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What Is Ripped Muscle X?

Ripped Muscle X is a scientifically formulated, advanced nutritional supplement and testosterone booster that can transform an underdeveloped or normal body structure into a strong, ripped, muscular figure that will turn many admiring eyes your way. It will reshape your physique, your mental state and your entire lifestyle, making healthy, productive changes in all areas of your life. You will see yourself differently, too, just as everyone else will, as your abs, chest, legs and outlook on life all reshape for a more powerful, positive and goal-focused image and persona.

Your body will assume a strongly developed, but attractively sculpted appearance while your mental focus and stamina become empowered for greater overall achievement and success. Muscle X users report gaining bodily strength and power rapidly, building remarkable muscularity while experiencing a steady overall boost of energy and feelings of masculine physical power. They find it easy to exercise for longer periods of time, feeling and seeing results soon after.

This star product among today’s bodybuilding aids and energy boosters is highly recommended by personal trainers, celebrity athletes and bodybuilding experts. One great health benefit of the product is that it is formulated from pure, completely safe natural ingredients. It is truly rewarding to know that such a natural, health promoting product can also build and shape your body into an attractive tower of positive, agile and massive strength.

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The Ripped Muscle X trademark is owned by Tarr Inc. of Del Mar, CA. This company has gained large volumes of customers along with numerous product reviews, comments and testimonials concerning this healthful muscle builder and empowering supplement. This super-power supplement is the ideal product that every company dreams of creating and promoting for ultimate success and customer satisfaction.

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This product has the great advantage of being promoted and sold by both exercise and bodybuilding advocate companies and by health supplement companies as a popular online catalog item and retail store product. Today, the largest consumer segment buying and using this muscle enhancer is in the age group of 18 to 35. However, men of all ages use this outstanding natural product for its energy boosting properties as well as for muscle definition and strengthening.


How Ripped Muscle X Works?

Ripped Muscle X is a natural dietary supplement that offers help in getting ripped and gaining rapid and impressive strength through boosting natural testosterone levels. It also aids in ridding the body of fat and improving physical power and endurance. This wonder supplement accomplishes these feats by safely increasing body metabolism and digestion rates. While taking this muscle enhancer, your body will become well-defined with hard, yet agile muscularity.

You will lose any excess weight swiftly and with ease, and according to the manufacturer, this dietary and exercise aid also prevents extra fat from remaining in the body. This health supplement and energy enhancer also is reported to promote improved oxygen and blood flow to muscles throughout the body. This aspect will assist you to endure more strenuous workouts for greater bodybuilding results while shortening your exertion recovery time afterward.

Ripped Muscle X supports both aerobic endurance and anaerobic endurance as well as delayed muscular fatigue. It also promotes lasting energy, mental focus and alertness. Although numerous tests and evaluations of this powerful supplement have been conducted by scientists and nutritionists, the FDA has not yet examined the supplement to determine its efficacy and safety for use by the public.

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Ingredients of Ripped Muscle X

The high levels of power and effectiveness of this body-altering natural supplement are due to its unique, dynamic ingredients, including:

L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. – These amino acids precede nitric oxide in the natural chemical line of development. Nitric oxide greatly improves blood flow through the body, especially to the muscles during the course of a physical workout and afterward.

Acai Berry – This versatile and strong berry is currently popular for use in weight loss and control. It also enhances energy levels, digestion and promotes a healthy immune system.

Beta Alanine – Facilitating higher productivity in exercise workouts, this amino acid improves energy and alleviates muscle fatigue.

Zinc – This mineral supports muscular healing and growth.

Creatine Citrate – This component aids in greater volumes of muscular activity during physical exercise, enhancing overall muscular development.

Green Tea – This popular health tea acts as a strong antioxidant, eliminating bodily damage from free radicals, particularly following a workout.

Many avid weight lifters, bodybuilders and dedicated exercise enthusiasts know the strong benefits of nitric oxide, a powerful ingredient of Ripped Muscle X, for relaxing smooth muscles by accelerated blood flow through the arteries, enabling them to operate to full capacity, developing and expanding to enhance and accentuate the physique of exercisers. Nitric oxide is also considered to be free of any adverse side effects. This aspect makes it an attractive and safe ingredient for use in formulating this outstanding body improving and energizing natural product.

