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What Is Max Test Ultra?

Max Test Ultra is designed to help your body build mass and gain energy following a workout. It does so through use of all natural ingredients, somewhat of a departure from some bodybuilding supplements. Another difference that Max Test Ultra accentuates is the notion that the peak results will be seen after a couple of months instead of right away as some other products claim.

Because many bodybuilders are skeptical of products that offer results without having solid science behind them, getting involved with Max Labs means starting with a free trial that evolves into a continuous program from the same manufacturer. You can choose to work through their affiliates, like , who offer specific explanations on each of their sites. In the end, however, you will be receiving the product directly from the manufacturer and working with the affiliate as a retailer.



Max Labs is the listed manufacturer for Max Test Ultra. They do not have a separate website that details their location or their manufacturing details. They do have telephone contact information for the United States which should allow you to get more details if you are interested. One of the details that is listed is that the product is manufactured in the United States.

For some bodybuilders, this can seem intriguing because they haven’t spent the time to fully market their company and explain why they are so quiet about the processes that are behind a product that seems to provide a lot of benefit. On the other hand, it is possible that they are an engineering-centric company that chooses to use their resources to develop a strong product instead of talking about how their infrastructure can serve customers.


How Max Test Ultra Works?

The idea behind Max Test Ultra is that it is possible that some of the testosterone boosters that are on the market address bodybuilding from the wrong direction. Instead of cycling or using a testosterone booster at meals and before a workout, if you focus on using your supplement after you workout, with the right ingredients, you can end up with better results because you will be focused on stimulating more blood flow, which will in turn be adding more of the booster’s effects to your body.

Therefore, Max Labs recommends that you only take their booster after a workout and that you stay within their usage guidelines so that you can achieve the maximum effect within the first few months. Officially, they consider themselves to be a five-step anabolic activator.

It may sound different to have a bodybuilding firm put out an all natural testosterone booster and claim that it can help you achieve workout results on par with its competitors. At the same time, the science behind their claims tends to make some sense. If you are increasing your blood flow and your blood is carry a potent mixture of natural testosterone enhancing supplements, it should be the case that your body has an easier time turning fat into muscle if you are involved in a rigorous training program.


Ingredients of Max Test Ultra

In some ways, Max Test Ultra has a no-holds barred approach to creating the best conditions for you to leverage increased testosterone as a means of building muscle mass. They use quite a few ingredients to increase testosterone- as well as blending in vitamins and energy supplements.

One ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris, is often noted as a component that can increase stamina and testosterone while not impacting the overall mood of athletes that use it. Medical tests of Tribulus Terrestris do not always show a direct link between using the substance and achieving the performance gains that are claimed. By the same token, its use is widespread in the bodybuilding community.

ZMA, which is Zinc, Monomethionine, and a vitamin B6 component also can boost testosterone, giving bodybuilders the extra strength necessary to create muscle mass. Vitamin B6 is also known for its ability to help the body rejuvenate after a hard workout.

Studies have shown that another ingredient, D-Aspartic Acid, optimizes how hormones grow, paving the way for better results when it comes to muscle growth.

Peruvian Maca root is another ingredient that is tied to increased blood flow and greater testosterone growth, as is horny goat weed, fenugreek extract, and saw palmetto berry extract- all provided as part of a blend that is designed to spiral muscle mass growth and recuperative power upward.

From a macro perspective, the serious bodybuilder ends up with 8 natural ingredients in a cocktail that are designed to increase blood flow and aid in testosterone development- something that is very likely to achieve results. If there is a difficulty, it is in compiling how the overall product is doing what it is billed as doing.

As a comparison, if you look at the flavor of rum and coke and then compare it to Fernet and coke, you will notice that Fernet has at least 28 herbs in it designed to work in tandem, making it quite complex. From a bodybuilding standpoint, the ingredient profile of Max Test Ultra is on the path to being complex. The product also contains caffeine ass a stimulant that can help promote more energy.



One of the advantages of using an all natural supplement is that you do not typically need to worry about as many adverse reactions as you might if your supplement contained artificial ingredients that were not fully tested over time.

As the bodybuilding market is very competitive, it is doubtful whether some firms have the resources to ensure that every compound put into play has received the same level of scrutiny as natural ingredients which have been used culturally around the world for centuries. Max Test Ultra therefore presents none of the challenges that some of its competitors might.

Another advantage for the product as a testosterone booster is that it is offered as part of a program that is discounted as you start out. You can therefore try it and decide whether or not there is some benefit before you go all in and start to use it as part of your extended workout routine.



As an all-natural product, Max Test Ultra does not require any certificates that go beyond ensuring that it is manufactured in accordance with US law. As a domestic product, the FDA and other agencies help to regulate the facilities and the output of Max Labs. Customers can therefore rely upon the fact that whatever Max Labs says is in Max Test Ultra is actually indeed what is contained in each bottle.



Most users and professionals that have reviewed the product have said that from an engineering standpoint, the product seems to be better constructed as a testosterone booster than many of its rivals. The reason for this is as mentioned. They have chosen to use proven natural ingredients and combine them as a cocktail that has so many points of attack that it should prove to be quite effective. Of course that doe not mean that every ingredient will perform to the level of the online information that is published about them.

Some customers that have studied nutrition and fitness are impressed with the notion that they are using extracts of the maca root and the saw palmetto berry. The saw palmetto berry in particular has been shown to be useful in regulating the size and operation of organs and systems that are vital to growth. It certainly won’t be the ingredient that individually creates larger muscle mass- yet its effect on the digestive system when used in conjunction with the other ingredients can help enhance performance results. Of course, the other feedback from customers that do not hold degrees in medical or food science or chemistry is that it would be nice to see more information that shows individual ingredient performance over time.

