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What Is Progene?

Progene is an naturally based supplement for men who want to naturally increase their testosterone levels. The product can be found in retail locations but customers who purchase the product online are guaranteed better prices through a range of different subscription levels. These subscriptions provide consumers with access to months of consistent refills and supplies which are needed in order for the supplement to work at its best.

It is made in the United States by Progene Healthcare, Incorporated and meets FDA guidelines. It is a safe, effective way for men to boost their testosterone. Most men want to increase their testosterone levels because testosterone powers muscle. Testosterone also helps build muscle mass and is used by bodybuilders to increase the stamina they need in order to work out for longer periods of time.

Its botanical ingredients do not work as quickly as synthetic supplements, but are proven safer and more reliable over the long-term. Since the botanical ingredients do not work as quickly as many users expect, some users are often frustrated. Other users have found that the product doesn’t work at all. However, after consistent use, many users see great benefits and improvements in their mood and energy levels.

Although naturally-based supplements often don’t show immediate results,they will over time. Men who use it feel stronger and have more endurance for their workout. Men taking it experience less of a decrease in muscle mass than those who do not take the supplement. Especially noticeable is a decrease in abdominal fat and a leaner overall appearance.



Progene is manufactured by Progene HealthCare, Inc. in the U.S.A. by and is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. By meeting FDA guidelines, It goes beyond what is legally required. Additionally, manufacturing the product within the United States eliminates the need for costly shipping and ensures uniformity of product. Progene has been manufactured for 10 years, making it a pioneer in the low-testosterone supplement industry. It continually meets certification guidelines.


How Progene Works?

Of the many low-testosterone supplements available on the market, Progene is one of the few made of naturally occurring ingredients.The product is designed with a dual action formula, meaning that the supplement acts in two phases. First, it releases testosterone precursors that encourage your body to produce more testosterone. These ingredients work in a manner similar to the ingredients found in protein shakes. Just as protein shakes encourage protein use, testosterone precursors encourage testosterone uptake. Taking these supplements preps your body for increased testosterone production.

The second phase is the botanical phase. A mixture of botanical ingredients and root extracts flood the your body with vitamins and nutrients that excite your metabolic pathways. These nutrients build up over time. Taking the supplement regularly, at an approved dosage, yields positive results in endurance, energy levels and mood. This is due to the systemic behavior of the botanical ingredients. The organic nutrients influence testosterone development and production throughout the user’s body.

As mentioned above, after releasing the testosterone precursors, the supplement releases botanical ingredients that power through your body’s systems via metabolic pathways. These botanicals assist your body in transforming androgens into testosterone and work to capture free testosterone. By concentrating all of your body’s testosterone the botanicals ensure that no testosterone goes to waste. The botanical and root extracts also combine to decrease other hormones, like estrogen. By balancing and negating weak hormones, your testosterone levels are amplified. All this leads to increased testosterone levels to fuel your workout and increase your energy levels and endurance.


Ingredients of Progene

Progene’s main ingredient is the amino acid arginine which increases blood flow and helps to rid your body of metabolic waste. Arginine also helps the body heal and recover quickly. Although arginine occurs naturally in the body, the supplement offers 100mg of a refined version. This refined version is readily taken up by the user’s body where it helps condition and develop muscle mass. The next most important ingredient is Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which is a multi-functional steroid that acts as prehormone for testosterone production. Without this ingredient the first phase of the supplement cannot occur. This ingredient also reduces fat and limits weight gain.

Other ingredients include a wide variety of plants and root extracts. These include: Long Jack, Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, Damiana Leaf, Sarsapailla Roots, Jamaican Ginger Roots, Muira Puama Extract, Eleuthero Roots, Korean and Chinese Red Panax and Tienchi Ginseng Roots, Oat Straw Extract, Stinging Nettle Extract, Licorice Root, Nutmeg Seed, Lycopene and other botanicals. When combined, each plant and root boosts testosterone levels and builds muscle mass.

Be certain to review each ingredient to determine that no one ingredient has a negative effect on your system. The ingredients are systemic, so they will impact all of your organs and processes. Some users report problems with their liver and liver enzymes after taking the product. Know your health issues and consult a physician if you are on medications or if you have other sensitivities. If you have a poor reaction to one ingredient, then you may suffer some consequences. Overall, and for the majority of users, the combination of natural ingredients and roots have a positive effect.



When compared to other products, Progene is a low-cost alternative to synthetic solutions. Since it is botanical in origin it is less risky than synthetic testosterone. Additionally, it is as effective as prescription solutions but can be purchased over the counter. It contains a greater number of organics and complex vitamins than other brands and supplements. This increased amount of organic and vitamins fuels your body for intense workouts and improved muscle gain.

