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What Is SuperFire?

The SuperFire supplement from GE Pharma are capsules that contain naturally forming compounds to boost performance in the gym. These compounds in each tablet are anabolic. What that means is that this testosterone enhancement produces results every bodybuilder dreams of. And it does it within less than eight straight weeks of use.

Even for those not looking for bulk, this capsule gets lean muscle and better strength overall. Those who take it see bigger muscles after being coupled with the proper workout routine. But what makes this supplement by GE Pharma such an outstanding performance tablet is its non-methylated state.

In fitness or nutrition, a non-methylated compound like this is safe to mix with other compounds. It can also be used alone. Either results in tremendous enhancements. Men stand to gain better performance, appearance and energy.

This natural supplement benefits men because of the 3-betahydroxyetioallocholan-17-one in each capsule. The boost from this stems from a unique chemical mixture of natural products and healthy supplements. That makes this testosterone booster great to use. Results from the its supplementation occur within the first two weeks for most men.

Those results increase strength, boost energy, create bigger muscle and shortens recovery time needed after major workouts. The 90 capsule, packaged bottle has been on the market for some time now. It continues to meet expectations of men competing in the world of fitness. The tablets are a safe anabolic supplement to be found on the world markets.

The peak performance that SuperFire enables men to have comes from its unique mix of natural compounds for a safe and effective anabolic stimulant. This product doesn’t use artificial chemicals to give its users a rush. Instead, by using it daily, men have gotten a stronger, larger muscle mass, amazing performance and a boost in self esteem.

Studies show this testosterone booster capable of these results without having negative side effects for the user. The vitamin mix of this natural testosterone is approved under supplemental classification as a safe and healthy tablet.



General European Pharmaceuticals is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of supplements. From this company, many natural supplements are available as safe and tested capsules those in fitness use. In the company’s mission, we fully understand the level of passion and commitment it has to providing the best goods for performance and enhancement.

Products that improve the presence and function of testosterone is found within this company’s line of work. The supplement manufacturer’s factory turns out thousands of bottles of vitamins everyday. The factory is tight-knitted and solely focused on the highest standards in manufacturing, packaging and distributing supplements.

The organization relies on highly skilled employees who strive on the code of dedication. They rely on providing the most unique assortment of outstanding supplements and performance products. GE Pharma, for years, has been known for its aggressive pursuit of research in the supplement industry. The company’s objective is to develop programs that thrive its business.

By doing so, it continues as a leader in the world of nutrition and supplementation. Using the highest standards makes the employees at this firm the most qualified in the industry and enables you access to service representatives on the international scene. These service representatives manage company issues on an ongoing basis for consumer benefit.

The firm’s members are required to hold perfect knowledge of their industry and the products the company offers. Those products improve physical performance in numerous areas of physical health and the well being of men.

The company’s vision is to encourage a healthy lifestyle for all kinds of people. That’s done with the world’s safest and most effective supplements and dieting regimens. So far, this manufacturer continues to create products as tools for the average health consumer. This is why many of the athletes using their supplements see great progress and healthy results.


How SuperFire Works?

What makes SuperFire work is that it contains natural androgen compounds. There are only few ways to supplement this naturally occurring hormone. That’s the deeper secret behind what this bottle contains. Androgenic hormones can be synthetic or natural in their construction. The role of androgen in mammals manages the features of males in the animal kingdom.

Among those mammals are human beings. …and men specifically. It’s the chemical compound found in men that scientist have isolated for enhancing performance. By doing so, the world has access to a great testosterone booster. The unique mixture couldn’t be found in any other condition than this capsule. Encouraging the health of testosterone in the body is why boosters ensure fitness users greater muscle mass and denser tissue.

Though the ingredients are natural, you won’t find the content of this pill in your average plate of food. It’s the androgenic hormone that stimulates characteristics secondary to masculinity and the formation of the common male identity. That’s what this supplement is modeled from. But it’s not a complete genetic makeover that fitness enthusiasts want from it as a supplement. Instead, the androgen content in each capsule helps keep testosterone in the body at high and healthy levels.

Testosterone is itself a type of androgen all men need for an aggressive drive and bigger muscle mass. Testosterone is where men in the fitness world get their ambitious energy. Other but lesser known androgens are androstenedione and dihydrotestosterone. Though not as widely thought of as simple testosterone is, these compounds also play a large role within the male development. It takes a series of hormonal reactions before the right levels of testosterone can improve someone’s performance and energy.

From the embryo of a newborn, to the formation of a penis and male features, these groups of androgens are priceless. What makes androgen unique on the world market is that it can also be safe to use for medical needs. What that means is that this natural supplement can be used for improved physical appearance, health or performance.

Androgen is the results-driven compound in the SuperFire capsule. From it, men also have a higher motivation drive coming from a boost of natural compounds introduced to the body.


