Pro Z by Infinite Labs Review – Is It Beneficial for Metabolic Reactions, Protein Synthesis & Cell Growth?

What Is Pro Z?

Pro Z is an innovative supplement designed to help you build muscle. The name may be confusing at first, seeing as it sounds much like a sleep aid. Aiding in deep, restful sleep is how this supplement works to build up muscle, along with providing minerals that have been clinically proven to support both healthy levels of testosterone and general well-being. Officially, this supplement is billed as a recovery formula. Most of us have a pre-workout formulation and take whey or a similar protein for recovery, but few have a dedicated recovery formula like this one.

When you take this supplement in the wake of a grueling workout, a few things happen. Included ingredients help to replenish levels of vitamins and minerals that can make you feel energized and ready for a new workout, so you’re ready to go when your next gym session starts. But these ingredients also are instrumental in the building of muscle and in tissue recovery. Since much of your muscle built is built while you’re asleep, taking these ingredients before you go to bed can help to speed the process of growth and recovery, thus helping you achieve physique goals even faster.

Lastly, this supplement includes ingredients that also have been shown to boost levels of testosterone in your blood. For many active men, low (or lowering) testosterone is a serious problem. Once you hit 30, you may lose as much as one to two percent of your total testosterone annually. This may lead to mood difficulties, fat gain, muscle loss, and lack of energy, as well as trouble concentrating. Because Pro Z supports both healthy sleep and healthy testosterone levels, it can help you to succeed in the gym and also in terms of general well-being when added to your existing supplement routine.



This supplement is manufactured by Infinite Labs. This company provides both supplements and fitness articles, and it is staffed by dedicated professionals who take their commitment to fitness and to manufacturing quality supplements seriously. This company puts in hours researching ingredients so you can rest assured you’re getting a set of ingredients that works well on an individual and collective level. Moreover, unlike some companies that sell the product and then are done, this company will stay with you as a customer to ensure that your experience is a good one. Whether you have been using a given product for years or are just thinking of trying out something new, the professionals at Infinite Labs can give you advice and help you make the most of your product.

You can find help through their many online articles or through customer service. The company website is somewhat unique in that it divides up relevant articles into those for men and those for women. This is especially beneficial for women who read the magazine. Much of the research in the fitness world has been done on men, and women sometimes have to dig to find quality information on training that is geared specifically to them. With MuscleMedia, the Infinite Labs online magazine, already conveniently divided, it gives women in the fitness community their own space for quality fitness information.


How Pro Z Works?

This supplement works on a few different levels: it increases tissue synthesis, it encourages restful, peaceful sleep, and it increases levels of testosterone in the blood. This trifecta of effects helps to encourage muscle growth tissue, thus helping users achieve physique goals faster. Tissue synthesis is encouraged primarily by zinc, which is an essential mineral that aides in cell repair and the formation of new tissue. Because the goal of most people who strength train is to increase muscle and strength, this is one of the supplement’s most important functions. Your body will use dietary protein to help formulate muscle tissue fibers. Zinc helps with this, but another ingredient, B6, helps to break down protein in the diet.

Most of us who strength train take in more protein than can be processed at a given time. But B6 helps to break down that protein faster and more effectively, thus ensuring that as much as possible gets dedicated to building muscle tissue and repairing tissue damages. This obviously helps with both muscle gains and healing of injuries, as well as injury prevention. Many training injuries evolve over time, so having a complete repair of any partial tear is likely to reduce your risk of getting a serious injury.

This supplement also encourages restful sleep. Many users report that they sleep soundly and awaken feeling rested. This supplement, however, does not contain melatonin, which can make many people groggy, especially if their energy is already low. However, the restful sleep that Pro Z can give you is instrumental in increasing testosterone. Many men who are sleep deprived experience plummeting testosterone levels, and poor sleep or lack of sleep can make it easier to gain fat mass. On the flip side, regularly getting good, restful sleep helps keep fat off, and as most of us in the fitness industry know, it helps you gain muscle and recover faster from workouts.

Just exercising regularly and getting regular sleep can help increase your testosterone, but some of the ingredients in Pro Z can help increase it as well. For example, many studies (discussed below) have connected supplementation with both magnesium and zinc with elevated testosterone levels. These results were more pronounced in those who also exercised vigorously. These minerals have significantly more scientific backing as testosterone boosters compared to many testosterone supplements, and they have the added benefits of boosting your immune system and elevating and boosting your mood as well.


