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What Is Peak Test Xtreme?

Peak Test Xtreme is a testosterone boosting supplement designed to increase the body’s production of this natural steroid hormone for maximum workout-enhancing effect. It is manufactured in the form of capsules and is intended as a daily supplement for a healthy lifestyle and an effective strength-training routine. Some benefits may be increased lean muscle mass, rapid fat-burning, less recovery time between workouts, elevated energy levels and boosted hormone production. It is researched, developed and manufactured in the United States but is sold all over the world.

This supplement is believed to offer a formula that is 100% natural despite the fact that the manufacturer does not provide an ingredient list directly on the product website. It has been developed specifically for men to raise testosterone levels for the power boost needed to get fit faster. It is also popular among bodybuilders, weightlifters, athletes and other fitness professionals who are seeking a safer, natural performance enhancer. It is posited as an organic exercise supplement to help older men restore age-related testosterone decline. It can be taken as a daily workout supplement.



The manufacturer of Peak Test Xtreme has chosen to remain relatively anonymous. Despite sharing the same name as this workout-enhancing product, the company itself does not have a specific website of its own. It also does not provide any company history or a mission statement on the product website. Similarly, it does not offer any social media or other business links online to interact with its customer base. The only specific facts known about it is the fact that its corporate business center and its return facilities are located in St. Petersburg, Florida in the United States.

Although this company is believed to be well-established – and likely has been for a number of years – some consumers may regard it to be less-than-established due to its lack of online presence or information. This may be a sales deterrent, as many consumers prefer to invest their money buying from well-established, highly visible companies. This manufacturer does supply other lines of health and fitness supplements but does not link to such on the product website.


How Peak Test Xtreme Works?

The ingredients in this fitness supplement were designed to work synergistically together and with the body’s natural processes. Its primary design is to increase the production of testosterone, a natural steroid hormone necessary to high-performance physical traits like muscle strength, size, energy and endurance. This is purportedly accomplished both actively and passively: It may not only stimulate active production but also work to suppress testosterone-inhibiting hormones such as estrogen. This hormonal support helps to fight fatigue, fat gain and lactic acid buildup. It therefore claims to support accelerate lean muscle gains and calorie-burning by supporting the energy and power necessary for better workouts.

Some users have reported an increase in vasodilation when taking this supplement. Vasodilation contributes to effective strength-training and muscle gain in several ways. When arterial walls are expanded and relaxed, this allows greater nutrient, protein and mineral delivery to working muscle tissue. This optimized blood flow then supports stronger muscle pumps and less soreness and cramping after workouts, which allows for less time between sessions. Greater blood flow not only applies to muscle tissue; it applies to the brain, as well, which may result in sharper mental clarity.

This supplement comes packaged as a 60-day supply of capsules. These capsules, taken once daily by mouth (preferably before a workout), are formulated to dissolve in, and then permeate, the bloodstream to activate the organic extracts in the formula. A chemical process is then stimulated that purportedly increases the body’s supply of muscle-building circulating testosterone. This is also called ‘free testosterone,’ which is defined as the supply of testosterone available to the body for building and repairing muscle and protein cells. The company promises best results to those who use these capsules consistently for at least two months.


Ingredients of Peak Test Xtreme

The manufacturer unfortunately does not make this ingredient list publically available to customers. The official product website does not list ingredients and, since the name of this product is so generalized, it may not be easy for curious consumers to find a listing elsewhere online as well. Since this manufacturer is known to only include all-natural ingredients in its formulas, this is likely the case here as well. However, it is impossible to say for certain without an official ingredient list.

This oversight – purposeful or not – is especially unhelpful to supplement customers considering the importance of researching formula lists for extracts that may cause allergic reactions (in small subsets of users). Customers need to be aware of what plant extracts they are taking in in order to rule out the possibility of a medication interaction or an allergic reaction. Some customers also want to ensure they are not purchasing a formula that includes fillers such as Magnesium Stearate or Gelatin. This manufacturer would be very wise to post an ingredient list on the website to help customers determine whether Peak Test Xtreme is right for them.



First and foremost, Peak Test Xtreme’s formula may help men see more extreme results from their workouts faster. By providing a natural boost to energy levels to fuel training sessions, it may give men the extra push necessary to pack on lean muscle mass, to support more frequent and intense workouts and to power aerobic exercise for faster fat-burning. It may also fuel an increase in endurance, vascularity and muscle strength. Other potential advantages include improved thermogenesis, more powerful pumps, greater muscle size, less cramping after workouts and less recovery time due to improved blood flow.

