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Muscle Science Review – Can You Use It for Your Workout Regime?

What Is Muscle Science?

Muscle science is an all natural testosterone boosting supplement designed for athletes and bodybuilders. It works with the body to increase testosterone production, boost metabolism and contribute to increased muscular growth and strength. It can be considered primarily a performance booster that helps men reach peak natural testosterone levels. It does not contain synthetic hormones or artificial substances, so all of the testosterone gained is the body’s own naturally occurring testosterone. This limits the potential for side-effects or unwanted changes in the body.

The supplement is designed to be taken daily for an extended period of time. As with most testosterone boosters of its type, it will take several months to reach maximum effectiveness. Two pills are taken daily on an empty stomach to maximize absorption.



Muscle Science is produced by a company that operates under the same name. This is a very common practice with these sorts of supplements. The manufacturers generally do not publish a great deal of information about themselves or their practices. They do not claim to produce any other products nor do they claim to have done any special or precise research in the development of the product. The good news in this regard is that the ingredients in Muscle Science are well known and many of them have been researched and used in other products so the expected benefits can be deduced from that.

A search in the Terms of Use can usually reveal some information about the manufacturer. In this case, however, the information there is remarkably scarce. A contact email is provided. No other information can be found in the Terms of Use or anywhere else on the site. There is noticeably a lack of a return address, company address or phone number, even though the company offers that customers contact support via phone. At the very bottom of the Terms of Use is an overall company address based in the United Kingdom. It is not clear if this is the site for Muscle Science or just the name of a parent company or investor. This adds up to a serious and unusual lack of easily identifiable information about the manufacturer, which is suspect.


How Muscle Science Works?

By giving the body a dose of herbal extracts and vitamins, Muscle Science attempts to stimulate testosterone production and athletic performance. The supplement goes about this in several ways. First, many of the botanical ingredients have been shown to have an effect on free testosterone levels in the blood. Increases in testosterone come with a variety of benefits to the male body. Males with higher levels of testosterone tend to gain muscle faster and easier. They tend to have more energy and lower fat content. The supplement increases testosterone gradually over a prolonged period of several months, so it has some secondary effects as well.

The first secondary effect of the ingredients is an increase in energy level and metabolism. Even before the changes from testosterone are considered, the supplement assists with performance by providing natural metabolic stimulants such as B and D vitamins. A further secondary effect is the increase in calcium absorption from these vitamins. This many lead to stronger bones which improves overall bodily strength and stability when weightlifting.


Ingredients of Muscle Science

Pyridoxine HCL or Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 plays a strong role in metabolic processes as well as the synthesis of proteins and hormones. This makes it a good fit for a supplement designed to increase athletic performance. The vitamin targets all three key areas of enhancement. It contributes to energy level, muscle growth and recovery and testosterone production.

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin, which can be a slight downside in a supplement. Water-soluble vitamins are not stored by the body. This means that excess amounts of the vitamin are flushed out of the system in urine and are not used. What is often the case with vitamin supplements is that the majority of the vitamin ingested is actually wasted. Unless a person is deficient in this vitamin or does not eat a well-balanced diet that will provide adequate supply, then it is unlikely to provide much benefit.

Another downside to isolating the Vitamin B6 is that the B vitamins tend to work best when taken together. This is commonly referred to as the B Complex. The vitamins all play a role in metabolism and their effects often interact. Isolating one or two types of B vitamins hinders their overall effectiveness.

Cyanocobalamin or Vitamin B12

This vitamin is similar to Vitamin B6 in its role. It could be argued that this vitamin is far more useful in supplement form because it is more difficult to get an adequate supply of this vitamin from food. This is especially true for athletes who may be following a mostly vegetarian or vegan diet. Vegetarians commonly are required to supplement with vitamin B12 because it is only found naturally in animal-based foods. The body can actually store quite a large supply of Vitamin B12, unlike with Vitamin B6. This supplement ingredient is much less likely to be a waste.

Vitamin D3

D Vitamins have been shown to be very important for overall health. Modern research as shown them to play an important role in a wide range of body processes. They are especially important for the proper absorption of calcium. Without sufficient Vitamin D3, it doesn’t matter how much extra calcium a person consumes, that intake will never do the body any good.

