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What Is Long Jack?

Long Jack, an effective testosterone boosting supplement, is a natural, safe fitness aid from the Health Spark brand. This specialized formula contains such pure body energizing ingredients as Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine and Tribulus Terrestris. When these substances are combined in carefully calculated percentages, they provide bodybuilders and other athletes with frequent energy bursts and increased stamina and determination to acquire new skills for more sports achievements. This empowering supplement gives serious sports players, muscle builders and powerlifters the mental focus and drive to endure even the most strenuous, rugged workouts and training sessions to advance in their athletic abilities and degrees of experience.

When you use this unique sports aid on a regular daily basis, your nitric oxide (NO) levels will also rise, supplying more vital oxygen to your muscles via your bloodstream. Your circulatory system’s activity and your metabolic rates will be increased as well by these higher NO counts for improved endurance and strength for mastering challenging athletic training. You will be able to shed excess body fat much more swiftly and easily than before while your lean, dense muscle mass grows, and you will soon acquire a sleeker yet more muscular, ripped physique. In addition, your recovery periods after vigorous exercise will be faster and more comfortable, free of muscle aches and pains, mental stress and fatigue. While you sleep restfully at night, your body will be repairing and revitalizing your muscles, internal organs and joints, preparing you for the next day’s sports action.



As the formulator and producer of this innovative athletic aid, Health Spark sports supplements manufacturing company has created a completely natural product with high levels of safety and efficacy for users. All fitness enhancers produced by this company are formed from versatile, natural substances that are combined in just the right percentages to produce optimum sports action benefits for regular users. Each ingredient in Long Jack offers multiple benefits, and each strong-acting substance in this formula also supports and fortifies the athletic benefits provided by the other ingredients. The company’s scientific and nutritional experts who combine their knowledge and expertise to create this brand’s healthy, effective products understand how much quality supplementation can help bodybuilders and sports players. These well-qualified sports supplements designers understand that athletes of all levels of training and experience need ongoing nutritional intake from powerful natural ingredients to train and perform well so they can reach their sports goals and ideals.

Company leaders and staff members of Health Spark have always been committed to helping all sports advocates around the globe to progress in their sports performance abilities and accomplishments. They also know that many athletes try numerous different varieties of supplementation before deciding on their favored brands and types of sports activity aids. Some athletes also try potentially unsafe or even harmful products before finding a fine quality, safe athletic supplement that they want to use on a daily schedule. This responsible, professional supplements manufacturer creates sports enhancing aids using only fully safe, effective and healthy ingredients to ensure each user’s well-being while taking each energy-boosting, empowering fitness aid. This product is sold as a guaranteed completely natural product, and this company stands behind this claim to assure new customers of the purity of each and every ingredient.


How Long Jack Works?

A major ingredient of the Long Jack supplement is commonly known as Tongkat Ali and is from the root of the herbal plant of Eurycoma longifolia jack, growing naturally in the jungle forests of Malaysia and throughout Southeast Asia. Historically, all parts of this plant have been used as energizing and vitalizing herbal treatments. This plant contains various nutritional compounds, including quassinoid-style glycosides and beta-carboline alkaloids. These compounds help to raise testosterone counts in your body, boosting and enhancing your energy levels and the extent of your stamina and perseverance for engaging in rugged, intensive gym training workouts. With these heightened T-counts working to increase your tolerance for completing sustained, challenging sports performance, you will never feel depleted or fatigued while you train or compete in athletics.

When this versatile herb is combined with this supplement’s other ingredients like L-Arginine and Tribulus Terrestris, protein synthesis is also improved in your body, providing you with even more energy and endurance for exercise. Also, as your body’s levels of nitric oxide are increased, your muscles and entire internal system are empowered with greater amounts of healthy oxygen, helping you to finish intensive workouts with your trainer and still have additional energy reserves to meet all the challenges of your busy work or school day and evening ahead. Shredding fat will be fast and much easier for you when you take this product as your regular T-boosting sports aid. With your new streamlined, well-sculpted and muscular physique, you will be more agile and perform sports action more quickly, easily and efficiently for greater athletic success.


Ingredients of Long Jack

This unique, advanced formula for sports enhancement and muscular development contains such versatile, nutritional ingredients as the following:

Longjack (Tongkat Ali) – Longjack, or Eurycoma, also known as Tongkat Ali, grows in jungle areas of Malaysia and throughout Southeast Asia. Different parts of this small sized tree have been used for many years in herbal medicine and also as body energizing agents. During the early years of use, the tree’s roots were allowed to brew for many hours to form a potent extract. Today, the herb is included as a major ingredient in various effective sports performance supplements, produced either in capsule or tablet form. This safe, active, natural substance raises levels of testosterone and growth hormone in your body to boost your energy, body strength, endurance and willpower to persevere during long or strenuous physical fitness and bodybuilding training to attain advanced skills.

L- Arginine – This amino acid promotes protein biosynthesis in your body, building and sustaining energy and endurance while increasing your lean muscle mass and strength for better exercise results. L-Arginine is important to athletes for its capacity to raise bodily nitric oxide counts as well. With greater NO levels in your body, your blood vessels and arteries are dilated, and the amounts of oxygen traveling throughout your bloodstream are also increased, providing more nutritional fuel to your muscles, organs and other body tissues to enhance athletic performance. This enriching ingredient offers even more benefits, raising levels of testosterone, growth hormone and insulin in your body to supply you with energy reserves and additional stamina for completing rugged workouts and sports competitions successfully.