Ingredients of SuperFire

When breaking down the ingredients of SuperFire, androgen is the one major compounds that stands out. Without it, this supplement would be worthless. The pill is a full-fledge anabolic supplement that uses naturally occurring hormones and increases their dosage in people. This all natural and lab tested capsule holds a powerful mixture of androgen. That’s what a store of anabolic supplements can do to get a boost in the gym and an extra few pounds of muscle. The safe use of anabolic supplements can be found over the counter from stores or websites.

These kinds of supplements are popular within the bodybuilding community. Finding an anabolic tablet with the right mixture of androgens is not a challenge. But as a supplement, SuperFire enables male athletes from different niches to have access and a safe boost in performance. And that’s without any adverse side effects. Because this anabolic ingredient stimulates the creation and healthy synthesis of testosterone, it’s also the go-to for typical testosterone enhancements.

Those enhancements that major anabolic ingredients offer, like what’s found in this bottle, are improved strength, bigger muscles, better recovery and a wild boost of energy. The natural proteins in the body are also stimulated when taking anabolic compounds. Since more proteins are produced this way, those taking daily capsules increase muscle mass.

Muscle mass is a common byproduct of anabolic supplements. Reports show that the healthy use of testosterone builds mass and improves performance. It’s anabolic compounds that make up the majority of the ingredients in this tablet.



Natural Testosterone Production

Testosterone is a powerful chemical the body produces, and it occurs naturally in men. Leaving this metabolic process unaltered still produces great results. The male fitness world could still reach impressive performance with the natural mixture of testosterone that already exist in men. But, here’s what happens when improving the natural testosterone levels in the body.

Users get faster recovery, cleaner muscles, a more responsive body and the accomplishment of fitness goals. SuperFire does that for any man taking the right dose coupled with a solid workout regimen. This clean, natural and healthy source of testosterone is why it might be a right fit for reaching personal fitness goals.

Estrogen Limiter

For the overall muscle growth and strength of a man, estrogen is the deal breaker. The reason most men are larger and commonly stronger than women is because of the testosterone in their bodies. The more estrogen a man has, the more difficult it is to produce testosterone. Even with high testosterone in the body, estrogen disables its effect to varied degrees.

That’s why each pill is such an effective supplement and is so competitive on the market. GE Pharma’s supplement is known to block estrogen, reduce their numbers and boost the presence or effect of testosterone. When the male body doesn’t have estrogen delaying or stopping testosterone synthesis, muscle builds, performance peaks and men become stronger.

Strength Booster

Likely the best advantage health enthusiasts have for improving physique and muscle mass is by improving strength. The stronger a man gets, the more weight he can exercise with. And in most situations, the stronger any muscle is, the bigger it has to get in size. This means that for people hoping to increase muscle, daily supplementation is supported by lab studies.

This supplement makes men stronger by giving them a natural and healthy source of testosterone. The compound will therefore improve the energy of men while recovering their bodies faster. That boost of strength means more reps and at higher loads. It’s the only way to make bigger muscle. Being stronger from a testosterone booster means you also get big.



By far, this is the best natural enhancement that I’ve had to date. I admit, I’m not the biggest health buff, but I do know results when I see it. I started taking SuperFire to help boost my performance and overall stamina. And I must say, Wow! If I knew it would work this great, I would’ve started a long time ago!

I’ve seen results from having no real experience in bodybuilding. Now, people see me and think I’m a full-blown professional. How about that for a nobody? I recommend this to anyone like me. If you’ve never built your body’s bulk, then this is the perfect place to start. A typical bottle of SuperFire comes with enough capsules to last for a solid thirty days.

That’s enough time to see results and know for yourself. I recommend you try it.

– Gary Lindale, Denver, CO

There’s no way I would call myself a newbie to fitness and weight lifting. I am new to SuperFire though. I’ve tried everything on the market and know for sure that some things are nothing. … while others are serious products you must try. SuperFire is one of those compounds. Don’t go to the gym without taking your capsules.

And sure, you can definitely achieve awesome results without this supplement. But I wouldn’t suggest you go down that road. Those serious about getting bigger, feeling healthier and recovering faster need to have their own bottle of it. I recommend it to everyone.

– Dustin Briggs, Columbus, IN


Awards & Media Coverage

Popularity and worldwide acclaim puts SuperFire in the forefront of the health and fitness world. The momentum isn’t slowing down. It’s no surprise this supplement appears in so many stores and outlets. Looking for the GE Pharma packaged bottle of it is easy. This capsule’s popularity keeps it in full stock at places like Amazon.

Those interested can find it at the most competitive site. Buying it on the GE Pharma website is also a great access point. It’s the reliability and immediate results people see that puts SuperFire on the world market it currently has. With clear results and improved performance, people all over love it.

