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What Is Muscle Test Boost?

Muscle Test Boost is a workout supplement designed to help bodybuilders build muscle mass rapidly. Unlike other supplements, users do not have to make drastic changes to their routine to see dramatic results quickly. With a 100% natural combination of testosterone, creatine, and essential amino acids, this workout supplement has been proven to give bodybuilders and athletes the results they strive for.

Testosterone is known for its importance in men’s health. With this testosterone boost, the user will see significant fat loss and maximum muscle build up. Creatine promotes the regeneration of ATP, which means an almost endless source of energy for the user.

With this combination, bodybuilders are able to workout longer and harder, building muscle and losing excess fat rapidly. This supplement has been so popular that the company’s site states it is not able to take any new customers at this time. The supplement is available through other retailers, and unlike many inconvenient supplement sales, it is available through in-store purchase.



The manufacturer for Muscle Test Boost is using the same name as the product. This is a common industry standard, especially for companies with a single product. This supplement’s “Terms & Conditions” state that the corporate address is located in Del Mar, California, with another remote office in San Diego, California. The international corporate headquarters address is in London, United Kingdom, which indicates how popular the supplement is and how many athletes are using it. However, with an international corporate headquarters it is nearly impossible to tell where the manufacturer is located.

This supplement is garnering great reviews online, which indicates the product must be manufactured well. Safety and quality control are the most important traits of any supplement, especially those designed for higher workout capacity and athletic prowess. After reading the glowing reviews littered throughout the internet, the customer can workout assured that the Muscle Test Boost capsules are manufactured to industry standard. If the customer has any question about the product, the Customer Service Department is ready to take the call at 855-204-7725.


How Muscle Test Boost Works?

Muscle Test Boost works by enhancing the already naturally-occurring testosterone and nitric oxide in athletes’ bodies. Testosterone has been proven to regulate several important functions, including red blood cell count, regulating the metabolism of fat, and increasing muscle tissue growth. The fact that testosterone promotes the bone marrow to create more red blood cells is important, because those are the cells that carry oxygen. The oxygen travels through the bloodstream and is delivered by these red blood cells to the entire system, including the brain, organs, and muscle tissue. With a higher level of oxygen reaching the brain, the athlete will feel higher levels of focus while training.

In addition, testosterone is also responsible for regulating the body’s metabolism. Naturally produced testosterone is used to burn excess fat. Any excess fat found in the body will seemingly melt away once this testosterone-boosting product is used. Studies suggest that the melting away of fat actually increases the amount of muscle mass grown directly. Not only will the decrease in excess fat help muscle tissue grow more effectively, but this decrease in fat will also improve overall health.

Testosterone has been shown to increase muscle tissue growth. When training, bodybuilders are creating small, micro-tears in the muscle tissue. The bloodstream is pumped to deliver important proteins to heal these micro-tears, which ultimately grow the muscle itself as it becomes stronger. The healing is caused by a process called protein synthesis. This process is directly induced by the level of testosterone in the system, which means with a higher level of testosterone comes a higher level of muscle growth.

In addition to the testosterone boost, this supplement gives the user a boost of creatine. Creatine is a popular supplement for bodybuilders. By increasing the amount of ATP available to the body, this protein-like compound increases the user’s energy level and stamina. Even after the training session is complete, an athlete will find a decreased level of soreness and fatigue. This allows athletes to train harder and longer than before.


Ingredients of Muscle Test Boost

Muscle Test Boost claims to have a 100% natural formula. With a completely natural formula, the company claims complete safety, as long as the supplement is used as directed. The company does state that any bodybuilder or athlete should consult their physician to be sure that they will not experience negative side-effects. Listed here are the active ingredients of these capsules.

L-Arginine – L-Arginine (also known simply as arginine) is a completely natural ingredient that is classified as an amino acid. This amino acid is transformed into citrulline by the body’s enzymes. A by-product of the transformation is nitric oxide, which has been proven to promote stamina, muscle growth, and bodybuilder focus and energy.

L-Citrulline – L-Citrulline (also known simply as citrulline) is also a completely naturally-occurring amino acid. Citrulline is recycled back into arginine regularly, again by enzymes present in the body. Nitric oxide is again produced, heightening focus and energy, increasing stamina, and escalating muscle growth.

Acai Berry – Studies suggest that acai berry has incredible fat-burning and weight-controlling capabilities. Not only does this fruit enhance the athlete’s fat-burning capabilities, but this berry also contains more antioxidants than its counterparts including blueberries and strawberries. This ingredient is completely natural, and is a healthy fruit native to Central and South America.

Beta Alanine – Beta alanine is another amino acid, which is made naturally by the body without any outside source (such as food). A popular endurance booster, beta alanine prevents waste accumulation in the muscles and body by increasing carnosine concentrations. This naturally allows the bodybuilder to train harder and longer, resulting in better results than originally gained.

