T-Force by Omega Sports Review – What Makes This Supplement to Stand Out?

What Is T-Force?

T-Force is an herbal supplement designed to increase the natural production of testosterone in men over the age of 21. It should not be taken by women or anyone under the age of 21. The manufacturer also recommends that consumers consult with their physician prior to use.

With only a single active ingredient, T-Force is a rather simple supplement to understand and analyze. It is essentially a purified extract form of the African shrub Fadogia Agrestis. The effectiveness of T-Force is thus entirely dependent on the effectiveness of this herb. It stands out as one of the few supplements to use this herb in exclusion and ignore the standard testosterone boosters found all over the market.

A dose is delivered in capsule form, and dosages are designed to be spread throughout the day in a series of three of four doses. This is less convenient compared to a variety of other supplements that need only be taken once a day. A spread dosage, however, may be more effective since the body is more likely to absorb the majority of compounds from the herb.



Omega Sports is the manufacturer of T-Force. Omega Sports produces a variety of sports supplement products to help athletes and bodybuilders achieve results. They are based in the United States, and their supplement products are made in the United States as well. The company was founded in 2003, and it is still run by its founder Matt Palada. The company has built its brand and reputation on products that are different from the mainstream copycat supplements out there. While this may have lowered their overall profits, they have shown a dedication to be focused on providing the most effective products that are truly something new and different for consumers. T-Force is a fine example of this corporate vision.

The majority of their products are very popular, and they maintain a very high reputation in the industry. A variety of online reviewers and retailers hold Omega Sports above 90 percent of other companies in terms of reputation. Their products are known for delivering consistent and reliable results. According to their website, they stand firmly by their product’s effectiveness and not on the overall hype or advertising ploys common in the market.


How T-Force Works?

Since T-Force has only a single active ingredient, the workings of the herb Fadogia Agrestis are critical to its results. The supplement is designed to work with the body to increase the natural production of testosterone. It accomplishes this primarily by boosting the amount of testicular cholesterol found in the testis. Testicular cholesterol is a key building block for testosterone and necessary for its production. It makes sense that boosting this cholesterol would correspond to an increase in testosterone production.

Athletes focused on supplements to increase their athletic performance may have considered steroids. Those who take steroids often also take other drugs to deal with the side-effects of those steroids. Steroids tend to decrease the body’s natural testosterone production by shutting down the glands, including the testes and pituitary gland, responsible for production. Essentially, the body reacts to the large dose of artificial hormone. The supplement by preventing this shutdown. No matter how high artificial hormone doses rise, the body will continue to produce its own natural testosterone. This means that combining T-Force with steroids can produce an incredibly effective hybrid result. An athlete can either push their testosterone levels to the extreme by combining artificial with natural testosterone, or they can achieve the same results with less artificial hormone required. A common such drug used to do this is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The main ingredient of T-Force is one of the only known natural substance to work almost identically to this drug, making it a natural replacement.

Increasing testosterone levels has a variety of impacts on the body. From an athletic and bodybuilding standpoint, higher testosterone levels will lead to a natural increase in muscle mass and will make it easier to put on muscle mass. Increased testosterone may also lead to increased energy and activity levels and decreased fatigue. All of these effects cumulatively tend to result in increased athletic performance.

It is worth noting that most testosterone boosters include ingredients that also enhance blood flow and energy level directly and not solely through increasing testosterone. Those other ingredients allow the supplement to have rapid results. Since this supplement lacks any additional ingredients, it’s only method of action will be increased testosterone levels. This is not something that happens instantaneously. It is most likely that consumers will not notice any change in their feeling or abilities for the first several days after starting the supplement, and the supplement may take a few weeks to reach full effect. It may also be prudent to combine T-Force with other supplements that have faster acting results or doses of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, which have been shown to help the body’s natural testosterone production.

The manufacturer also provides a warning in regards to taking this supplement that it should not be used for longer than eight weeks continuously. There is no recommended break period, but a time span of one to two weeks or longer is probably appropriate. The reason for this is to avoid possible toxic buildup of the supplement’s compounds in the system.


Ingredients of T-Force

The T-Force supplement contains only a single ingredient: a purified form of Fadogia Agrestis. Fadogia is a flowering plant native to Africa. It produces yellow blooms much like those of citrus plants. The native populations of Africa have used Fadogia Agrestis in their folk medicines for hundreds of years, but only recently has modern science caught on to the possible applications of the plant.

There is somewhat mixed scientific support for Fadogia Agrestis. On the positive side, studies in rats have shown strong increases in behavior that would indicate raised testosterone levels. This would seem to indicate that Fadogia is effective at what it claims since the hormone responses of rats tend to be similar to that of humans. On the negative side, there are no proven scientific studies or tests ever conducted on humans. While animal tests do provide good evidence, they are not nearly as conclusive as a human study. By contrast, the vast majority of other supplements and testosterone boosting substances do have human studies to support them. This means that a person taking this supplement may want to consult with a physician after several weeks of use. A simple blood test will determine an increase in testosterone levels, so a consumer can decide if the product is really working for them.

There is also the problem of possible toxicity or unknown side-effects from long-term use. This is one reason the manufacturer recommends that consumers have a break period every eight weeks while taking the supplement. The truth remains, however, that there is basically no information on the plant’s possible toxicity or the long-term effects. The only evidence to go on at the moment is the non-scientific observation of native African populations who have used the herb extensively for generations without any apparent ill effects. This being said, it is a good idea to consult regularly with a physician while taking Fadogia Agrestis and to stop taking it immediately if any unusual symptoms occur. A doctor may recommend routine blood tests to check for rising toxicity levels.