The flipside of the average assessment is that it is hard for customers to feel warm and fuzzy about companies that do not make themselves accessible to customers from a website or social media standpoint. Because it is hard to check the firm out, it can cause some potential customers to pause before they consider getting started. Another potential drawback that is frequently mentioned is that the free trial period is only 14 days, which doesn’t give users much time to try out the product before they are locked into a potential multi-month purchase plan. If you decide that you like the product and it is something that you are supportive of, one thought is to communicate to the company that they might be better served by building an active online community of users.


Awards & Media Coverage

As a young product that focuses on natural benefit, there is both a lack of opportunity for it to be considered for awards and a lack of laboratory data that validates its overall benefit in the same way that man-made ingredients are. Max Labs does provide charts that show the that the optimum overall effects of the product based on usage over a period of months does continue to spiral upward even after 6 months.

The media coverage of Max Test Ultra has been mixed. Several blog websites have taken to calling the product’s free trial program a ‘scam’ without including evidence to back it up. A careful reader would end up concluding that the naysayers are actually warning that it could be a problem. There aren’t actually any users or magazines that have actually used it in a training program where they experienced problems related to customer service.

The saving grace for the firm in terms of its overall image from the perspective of people who are looking for testosterone boosters is that despite some of the negative swipes at the processes of Max Labs, the company continues to do business the same way, day in and day out. They provide their testosterone boosting product using a free trial program and remain available to answer any questions with their toll free customer service number.


Money-back Guarantee

Although there is no written guarantee, the free trial program offers money back if it the product return is initiated within 14 days of purchase. This short time span is somewhat limiting because if you do not opt out, you will start to receive monthly auto-shipments and charges.

Perhaps the best approach if you are interested in checking out Max Test Ultra is to contact them before ordering and see if you can arrange to pay in full for the first month without being locked into a long term agreement. That way, if you decide that the benefits are meeting your expectations, you don’t have to spend more time thinking about it. As with other companies, if there is a problem that you notice right away because of how the product arrived, make sure that you contact them so that you can arrange to have the product exchanged.



Max Labs ships from the United States without restrictions. The fact that their natural ingredients are not on any country’s list of substances to watch for means that theoretically, you should be able to order from anywhere in the world and receive their product.

The limiting factor is the express shipping company that they pledge to use. If they or their partner’s do not deliver to your area, you may need to contact Max Labs to find out if they have a wholesaler or retailer that covers your area.


Customer Support

Max Test Ultra offers a toll free number for technical and customer support within the United States. With many testosterone booster companies, the website and online support is extensive because they do not want customers to need to call them to get extra information. They are also very strong about creating areas within social media sites where users of the product can create feedback that helps other users to see how it is helping them.

With Max Labs, if there is something that you are missing from the description that you find online, you will likely need to call them to get the details. So although it may seem old-fashioned, it won’t hurt to get both the information and piece of mind that you need in order to move forward and get started using Max Test Ultra. They also tend to avoid social media.

One of the largest uses for customer service with Max Labs is to find out the most efficient way of receiving your product when you are not a domestic customer. Keep in mind that with an affiliate program for websites around the world, if you become a loyal user, there may be an opportunity to help lower costs by getting involved overseas.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Max Labs uses SSL or Https in order to securely process the orders that it receives for free trial bottles of its testosterone booster. Moreover, once you have entered your information and committed to purchasing Max Test Ultra, you are automatically signed up as a subscriber that will continue to receive monthly shipments until you say otherwise. If you do decide to return your product during your free trial, you will likely only be charged for the shipping costs.

Each of the additional payments and your customer information is also held securely using the latest techniques in encryption and payment processing. If there works out to be a problem maintaining your information without having it be exposed, Max Labs is committed like other US companies to let you know that there has been a problem right away.


Pricing & Free Trial

The cost of Max Test Ultra to get started is merely a shipping price of $4.95. The initial bottle contains 90 pills, with a recommended dosage of two pills a day. The cost for a full bottle after the 14 day free trial is $89.95. This works out to costing a bodybuilder a little over $3 a day in order to use Max Test Ultra. For those that are doing comparison pricing, it is well within the price range of most other testosterone boosters. The price may be slightly higher because the product is all-natural.

Due to the auto-shipping feature being turned on automatically, users will start to see a new bottle arrive every month. If you would like to save some money, it is possible for you to arrange to receive two bottles at a time so that you can save on shipping costs. The best way to do this is to contact customer service. If you are looking for a local retailer, you will likely find that Max Labs tends to favor using affiliates that drop ship from the same location. You therefore will probably not find a location that is closer to you geographically than Max Lab’s manufacturing site.


  • All ingredients are natural so there is no controversy regarding safety or effect.
  • All active ingredients have been used for decades in the supplement field.
  • Bodybuilders can use the product over an extended period of time without downsides.


  • The free trial program is too short to allow for meaningful results.
  • The company itself could be better explained so that first-time buyers don’t shy away from it.
  • More examples of results from users that are loyal customers would go a long way to help bodybuilders profile the product.
  • Because some of the active ingredients make body changes that can negatively impact children, the product is only for those who are above the age of 18.

Max Test Ultra

Summary: Max Test Ultra is an intriguing value that shouldn’t remain an enigma to serious bodybuilders. The blend of ingredients is a potentially formidable aid to creating extra strength, stamina, and muscle mass without resorting to non-natural additives. At the same time, developing a relationship with the company by talking to their customer service and getting details on the operation itself before ordering is recommended. That way bodybuilders can focus on maximizing the results that the product should allow them to achieve. One large positive is that there is no apparent downside to using the product over an extended number of months without a break.

FREE TRIAL to $89.95
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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