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What Is Pure Force X?

Pure Force X is an all natural testosterone boosting supplement for men. It is a natural fit for athletes and bodybuilders and other men seeking to increase their muscle mass, energy level and athletic performance. The dietary supplement is designed to be taken consistently each day for a prolonged period. When taken consistently, it may increase the amount of free testosterone in the body, allowing it to reach optimal levels. Increases in free testosterone are linked to decreased body fat, increased muscular strength and endurance and increased energy levels and libido.

The supplement may be taken by any man over the age of 18. It is likely to have an increased effect in men who are over the age of 30 or who suffer from a low testosterone condition. The supplement may restore testosterone levels to their peak, helping to maintain youthful vigor. It is a natural and easier alternative to hormone replacement therapies, and it is much safer with no known side-effects.



Pure Force X is manufactured by a company under the same name. This is fairly standard practice for these kinds of supplements. Many of the manufacturing companies create only a single product. This has certain downsides because the company does not provide much information about its research or its production practices. The product page for Pure Force X is especially bare on details about the product.

The manufacturers return address is in California, so it can be assumed that it is a US based company. In cases where the manufacturer does not publish details about their practices or other products, then the product must be judged on its own merits based on the ingredients used to make it. The reputation or trustworthiness of the manufacturer is a non-issue in this case.


How Pure Force X Works?

Pure Force X uses a variety of botanical extracts combined with boron to stimulate the body’s own natural testosterone production. Some of the botanical ingredients also have secondary effects that contribute to athletic performance and energy levels.

Testosterone boosters work to balance hormone levels and usually increase the presence of free testosterone in the bloodstream. The body then reacts to the hormone levels causing physical changes. The most common changes associated with testosterone increases from an athletic or bodybuilding perspective are metabolism and muscle gain. This results in better workouts and reduced muscle fatigue as well as decreasing the amount of time and effort it takes to get bigger and better toned lean muscle mass.

Natural testosterone increases are gradual. It may take up to three months to notice the maximal effect of the product, although some effect may be seen after only one month. The product must continue to be taken in order for testosterone levels to remain at their peak. It is important to consider that natural testosterone boosting does not increase testosterone to an abnormally high or artificial level. In a person that already has high levels of testosterone, such as younger and athletic men under the age of 25, a testosterone booster is unlikely to show much change.


Ingredients of Pure Force X

Tongkat Ali

The root of this plant has been used in traditional medicine to treat the symptoms we now associate with low testosterone. In the modern day, research conducted on both animals and people has shown that the herb does have strong benefits related to testosterone. This included increased energy, increased muscle growth and some fat loss. In one study, over 90 percent of participants had normal testosterone levels after only one much of supplementing with the herb.

The strong research backing makes Tongkat Ali one of the stars of this supplement formula. It has proven effects on testosterone production and hormone balancing effects. It also works more quickly that many other herbs designed to increase testosterone production and will help users of Pure Force X see results more quickly than usual for a testosterone booster.

Saw Palmetto

This herb is commonly taken to support prostate health and to help treat hair loss due to DHT. Saw Palmetto works by blocking the formation of DHT. This usually has the secondary effect of raising testosterone levels since the testosterone is not converted into DHT.

There is some conflicting research surrounding the benefit of stopping the conversion of testosterone into DHT. On one hand, increased testosterone levels are consistently shown to improve athletic performance and muscle gain. On the other hand, DHT, which is a form of testosterone, is actually shown to be a more potent variety of the hormone. This means that DHT tends to have a stronger effect on muscles and metabolism compared to normal testosterone. Inhibiting DHT could thus neutralize the positive effects of higher testosterone concentration.


The root of this vine was long thought to be a potent source of natural testosterone. Modern research, however, has debunked this idea in several ways. First, the root contains no actual testosterone, so it is not a natural source of the hormone as some believed. Second, the root does contain an important compound necessary for the creation of hormones such as testosterone. The problem is that the use of this compound does not take place in the body. The compound is used to synthesize hormones in a lab setting only. Ingesting the compound, Diosgenin, has no known effect on any hormone levels. Its only known effect on hormones in the body is an interaction with estrogen in females, which does little good in a supplement for men.

This ingredient is perhaps the weakness of all the ingredients in the formula for Pure Force X. Its benefits as a testosterone booster are based largely on bad science and assumptions that have been debunked by modern researchers. It would seem that the creators of this supplement are following old research.

Horny Goat Weed

This herb is another well-researched botanical with some proven effects on testosterone production in the body. A study involving rats showed that rats given the herb had three times higher testosterone levels compared to rats that were not given the herb.