You should, of course, consult your physician before taking this dietary supplement just to ensure you will not experience any adverse effects from its use. The only product warnings given for the product are that it should be taken only by people 18 years of age and older and that women who are pregnant or nursing should refrain from using this energizing supplement.

The Ingredients of Ripped Muscle X



With such powerful health-promoting and testosterone boosting ingredients as L-arginine and L-citrulline, beta alanine, creatine citrate and green tea, Ripped Muscle X has a much more powerful composition and effect when taken regularly than other similar supplements. This exercise aid also heats the muscles, helping to prevent cramps, muscle strains and injuries during workouts. While many other energy boosters help relax muscles and enhance their activity levels, they do not necessarily raise and regulate muscular temperatures.

Many other exercise-assisting supplements also do not have the capacity to both sustain physical energy and enhance mental alertness and focus to the extent that Ripped Muscle X does. In addition, although many strength enhancing supplements can prolong the onset of muscle fatigue from strenuous exercise, not many have the strong capability of Ripped Muscle X to lend complete support to muscular recovery after workouts. This empowering nutritional aid with no carbs, sugar or calories is totally diet friendly, and its purity of composition is also rare among popular energy boosters and exercise enhancers today.

Although the supplement has not yet been evaluated by the FDA and is not meant as a treatment for illness or health issues, it certainly can be considered a natural health promoting formula and product. In fact, the powerful nutrients that make up the ingredients of this energizing product have been shown to act as preventative elements for many physical ailments. For example, the amino acids, L-arginine and L-citrulline, promote strong improvement in blood flow and circulation throughout the body, greatly enhancing muscle agility and response, regulating the heart rate and pulse, sharpening mental clarity and focus and alleviating lingering fatigue or muscle weakness following a vigorous workout or bodybuilding routine.

Even people who have difficulty maintaining a moderate or mild exercise schedule due to muscle pain, stiffness or weakness find they can increase their physical activity and routines with regular use of this outstanding, versatile supplement much more easily than with use of other nutritional exercise aids. They also gain support from the Acai Berry content in this formula, feeling energized and ready to engage in additional activity while their immune systems are also strengthened. As their muscularity receives even more empowerment from the zinc and creatine citrate in the supplement, these people are able to persevere, exercising longer for greater bodily benefits while protected from serious free radical damage by this unique health supplement’s green tea component.

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Ripped Muscle X has been issued a Safe Purchase certificate. This product has undergone careful testing and inspection. Subsequently, it has been guaranteed for safe purchase and use. In addition, after training while using this amazing bodybuilding and endurance supplement, you will be ready to get your Ripped Exercise Trainer and Bodybuilding Instructor’s Certification.

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Ripped Muscle X is constantly receiving favorable endorsements and testimonials from many well satisfied users who have gotten outstanding results from taking this supplement, including the following:

The product is just terrific, easy to use aid to getting that powerful, ripped look you’ve been dreaming of. It gives your whole body great muscle definition and boosts your energy levels for strong endurance. Try it for sure, fast results! – Jack M.

Powerful energy rush for long, strenuous exercise sessions. You’ll build muscularity for more attention and a great social life. Get Ripped! – Brent S.

With regular use of Ripped Muscle X, I have much more endurance for longer, more difficult weightlifting and bodybuilding routines. I can also recover from workouts in record time now, so I have more free hours for my other favorite activities. Thanks for this great energizing and empowering natural supplement! – Lennie N.

Bodybuilders, get ripped today with this amazing product. You can get a powerful, sculpted body with awesome muscles and great stamina. I recommend the supplement above all other bodybuilding supplements! – Ronnie L.



Articles about this powerful, natural bodybuilding supplement have appeared in Men’s Health, Maxim and Playboy Magazine. This product is gaining constant attention from professional exercise and ripped trainers and especially from bodybuilders. Ripped Muscle X is also up for consideration for a 2015 award from the bodybuilders organization.


Media Coverage

As well as articles about Ripped Muscle X that appeared in such major publications as Playboy, Maxim and Men’s Health, this attention-getting product has had press coverage from Supplement Critique and Digital Journal. It has also been reviewed by Reviewopedia. As more athletes, exercise enthusiasts and bodybuilders gain powerful, muscular bodies through use of this unique product, more press articles will be published about its merits and benefits to users.