There has been a strong comparison between Fadogia Agrestis and the common drug Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. There is strong evidence that the plant is an effective natural replacement for the drug, and that it is has a very similar effect on the body. Since HCG is considered to be a very potent testosterone enhancer with a variety of positive effects, it can be concluded that Fadogia will have similar effects.



Although not as strongly supported by science as other testosterone boosters, T-Force is very strongly supported by most consumers. It has received consistently high praise for its overall effectiveness as a testosterone booster.

One of its primary benefits to extreme athletes is as a natural alternative to testosterone boosting drugs. These drugs are often taken during or after a steroid cycle to make up for the various hormone imbalances caused by steroids. Since this supplement works almost identically to these drugs, it is an effective natural alternative. This makes it perfect for bodybuilders unwilling to pollute their bodies with artificial chemicals and drugs but still wanting an extra boost.

Along with increasing testosterone levels and muscle mass, the product may also contribute to weight loss. It is not clear whether the supplement directly causes weight loss or whether weight loss tends to occur naturally as a result of having increased energy and physical activity. It is likely to be a combination of both.

T-Force also claims to have one of the most purified forms of Fadogia Agrestis currently available. There is a claim that inferior forms of the herb, such as those provided by other supplements or extracts, may not contain all of the required compounds that make it effective. By taking this supplement, consumers can be assured they are getting the most effective and complete form of the herb.



Lacking strong scientific backing, T-Force is also lacking in formal certification. It is unlikely to receive such formal praise without at least one positive human trial being conducted. Human trials tend to be expensive and time-consuming, but it should also be noted that T-Force, and its star ingredient Fadogia Agrestis, is rather a newcomer on the testosterone boosting scene. It is likely that as the supplement enjoys more widespread use and positive anecdotal evidence from users, there will be a stronger push for further scientific study.



I’d never taken any testosterone boosters before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. At first, I didn’t notice any results, and I wasn’t sure if this would work for me, but I kept at it. Now, after about a month of taking the supplement regularly, I can say that it did work for me, and I definitely feel a difference in my body.

– Jeffrey L., Sacramento, CA

I can say the wait is definitely worth the results for this product. I’ve tried a variety of testosterone boosting supplements with mixed results. A lot of them gave me some quick energy, but in the end there wasn’t a strong lasting effect. T-Force is basically just the opposite. It doesn’t seem to do anything at first, but it’s quietly working in your body and building up. It might take several weeks, but when it finally kicks in, the results are real and they do last better than any other product I’ve tried.

– Paul C., Portland, OR

I love using this supplement. I feel better than ever on this product. I like that it is a natural herb with a source and history I can understand. I don’t care about the lack of human trials. I am a human trial, and I can definitely give a positive result!

– Dean R., Salt Lake City, UT

I was skeptical about T-Force at first. I didn’t like that there weren’t any human trials or strong science behind it like with other products, but several of my friends recommended it to me. They promised me that if I was patient and a believer it would work. They were so right! I’ve been using the supplement for about three months now, and it has helped my workout routine immensely. I just feel this overall increase in my energy, and it seems like I’m putting on muscle easier than before. I plan to continue using it for the fully recommended amount of time.

– Donald B., Memphis, TN


Awards & Media Coverage

T-Force does not have any awards specific to it, and since its ingredient is rather new on the market, it does not have any firm accolades either. The supplement has, however, been reviewed extensively on a variety of bodybuilding and supplement websites across the internet. Many of these sites have very strict standards for their reviews. This product scores consistently above average across these sites. It is also hailed by many users as one of the most effective testosterone boosting supplements they have taken. What this supplement lacks in firm scientific support and commendation it makes up for with praise from real users and review sites who have tried and tested the product specifically based on its athletic-enhancing properties.


Money-back Guarantee

Although Omega Sports does not overtly offer a money-back guarantee for this product on their website, the overall tone of their site and corporate vision would indicate they are very concerned about customer happiness and the effectiveness of their products. There is a very good chance that if a customer was willing to contact the company directly to express any dissatisfaction with the product, they could get a refund of their purchase price. As with most refund policies, Omega Sports will likely request an unused portion of the product be returned, and it may be more difficult to get a refund if the product has been opened or mostly used. Customers should also keep in mind the tendency for delayed results with this product especially, and they may be told by the company to try the product for at least a month before seeking a return.



Omega Sports has both a domestic and international shipping policy. They ship domestically using Federal Express or the USPS. Domestic delivery times are the standard five to seven business days.

International shipping is handled primarily by Federal Express. Omega Sports labels all international shipments as dietary supplements with their dollar value. The company expects customers to be aware of their country’s shipping policies and to be sure that such dietary supplements are allowed in their country. The customer is also responsible for applicable duties, taxes and fees associated with international orders.


Customer Support

Omega Spots appears to have good-quality customer support. Their support department can be contacted directly from their website. They also clearly list an address. There is, however, no provided phone contact information, so customers will not be able to call directly if they have questions or need a refund. This is usually a sign that there will be some extra delay is assisting customers with questions or problems. Although Omega Sports seems to have a very customer-friendly corporate vision, they are still a rather small company and will not likely have full-blown customer support departments or large amounts of support staff.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout at the Omega Sports website store as well as the online stores of their partner shops is always safe and secure. Security is indicated by both secure logos on the website and by statements made on the website and in the policies sections. It is clear from their policies page that they take fraud very seriously and will react promptly to it.



T-Force has an average price range for testosterone boosters at around $33.00 per bottle. There are supplements that are remarkably cheaper and those that are remarkably more expensive, with the average range between $20.00 and $55.00 per bottle. A bottle contains 120 capsules, and each capsule is one dose. The caveat is that it is recommended to take several capsules in a day, so the bottle still represents only about a 1-month supply of the product. This is fairly standard practice for the industry.






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