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What Is Natadrol?

Natadrol, a pure and effective testosterone booster produced by LG Sciences sports supplements company, occurs naturally throughout the environment and is scientifically categorized as a healthy androgen. Derived from the Greek work “andro”, which translates as “male”, androgens occur as steroidal hormones in the body and are helpful to athletes for building lean, dense muscle mass and raising bodily levels of energy, physical stamina and mental drive to train hard and excel in many types of sports performance. These natural anabolic (building up) steroids work by joining with proteins called androgen receptors to promote full development of all activities of testosterone, growth hormone and other important substances in your body. Testosterone is considered the most important androgen to human muscular development, backed up by two other of these anabolic steroids, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and androstenedione.

Because this all-natural, reliable T-booster contains no potentially harmful artificial ingredients, it is safe and effective for daily use as your major bodybuilding and athletic fitness supplement. All ingredients of this specialized fitness formula contribute multiple properties for enhancing and sustaining your bodily energy, endurance, muscle strength and physical agility to master more advanced bodybuilding and sports action skills and techniques. This vitalizing formula also enables you to build stronger, leaner muscles with density and flexibility that are capable of supporting you through longer and more strenuous workouts and sports competitions. This empowering mix of unique, natural components will also shorten your recovery time following grueling athletics, helping you regain good energy supplies easily, free of pain and stress.



At the forefront of prohormone research for bodybuilding and muscle strengthening, LG Sciences introduced a proprietary procedure to the supplements production industry termed Cyclosome™ technology. During this process, hydrophobic prohormones and additional testosterone enhancing compounds are captured as a complex known as Prohormone–cyclodextrin (CD) in liposomes. These liposomes, as very small vesicles (bubbles) composed of identical material to tissues comprising bodily membranes, can be injected with nutrients and directed into muscles and other tissues in your body to energize and fortify them. This advanced technique is a new method of joining the benefits of liposomes and CDs into a single system, which is called Prohormone-in-CD-in liposome, or Cyclosome™ technology.

LG Sciences supplement formulators have discovered a double-loading procedure with fast introduction and prolonged release of prohormones. This process promotes greater bioavailability of testosterone and nutrients for boosting body strength, stamina, muscular strength and body development for significantly enhanced sports performance results with regular use of a fitness formula like Natadrol. This major leader in sports nutrition and body empowerment as a respected sports supplements production company places primary emphasis on creating new fitness formulas that both build powerful physiques and improve athletic capabilities for physical endurance and sports action success. Another primary focus of the scientific and nutritional formulators at this company is designing unique supplements that are completely safe for use while delivering multiple essential benefits to promote excellent athletic achievements.


How Natadrol Works?

The success of the Cyclosome™ technique developed by LG Sciences is mainly due to its capacity to direct the full effects of supplement ingredients that boost testosterone and other energizing substances through the liver unaltered. Your liver often destroys or lessens the empowering properties of supplement components as they pass through it on their way to being processed by your intestinal and lymphatic systems for use by your body. With use of this unique method, the full impact of each nutritional supplement ingredient can be absorbed in your system and healthy anabolic action can begin. As your body gains sustained bursts of energy and endurance, you will also begin to experience new lean muscle growth, and you will be on your way to developing a streamlined, but powerful physique with good muscle definition and strength for that totally ripped appearance you have been striving to achieve.

When you take a safe, strong-acting testosterone booster as your primary daily sports improvement supplement, you will soon begin to see and feel the benefits of heightening, lasting energy levels and an increase in your lean muscle density. When you take a uniquely designed formula like Natadrol, its continuous anabolic activity will increase the rates at which your body’s natural building-up action operates, and this positive, building activity will start to overtake any catabolic (destructive) action taking place in your system. The special constructive advantages of this fitness formula also enhance your post-workout recovery periods by off-setting and reversing any damage or stress to your muscles, tendons and joints during strenuous exercise while boosting your energy supplies. This healthy anabolic activity continues throughout your nightly sleeping hours as your entire body is repaired, rejuvenated and prepared for the next day’s intensive workout or sports game.