Ingredients of Pro Z

Compared to some other supplements, especially fitness-minded sleep aids, this supplement has a short ingredients list. There are only three ingredients, but each has significant information behind it, making it a well-researched choice:


This mineral can do plenty of good for the human body. It works as an antioxidant, and it has been suggested that zinc also functions as a mood supporter, and it also is instrumental in tissue synthesis, making it a must for anyone seeking to build muscle. It is an essential nutrient, meaning that your body does not manufacture it – you must get zinc through food and supplements. Inclusion of zinc in any supplement is a good idea. It is lost when you sweat, so replenishing it is a must, especially in your recovery supplementation.

Zinc also has been found in numerous studies to work as a testosterone booster. Some studies have indicated that it only increases testosterone levels in users who were previously zinc deficient. However, zinc deficiency is common, and it’s possible that, with a vigorous exercise program, you deplete zinc levels more than you realize. Because this supplement provides 30 mg of zinc, or 200 percent of your daily value, your risk of deficiency while taking Pro Z is extremely low.

Zinc also has another hormonal benefit when taken in very high doses. In high levels, zinc can inhibit estrogen production. Most of us know that avoiding over-production of estrogen is important. This is because estrogen can encourage fat deposition, which can work against your hard-earned gains. In very high amounts, estrogen leads to the development of male breast tissue. For many men who have low testosterone, estrogen production becomes greater, thus trapping them in a cycle of fat gain, muscle loss, fatigue, and low energy. By taking a supplement that can help increase testosterone while reducing estrogen, you can help safeguard yourself against that cycle.


This mineral also works as a testosterone booster, and several peer-reviewed studies have backed this assertion up. Results have indicated that men will generally experience the greatest increases in testosterone if they take magnesium and exercise, as opposed to just taking magnesium and then doing nothing. One interesting four-week study dealt with Tae Kwon Do athletes and had three groups: a sedentary group who supplemented with 10 mg of magnesium for every kg of body weight, a group of athletes who followed the same supplementation routine, and a control group of athletes who trained the same as the other athlete group, but took no magnesium.

The study found that all groups experienced an increase in testosterone, but the greatest increase was found in those who exercised and supplemented. Exercise in itself increases testosterone, but when you combine that with magnesium, you can experience much greater levels of testosterone. Another study of older men also found that men with higher levels of magnesium tended to have a greater presence of IGF-1, which can help increase muscle gains. This study did not prove causation, but the finding is an interesting one to consider.

Vitamin B6

We all know that B-vitamins are regarded for their ability to help energize us, and that they can be helpful to take as part of a pre-workout formula. However, Vitamin B6 is uniquely equipped to help speed the breakdown of dietary proteins so they can be more efficiently processed. This is vital in a recovery supplement. You probably take a whey protein or protein matrix immediately after working out. In most cases, this is more protein than your body can effectively absorb, so if you want the most gains possible, it’s important to try to maximize the amount of protein you get from this supplement.

We all know that when you supplement matters. You’ll get more out of a protein supplement immediately posy-exercise than you’d get if you took it three hours later. Similarly, taking B6 as close as possible to your recovery meal can mean a better absorption and thus, faster gains. Of course, since this supplement promotes sleep, it may not be practical to take it immediately after exercise. Many of us, though, take casein or another protein right before bed. If you work out in the mornings, but you still want to get as much out of your protein as you can, taking this supplement in conjunction with another protein supplement can be incredibly helpful to you.

One thing that is worth noting about the three ingredients of this supplement is the fact that they work in concert with one another. All too often, a supplement is made of a thrown-together ingredient list that ignores the effects ingredients may have on each other. For example, magnesium and zinc can help you increase tissue synthesis, but to properly do so, they need the building blocks of the tissue–muscle–that they’re trying to make. With the aid of Vitamin B6, which breaks down dietary proteins and makes them readily available for use in tissue synthesis, zinc and magnesium can work much more effectively.



There are many advantages to taking this supplement. One is that, unlike some testosterone boosters on the market, this one actually has scientific backing. Many testosterone boosters are based purely in folk medicine or junk science, whereas the ingredients of Pro Z have been shown, in multiple peer-reviewed studies, to actually support higher levels of testosterone. Another advantage is that the three ingredients here actually work together to ensure that you build muscle faster and meet your physique goals. All too often, a given supplement is just an aggregate of ingredients, rather than a set that works together as a unified whole.

Yet another advantage is that, while this supplement does support restful sleep, it does not contain melatonin. Some sleep supplements will contain melatonin, but this particular sleep aid can be too much for people who are already low-energy, or who need to wake up early for work or school. Some users of melatonin-containing sleep aids have complained of grogginess upon waking. This supplement, on the other hand, supports sleep without unnecessary grogginess, which is a plus for many people.