Some of these press articles and reports have stated that this top-quality body-enhancer supplement can actually help you lead a longer and much healthier life. By sustaining all areas of your body’s internal system with powerful natural nutrient ingredients, this special formula can keep your entire body active, agile and operating in top form for many years to come. Although this testosterone booster has gained high praise as a bodybuilding aid and stamina booster, media coverage states that its powerful ingredients also promote excellent health for all areas of the body and mind.


Money-Back Guarantee

Customers who place product orders online can take advantage of the product refund and return policy offered by many sellers if they decide this project is not right for them. Refunds and returns will also be processed for any product shipments that arrive damaged. Sellers of this product want you to be completely satisfied with your order and use of this unique muscle and stamina builder, and if you are not, be assured that you will receive a refund.

Simply call the customer service number given or send an email to the seller explaining your reason for requesting a product refund. Each request is handled on an individual basis and your customer service representative may ask that you return the unused portion of your supplement. It is often important to make a refund/return order request within 30 days of the date you received the contents of your order, and refunds sometimes require as long as 30 days to show on your debit or credit card statement.



Many Ripped Muscle X orders are shipped by U.S. Postal Service via First Class Mail or by United Parcel Service (UPS) for delivery to the address you requested when buying this product online. In most instances, your order will be shipped within one to three days following your order placement. When ordering this product from some merchants, any orders placed during weekend hours will be sent out on the next business day.

Orders shipped to addresses in the United States should arrive promptly, and some sellers guarantee delivery within three to five business days after shipment. Delivery times required for international shipments will vary according to delivery destination and the shipment carrier involved.

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Customer Support

For all questions or assistance with orders, contact customer support provided by your product seller by email or telephone. When sending queries or comments via email, be sure to include your full name and product delivery address as well as the name and quantity of the product you ordered.


Safe & Secure Checkout

All product purchases are guaranteed for safety and security by qualified, responsible project sellers. You can place your order in assurance that your credit or debit card information and all other personal identity information will be available only to reliable staff members. It is an ongoing goal to make your product purchases as simple, easy and efficient as possible.

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Pricing & Free Trial

A 14-day free trial of a 30-day supply of Ripped Muscle X can often be ordered for a small shipping fee of about $4.95 from product sellers. If you do not cancel within 14 days, you will be charged approximately $87.63 for this first bottle order, and the same order and shipment will continue to be charged and shipped on a monthly monthly schedule unless or until you cancel your order. Order costs will include all applicable taxes for the states to which orders are shipped.

The Benefits of Ripped Muscle X

All current discounts or special promotional pricing for ordered products will be posted on the seller’s site checkout page at the time of product purchase, for your convenience. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of all discount offers as well as the free trial offer. Your comments concerning products and use of this particular testosterone booster are always welcome.


  • As an outstanding bodybuilding and physical workout aid, Ripped Muscle X provides an abundance of healthy nutrients to your body.
  • When using this latest exercise enhancer supplement, you are also reaping the many additional health benefits provided by its ingredients as a natural testosterone booster.
  • If you continue to use this advanced product on a regular basis, you will experience greatly improved physical workouts with much shorter recovery time as well as remarkable energy boosts, faster metabolism for maintaining your weight, enhanced overall good health and accelerated mental activity.


  • Some users report varied levels of dissatisfaction with their use of Ripped Muscle X for bodybuilding or exercise and stamina enhancement during physical workouts. In some cases, these users are not following a regular schedule of taking this recommended natural supplement, and others do not engage in bodybuilding or exercise workouts on a regular, ongoing basis.
  • It is important to remember, also, that even with regular workouts and use of a healthy muscle enhancer, not everyone will develop an outstanding physique with prominent muscularity, and that different body types develop muscles over different lengths of exercise time.

Ripped Muscle X

Summary: When you purchase Ripped Muscle X, a powerful testosterone booster, you are getting a uniquely formulated natural supplement to empower and reshape your muscularity while boosting your energy levels and stamina.

FREE TRIAL to $87.63
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