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Muscle Rev Xtreme Review – Does It Work or It’s a Scam?

What Is Muscle Rev Xtreme?

Muscle Rev Xtreme was created for one reason only. It was designed to help men quickly add the extra muscles that they want. It burns fat and substitutes that fat with lean muscle.

When customers take Muscle Rev Xtreme, they experience higher levels of energy which is one of the reasons that this product works so well. This energy boost enhances the ability to train more strenuously and for a longer period of time. The net result is more muscle build up.

Its use is highly recommended to clients by their personal trainers because it contains only natural ingredients selected with high standards of purity. In case you were wondering, the extra energy boost does not come from sugar, because there is never any sugar added to the product. Plus, Muscle Rev Xtreme users like the fact that it contains absolutely no calories which means that fat stores are depleted at a rapid rate.

In short, this product was designed for people who want to dramatically improve their endurance and lose fat while significantly increasing their muscle mass. This supplement is available in pill form and won’t leave you feeling jumpy after you’ve taken it. Simply stated, it delivers the power to propel your exercise program to the next level.

Information Regarding Muscle Rev Xtreme Features



Muscle Rev Xtreme is manufactured by Rev Labs. The company slogan is very simple. They sell fitness products that are “Made by the fit for the fit” and they are on a mission to use science to help athletes reach their peak performance levels.

The company is still young, founded as recently as 2012. It’s founders are three passionate athletes who decided to make products firmly based in solid scientific principles to hone the body’s strength and prowess. The exponential success of the business has been fueled by the supplements’ effectiveness as well as the solid team of customer service professionals who work hand-in-hand with their clients.

The company only adds ingredients that come from natural ingredients to their supplements. To ensure the highest quality, they make sure that their ingredients are very pure. The growing customer base includes athletes, weight lifters, celebrities, bodybuilders, movie stars, models, and normal people who simply want to improve their health and tone their bodies.

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Their growing list of products includes the following:

  • Muscle Rev Xtreme
  • RevBurn
  • EndoRev
  • ProRev
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

At this time, there is no information about whether or not the company is planning on expanding its product line. However, this does appear likely since they have been steadily researching the latest scientific developments.

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How Muscle Rev Xtreme Works?

The ingredients that are used in Muscle Rev Xtreme have been carefully chosen to enhance the energy burning process. These ingredients go to work directly at the cellular locations where the molecular raw materials we consume are changed into energy. There is no need for extra calories or sugar to get you charged up with this system. This formula goes directly to the core and delivers a more lean muscle mass.

When people take a serving of Muscle Rev Xtreme, they are consuming nutrients specifically selected to enhance their body’s ability to convert more fuel into ATP. ATP is a form of energy used at the cellular levels. It’s a way to naturally boost the metabolism for longer and more intensive workouts without the need to eat extra sugar or take caffeine.

Plus, during a workout, muscles experience extra strain and need recovery time. The reason that this supplement is able to deliver such good results is that it is designed to reduce recovery time while creating optimal conditions for the growth of new muscle mass, as well. The great thing about using this product is that the results are maintained over time.

Explaining Why You Should Try Muscle Rev Xtreme

Finally, what really makes ProLabs’ product such a beast in the workout room is its power of NO amplification. By delivering a strong dose of nitrogen rich material derived from healthy beets, it helps the body to produce more nitrous oxide on a total of three separate fronts. Scientists have learned that more NO in an area stimulates increased blood flow to a region.

If you aren’t impressed by the science yet, you should be. Increased blood flow means that more oxygen passes through the region as well and it is that extra oxygen that boosts the production levels of ATP. Finally, as the blood moves out of the region, it is busy doing its cleanup job which means that muscles aren’t weighted down by waste generated by overuse and muscle recovery times are sped up.

Get Ripped with Muscle Rev Xtreme


Ingredients of Muscle Rev Xtreme

The ingredients list in Muscle Rev Xtreme only consists of things that can be found in nature. They can be divided into two separate sections. The first part of the list contains vitamins and a mineral, while the second set of ingredients included in Muscle Rev Xtreme addresses NO2 enhancement. Here is the break down.

To ensure that your body is getting the vitamins that it needs during your workouts and that your bones stay healthy, Muscle Rev Xtreme includes:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B9
  • Calcium

A single serving consists of two pills.

Athletes are getting 167%, or 100 mg, of the daily required dose of Vitamin C that comes from ascorbic acid. Clocking in at 600 mg per serving, or 150% of the daily recommended dose, is the Vitamin B9 component that is sourced from all natural folic acid. Finally, to make sure that hard-working bones stay healthy, 16 mg of calcium from calcium abscorbate are in each dose.

NO2 enhancement is the driving force behind the success of this supplement and the ingredients to achieve this effect have been carefully selected. The first portion consists of enhancement in three phases with the following ingredients: L-Citrulline, Lovage, Coenzyme Q10, L-Norvaline, and L-Taurine. A pure NO2 super model, a beet nitrate, rounds out the formula.

All The Ingredients and Facts for Muscle Rev Xtreme



Customers feedback has been mostly positive about their experience with Muscle Rev Xtreme. They report to the company and in online reviews that Muscle Rev Xtreme:

  • Works effectively when it comes to muscle building.
  • Provides a significant boost in energy during workouts enabling longer and more intense sessions.
  • Creates toned muscles that are cut for a better overall physique.