One advantage that Pro Z has over some supplements is the fact that it lists the amount of each ingredient, and each amount is well over the recommended daily value. Some supplements rely on “proprietary blends” and will not tell you the amount of each ingredient. What tends to happen in that case is the company includes very little of each ingredient, thus making the supplement as a whole relatively ineffective. By including an excess of each (which is not harmful), the makers of this supplement are ensuring that you get enough of each.



This supplement does not have certificates. However, it is worth noting that each ingredient is backed by research, much of which is peer-reviewed. While this research may not count as a certificate, it does help to illustrate and support the efficacy of this supplement. It is possible that, as it gains more exposure, this supplement may be awarded a certificate or two for its well-researched ingredient profile, but until then, customers will need to rely on the research behind this product and on the reputation of the company.



Here are some words of those who have used Pro Z:

– Josh, 41, Paradise, IN, US:

I’ve shopped around so long for testosterone boosters, and I got tired of overpriced garbage. But I found this stuff, and I love it. I was put off by the simple ingredients listing at first, but the results speak for themselves. I’ve already gotten considerably stronger and I feel incredible.

– Steven, 30, Rapids, MI, US:

I’m right at the age where you start to lose your testosterone, so I figured I would get ahead of it. And i did. I actually didn’t think this would help much in the way of sleep, but I’m waking up feeling more rested than ever. It’s truly incredible, and I look better than I did when I was 25.

– Joe, 22, Columbia, SC, US:

I know I’m young for a testosterone booster, but I have lots of trouble sleeping. That was really hindering my progress, so I tried Pro Z. And wow–I’m lifting heavier and feeling so, so much better thanks to this stuff. Will definitely keep using.


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement has not won any awards or gotten significant media coverage. However, it has been mentioned in the company’s in-house publication MuscleMedia, which is a magazine devoted to improving the fitness experiences of men and women everywhere. The studies that have been used to support this product have been widely publicized, especially the somewhat surprising findings that taking zinc and magnesium can increase testosterone levels in active men. While no official awards have been given to this product, any glimpse through a reviews site will show you that the vast majority of users give this supplement a favorable rating.


Money-back Guarantee

Infinite Labs is a company that stands behind its products. As such, it offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all products. This guarantee applies up to 30 days after purchase. If, after purchasing and using a product, you find it doesn’t work or you are otherwise dissatisfied, you may mail back your product for a full refund. You must include the original packing slip, proof of purchase, the lot number, and the reason you are returning the product. When this is all mailed back with your unused product and received by an affiliate, a refund will be credited to your account. You will not be refunded shipping costs unless the company made an error in the shipping of your product. The refund will be credited within 30 days of your return.



This company ships products quickly and safely in an effort to get you your fitness products as soon as possible. Once you place your order, your package will leave the shipping center expediently. While the company does not offer guaranteed delivery times, you may be able to track your package to ensure that it does not get lost. Because tracking may not be available in all areas, you may want to ask about it before placing an order. Of course, shipping information may vary depending on where you make your purchase of Pro Z. In most cases, shipping is for a relatively low flat rate.


Customer Support

The customer support team at Infinite Labs is committed to your achieving fitness goals. This company has an extensive network of training resources, from individual articles to full magazines. They also offer customer care through phone or e-mail, so if your questions are not answered in the company’s collection of fitness media, they can be answered one-on-one. If you happen to call or e-mail after office hours, a representative will be able to respond to your call the next business day. Infinite Labs also offers contact information of master coaches who can work with you individually to achieve your goals. Regardless of your situation, there is someone at Infinite Labs who can help keep you on track and answer your questions.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you make a purchase online, you may understandably be a bit concerned with information security. However, the Infinite Labs site is one that is built on internet safety and confidentiality. This site uses top-level encryption technologies to ensure that nobody can access your payment information. Employees who see your information will only use it to help you complete orders. You won’t be sent spam, and your information will not be sold or otherwise shared with anyone.



Pro Z is a supplement that is extremely reasonably priced. While exact pricing may differ slightly depending on where you make a purchase, in general, this supplement retails for$11.09 for 90 caplets, which is 30 servings. This comes down to just 37 cents per serving, which is a very reasonable price to pay for a sleep support and testosterone boost. Comparing this to many other testosterone boosters available online shows that this one can save you money – many online testosterone supplements retail at close to $100 for a one-month supply.

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