Horny Goat Weed also has a secondary effect that is important from an athletic and bodybuilding standpoint. There is evidence that supports the fact that the herb contributes to nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide is responsible for blood vessel dilation and improved blood flow to muscles. This can greatly contribute to athletic performance by allowing muscles to work harder for a longer period of time. It may also reduce muscle recovery times, allowing for more workouts to be done during a week.


Boron is a trace mineral that may sometimes be found in food, but it is overall very rare in the diet. As a trace mineral, it is considered unnecessary for overall health, and unlike many minerals, there is no required daily value for Boron. Despite being considered unnecessary, Boron has been shown to be on of the most effective substances for raising natural testosterone levels. In one study on the effects of Boron supplementation, free testosterone levels increased by 28 percent. Boron also seems to repress the effects of estrogen. Estrogen has been shown to interfere with testosterone production. Estrogen levels in the study participants decreased by 39 percent.

A secondary effect was also observed in the study participants taking Boron. Several inflammatory markers, substances related to tissue inflammation decreased. This is important both from an overall health standpoint and an athletic standpoint. Reducing tissue inflammation often improves overall health and promotes healing. Reduced inflammation could lead to better and faster muscle recovery and less soreness and pain from intense workouts.



Pure Force X has many potent ingredients that have proven effects on raising testosterone levels. In men that do not already have optimal levels of testosterone, the supplement is likely to bring their levels back to optimal. While increases in testosterone can only be definitely determined by a blood test, increases in testosterone will usually result in a variety of noticeable physical benefits. Higher testosterone tends to raise metabolism and energy level. This may help to reduce fat and improve workouts and athletic performance and focus. The body also gains muscle mass more easily when testosterone concentrations are higher.

A major downside of many natural testosterone boosters is that they take several months to reach full effectiveness. Since Pure Force X uses Tongkat Ali instead of similar herbs, it may have a faster effect. Tongkat Ali was shown to raise testosterone levels considerably after only one month.

The secondary effects of some ingredients will also contribute to increased athletic and sports performance regardless of changes in testosterone. Increases in nitric oxide levels will lead to better blood flow to muscles and decreased recovery time. Decreased recovery time may also be noticeable due to decreased inflammation in muscle tissues.

It is important to note that natural testosterone boosters do not raise testosterone levels to abnormally high amounts. This can be seen as a benefit because it reduces the possibility of side-effects due to hormone imbalances. This also means that the product is not likely to have a significant effect on men who already have high testosterone levels. Testosterone levels tend to be highest in young men under 25 who are already athletic. Men in this category will probably see only minor benefits from a testosterone boosting supplement.



Pure Force X does not have any formal certification. While some of its ingredients are well-researched and supported for their effectiveness, they do not have any independent certifications either. This is not surprising for an all-natural supplement. Certification is usually an expensive process reserved for medical treatments and drugs. Natural products based on botanicals and nutrients generally do not get certification. This does not necessarily mean the products are less effective or not effective at doing what they claim. The product must instead be judged on the research results surrounding its ingredients.



Testimonial 1:

I have really enjoyed using Pure Force X. After only about six weeks of taking this supplement, I feel like my workouts have greatly improved and my muscles are getting toned much faster. I’ve tried a few other supplements, and none of them gave me results this fast. I plan to continue using this product and enjoying the benefits.

Testimonial 2:

I like that this product is all natural and contains a variety of proven ingredients. It is one of the few products I’ve found that includes Boron, and I really like what I’ve been hearing about Boron containing supplements. Although I’ve only been taking this supplement for a few weeks, I’m already noticing positive changes in my body and my energy level.

Testimonial 3:

This supplement is exactly what my workouts needed. I started to feel like I was lagging behind and not working out nearly as much as I did when I was younger. I just never seemed to have the energy or drive to hit the gym like I used to. That all changed when I started taking Pure Force X. I felt energized to workout after only a few days, and now, weeks later, I am getting to the gym on a regular basis and feeling great. My body is already showing off the positive results.

Testimonial 4:

I simply love using this product. I like that it has a relatively simple and straightforward ingredients list that contains products I can easily find research and support for. I don’t approve of snake oil products that are filled with exotic and untested ingredients. That is not the case here. I trust what I read on the ingredients list, and after several weeks of taking the product I am noticing real results. My muscle tone is improving and I have the energy and vigor I need to get to the gym. This product has completely changed my outlook on workouts and performance. As an older guy, I was really beginning to lose hope that I would get back my youthful energy and body. I’m not worried about that anymore.