What makes it stand out from other products is the ability for users to measure the supplement’s effectiveness. The manufacturer provides subscribers with optional test kits that allow users to self-monitor testosterone levels. Through a simple saliva test, users are able to send samples to professionals who will monitor user testosterone levels and note any changes in testosterone production. The test kit comes with everything the customer needs. He spits into the provided vial, sends the vial out to a certified lab and can view his results on a secure website within a week.

This test kit offers two advantages. The first is that users are able to see the efficacy of the product. The second benefit is that users are able to discern whether or not they should see a physician for evaluation. The user knows that the lab technician viewing his testosterone results is a professional. The testosterone test provides a health benefit few other competitors offer.



Progene is produced in safe laboratory environments that have been certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, an agency that regulates laboratory testing. It is also certified by Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The scientists who produce it are vetted by the Certified Authorization Professional organization. These two certifications ensure that users are getting quality products that are uniformly produced across laboratories. Additionally, each ingredient is itself certified. This means that certified ingredients are combined in a clean, certified environment by certified professionals.

This kind of certified laboratory support is important when customers return their test kits for testing. Users know that they are receiving accurate results on their testosterone levels. These test results can be used by physicians and other healthcare workers with confidence. They can be used for diagnosis and other services. Even if never used by professionals, men will know that their test results are accurate.



Progene’s positive effects take awhile to feel but once your body maintains a consistent level of the supplement then workouts and stamina improve. Many users take advantage of free trials to get a taste of what it can do for their bodies. After using the free trials users come back for more product, with many saying that they immediately felt their energy lag and confidence diminish when they stopped taking it. Users feel confident, strong and power through workouts.

One user has seen his T numbers double after using the product consistently for three years. Unfortunately, other users have had health related reactions. It is important to read all of the ingredients and see a physician before taking this supplement if you have sensitivities or other concerns. Still, the number of reviews and testimonials are positive, although some users claim they see no effect at all. Most users see a rise in their energy levels, even before scientifically checking their testosterone levels.

Many users like the fact that the product contains a test kit. The test kit provides consumers with a chance to see their testosterone levels after completing a simple saliva test. This kind of testing helps ensure that the changes men feel in their bodies is based on science and not psychology. When men see changes in their levels that cause concern, they have science-backed results that they take to their physicians.


Awards & Media Coverage

International magazines describe the product as a powerful, passionate performance improving supplement. It has been written about in a variety of publications that include consumer health publications, men’s lifestyle magazines, blogs, weightlifting and bodybuilding magazines, women’s magazines in reference to finding a good performing man, and many other media outlets and programs. The reviews are overwhelming positive with some warnings that users should consult their physicians before using the product.

As a founding pioneer of low-testosterone supplements, its ten year history places it among the most trusted botanically-based supplements on the market. Very rarely has the supplement received negative press. Along with lifestyle magazine, IT has been covered by business journals as a growing company. It is endorsed by a variety of men, including physicians, professional athletes and men engaged in occupations that require strenuous endurance.

The supplement is endorsed by Roger Robbins, a highly regarded United States Navy Gulf War veteran and current undercover operations officer with the Cincinnati Police Department. Professional golfer Scott Smith also endorses the product and credits it with helping him power through his intense training schedule. Mike Martin, former NFL player for the Bengals and 49ers uses it regularly to increase his energy levels.


Money-back Guarantee

Progene offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied within 90 days, then you are guaranteed your money back. Since most users find that the product doesn’t offer instant results, it is recommended that users wait a few weeks before seeking a refund. If you are seeking a refund there are rules that you must follow in order to receive your money back, and these rules can vary by state or region. Still, there are several standard procedures to follow.

First, you have to contact customer service within 60 days of buying the product if you desire a refund. Then, they start the money-back process and provide an additional 30 days for you to use the product. You might change your mind. However, it is essential that you contact customer service and receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number within 60 days of purchase.

After receiving your Return Merchandise Authorization number, you will need to mail the remaining product back to company headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. You must clearly write the Return Merchandise Number on the envelope you use to return the product. Inside the envelope you must place all of the remaining product, as well as used packaging. You must also write why you want a refund. Other information, such as shipping address and contact information must be provided.



Products are shipped after payment. If paying with a check, expect to experience delays because the check has to arrive to the processing center and then payment must be approved before the product is shipped. Once payment is approved, the product ships within 24 hours. The product is shipped from a Midwest Distribution Center and consumers within the contiguous United States should expect to receive their order within four to seven days, although two to three days is the typical time frame.

