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What Is Max Muscle Extreme?

Max Muscle Extreme is a pre-workout supplement that brings together several ingredients to form a uniquely complete, all-natural physical boost. This supplement’s main function is to increase levels of testosterone in the blood, but unlike many lower-level testosterone boosters, this supplement not only works to bolster testosterone levels, but it also offers energy support. This support, however, is not from stimulants that wear off quickly. Rather, this supplement includes all-natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to boost your energy and vitality in a sustainable way.

Additionally, while many cheap testosterone supplements are just based on “junk science,” or science that is not substantial (or entirely made up), all ingredients are supported by modern research studies, traditional medicine, or both. For those who suffer the symptoms of low testosterone, including fatigue, increased body fat, and low muscle mass, choosing this supplement can help you feel better and reach your physique goals.



This supplement is manufactured by a company that does not make any supplements besides this one. At first, many people have been made uneasy by the prospect of buying a supplement from a one-supplement manufacturer, let alone one that only markets online. However, there are several benefits to both of these. One is that the customer service team for a single-supplement manufacturer will undoubtedly know more about their product than a team member who is responsible for selling hundreds of products.

Additionally, a manufacturer who sells online has more resources to dedicate to research of ingredients for their product. A manufacturer who sells online also will generally ship products quickly, and they may offer a program where the product is shipped to you each time you run out. The helpfulness of team members, combined with the convenience of online sales, makes buying from this sort of manufacturer a good choice.


How Max Muscle Extreme Works?

Unlike some testosterone boosters, this supplement works on two levels. It boosts testosterone, but it also supports healthy energy and stamina. These dual functions mean that this supplement is not only a testosterone booster. It also functions as a pre-workout supplement. We all have heard both of these things are vital, but why?

To start, many men do at some point suffer from low testosterone. This can cause many problems in terms of fitness and general well being. Low T can make you feel fatigued and fuzzy-headed. It also can contribute to loss of lean mass and an increase in fat gain. Higher testosterone, on the other hand, makes it easier for you to put on muscle. Adding this muscle mass can help boost your resting metabolic rate, meaning that you burn more fat, even while you sleep. Its ability to increase the production of testosterone in your body means that your testosterone will be consistently higher. It also includes ingredients that supply your body with some of the molecular building blocks of testosterone, meaning that it becomes much easier for your body to consistently synthesize more testosterone, and to do that naturally.

But Max Muscle Extreme works as a boost in energy too. This makes it work as a pre-workout supplement. The energy supplied here comes from natural plant sources, and unlike energy from caffeine and other supplements, this energy is lasting. many plant ingredients boost your stamina as well. This can help you to get through long workouts, which can be challenging. This boost means that you can work out harder and hit your physique goals faster as well. It also will help you boost your general energy and confidence – two things that also help you reach your goals.


Ingredients of Max Muscle Extreme

All ingredients of this product have some packing, whether that backing is from Western scientific research, traditional medicine, anecdotal evidence, or even all of the above. Here are the ingredients and information about each.

Tongkat Ali

This herb has been used for hundreds of years as part of a traditional cure for low testosterone, but in modern years it has also been used by countless fitness enthusiasts who swear by its ability to boost testosterone and support increased lean mass. Additionally, this herb is known for its ability to support healthy energy.

Saw Palmetto

This herb, like Tongkat Ali, also is part of the long history of traditional medicine and its ability to help elevate testosterone levels naturally. This herb has been shown to boost both energy and stamina, making it an excellent ingredient for a supplement that can both boost testosterone and support your energy through a workout.


This ingredient may ring a bell – that’s probably because it’s a central ingredient in root beer. This plant has been used for countless years as a mental focus and clarity booster. It may sound strange to have this ingredient as part of a testosterone booster, but if you’ve ever made it through a workout where you were distracted, you likely know how much focus matters. With focus and clarity, you can get more out of all of your workouts.

Wild Yam

This extract has some meaningful research behind it. It contains plant sterols, which are part of the makeup of steroid hormones. Testosterone is a steroid hormone as well. This ingredient provides your body with some of what it needs to create more testosterone, and its natural composition means that it does not have any side effects.