In general, the products gives people who are working out an edge when it comes to maintaining their workout regime over the long haul.

Now, when it comes to taking supplements for working out, it is important to remember that there are a lot of scammy products on the market. That’s why, when a product becomes available that is safe to use and it recommended by so many athletic trainers, it really is good news. It’s good to know that the supplements you are putting into the temple that is your body come from nature and won’t cause any harm to you.

This ability to boost metabolism without having to take stimulants that leave you feeling jittery and nervous is a big reason why so many people are turning to Muscle Rev Xtreme. There is a reason that it got its name. It takes your body’s ability to convert food into energy, revs it that ability up and helps to eliminate fat while growing the extreme muscles you have always hoped for.

One of the great things about this product is that it isn’t just for professional athletes who are totally dedicated to lifting weights or bodybuilders. It does, in fact, work for top eschelon athletes, but it has been designed to work for everyone. In fact, people who are overweight and ready to eliminate the fat and develop their muscle tone will benefit from this product in ways that they cannot even imagine.

The company advertises that it makes its products for fit people. However, it is important to remember that being fit is a journey and a mindset. It is a good product for someone who wants to rid their body of unwanted fat and turn their muscles into a performance machine.

The Benefits of Muscle Rev Xtreme



While doing research for this review, the author could not find any references that indicated that the supplement had received any third party certification. The primary organization that grants these certificates is the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan and affiliated with the University of Michigan. The application process for certification of over-the-counter supplements is lengthy.



When I first started to take Muscle Rev Xtreme, I wasn’t getting the kinds of results that I thought I would. However, I was able to call the customer support line for more information. I learned how to maximize my efforts and am very pleased with the way I look now. – Barry J.

I’ve been working out since I had my baby two years ago, but couldn’t get rid of that pouch up front. Once I started working with Muscle Rev Xtreme, I started seeing results immediately. I love the fact that my abs are toned again. – Michael O.

I am primarily a weight lifter and have been for several years now. It seemed like I had hit a wall when it came to improving myself recently. That all changed once I started taking Muscle Rev Xtreme and I am really pleased with the changes that I have been seeing. – Don T.

My mother decided to change all of our lives when she went on a diet and changed what was in the refrigerator for all of us. At first, we were mad at her but then all of us started feeling better about the weight that we were losing. Now, she is taking Muscle Rev Xtreme and has enormous amounts of energy which is inspiring us to do the same. Now I have a more defined body. – Terry J.

Muscle Rev Xtreme is taking me to the next step in my fitness goals. I am not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination but I have always included regular workouts including running and weights in my weekly schedule. Since I started using this product, I have found that I have a lot more endurance and that my recovery times are shorter which gives me more time to feel good about my life. – John J.

A MMA Athlete Endorsing Muscle Rev Xtreme


Money-back Guarantee

RevLabs, the maker of Muscle Rev Xtreme, has a limited money back guarantee. The product must be returned within 30 days of receipt of the item. In addition, it must be in its original condition and the bottle must be unopened in order for the purchase price to be refunded.

The company recommends that customers track any package that they return to RevLabs in order to ensure that the company has received it. The company will refund the entire price of the purchase. However, they do not refund any shipping or handling charges.

The Package of Muscle Rev Xtreme



RevLabs uses the United States Postal Service to ship all of their products. Orders are ready for shipping no later than one day after the order is placed. Orders received on Friday will ship on Monday, the next business day.

Customers should expect to receive their product in the mail within five days or less. Shipping to Post Office boxes is allowed. Since the company only uses USPS First Class Mail, there is no way for the company to provide rush deliveries or next day service.

Shipping costs start at $4.95 for one item. However, when multiple items are ordered, the costs will be higher and be calculated on an individual basis. To inquire about the status of an order that has already been shipped, call the customer service line at 1(888)973-8522 between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday.


Customer Support

One of the best things that RevLabs provides for its customers is a guarantee that they will be supported by a knowledgeable team of customer service agents. In fact, the company feels so strongly about this aspect of their business that they have put it into writing as a Customer Support Guarantee. They have representatives available Monday through Friday during normal hours of operation: 8 am to 5 pm.

The team is available to discuss a variety of options with their clients. Some of these include:

  • Muscle building efforts that combine diet, exercise, and Muscle Rev Xtreme.
  • What is involved in building stronger muscles.
  • Changing or establishing an exercise routine that is right for your current status.
  • Which diet you should follow to maximize your results and maintain good health.

Other topics may be discussed in consultation as well.

This guarantee of customer support is one of the best in the industry. Knowing that someone who understands what your situation is and who is also knowledgeable about exercise and diet is waiting for you at the other end of a company product line is a powerful incentive to buy the product. Since most people fail because they don’t have backup when it comes to dieting and exercise, this might be one of the reasons that people are finding success with this product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The website uses a checkout procedure that is safe and secure. There is no need to worry about having your credit card or personal information stolen or misused. No record of any type of complaints about this issue were found.


Muscle Rev Xtreme Pricing & Free Trial

The price of one bottle is listed at $69.99 per bottle. While this may seem expensive for some, the product is effective. The bottle has 60 capsules in it and a single dose consists of two capsules. You can opt-in for the free trial offer first and see if the product is working for you, then decide if you want to cancel the program or being charged.






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