Another of this workout supplement’s biggest potential advantages is that it may be a good solution for older men whose testosterone levels have decreased naturally over the years. For those who have noticed a significant decrease in power and vitality over time, this may provide them with an organic dietary supplement to work with their body’s processes to restore levels of this important hormone. It may also support non-physical advantages such as sharper, more focused cognitive function and improved self-confidence.



The Peak Test Xtreme website provides a few compelling statistics regarding aging, its effects on free testosterone production and how this test booster may help. One such statistic states that, after the age of 30, testosterone levels drop by an average of 2-4% each year. This can lead to such power and performance decreases as more body fat, muscle atrophy, a sagging physique and a loss of strength and stamina. Such statistics will likely cause many solution-seeking older men to pause and consider whether this supplement may be the natural dietary aid they are looking for. These statistics may also help to point men in the right direction toward research points they may want to consider in their decision for the right supplement.

Aside from these statistics, the website does not display any quality-substantiating certificates. It does not specify whether this supplement is GMP-certified, which is an important qualification to look for in a safe, premium-quality health product. GMP stands for ‘Good Manufacturing Practice,’ and certifies that products bearing this logo have met federal regulations for quality control in manufacturing practices and product safety and efficacy. The manufacturer would be wise to include this certificate if this Peak Test Xtremeer is indeed GMP-certified.



As an older guy in his mid-fifties, I realized my body wasn’t quite as incredible as it used to be. I had a saggy stomach, my biceps didn’t do much when I flexed and I was just pooped at the end of every day. I hardly had the energy to even help my wife in the garden at the end of the night. I knew it was time to try something new, and I’m glad I did. This has given me the extra kick-in-the-pants energy I needed to work out harder and longer. I’ve dropped extra weight, toned up and I know I look great. – Jim U., sales manager in Scranton, ND, USA

I started using this last year and haven’t looked back since. I can feel the energy rush kick in right away, and it helps me get in the extra reps I need to get ripped faster. I’m already starting to see a six-pack. I would recommend this to guys who don’t have a lot of time to work out but still want to work hard and see results. It’s worked well for me. – Nigel P., architect in London, the United Kingdom

My workout drive and my endurance have both gone way up since I started taking these before I train. I also like the fact that they don’t make me crash when I’m finished. I’ve noticed a lot less cramping after I lift, so that’s helped get me back in the gym more often. I’ve almost reached my goal of toning up and dropping ten pounds. This has definitely been an asset for me in building my goal body. – Jeremy I., personal trainer in Smyrna, Georgia, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Peak Test Xtreme is not known to have received any awards in the health and fitness supplement industry as of yet. Such awards are rare, however, and this does not necessarily mean it is not an effective product. It does, on the other hand, have an established presence in fitness communities online. It has been extensively reviewed on popular bodybuilding forums online to many positive reviews. Among the benefits reported were a clean, sustained energy boost and extra exercise motivation.

It does not appear to have received any extensive coverage in any major media outlets as of yet. It also not known whether it has been advertised in any major men’s health magazines such as Men’s Health or Men’s Fitness. It appears to be sold in strictly online channels and has thus not been covered by the television or radio media. Curious consumers may want to check into such men’s fitness online outlets to see whether it has made any uncredited appearances.


Money-back Guarantee

Those interested in test driving Peak Test Xtreme may take advantage of the company’s 14-day trial program for the cost of only shipping. The trial period begins the day the order is submitted; if the buyer chooses not to cancel the trial before the final day, he will be automatically enrolled in the company’s VIP Discount program. According to the terms and conditions, VIP Discount membership begins 16 days from the end of the trial period and, every 30 days thereafter, a new bottle will be shipped to the buyer’s address and charged to the credit card on file going forward. Otherwise, if the customer prefers to avoid enrollment, he may call customer service at any time before the end of the trial period to avoid charges. Customer must then return the empty or partially used bottle to the company’s fulfillment facilities to avoid being billed.

There is also a 30-day return period allowed for non-trial purchases. If a buyer chooses to make a return, they must then contact customer service for an Return Merchandise Authorization Number. The next step in the return process is to ship the bottle – empty or partially used bottles are accepted as in trial period terms – back to corporate facilities at the buyer’s expense. The fact that the company accepts used bottles is a fairly unusual bonus in the fitness supplement industry, as most suppliers accept only unopened, undamaged bottles for refunds. No returns are accepted without a clearly written and valid RMA number written on the outside of the package, and the number of days it takes the refund to post on the customer’s account is dependent on the customer’s financial institution.