Ingredients of Natadrol

This beneficial, athletic supplement contains a proprietary blend of multiple nutrient-rich, energy-boosting ingredients for significant improvements in your bodybuilding and sports activities, including the following:

Cissus Quadrangularis – This supplement ingredient has been used for many years as an Ayurvedic remedy in Africa and as a natural treatment in Thailand. All parts of this vine are considered effective as herbal supplement ingredients, especially for use as anabolic steroids in bodybuilding and fitness formulas. As an active sports supplement component, this substance helps build lean, dense muscle mass and increases bodily metabolic rates, helping athletes shred excess body fat. This ingredient also strengthens bones, fights against tissue and joint inflammations and alleviates muscular pain after vigorous exercise.

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis – This blooming plant is known as Chinese Hibiscus, China Rose and Shoe Black Plant, and it originated in East Asia as a tropical flowering plant of the Malvaceae family. As a natural phyto-androgen, the extract of this plant’s leaves and flowers can increase levels of androgenic action within your body. Androgenic hormonal substances, also called testoids, are compounds that are most often categorized as steroidal hormones and that activate and regulate hormones in the body such as testosterone and growth hormone. Because of this characteristic, this ingredient is also known as an anabolic pSARM (phyto-selective androgen response modifier). It can help bodybuilders and other athletes gain lean muscle mass with strength and density consistently.

Curculigo Orchioides – This nutritional herb, also referred to as Kali Musli, Siyah (black) Musli and golden eye-grass, has a long, tube-shaped root that has been used as a natural healing agent since the early days of Ayurvedic medicine in India and traditional herbal medicine in China. It was used for some of the same treatment properties then as it is used for today, such as boosting low energy, strengthening bones and body tissues and protecting your body from free radical damage as an antioxidant. As an adaptogen, this ingredient helps you deal with stress mentally and physically while regulating normal operating activities of bodily systems. This versatile herb also helps raise your body’s testosterone counts for greater sustained energy and stamina levels, enabling you to reach and maintain peak athletic performance.

Tinospora Cordifolia – This herbaceous plant is a vine that is indigenous to tropical regions of India and is often called guduchi, giloy and heart-leaved moonseed. Used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to strengthen joints and to purify the body of toxins, this ingredient can also alleviate bodily inflammations. This substance also has beneficial adaptogenic properties, which are helpful in assisting your body and mind to adapt to stressful, intensive athletic activity when striving for bodybuilding and sports action success. The entire plant is used as a pure, effective supplement ingredient.

Microcrystalline Cellulose – This substance is refined wood pulp that is added to supplement formulas to prevent other ingredients of the blend from caking, clogging or sticking together during the manufacturing process. It can also be added to formulas for additional texture and bulk or as a general emulsifier.

Phosphatidylcholines – These substances are a type of phospholipid that includes choline as a headgroup. Phospholipids are a variety of lipids, which are natural molecules of fats, waxes, sterols and fat-soluble vitamins like A, E, D and K as well as mono-, di- and triglycerides. Phosphatidylcholines (PC) are vital to the survival of every cell in your body and are a primary part of the composition of every biological membrane. They can also be injected into the body to help dissolve fat deposits, and they are helpful in sports supplement formulas as boosters of brain functions including clear, rapid thinking capacities. This ingredient can also alleviate mental stress during grueling sports training and competitions.

Phytosterols – These plant-based sterols, or steroid alcohols, form in plant cellular membranes, where they act like cholesterol that is produced by your body. In fact, the most commonly known variety of animal sterols is cholesterol. When included as a supplement ingredient, these substances help create healthy serum lipid, or cholesterol, levels in your body, which strengthen the functionality of your cardiovascular system for greater sports performance.

Magnesium Stearate – This chemical compound is a soap-like salt composed of one magnesium cation and two stearate equivalents, and it is usually available in the form of a white powder that is not soluble in water. It is often included in supplement formulas as a lubricant to keep other ingredients from adhering to factory machinery during the production of tablets and caplets.



Regular daily users of this safe, effective bodybuilding and sports action supplement, Natadrol from LG Sciences, gain important advantages and benefits that enable them to advance in their training and athletic performance, including the following:

  • As an effective testosterone booster, this unique fitness formula increases your energy, endurance and body strength, preparing you to engage in more intensive workouts without experiencing muscular stress, strain or fatigue.
  • This specialized formula includes natural herbal substances that can help your body shred extra body fat quickly and efficiently for a sleeker yet muscular body and a totally ripped appearance.
  • This athletic aid will give you the mental drive and determination along with the positive physical aggression to achieve higher sports goals with each daily training session or sports game.
  • As a versatile muscle-building and athletic enhancer, this specialized formula can decrease water retention by your body, which will increase your athletic speed and agility while helping you build a more streamlined, powerful physique.