The human body can produce D Vitamins naturally, but this tends to be very region and lifestyle specific. The skin produces this vitamin when it is in contact with UV radiation from the sun. A person in sunny climates who spends a lot of time outside or at the beach is unlikely to get any benefit from a Vitamin D supplement. This situation, however, is not true of most people. The average person spends most of their time inside. Those who live in extreme northern or southern climates may not get enough of this vitamin from the sun regardless of how much time they spend outside. Athletes and bodybuilders that spend all their time in the gym are also not getting much benefit from the sun, so supplementing with this Vitamin is important for many people that may be taking Muscle Science.

Tribulus Extract

Tribulus Terrestris is a common testosterone boosting ingredient. It is actually a very common herb that grows throughout the warmer regions of the globe. Despite being common, however, only a few places in the world grow Tribulus that is suitable for use in a supplement. This is because the vital compounds in the herb, known as saponins, are not found equally in all specimens. Only those from Turkey, Bulgaria or Macedonia have been found to have good concentrations. Those from India, China and Vietnam were found to have very low concentrations. Concentrations of 45 percent are considered optimal.

Unfortunately, Muscle Science does not publish the concentration of saponins in their product nor do they publish where in the world the Tribulus they are using is harvested from. This calls into serious question whether this ingredient will have any effect at all. Research done on the herb often shows sketchy results at best and very little to no effect if the saponins concentration is much higher or lower than 45 percent.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is proven to be a good botanical ingredient for boosting testosterone and athletic performance for a number of reasons. First, there is very strong evidence for its actual ability to boost testosterone. A rat study showed that rats taking the weed had three times higher concentrations of testosterone compared to normal rats.

This ingredient may also have a very important additional effect. Some studies have shown that the herb can boost nitric oxide levels. This is very important from an athletic standpoint. Nitric oxide is a key element in blood flow. Higher levels result in great blood flow to muscles. This has a variety of benefits.

Yohimbe Bark Extract

This ingredient is something of a mixed bag in a testosterone boosting supplement like Muscle Science. Modern research has shown that it does not actually have any effect on increasing testosterone. That said, it does have some useful effects that still make it an important ingredient in a sports supplement.

One of its primary effects is on the nervous system and circulatory systems. It has been shown to lower blood pressure and dilate blood vessels while also increasing heart rate and adrenaline. This is an interesting and potent combination of effects from an athletic standpoint. Increasing blood flow results in more oxygen and nutrients to muscles. Increasing heart rate and adrenaline will likely result in increased performance and bursts of power that can greatly aid a workout routine.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is another botanical ingredient with a mixed reputation. Many solid studies have shown that it does increase testosterone concentration in the blood. Deeper research into is method of action, however, revealed that it does this by inhibiting the formation of DHT. DHT is a derivative of testosterone the body produces that is actually a more potent form of the hormone. By inhibiting DHT, a person may actually be reducing their sports and athletic performance.

This research is in contrast to a study published on the manufacturer’s website showing that Fenugreek Extract did have a measurable effect on both fat loss and physical performance on a variety of resistance tests. Despite the conflicting research, Fenugreek has an overall positive reputation as a testosterone booster and athletic enhancer.



Muscle Science has the potential to provider users with a variety of both short-term and long-term advantages. The short-term advantages will not be related to testosterone levels or increases. Instead, the ingredients that provide increased metabolism and energy, increased blood flow to muscles and nervous system triggers will be noticeable rather quickly. These effects are likely to be felt within the first few days of taking the supplement and certainly within the first few weeks.

The Muscle Science supplement is also likely to increase free testosterone levels in men. It is important to keep in mind that this change is very gradual and may not be noticeable for two to three months. Changes to testosterone can only be definitely proven with a blood test, but better overall performance, some fast loss and increased energy and libido should all be noticeable effects of increased testosterone.

It is also important to realize that nothing in Muscle Science will boost testosterone to an abnormally high level. This means that if a man is already at optimal testosterone, then they will likely receive very little benefit from this sort of supplement. Young men between the ages of 18 and 25 are unlikely to see any change in testosterone since their levels will be naturally high. Testosterone levels tend to decrease sharply after the age of 30, so this supplement will be most useful in restoring optimal testosterone levels in men of that age or older.