This momentum is unlikely to slow down with GE Pharma leading the way and market for great supplementation. The company also uploads videos to show customers what the effort behind each and every bottle is like. By doing this, GE Pharma lets its consumer get an inside look into how important packaging and manufacturing natural supplements is.

From mixing compounds to packaging supplement with the right amount in each bottle, the GE Pharma company shares with the world its standards and practices.


Money-back Guarantee

The SuperFire supplement has years of success in the fitness and health industry. That’s why direct purchases of the one performance booster many absolutely need has a money-back guarantee. Anyone can buy it and do it risk free. Enthusiasts from all over the world use it and have seen guarantees backed by apparent and tested results.

The money-back guarantee means that if customers get no improvement, feel no results or don’t advance toward their goals, then they can request a refund. It’s the time-tested outcome of consistently using the SuperFire supplement that manufacturers rely on. They use the history of satisfied customers, approved lab testing and studies of immediate results to back a guarantee.

The recent history of advantages that each capsules provide gives GE Pharma the incentive for a money-back standing that accounts for all bottles sold on the market. This means that enthusiasts can try the supplement for the first time and risk free. User will pay for shipping and handling depending on where each bottle was purchased from.



GE Pharma gives its consumers competitive options for shipping and handling when purchasing natural supplements. Usually, with an extra purchase, enthusiasts who buy SuperFire get it to their doorsteps at the most competitive cost on the market.

Most reputable sites offer secure and official bottles of it. And all consumers can often pick up more than one fitness product to get free shipping for certain retailers. GE Pharma encourages its customer to research benefits of supplements and fitness products that boost overall performance. No matter where you find it, buying bulk improves the discount.

The shipping and handling cost is often lifted by retailers with GE Pharma’s product. By going directly through the official site, there are other great, occasional sales. The organization runs these for consumer loyalty. Though sales and discounts go live with different retailers, routinely checking the distributors means customers get the best deals around.


Customer Support

One of GE Pharma’s sole focus is to provide impeccable and unmatched customer service. This is a business that continues to meet high standards with quick resolutions to consumer concerns. The mission and vision of the manufacturer is founded on the principles of clarity and fast response.

When looking at the track record of GE Pharma, it’s easy to find a history of satisfaction and simple, straight forward resolution. This group’s customer service staff is expansive and works 24/7 to meet your needs or resolve any unique questions you have. As for the SuperFire supplement, the tablets you get are understood by the entire customer service team.

Because GE Pharma only uses natural sources as the basis of their supplements, this capsule is categorized as a safe pill and therefore has no adverse effects. Though it’s great for building muscle, looking and feeling great, those who use it won’t get an altered state by consuming it.

From small to large concerns, the customer service group handles problems with brevity and clarity for its consumer.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When ready to package and ship a private supply of 90 tablets, understand that customer transactions are secure and safe. GE Pharma operates under best practices and within the legal parameters of the supplementation industry. With that being said, all transactions with this manufacturer and distributor are secure.

Protection online, when dealing with financial and personal information, begins with SSL encryptions and certificates. These types of encryptions secure personal data on all online platforms and access points. It’s used for transactions and for opening accounts within the digital world. The encryptions protect data so that nothing is shared or accessible by others.

When completing your transaction, prompts express to you the encryption measures taken and how well your data is being protected. Be sure to read carefully and understand the protection you get in entirety. Qualified retailers are also responsible for taking these security measures for you.



The SuperFire supplement can be picked up at a fair price on the world markets. There’s also an open market to search out and find the best retail price. Each bottle’s pricing is competitive and can vary from vendor to vendor. The organization gives anyone interested in great health and fitness the chance to use an outstanding supplement and at a bargain price also.

The GE Pharma team historically works hard to set fair prices for the products they distribute. This is what makes it a long term investment that can be renewed monthly through a bottle of 90 capsules. For what’s less than most people’s cable or Internet bill, users improve physique, become more competitive, recuperate quicker and have physical stamina increased.


  • Gaining muscle and looking better is simple and easy.
  • Accommodates the natural process of getting bigger and stronger fast.
  • It speeds up the biological bodybuilding process through an all natural supplement with no adverse side effects.
  • Takes natural testosterone and enables a peaked synthesis of it.


  • Always be cautious about how long you’ve been taking SuperFire capsules.
  • This product comes with a specific warning to not be taken consistently for over eight weeks.
  • After taking capsules, another eight weeks should pass before starting up with the supplement again.


Summary: The fact is, SuperFire will increase your levels of testosterone. That makes this supplement a serious testosterone boosters in the fitness world. Testosterone, no matter how it’s synthesized, is the source behind most male features. Having a boost in testosterone leads to improved energy and the metabolic state to increase muscle mass. The androgen compounds that it has makes it an anabolic supplement for the fitness enthusiast.

$27.95 to $54.99
RatingRated 3 stars

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