LG Sciences has government certification as a sports supplement production company that manufactures all its fitness formulas in cGMP facilities, which are factory facilities that comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices and have only top-quality, approved equipment. This helps maintain excellent quality control requirements and standards for every batch of each supplement produced for sale on the consumer market. In addition, every vendor supplying this company with raw materials for supplement ingredients must offer a Certificate of Analysis for each separate material to ensure its high quality. Thorough lab testing is then performed as a safety measure to make certain that these certifications of quality are accurate. Consumers know that products like Natadrol, produced in company factories with this type of government-regulated certification, will be safe, effective and pure formulas, regardless of whether they are purchasing their first month’s supply or buying this unique T-booster and fitness formula as ongoing customers.



This great T-booster works fast and effectively, giving you awesome energy bursts that last through the toughest workouts and sports games. With more stamina, agility and body strength, you will gain more skills and confidence in your athletic abilities. You will build new, lean muscle mass faster than you ever imagined possible. Before you know it, you will be well on your way to developing that sleeker yet muscular, powerhouse physique you have always wanted.

– Tommy Riley, Baltimore, MD, USA

If you want lean, powerful muscles with good definition, try this outstanding T-boosting supplement. Its highly effective, fast-acting formula will help you build impressive, new muscle density while fortifying you for strenuous workouts with plenty of energy, endurance and the mental drive to be a real winner. You will master new, more advanced bodybuilding techniques quickly, surprising your trainer and your gym buddies, and you will become a true contender in even the most challenging sports competitions. Wait no longer—buy your first supply of Natadrol from LG Sciences now.

– Reggie Waxman, Portland, OR, USA

This pure, all natural and herbal sports performance supplement is packed with great anabolic action, helping you build massive lean muscles. It fuels your system with amazing energy and stamina for rugged sports action while repairing and revitalizing your entire body after every intensive daily workout or athletic event. Your post-workout recovery will be a breeze, free of pain or fatigue, and after sleeping soundly through the night, you will awaken each morning feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for your daily muscle-crunching sessions with your trainer at the gym. After each challenging workout and your easy, rapid recovery period, you will leave the gym with boundless energy and vitality to last throughout your busy day or evening ahead. Try this unique, empowering fitness formula, Natadrol, without delay and get totally ripped.

– Terry Stouffer, St. Paul, MN, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

As a unique and strong-acting testosterone booster and daily fitness formula, Natadrol from LG Sciences labs and supplements production company is an ideal choice as a major prize winner for its top-tier quality efficacy and safety for users. In fact, many leaders in the sports performance industry expect this unique formula to claim the Supplement of the Year award from a major sports authority like and others. In addition, this sports enhancing formula is growing in popularity as a product for frequent discussion in many sports performance website chat groups, online forums and webinars. This unique sports supplement is predicted to gain attention and coverage from major sports channels and network news programs concerning sports action in future months and years.


Money-back Guarantee

This sports supplements company offers a full money-back guarantee to any customer who experiences any amount of dissatisfaction with the ordering process, the delivery or the use of Natadrol. Leaders and staff members of LG Sciences are strongly focused on providing customers with optimum quality athletic supplements as well as excellent customer services. Although the company enjoys high ratings for customer satisfaction with its fitness formulas, if you should encounter any difficulties or problems with ordering, receiving or using this unique sports enhancing recipe of pure, empowering ingredients, just contact the company’s customer support division for a prompt and complete resolution of your problems. Whether your questions or issues are major or minor, these caring, well-trained staff members are always prepared and eager to assist you. Although most problems can be solved right away, if your particular issue cannot be resolved, a staff member will process a full refund of your supplement purchasing price, with no further questions asked.