Muscle Science does not have any particular certificates associated with it. This is not very surprising, considering that very few of any such supplements have any sort of certification. This does not necessarily mean that the supplement is not effective or does not do what it says it does. Certification in anything often requires rigorous and expensive testing that most single-product manufacturers cannot afford. It is also very unlikely that an herbal and vitamin supplement would meet any certification requirements. Instead of focusing on certification, it is more important to focus on the research done on the ingredients and their likely effects.



Dan K. from New York, US:

I really like using this product. It made me feel energized and ready to workout after only a few days. I was already noticing changes in my body that contributed to my performance at the gym. I’m looking forward to even better results as I continue to take it.

Chris T. from New Jersey, US:

Muscle Science is a product that I really believe in. It seems to have a good balance of ingredients that I can clearly identify the usefulness of. It doesn’t seem to add anything that is extra or too controversial like many other products do. I’ve only just started taking the supplement, but I have had better workouts and I am looking for more to happen over time.

Ivan C. I. from Dallas, US:

I’ve been taking Muscle Science for over a month, and I can safely say that it has worked very well for me. I am definitely feeling the changes to my energy level and my workouts. I’m noticing that I have made a ton more progress on my fitness goals and weight loss goals over the past few weeks. I know that sometimes these supplements seem to take forever to work, but after a little more than a month, I can already attest to the positive effects.


Awards & Media Coverage

Muscle Science does not have any awards associated with it, and it does not appear to have been covered extensively in the media. These facts do not necessarily mean that the product is not effective or that it is any less worthy that similar products out there. The truth is that the supplement market is currently flooded with all sorts of testosterone boosters that are all very similar. None of them are particularly likely to win any awards.

Media coverage often comes down to the manufacturer’s willingness to invest in their product. Most media coverage for these products is purchased as advertising space in magazines. It seems that this particular manufacturer has chosen not to take on this extra expense. While it does call into question how much the manufacturer stands behind he product, it is still important to judge the supplement based on its ingredients and not on media coverage or a lack thereof.


Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer does not provide a money-back guarantee for this product. A standard return shipping policy is stated in the Terms of Use, but the information provided there is surprisingly low. The manufacturer does not mention a return address and states that customer service will provide the address. It does stipulate that customers are required to return the original bottles even if they are used in order to get a refund. The customers must pay shipping, but no restocking fee is mentioned. This means that, unlike with many similar products, the refund provided will be close to a full refund of the purchase price.



It can be assumed that Muscle Science ships anywhere in the United States. The company does not state anything more specific about their shipping terms or policies. The entry form for the initial order does verify addresses to prevent a faulty address from being entered. It is not clear if the product can be shipped internationally or to military or diplomatic addresses. A customer at such an address would be wise to contact customer service prior to submitting an order to be sure they will receive the product. It is also important to keep in mind that the customer is responsible for any additional shipping charges that may be associated with their address such as customs charges.


Customer Support

Muscle Science seems to have a rather glaring lack of professional customer support compared to similar products and companies. A contact email, the least responsive or dependable form of contact, is the only information provided anywhere on the site or in the Terms of Use. While the Terms of Use do specify that phone contact is available, no actual number is provided. A lack of any sort of phone contact is a serious issue that may affect not only general customer support but also billing and return questions. At this moment, a customer cannot be entirely certain they would be able to return the product or get a refund in a timely fashion because they must get a return address from customer support along with a RMA number.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers can be assured that their personal and billing information is secure and properly encrypted when using the website to order Muscle Science. The address bar contains proper security logos on the page where billing information is entered. While there are no such logos on the initial product page where name and address information is entered, the entry form does display other security logos including HackerSafe and McAfee. This is sufficient to prove the trustworthiness of the site and the information being entered. Shoppers can be confident in a safe and secure shopping experience.


Pricing & Free Trial

Muscle Science is offered as part of a free trial offer. The trial includes a full 60-capsule bottle for the price of $1.95 plus shipping. This includes a discount applied on the order screen. This is technically a 1-month supply of the product, but the trial period lasts for only 14 days. After 14 days, customers are enrolled into a subscription program that bills automatically at the rate of $87.76. The fully-priced bottle does not arrive until after the entire initial amount will have been consumed if taken regularly.

If a customer does not wish to be billed, they must call customer service and cancel prior to 14 days from placing the order. This does not account for days spent in shipping, so the actual evaluation period is fewer than 14 days. The customer must call and cancel the subscription if they do not wish to be charged every month thereafter.






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