Horny Goat Weed

Here is an ancient herb is generally sold as tea, but it’s included here as a boost to stamina and energy. This ingredient is also rumored to boost testosterone, but it’s certainly an ingredient that can help you power through incredibly challenging workouts. It also can help keep you energized and productive throughout the day.

Orchic Substance

This is a little-known substance that hasn’t been tested extensively, but it and other similar substances have been used throughout history as a testosterone booster. Orchic substance is made from ground bull testicles, although no studies have indicated that it actually boosts testosterone.


Boron has been extensively tested in the laboratory in many studies, and it’s been proven to boost testosterone levels in the blood in both people and rodents. Any testosterone booster is incomplete without boron. Some of the other ingredients in this supplement are primarily supported by shaky anecdotal evidence, but boron is perhaps the most extensively-vetted ingredient in Max Muscle Extreme.



There are many advantages to taking this supplement as a testosterone booster/pre-workout supplement. One of those advantages that, in contrast to many boosters that only have one ingredient, this supplement contains several. Since different bodies respond differently to different ingredients, having a wealth of them makes it more likely that Mass Muscle Extreme may be the answer you need.

Another advantage is the inclusion of ingredients that boost energy and stamina. many testosterone boosters focus purely on boosting testosterone. But when you suffer from low testosterone, your energy will often be low. Having these ingredients can mean that you get the energy and stamina you need to overcome low-testosterone-induced sluggishness and jumpstart your journey to your physique goals. Additionally, this benefit also extends to your workouts.

Yet another advantage of Max Muscle Extreme is the fact that there is backing behind every ingredient. All too often, testosterone boosters are supported by poor science or even no science at all. Because these ingredients are supported by research, user testimonies, use in folk medicine, or some combination of those, chances are great that this is the supplement that can help you overcome your low testosterone and reach your physique goals.



This testosterone booster hasn’t earned any certificates as of now. However, given the fact that one ingredient is backed by extensive scientific research and that others are supported by traditional use and anecdotal evidence, it is entirely possible that, given more time and exposure, Max Muscle Extreme will earn some certificates. And even though it hasn’t been awarded certificates, it has been advertised in many prestigious magazines, as discussed below.



In most cases, it can be helpful to hear or read testimonials before buying a product. Hearing others’ experiences with a product can help potential buyers like you determine whether or not a given product is for them. Here are words from gym-goers who have used this supplement to help them achieve their goals:

Jonathan, 20, London, UK:

I know people say I’m too young to have low T. I haven’t ever been tested, but I sure felt like I had it. I felt tired all the time, and I was starting to accumulate some ugly belly fat. So I decided to do something before it got bad. I shopped around for testosterone supplements and tried a few of them, but this worked so well I stuck with it. And I look better. My energy is great. At least I know what to do if I suffer from another testosterone slump sometime in the future.

Rob, 30, Tampa, FL:

I started to feel really, really slow as I was getting older. I wanted to lift harder, but I started getting really exhausted halfway through my workouts. I tried lots of stimulants, but they just boosted energy for a short time. I really liked Max Muscle Extreme because it gives me an incredible amount of energy that lasts my whole workout, not just for the beginning. I’ve been using it for roughly three months, and I already can see my improved muscle definition. I feel awesome, too!

Jackson, 55, Dallas, TX:

I’m one of the oldest guys who goes to my gym. And because of that, I want to look really fit and lift heavy. I do sometimes feel like a geezer, so it’s important to me that I maintain all the muscle mass I can. I found this supplement through my son, who had read about it. I tried it out, and long before I saw any visible results, I felt almost infinitely better. Now, I can do my cardio immediately before strength training – I used to have to split my workout in two because I was so exhausted from my cardio hour. No longer! I might be old but I’ve improved my game so much that I feel much younger.

Steven, 40, Las Vegas, NV:

I research all of my supplements really thoroughly before I buy them. I was wary of this one because it’s an autoship program, but I did discover that all of the ingredients are supported to some degree or the other. So I tried it out. And boy am I glad! I feel so much younger, and it’s sent to me every month. It works well and it’s convenient, too.