Shipping of Natadrol and all other LG Sciences sports supplements is handled by experienced, professional domestic shipping concerns and international transport carriers. These shippers will pack your supplement order in durable packaging materials and check its mailing label carefully to ensure safe, accurate delivery to your address. This supplements producer has an excellent record of safe, secure order deliveries to customers. However, if your supplement package is delayed, fails to arrive or arrives somewhat damaged, just contact the LG Sciences customer support staff right away to report your problem. A helpful, knowledgeable employee will track your order and, if necessary, process either a replacement order or a full refund of your supplement purchase cost for you.


Customer Support

The friendly, well-informed customer support team of this reliable, respected bodybuilding and sports action supplements company is always ready and available to assist you with any issues or concerns that arise involving your receipt or initial use of your new fitness formula. Regardless of the type or level of urgency of your question or problem, this concerned team of professionals wants to hear from you immediately. All team members are dedicated to helping resolve any issues that you may have, from the slightest question about ordering procedures to a major problem with a lost or damaged supplement order package. Although complaints and problems with this company’s fitness aid orders are rare, if you do experience any issues or problems whatsoever with the purchase, shipment and delivery or initial dosages of your supply of Natadrol, be sure to contact a member of this expert customer support team. You can reach the team by phone, email or via the company website for a satisfactory resolution of your problem or concern.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout procedures are always safe and secure on the company website for all customer purchases. Whenever you visit this site to place an order for your effective athletic performance supplement, you can be sure that your personal identity data is well protected from online hackers and potential identity thieves. LG Sciences leaders had this site designed using advanced security measures, including the latest encryption methods and technology to ensure the safety of all data entries on the pages of this site. All your personal information, including your name, shipping address, email address, phone number and charge card data will be carefully safeguarded any time you visit this website to place future Natadrol orders.



Decision makers at this major sports performance supplements production company keep their brand’s fitness formula prices as low as possible. This enables serious sports players, bodybuilders, powerlifters and regular exercisers of a wide variety of lifestyles and budgets to benefit from regular use of this empowering sports enhancement formula. You can purchase a month’s supply of this supplement at prices ranging from $69.99 to $41.95 and even less during special product promotions or seasonal sales. By visiting the company website frequently, you can stay informed about upcoming price reductions for your valuable, nutritional T-booster and fitness formula.


There are advantages to making this unique sports performance formula from LG Sciences your major testosterone booster and fitness formula, such as:

  • The strong empowering quality of Natadrol is due to its development and formulation with use of the LG Sciences unique Cyclosome™ technique, which enables all supplement ingredients to travel through your liver unaltered, without losing their capacities to boost testosterone, growth hormone and other vital body energizers in your system.
  • This rich formula of nutritional herbal substances and other natural ingredients promotes continuous anabolic (building up) activity throughout your system for a stronger, more capable athletic physique and greater sports action results.
  • This innovative fitness formula enhances your post-exercise recovery periods, helping you to recover more rapidly and thoroughly, with excess energy supplies and no pain, fatigue or stress.
  • As a safe and effective athletic performance and bodybuilding formula, this supplement contains no artificial preservatives or fillers.


For some potential users of Natadrol as a daily bodybuilding and sports playing enhancement supplement, there may be some difficulties and obstacles, including the following:

  • This fitness formula is not recommended for use by anyone under the age of 18.
  • Any athletes who are currently taking prescription drugs should be sure to consult a medical doctor or holistic practitioner before starting doses of this effective sports performance formula.
  • Women sports players and bodybuilders who are pregnant, attempting to become pregnant or currently nursing should refrain from using this sports action enhancement supplement.


Summary: Natadrol, a safe, effective and pure testosterone booster from the LG Sciences brand of sports performance supplements, is a valuable androgen, or steroidal hormone complex. In your body, these substances enable you to build new, lean muscularity with density and strength. These anabolic steroids with their capacity to build up your body and repair damaged tissues combine with proteins known as androgen receptors to enhance healthy activity of testosterone and growth hormone in your body. Although testosterone is of major importance to muscle development, it receives help and support from two additional anabolic steroids in your system, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and androstenedione, and all three components help you build a streamlined yet muscular, ripped physique. All the nutrient-rich, natural and herbal ingredients of this unique fitness formula contain multiple properties that boost your energy, stamina, muscle strength, agility and willpower for mastering improved bodybuilding and sports action skills and achievements, and they make your post-workout recovery fast, smooth and pain-free.

$41.95 to $69.99
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