Nolvadren XT from MAN Sports

Nolvadren XT by MAN Sports Review – Is This Product Worth the Price?

What Is Nolvadren XT?

Nolvadren XT is a popular supplement and testosterone booster that acts as a pro-hormone to increase the body’s testosterone levels. It also helps to balance the body in other ways by lowering estrogen and decreasing cortisol.

Since estrogen levels increase in the body along with testosterone it’s essential to provide an estrogen blocking agent in supplements of this nature. This provides the consumer with the utmost in muscle gaining potential. Likewise, this product also decreases cortisol the stress hormone which combats progression by breaking down muscle tissue.

Nolvadren XT is marketed as “the perfect pct” as it is used post-cycle when testosterone levels are low. This is important for lifters to know as post-cycle therapy is crucial to maintaining and maximizing gains. Supplement cycling is also good for overall health when weight training. It keeps the body in check and avoids building a tolerance to any one substance.

“Leaner, harder, dryer” is another trademark of Nolvadren XT which is pivotal to serious bodybuilders. Essentially this means lean tissue, hard muscle, and an ultra-dry looking physique. The ultra-dry aspect is often most desirable for competing bodybuilders who want to look their best right before competition day or simply getting “shredded” as it is often referred. Though proper hydration is important professional athletes can reduce subcutaneous water to make muscles appear more defined when needed. This can also be done with proper estrogen balance. Heightened levels of estrogen are known to aid in water retention which is undesirable for bodybuilders.



Nolvadren XT is manufactured interestingly by a company named MAN Sports. MAN Sports Nutrition is well known within the bodybuilding community and supplement industry. Their main office is located in Mesquite, Texas with a 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. This was a fairly recent upgrade from their 2,000 sq ft facility which the company outgrew. Now MAN Sports continues to offer hundreds of products for sale both on their website and in retail locations across the country.

Some retailers include Vitamin Shoppe, House of Fitness, Natural Body Inc., Nutrition Depot and MuscleWorx to name a few. In addition to manufacturing supplement products, MAN Sports also works to sponsor athletes who utilize their products to represent their brand wherever they may be. The company offers a range of “cultured” products such as branded clothing and accessories to help promote the MAN name. The company is very active on social media which is an asset for the bodybuilding community. They also offer a website membership called One Percenters.

MAN Sports products have clearly won the hearts of many as they were recently voted trusted brand of the month for June 2015 by an organization known for their unbiased product reviews. They pride themselves in offering superior products that undergo rigorous testing and receive a Certificate of Analysis before going out to consumers.


How Nolvadren Works?

The three main features of Nolvadren as mentioned previously are its testosterone boosting abilities, estrogen blocking quality and cortisol reduction component. Testosterone also referred to as androgen is found in the body in both free and bounded forms. The “free” testosterone or testosterone that is not bounded is less than 4% and is what the body generally uses or takes advantage of easily. The other testosterone in the blood is bound by SBHG or sex hormone binding globulin and albumin.

The primary component in the supplement works to have a positive effect on the body’s free testosterone by inhibiting aromatase. Aromatase plays a major role in the bio synthesis of estrogens wherein simple compounds are changed. In theory this supplement should help your natural testosterone vs estrogen ratio.

The third feature, cortisol reduction is in place to help the body combat the catabolic steroid hormone cortisol. Cortisol comes from the adrenal glands and is a natural response to stress, both physical and mental. This may add to stubborn belly fat as well as a breakdown in muscle by affecting protein synthesis. In the past, it was believed that workouts must be shortened to combat an increase in cortisol. Though this has since been debunked an overall reduction in cortisol is still desirable to achieve optimal results when training. Basically, cortisol increases are often misplaced. Instead of rising levels due to real distress, levels are often increased due to the daily stressors of everyday life. Therefore this third feature is a key component to Nolvadren being a successful PCT or post cycle therapy supplement. That leads us to the next discussion, what ingredients comprise this supplement?


Ingredients of Nolvadren XT

The leading ingredient in Nolvadren XT is actually Androst-3 (or Androsta),5-dien-7,17-dione which acts as the testro-estro modulator. Each serving which is two capsules to be taken every morning contains 75mg of Androst-3,5-dien-7,17-dione. The other major ingredients include Diindolylmethane (DIM) as an estro-metabolize and 7-Hydroxy 17B-Dihydro Dehydroepiandrosterone and 7-Hydroxy Dehydroepiandrosterone referred to as Cort-Control Matrix. The estro-metabolize is listed at 200mg per serving while the Cort-Control Matrix is listed as 25mg per serving for each component. Other ingredients contained in the supplement formula include rice flour, gelatin, citric acid and magnesium separate. There is also an allergen warning on the package for individuals that may be allergic to milk, egg, soy, nuts, wheat and seafood as they are made in a factory that processes such items.