Awards & Media Coverage

Pure Force X does not appear to have significant media coverage and does not appear to have any awards. The lack of awards is not unusual in testosterone boosting supplements. There are many similar products on the market, and they generally do not do anything spectacular enough to claim a certain award. This does not necessarily mean they are not effective. Similar to certification, the effectiveness and value of the product should be based on research of the ingredients and not on the presence or lack of any awards or media hype.

The media coverage for products like this one usually consist of paid advertising and features in various magazines. This can sometimes be a serious expense that not all manufacturers can afford. This supplement does not seem to have been featured in any major publication. Additional information is found on some sites across the internet.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer does not offer a specific money-back guarantee for Pure Force X. They do offer standard policies for returns and refunds. They will provide a full refund in cases of fraud. In normal cases, they do offer a refund for returns provided within 30 days of the order date. The refund amount does not include the original shipping and handling or the return shipping and handling. Per the Terms of Use, refunds are granted at the company’s discretion. Customers will need to go through the usual process of calling customer support, obtaining a RMA number and likely providing an acceptable reason for the return. Refunds are usually processed within 10 days of receiving the returned product. One additional benefit of the terms is that the product is not subject to a restocking fee that can cut sharply into refund amounts. Restocking fees are very common in the terms for similar products.



The manufacturer offers shipping to all standard US addresses. Shipping is processed within 3 business days from the day of order. The manufacturer does not specify shipping policies to international addresses or military or domestic addresses. These addresses may fall under special regulations and may change the specified shipping price. In most cases, if shipping prices or charges are incurred in excess of the standard fee, then the customer is responsible for those fees. A common such fee is customs charges for international orders. An international customer may wish to contact customer support prior to submitting an order to inquire about these fees and any changes to shipping costs. The standard shipping cost per order, which is a 1-month supply, is $4.90.


Customer Support

Pure Force X appears to have good customer support options. They openly provide a contact phone number with standard business hours, an email address and a US physical address. Providing all three methods of contact information puts them ahead of my competing manufacturers and shows that they stand behind their product and are ready to help customers. Customer support usually handles questions with billing and returns. They may not be able to handle more complex or detailed questions about the product’s ingredients, manufacturing or quality.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Ordering Pure Force X from the product page can be considered a safe and secure online transaction. The URL bar on the page displays the proper security and encryption logos. The data entry box also states that is following a standard 128-bit secure connection. While the order page does not provide any additional security logos common on other sites, what it does provide is standard and considered valid for security purposes. Customers can be assured that the personal and billing information they enter into the site will be kept safe and secure. There is also the manufacturer’s explicit guarantee of refund and support with issues of fraud, which many competitors do not state in their Terms of Use.


Pricing & Free Trial

As with many similar products, Pure Force X is offered as part of a free trial offer. This trial provides a 30 day supply of the product for only the cost of shipping and handling. The offer lasts for 16 days, which includes the two or three days required for shipping. This means the real evaluation period will be more like 14 days. It is important to keep in mind that although a full month of the product is provided essentially for free, the trial period does not last for the entire month.

After the trial period ends, the customer is enrolled in a subscription program that provides a month-to-month supply of the product. The customer must call customer service and cancel before the 16 day period ends to avoid being automatically charged the full price. The full price of the product under these terms is $86.96. Unlike many competing programs, the shipping and handling charge of $4.90 is not included in the subscription price. This makes the actual monthly cost of the product $91.96 making it more expensive than most competing testosterone boosting products. There is no regular way to order more than a 1-month supply at a time as a way to reduce the overall costs of shipping.


  • Many of the supplement ingredients have strong research support as testosterone boosters.
  • The inclusion of Boron may significantly improve the performance of this supplement compared to formulas that do not include it.
  • Several secondary effects of the ingredients may contribute to increased athletic performance regardless of changes to testosterone level.
  • This supplement has ingredients that may act faster to boost testosterone compared to competing products.


  • This product is offered only as part of a recurring subscription, which means it cannot be easily purchased as needed.
  • The product may not significantly increase testosterone levels in men who already have optimal levels.
  • The product contains Sarsaparilla, which has been proven to have very little if any actual effect on testosterone levels.

Pure Force X

Summary: Pure Force X is a testosterone boosting supplement that uses a blend of botanical extracts combined with Boron to help stimulate the body’s own natural testosterone production. In men with lower than optimal testosterone levels, it may work to bring testosterone back to optimal. This can give men a variety of physical benefits. The supplement may also boost nitric oxide levels and control muscle inflammation, which can lead to decreased muscle recovery times and an overall increase in athletic performance and muscle growth.

FREE TRIAL to $86.96
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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