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What Is T-Bomb 2?

T-Bomb 2, also known as T-Bomb II, is a product from MHP that offers four big benefits:

  1. Changes the way in which the body signals the brain that it needs more testosterone;
  2. Reduces the amount of estrogen found in the body and produced by different conversion methods;
  3. Keeps the body from producing too much DHT;
  4. Regulates the amount and type of testosterone produced;

Gerard Dente was one of the best-known professional bodybuilders in the world before deciding to open and operate his own company. Dente had years of experience using different products and types of supplements on the circuit, which helped him learn what worked best. Dente later founded MHP in the hopes of sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. T-Bomb 2 is just one of the patented products that he helped create.


T-Bomb 2 & Your Body

Testosterone supplements tend to break down quickly before affecting many areas of the body. T-Bomb 2 is more powerful than those other supplements, which lets it reach more areas faster. It specifically targets the hormone receptors that gather and share information with the brain. In addition to increasing and decreasing the levels of certain hormones, it can also:

  1. Prevent the body from releasing or producing estrogen;
  2. Improve the virility and testosterone drive of a man;
  3. Promote healthy growth in various muscle groups;


What Ingredients are in T-Bomb 2?

Like many of the top testosterone supplements, T-Bomb 2 contains a high level of Fenugreek, which studies found can increase the production of testosterone found in the testicles. A few of the other more beneficial ingredients in the supplement include:

  • Long-Jack Extract
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract
  • Saw Palmetto Berry Extract
  • Cordyceps


What Makes T-Bomb 2 Better Than Other Products?

Priced at around $70 for a single bottle, you’ll likely want to know why you should take T-Bomb 2 instead of the other testosterone products currently available. This is one of the best supplements designed for strength building. While it does change your testosterone levels, it also helps you quickly improve your body and muscle strength, which can help get through intense workouts faster and easier. Some of the other factors that set it apart include:

  1. Helps users develop more gains in terms of both strength and muscle mass;
  2. Provides an almost instant spike in testosterone;
  3. Regulates both estrogen and testosterone levels to even out mood;


Learn from Other Users

T-Bomb 2 users sometimes find that the supplement has an odd aftertaste that tends to linger and refuses to go away even after drinking and eating. There are also claims from some users that taking the supplement on a regular basis caused an increase in aggressive thoughts and actions. Those few issues didn’t sway a large number of users from giving it good reviews, and it generally rates between a four and a five on a five-star scale.

With the exception of some minor aggressive thoughts, many find that the supplement helped regulate their moods and kept them from experiencing intense mood swings. Some T-Bomb 2 proponents also enjoyed that it reduced their stress and risks of injuries and started working within one month.


T-Bomb and MHP in the News

MHP founder Gerard Dente knew that he needed to reach professional athletes to make his business a success. The company now has its own Team MHP, which consists of athletes and models who use the products to get in shape and build healthy muscles. Some of the famous faces who now use T-Bomb 2 and other MHP products include:

  • Victor Martinez, professional bodybuilder
  • Keven Washington, power lifter
  • Fabrico Werdum, professional heavyweight fighter
  • Brian Shaw, professional strongman competitor and champion
  • Chad Martin, professional bodybuilder


Money-Back Guarantee

MHP offers a 100% money-back guarantee that says if you aren’t happy, you can get your money back. The only stipulation is that you must buy the product direct from the company or its official website. If you purchased the supplement from another source, you’ll need to return it to that retailer.



MHP offers free shipping on many orders. To get your T-Bomb 2 without paying any shipping or handling fees, simply place an order with the site. MHP also maintains its own loyalty club, which lets you earn coupons for discounts on products and free shipping each time you place an order.


Customer Support

Have a problem logging into your account, or need help deciding whether T-Bomb 2 will meet your needs? Customer service representatives working for MHP are available from 9 am to 6 pm EST every weekday. You can also use the online contact form or email the company. A representative will respond to you during regular business hours.


Safe & Secure Checkout

MHP retains your information for future purchases, but the company uses a series of security measures to keep those details secure. It will never share any information about your privacy, orders or payments to any other person or company.



Designed to help bodybuilders improve their strength, T-Bomb 2 is available in a 168-tablet bottle for $79.99. You can save money when you purchase a bottle of 336 tablets, but these larger bottles are only available through select retailers and not available through the MHP site.


  • Prevents estrogen receptors from producing higher levels of estrogen and causes the testosterone receptors to produce healthier amounts of the male hormone.
  • Contains five key ingredients, including Saw Palmetto Berry Extract and Fenugreek, that reduces the risk of injuries and reduces stress levels in the body.
  • Gives users more strength, which can lead to them benching and lifting heavier amounts within four weeks or less.


  • T-Bomb 2 has a sometimes harsh aftertaste that some users find lingers in their mouths even after drinking and eating.
  • Can cause aggression and anger in some users, and some report that they have a lack of control.

T-Bomb 2

Summary: Testosterone boosters and enhancers are a dime a dozen, but T-Bomb 2 from MHP is easily one of the good products on the market. Designed to improve and boost hormone levels, it can also improve strength and leave users feeling more confident and powerful when they hit the gym.

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