Androst-3,5-dien-7,17-dione or Androsta as it will be referred to here is a very powerful anabolic and is actually banned in some circles due to its high level of potency. It is a DHEA derivative and aromatase inhibitor as mentioned earlier. Androsta not only battles increased levels of estrogen that bodybuilders may experience from their anabolic steroids to help grow muscles but it also works to battle cortisol. In all Androsta is a legal and highly effective supplement for balancing the testosterone/estrogen ratio in the body.

The second ingredient Diindolylmethane (DIM) has many benefits and can be found in vegetables such as brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. It has been used to treat patients and is an aromatase inhibitor similar to androst. DIM has many benefits for bodybuilders and those seeking to boost their testosterone levels as it works to prevent testosterone to converting to estrogen as well as keeping the estrogen levels in the body balanced. It can work to prevent sharp increases or decreases in estrogen to achieve an optimal balanced effect.

The last set of primary ingredients are referred to as Cort-Control Matrix and are comprised of metabolites that are used to manage cortisol levels 7-Hydroxy 17B-Dihydro Dehydroepiandrosterone and 7-Hydroxy Dehydroepiandrosterone. As the name indicates both are by-products of DHEA. DHEA is excellent for obtaining higher levels of free testosterone as well as testosterone synthesis. DHEA also has other exceptional benefits such as increasing muscle strength, strengthening the immune system and having positive effects on mood and memory. This concludes the list of primary ingredients found in the product that are connected to performance and overall benefit to the body.



Compared to other testosterone-boosting supplements in its class, Nolvadren XT has a few points of benefit that allow it to supersede its competition. Some of those include the quality of ingredients, company standards and testing and the unique combination of ingredients to receive the desired effect. Nolvadren XT is definitely one of MAN’s poster items. Tons of effort has been put into marketing and production planning. They also refer to it as a “3-in-1 hormone modulating product.”

MAN also prides itself in providing micro batches for their products as is explained on the company website. A micro batch simply means that the substances are made in “limited quantities” to provide more attention to detail along with less room for error during production. MAN Sports handles its own production as oppose to outsourcing and therefore have a better chance of providing the top shelf products they hold claim to in their advertising.

In addition, the company requests Beta-testers from their pool of loyal customers to test products before their release. This shows their dedication to quality. MAN also holds certificates of analysis for their products which will be discussed next. The supplement is also noted for being a “perfect PCT blend” which means that it will fit well into any bodybuilders post-cycle therapy routine.

Also cited in their time line of achievements MAN mentions their partnering with significant companies in the supplement industry such as Prometeus Intelligent Sports Technology and Europa Sports Products.

Aside from these things mentioned the product doesn’t offer too many other advantages. There are many other products out there that provide similar or better results. But it is safe to say that this one is produced by a reputable company with quality testing at the top of its list.



The manufacturer of Nolvadren XT does not appear to hold any significant industry-related certificates that would show their ranking amongst other bodybuilding businesses. The company does, however, offer the basic SSL certificate on their website for security and a certificate of analysis with substances under the product quality section of their website.

All of MAN’s products are hand bottled and undergo analytical testing before packaging. The certificate of analysis or C of A is for each ingredient that is involved in production. The certificate acknowledges that the substance is in fact, free of harmful agents and up to code as per specific quality standards. This C of A for each ingredient works to ensure that every batch receives the same quality as the next.



Nolvadren XT seems to have mostly positive reviews with customers. They are generally ranked at 4-4.5 out of 5 stars. This is significant considering the competition in this market. It shows that consumers are happy with and choosing to use Nolvadren XT. Below are a few testimonials:

MAN Sports has done their homework and excelled with Nolvadren XT. I think it is one of the best anti-estrogen products on the market. The best part is that I have not had any side effects so far. I would definitely recommend this product.

– Will D., Houston, TX

This is a wonderful product from MAN Sports. I find it to be one of the best testosterone boosters and I have yet to have any problems with my gut or with breakouts. It is for sure something I will use again and again. Thank you, MAN Sports for such a great supplement.