Zinc – Zinc is an incredibly important mineral that is found throughout the body. Zinc helps to regulate hormone levels, control red and white blood cell function, and affects protein synthesis. This ingredient will help boost stamina, increase focus, and drastically increases muscle tissue growth.

Creatine Citrate – Creatine citrate behaves similarly to protein. This ingredient promotes the regeneration of ATP, which is the body’s source of energy. With higher creatine levels, the body is naturally promoted to gain higher energy. This will give the athlete a higher exercise capacity, and he will experience less fatigue and exhaustion between reps and sessions.

Green Tea – A popular ingredient, green tea is filled to capacity with antioxidants and nutrients. These antioxidants and nutrients help the brain focus and help to promote excess fat loss. With green tea rounding out this ingredient list, the user is ensured a completely natural formula in Muscle Test Boost.



The main focus of this supplement is to increase muscle mass, burn any excess fat, and to boost stamina, energy, and focus. Looking at the ingredients, it is no wonder why this formula has so many positive reviews. The combination of creatine, arginine, and citrulline drastically increases muscle growth, stamina, and focus. Meanwhile, the combination of testosterone, acai berry, and green tea creates an intensive fat burner, accelerating the metabolism and making room for the newly grown muscles. The formula does not have any added carbs or sugars, which means it is also diet-friendly.

In addition, the testosterone boost further supplements the muscle tissue healing process and growth. Athletes will experience an incredible increase in growth rate for muscles, and an enormous gain in strength. The creatine ensures that fatigue and exhaustion between reps is drastically reduced, and bodybuilders experience drastically decreased soreness between training sessions. This allows the user to train harder than ever before, and attain even more drastic results.



Muscle Test Boost has earned a Safe Purchase certificate, which means that the product has successfully passed rigorous inspection and testing. Although the manufacturer’s location is difficult to determine, shoppers can buy this product without hesitation because of this guaranteed Safe Purchase certificate. In addition to this certificate of safety, the science behind the product has undergone a tremendous amount of research. Studies have proven testosterone increases muscle growth and overall athletic performance.

In addition to the science behind a testosterone boost, research has found creatine to be an excellent enhancement of endurance and stamina. Creatine has become a very popular energy booster, so it is no mystery why it is included in this formula. Another certification of efficacy is the Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology or Medicine of 1998. It was discovered that nitric oxide is “a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system,” which means nitric oxide was found to be the controlling agent for blood flow to the brain and muscle tissue. In other words, nitric oxide is able to promote muscle tissue growth, increase focus and stamina, and decrease the amount of fatigue experienced during and after training sessions.

With a Safe Purchase certificate, Muscle Test Boost ensures customers that it has been inspected and tested. The studies behind the science of the product is really where the customer will find assurance that this supplement will actually work. Between research of testosterone, studies on creatine, and the Nobel Peace Prize of 1998, this supplement has plenty of certificates indicating safety and results.



I have always been an avid weight lifter. I do it for fun, but I’ve always wanted that bodybuilder look. Finally I cracked under my gym buddy’s pressuring and ordered Muscle Test Boost. The difference is astounding- not only am I more focused and able to train for much longer periods with boosted stamina, but my body has improved drastically. I can’t wait to show off my huge muscles at the beach this summer.

– Jake, age 25, after using the product for 5 months

My brother finally convinced me to go to the gym with him about two years ago. But after two years, I still didn’t experience the results he did. About three months ago, he told me to add a good supplement to my workout routine, and in my searching I found Muscle Test Boost. I decided to give it a try, and I cannot believe my results now! I love seeing myself in the mirror, and I love how much attention the ladies are giving me.

– Nick, age 27, after using the product for 3 months

I started bodybuilding about five years ago, and I’m always looking for the next best supplement to add to my training routine. Upon finding this formula, I immediately bought it in the store. It has been absolutely terrific. The results have surpassed all of my previous supplements, and this is the secret weapon I tell my colleagues about.

–  Brandon, age 33, after using the product for 8 months


Awards & Media Coverage

Muscle Test Boost has been featured in Men’s Health, a prominent health and athletic magazine. Men’s Health is the most highly read and viewed magazine for men, and has a reputable reputation because of it. This supplement is featured as a natural muscle building supplement that has had extraordinary results. In one article, Men’s Health refers to the supplement as “a muscle-building machine.” They report that while they were skeptical of the supplement at first, they quickly changed their minds.

The prominent bodybuilding magazine stated that one of the greatest features of using Muscle Test Boost was that the user does not have to drastically change their workout routine whatsoever. Upon testing it, the author of the article describes his massive increase in stamina and energy, not to mention the helpful side-effect of curbing appetite. He dropped all excess fat stored on his body and gained an amazing 15 pounds of muscle in a single month. After his one month experiment, the author of the Men’s Health article stated he was going to continue his membership, and suggested that all readers do the same.