Awards & Media Coverage

While Max Muscle Extreme has not yet won any awards on its own, its ingredients, as discussed below, are backed by research and anecdotal evidence. However, this supplement has appeared in some of the best men’s magazines in the nation. For example, it has appeared in Maxim, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, and also in Playboy. These magazines have a large readership of primarily health-conscious men, and this supplement’s inclusion helps to support its efficacy. With this kind of exposure, there is some degree of likelihood that it will win some awards at some point.


Money-back Guarantee

Because the manufacturers of Max Muscle Extreme stand behind their product, they do offer a money-back guarantee. Customers may have a free trial to evaluate the product (more details below), but if you choose to keep using this product afterward and decide you don’t want to, the company offers each customer one full refund on an unopened bottle. You must obtain a return authorization before getting a refund on a product, but if the authorization is granted and you send back the bottle, you’ll receive a full refund.



Shipping of this product is via first-class mail. Shipping is fast, and according to the company, most orders are sent out within two business days. When you sign up for the free trial, you will pay the low flat-rate shipping cost of about five dollars. After that, if you choose to keep using this supplement, the cost of shipping will be combined with your product’s total cost. This billing process streamlines your buying experience and makes it easier to keep track of.


Customer Support

The customer support team working with Max Muscle Extreme is staffed entirely by dedicated fitness enthusiasts who want work with you to reach your fitness goals. You can call them with questions even if you have not yet purchased your bottle of product. Even if you don’t purchase this supplement, you can still talk to the staff members about supplementation or fitness in general. As mentioned above, because these representatives only have to sell one product, they are extremely knowledgeable about this supplement and can offer you advice on whether it’s the right choice for you.


Safe & Secure Checkout

For many people, buying supplements online can be a little daunting. After all, in the past, few security measures existed, leaving much open to hackers and other people looking to steal information. Now, though, responsible manufacturers like the makers of Max Muscle Extreme understand the need for protecting your information. Now, when you go online to purchase this supplement, your information is protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology. Additionally, the manufacturer will not sell, lease, or in any way compromise or share your details with anyone – it is safe with them.


Pricing & Free Trial

Sometimes it may seem risky to buy something online before trying it out can be risky. So to help unsure potential customers figure out if this product is right for them, the makers of this product have offered a generous free trial program. In order to participate, you must sign up and pay the reasonable flat rate of about five dollars for shipping. You will soon receive a 30-day supply of this supplement. From there, you have 14 days from the time you placed your order to decide whether this is a supplement you still want to use.

If you do determine that this is a supplement that will work for you, you don’t need to do anything. once the trial is up, you’ll be billed the price of the trial bottle – $89.95 – and you’ll be enrolled in the autoship program. This program automatically bills you for another bottle and ships it to you every 30 days. This helps save you the time and hassle of making a purchase monthly, and it prevents you from running out of this crucial supplement.



There are many advantages to taking Max Muscle Extreme. Some of these advantages include the following:

  • Every ingredient is supported by research, folk medicine, or anecdotal evidence.
  • This supplement does not contain stimulants, but rather natural energy boosters.
  • It also boosts mental clarity and focus, meaning you can succeed in workouts and in day-to-day tasks.


Of course, with any supplement, there are some downsides. Here are a few:

  • The auto-ship program may be undesirable for some users.
  • The lack of traditional stimulants may be an issue for some users.
  • The inclusion of some ingredients that are mainly backed by anecdotal evidence may make some users uneasy.

Max Muscle Extreme

Summary: Max Muscle Extreme is a supplement that works as a pre-workout as well as a means to increase testosterone production. It brings together several ingredients, all of which have been backed by scientific research, a history of use in folk and traditional medicine, anecdotal evidence, or some combination of the three. This supplement’s testosterone-boosting ability can help you as the user pack on lean mass, lose fat, get more energy, and feel mentally clearer. Additionally, this supplement helps to boost energy and stamina, as well as mental clarity. This combination of effects helps users power through grueling workouts and get the physiques they want. With hard work and the use of this supplement, you can both look and feel your best.

FREE TRIAL to $89.95
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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