– Erick W., San Francisco, CA

This is some really good stuff. After consuming two capsules every morning I have noticed less water retention and an increase in strength. This is just in a span of 2 weeks. You will notice it working right away which is great. I used 3 bottles back to back in the last year and a half. No joint issues at all.-Zen

– Paul E., Denver, CO

This is my second time trying out this product and I have never been disappointed. I have noticed dry gains with no side effects.It came right away even for an APO address.-Adee Hartgraves

– Rob T., San Diego, CA


Awards & Media Coverage

Nolvadren XT does not appear to have any significant awards or media coverage to mention. From the company that produces it, there is only one blog article written about it despite its popularity. Among other venues and sites, there are detailed reviews of the product including consumers providing personal experience and loggings of their daily use with the supplement. This is significant for providing insight into the product and its true everyday impact on users.

In addition to these reviews and experiences, many people have also chosen to discuss this product through video reviews as well as social media site discussions. Though this does not equal broadcast coverage or national notoriety it does show its significance in the bodybuilding industry. The product is fulfilling a real need for a quality post-cycle therapy substances in the supplement community.


Money-back Guarantee

MAN does offer a 100% money-back guarantee program as do most major manufacturers. The company stands behind its products and states that a prompt and easy return is within reach. If a customer is not satisfied with a product they are able to return it with the receipt to obtain a refund of the purchase price.

MAN Sports also offers returns and replacements. Customers can return products within 30 days as long as they provide the item’s original packaging and all materials such as manuals and accessories. The items must also be legitimately purchased and not through an unauthorized dealer. The purchaser must also provide the receipt and a note stating that they would like to cancel or receive a replacement and their personal information such as name, address and return reason.

The company does not mention anything about the cost of return shipping so it is assumed that this will be the burden of the consumer.



There is a very basic shipping policy in place for this product. MAN uses the following carriers to deliver supplements: USPS, UPS, and FedEx. The most common carrier is USPS and this is done through their First Class or Priority Mail options unless otherwise noted. The processing times for each order is 48 hours from the time the order was placed. This is with the exception of weekends and holidays. All weekend and holiday orders will roll over to the next business day.

Correct shipping addresses are also very important as MAN holds no liability to packages that are lost or undeliverable due to the fault of the consumer. Correct addresses are a must. Along with ensuring a safe and secure delivery location. If a package is stolen for instance but was marked as being successfully delivered, MAN Sports holds no responsibility for that product. If the order has not shipped however adjustments can still be made if a shipping address is deemed incorrect.

International orders are also welcomed and will be sent through the USPS Priority International or Express Mail International. Consumers located outside of the U.S. Should note that rates will differ as compared to national rates and that there may be restrictions regarding taxes and customs. Each country has a different set of rules and regulations regarding customs. It is important for buyers to note this and pay their local fees when ordering. MAN Sports will not provide refunds for any packages refused by customs.


Customer Support

The MAN Sports website offers minimal customer support services. A contact form for emails is provided for concerns on their website as well as a 1-800-number for questions. There is also a FAQ page for frequently asked questions and another database of topics that link to other areas such as shipping policies and terms and conditions. There is also a specific submission page for product-related questions and links to becoming a sponsored athlete as well as a retailer.

MAN Sports appears to provide the basics as regards to customer support. There is also a lot of information that can be found by browsing different blog topics and social media pages on their site.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Like many other online retailers, MAN Sports does offer a safe and secure checkout. At the bottom of their website homepage, they have logos to alert consumers to their security measures. This includes a SiteLock badge and a TrustWave trusted commerce program badge along with the SSL certificate previously mentioned.

This should provide some confidence and support to shoppers. The TrustWave badge, in particular, provides users with a high level of encryption to protect data as well as a warranty of $500,000 to guarantee the true identity of MAN Sports. The SiteLock badge among other things ensures that the company website does not harbor any harmful malware that would affect your shopping experience.



MAN Sports does not appear to offer any free trials on their own accord but secondary organizations may. Some, for example, may offer “mini-bottles” of the supplement as a prize for winning a contest. The pricing for a bottle of 56 caps is $49.99 from the company website and a bottle of 28 servings is offered at the same price. The difference is that one is offered just as capsules and the other is offered as a powder. For the powder, one scoop is added to a glass of water once a day. This appears to be the preferred method for some.

This supplement can also be found at a host of other suppliers for significantly cheaper prices. The manufacturer appears to be the most expensive supplier. The price differences can be from as much as $10-$15, so if possible a third party may be more suitable taking into consideration the cost of shipping.






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