Money-back Guarantee

Muscle Test Boost’s parent company guarantees refunds for any product that is below customer standard. The customer must contact the Customer Service Department at 855-204-7725 or email the support team in order to begin the process of a return. Unfortunately, only one return may be made for each order. The company also reserves the right to refuse a return if they suspect it was made in bad faith. After the company accepts the request to return a product, the customer is credited the money generally within a month.

If a return request is accepted, the product must be returned within the first 30 days from the initial order. If the product is not returned in this specific time frame, then the customer will lose out on the refund and the company will not accept the late return. A product that is delivered defective or damaged will always be an acceptable return, and after contacting the Customer Service Department, the customer must return the damaged product within 30 days. The company will then credit the customer for that product within a month, though it depends upon the bank or credit card company when that money will be available in the customer’s account.



After the initial order is made, Muscle Test Boost generally arrives at the customer’s door within five business days. To assure uneasy online shoppers, the company offers shipping protection. Shipping protection is available for $4.99 to any customer in the U.S., and will guarantee quick delivery within 3 to 5 business days. If a product is not delivered within this given timeframe, the customer may contact the Customer Service Department and receive a full refund of the shipping protection. If the product is not delivered on time, the customer must contact the Customer Service Department within 30 days in order to receive the shipment protection refund.

For returns, the company expresses that they cannot be held responsible for returns lost or stolen in transit. For this reason, Muscle Test Boost recommends that all returns be shipped with the same method that it was shipped to the customer. If the customer does not wish to have the product shipped, there is always the option to buy the product in-store. If a product is bought in-store, then that product is subject to whatever the store’s return and refund policy is.


Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to the company, so they have set up several different methods for customers to contact them. The Customer Service Department is available Monday through Friday, from 8am to 4pm PST, or Pacific Standard Time. The department is also available Saturday and Sunday, from 8am to 12pm PST. Any customer may call with questions or concerns at 855-204-7725. For the convenience of those who may not be able to call within those times, a support email may be contacted.

If email is preferred, the customer must be sure to include their full name, address, and name of the products that were ordered. Otherwise the customer service representative answering the email will be unable to look up the proper ordering information. At the bottom of their “Terms & Conditions,” the company gives three different addresses that could be written to. With two addresses in California and one in London, any customer can rest assured that their concerns will be taken seriously and their questions answered to the fullest extent.


Safe & Secure Checkout

If a customer wants to order the product through the company’s main site, they are guaranteed a safe and secure ordering process. The site is built with a 128-bit SSL encrypted connection, which is industry standard. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and is the standard encryption connection used for website security. The customer can order assured that their private information will not be shared with anyone other than responsible employees for the sole purpose of ordering the product.

When ordering the product from any of the company’s partners or other sellers, the customer must be wary of site security. One way of doing this is to look for the lock icon on the web browser being used. For example, the lock icon is located in the URL text box in Google Chrome. It is highlighted in green, and if the customer double-clicks on the lock icon the page’s security details and certificates should open. If not, the customer should look for another seller to order from.

If the customer would rather buy this supplement in-person, the product is available in stores. This does require a trip out of the house, so many prefer online shopping. Either option is a safe and secure method of ordering, as long as the customer uses the main site or a trusted seller.


Pricing & Free Trial

This supplement’s parent company offers a free trail for any new customer. The initial costs of this trial period are only the shipping and handling fees, which are estimated to be less than $5.00 for most customers. The free trial lasts for 14 days, and then the customer will be billed $87.63. If the customer does not cancel within the first 14 days after the initial order, then the customer is automatically billed and shipped a fresh supply each month. If the free trial customer does cancel and the product is post-marked within the first 14 days from the initial order, then the customer is not billed for the product costs.

The customer can always purchase the product through a different seller. Fortunately this product is also available in stores, so the customer has a few different options. For example, if the seller is having a sale then the customer might be able to get the product at a discount. Ordering from the company’s site is probably the best deal because of the monthly refill service.


  • This supplement has a 100% natural and safe formula.
  • Muscle Test Boost reduces soreness and fatigue, increases focus and stamina, and builds muscle mass rapidly.
  • The product has been featured in Men’s Health as a real, result-giving supplement.
  • Certified as a Safe Purchase, customers are assured that the product has been rigorously inspected and tested.


  • This product may cause harm to those who do not use it correctly.
  • The product’s main website is not accepting new orders at this time.
  • The customer must be at least 18 years old to purchase.

Muscle Test Boost

Summary: Muscle Test Boost is an intense bodybuilding supplement designed for men with a desire to build muscle mass quickly. With a 100% natural combination of testosterone, creatine, and essential amino acids, this workout supplement has been proven to give bodybuilders and athletes the results they strive for. This supplement melts fat away, builds muscle mass rapidly, increases stamina and energy, and gives athlete’s laser-sharp focus during training sessions. Featured in Men’s Health magazine, this supplement pushes athletes to reach their bodybuilding goals.

FREE TRIAL to $87.63
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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