site, you may be enrolled in a club that means you will continue getting a fresh two-month supply of the product every 60 days automatically until you cancel. Your card in this case will be charged $148.85 every two months for the product. It is uncertain whether you will be enrolled in the program if you order on other seller sites, but it might be something you ask Customer Support about before buying the product.


  • Testofen, one of the main ingredients, was shown in a study to increase testosterone levels.
  • Increased testosterone levels can lead to more energy and power during workouts, and increased muscle mass and loss of fat.
  • There are no false chemicals or ingredients in the product, all are from natural sources.
  • There is a 60-day refund policy, longer than most other products.


  • Clinical studies for the ingredient Testofen were done by the ingredient’s manufacturer, which might lead to bias or skewed results in order to sell.
  • Other listed ingredients have little or nothing to do with benefiting a workout or bodybuilding.
  • Other studies and reviews have shown that the degree that natural ingredients boosting testosterone without a boost of testosterone itself injected from a doctor is said to be minimal.
  • Most reviews, if any, were negative saying that the product was lacking in effectiveness and customer service was not good.


Summary: T-Gen is a testosterone booster designed to increase the levels of testosterone in bodybuilding, therefore better enabling the building of muscle, increase of energy and power during workouts, and better loss of fat in those that might have lowered testosterone levels. One of the key ingredients, Testofen, was tested in a group of participants and was found that this ingredient found an increase of testosterone by 98.81% after eight weeks, however the other ingredients were shown to not increase testosterone directly, and Testofen itself was clinically tested by its own manufacturer, which might mean the results were biased or hyped. There were limited reviews of the product or the manufacturer, and minimal media coverage, but those reviews posted mainly complained of a lack of good customer service and a lack of results after using the product. The reviews from real customers on an unbiased site are probably the ones to rely on the most, and the lack of positive testimonials combined with a possible biased clinical study for one of the ingredients, along with other listed ingredients not known to directly influence testosterone, might lead one to doubt the good effects of this product.

$69.95 to $279.80
RatingRated 3 stars

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