Deliveries are made anywhere in the United States as well as to several outlying islands. According to the company’s shipping and handling policy, orders are shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Since the site’s checkout system was not operational at the time of this review, the cost of shipping for a trial bottle of Peak Test Xtreme is unknown (while it is worth noting that the average cost of shipping for fitness supplements is $4.95). Trial customers who continue with the company’s VIP Recurring Charge program are responsible for the $8.95 shipping and handling fee for monthly auto-deliveries. All shipping charges (including returns) are non-refundable.

Order processing is three business days. Estimated shipping times are between 3-5 business days once the package has been shipped – trial customers should note that this shipping time is included in the 14-day evaluation period. The company utilizes the United States Postal Service, FedEx, UPS and United Parcel Service for deliveries. It also offers the option of Expedited Priority Processing (when available) for an additional charge; with this service, orders are processed and shipped the same day for all orders placed before 1:00 p.m. EST and the following business day for orders placed after this time. Orders are not shipped out on Saturdays, Sundays or any holidays.

This company offers the exceptional shipping option of allowing buyers to purchase shipping insurance for an additional $3.95. In case the product arrives damaged or defective in any way, or in the event it is lost in transit, the merchant will ship a replacement bottle free of charge. The only drawback in this company’s impressive shipping and handling policy is the high cost of shipping for auto-delivery customers, which may be a deterrent to those considering enrollment in the VIP Discount Program.


Customer Support

Peak Test Xtreme offers exceptional customers service hours and a comprehensive customer care department. The call center is open 24 hours a day with the exception of holidays. Customers will likely appreciate this extensive availability. Live support representatives remain on standby for questions regarding product details, policies, testimonials or for any reason. There is also an email address listed on the website for further convenience.

The manufacturer’s corporate address and fulfillment facilities are listed as being located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Representatives are also available to help with any questions regarding customer accounts and can help cancel or modify existing accounts. Team members are available around the clock at any point before a sale or for questions afterward. Customer service also has the authority to extend trial periods in the event of any delays in shipping.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Judging by the security suite evident at checkout, the manufacturer has clearly taken the safety and security of its customers’ information. Clearly displayed are logos for industry standard trust guards McAfee Secure and Norton Secured. McAfee Secure is a Secure Socket Layer technology shows customers that the site has been scanned and is free of malware and phishing attacks. It also shows that the company is up-to-date on its security certification. With this safety seal, customers can browse safely with the knowledge that the company is legitimate and the site is as secure as possible.

Norton Secured is another industry standard SSL trustmark certifying that the company has been certified as secure by Symantec, Norton Secured’s parent company. Such software scans the website for viruses, malware and other threats to buyers’ personal and financial information. The website has also been safeguarded by a secure 256-bit encrypted connection. This means that all personal information stored on the site’s server will be scrambled and be therefore made unreadable to potential outside attacks, which helps to keep the site as secure as possible. Other SSL safety seals visible at checkout are Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.


Pricing & Free Trial

While a trial bottle of Peak Test Xtreme is initially free save for the cost of shipping and handling, the straight sale cost for a single bottle is $89.95. This is an average rate in the current health and supplement market. In the terms and conditions section on the product website, the company informs customers of its reserved right to reduce or increase prices at will. The buyer may, in these instances, refuse to pay any increases in price and may then be eligible for a refund. Customers are responsible for any taxes associated with their region of order.

The company may also reduce product prices for promotional purposes or to ensure that a customer’s payment will be fully processed by the financial institution involved. Once an order is processed at the reduced price, a new billing cycle will take effect from the date of the order processing. The manufacturer is not currently offering any promotions or bulk purchase discounts at this time. In addition, accepted payment methods are Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


  • This supplement may be a safer, natural solution for older men with age-related testosterone decrease.
  • It may accelerate strength, stamina and endurance to support rapid muscle gains.
  • Most users have reported few to no negative side effects in online reviews.


  • The manufacturer doesn’t make an ingredient list publically available.
  • Very little is available online about the manufacturer.
  • Some trial customers may find the company’s auto-delivery program to be inconvenient.

Peak Test Xtreme

Summary: Peak Test Xtreme is an all-natural dietary supplement designed specifically for men to help raise free testosterone levels for maximum power and vitality. Among its touted advantages are a strength and energy boost that give men an extra edge in the gym, in daily life and in competitive arenas. Benefits to consistent use may be elevated energy levels, more lean muscle mass, less recovery time after workouts and improved strength and stamina. It may also be helpful to older men who are experiencing age-related muscle atrophy, fatigue and a lagging metabolism. It is reportedly researched, developed and manufactured in the United States.

FREE TRIAL to $89.95
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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