Shipping is through a third party service and as such, it is not refundable. If you choose to insure the package then you can refund shipping if the product is lost without proof of delivery. Otherwise, the standard nonrefundable shipping fee is a flat rate of $9.95. The shipment arrives at your door discreetly, with the return address PHI, for Progene Healthcare Incorporated. Keep the packaging, as it may assist you should you choose to return the product.

Each order is shipped with delivery confirmation requested. This kind of tracking is helpful to you if the product is lost without proof of delivery. Though you can purchase it at a brick-and-mortar location, you will not be able to take part in any promotional offers and will have to pay full price for the product. Buying your product online and paying for shipping is a more cost-effective purchase arrangement.Additionally, the test kits must be shipped to the laboratory for analysis. This shipping is not free and users should take this into account when planning their supplement expenses.


Customer Support

Customer support services can be reached toll-free by phone at 1-866-PROGENE from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening, Eastern Standard Time. Operators are available Monday through Friday. If those times are not convenient, then you can contact support via email at CustServ@Progene.com. Customer support is also available online through their website. With all of these options, you can easily find answers to your concerns and solve shipping or billing problems.

Customer support services are ready to assist with any issues regarding the money back guarantee, the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and with any shipment order tracking. When it comes to the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and possible subsequent money back, then be certain to contact customer support services within 60 days of your purchase. You will need to ensure that you receive a Return Merchandise Number. Customer support can provide you with more information on return policies.

Some form of customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Along with refunds, guarantees and shipping issues, customer support will also answer any questions pertaining to your subscription plan. Your subscription plan is inclusive with your sample offer, but if you wish to upgrade your plan, or if you have other questions or additional concerns, then customer support is ready to assist.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Placing your order online is the way to go if you want to receive discounts and free samples. If you are hesitant to order online then note the security features that the website has in place. Online customers use a secure site that is encrypted with RapidSSL technologies that provide secure transfer of payment information. Additionally, Progene Healthcare is enrolled in Trustwave’s Trusted Commerce Program. This means that the site is in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

If you are concerned that you might not have privacy while browsing the site, then note that the site lists its privacy policy and terms of use. The privacy policy is updated regularly, but at the current time the following is true: when submitting personal information, like contact information, through the website, customer service or other website forms, the company will collect and store that information.

Other pieces of information that are collected and stored include: billing and account information and telephone numbers. However, this information will not be shared with, or sold to, outside parties. Other information may be used in order for the company to better understand customer feedback and provide optimal customer experiences. To this end, the site uses cookies and web beacons that alert it to your browsing habits.


Pricing & Free Trial

Free trials are available through the product’s website and include a subscription that provides users with additional resources such as bi-monthly refills, free shipping after the third refill and discounts as high as 30 percent off regular prices. Free trials a 10-day sample pack. After the ten days you have the option to upgrade to higher subscription levels.

The one month intro package costs $59.95 for a 60 count pack. Intro packages include other extras like free shipping and introductory discounts. A six month bundle features a “buy three get three fee” promotion where a 60 count pack is only $34.98. This is up to 50 percent off normal prices. The three month bundle is a “buy two get one free” deal, with a 60 count package costing $46.63. This deal provides a customer with $70 worth of savings. Each of these bundles comes with a separate test kit offer.

For the one month intro package, a customer has the opportunity to add a single test kit to their order for $10. The three month subscriber adds two $10 test kits and the six month subscriber can also add two test kits for $10 each. The subscription plans really do save a customer quite a bit of money. However, if you choose to forego a subscription plan then be prepared to pay $69.96 for a 60 count pack. This will provide you with one entire month’s worth of capsules.


  • Progene is a naturally based and non-synthetic supplement.
  • The supplement’s effectiveness is measurable through a separately purchased test kit.
  • Progene Healthcare Inc. is a recognized leader in the testosterone supplement industry.


  • The supplement takes a long time before you see results.
  • All of the different extracts, vitamins and roots don’t do much good.
  • The product probably won’t make you sick, but it might not work either.


Summary: Progene is a natural, botanically based supplement made for men who wish to increase their testosterone levels. This natural testosterone booster is designed with a dual action process that includes a testosterone precursor followed by natural ingredients that flood the user’s metabolic pathway with essential nutrients and vitamins. Both the precursor and the botanicals work to increase your body’s natural testosterone production.

$59.95 to $209.85
RatingRated 3 stars

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