Tribulus Terrestris – This highly nutritional herbal plant was used many centuries ago as a natural treatment and vitality enhancer in Ayurvedic medicine in India, and it is included in many athletic supplements today to increase and maintain high energy and stamina levels for exercise. Also called Devil’s Weed and Puncture Vine, this effective ingredient contains high counts of saponins such as protodioscin and furostanol, natural steroid compounds. These steroidal components boost bodily generation of testosterone for enhanced energy, agility, athletic speed and mental focus. This herbal supplement ingredient also stimulates the luteinizing hormone (LH) in your body, sending messages to the gonads to raise T-counts and help you build new lean, dense muscle mass rapidly and achieve a sleek yet muscular, powerful, ripped physique.

Horny Goat Weed – This herbal ingredient is from the Epimedium plant and was first used in ancient Chinese herbal medicine as an energy and endurance booster. Used in sports supplementation for modern athletes today, it is still important for the same purpose. Horny Goat Weed also helps provide bodybuilders and sports players with faster, easier recovery after strenuous workouts and competitions, without aches, pains or fatigue.



Regular users of Long Jack as an effective T-booster and bodily energizer gain important benefits and advantages such as the following:

  • This fitness formula raises your body’s natural production rates of testosterone on a continuing basis when taken daily, as directed, supplying your body with energy, stamina, body strength and better mental focus for improved sports activity.
  • This supplement promotes greater rates of protein biosynthesis in your body, increasing and fortifying your energy supplies for engaging in intensive bodybuilding workouts and sports training.
  • This sports performance enhancer raises your body’s nitric oxide counts, increasing oxygen levels in your bloodstream and fueling your muscles for more strenuous and lengthy bodybuilding workouts and other fitness training.
  • This sports performance supplement contains only pure, natural ingredients, without any artificial fillers.



The Health Spark sports supplements production company has often issued certificates of appreciation to sports industry professionals like popular amateur and pro bodybuilders and sports players, trainers and coaches who have used and promoted the empowering athletic formula of Long Jack among their trainees, students and fellow sports enthusiasts. These influential members of the sports community have done much to help their trainees and athletic friends choose this safe, healthy and effective fitness aid to help them improve their sports skills and performance. The company’s leaders truly appreciate the higher sales conversion rates this type of promotion creates, and they want to recognize the efforts of all those sports industry members who gain new users of this fitness supplement.



This top-quality fitness supplement will get you to the next level in your bodybuilding and sports action training in no time! Just a few weeks after your first dose of this safe, effective product, you will start developing new lean muscles, impressive body strength and great agility. Your sports skills and performance will improve almost overnight, and you will achieve advanced levels of success much sooner than you ever dreamed possible. Try Long Jack from Health Spark today.

– Leo Jackson, Albuquerque, NM, USA

If you are really serious about building a lean, mean, muscular physique, new sports skills and new levels of self-confidence for sports action success, this is the fitness supplement for you. With all natural, pure and safe ingredients, this product gives you optimum supplies of energy, stamina and determination to succeed in the sport or your choice. Get your first month’s supply of Long Jack right away and start your winning streak.

– Vance Lambert, St. Paul, MN, USA

Want to have that amazing, muscular body of your dreams? Get started today with your first order of Long Jack, produced by the Health Spark brand, for greatest success in all your bodybuilding and sports playing efforts. Get this awesome supplement now and get ripped.

– Jerry Winston, New Haven, CT, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

This safe, effective sports enhancement formula is expected to be a winner of numerous honors and awards from sports industry authorities like Bodybuilding.com and other sources in the near future. Due to its popularity among athletes of varied levels of skill and experience today, Long Jack will most likely continue to gain new users while maintaining usage among current regular customers. This unique fitness formula is also predicted to gain new attention this year from major sports news media networks and channels, and it is currently a frequent subject of interest and discussion on many successful bodybuilding and team sports websites and online forums. This sports performance supplement is also featured in many sports newsletters now in popular circulation.


Money-back Guarantee

This sports supplements manufacturer offers all customers a full money-back guarantee with the purchase of this natural supplement. Although customer complaints concerning this product are rare, the leaders of this company want to hear from any supplement buyer who is in any way dissatisfied with the purchase, delivery or use of this product. These company leaders are focused on creating safe, effective fitness aids that bring customer satisfaction as well as athletic improvement and success for all users. Any and all customers who experience any difficulties or problems, large or small, concerning this unique fitness formula should contact the company’s customer support department right away. A well-informed and patient staff member will work with you to resolve all issues, but if no solution is found to your problem, this employee will either arrange a replacement order or process a full refund of your supplement purchase price.



All supplement shipping is handled by experienced, professional national shipping companies or international transport carriers. This sports aid producer wants to ensure that each and every fitness aid order is processed, shipped and delivered to its destination promptly and efficiently. These expert shippers use only durable packaging materials for shipping all supplements, and each customer address label is carefully checked for accuracy before orders are shipped. Your package should arrive promptly at your address or postal box within the time agreed upon when you placed your order. Although delivery mishaps are rare, if your package arrives late or damaged, or if it does not arrive, just contact the company’s efficient customer support team right away for a replacement shipment or a full refund of your supplement order price.


Customer Support

The well-trained, friendly customer support team at Health Spark is always available to assist you with any questions or problems you may encounter with the buying, receipt or usage of your new sports performance supplement. This professional team knows that Long Jack is completely safe and effective for use by serious bodybuilders and other athletes. However, your satisfaction as a customer is very important to this dedicated team, and they are ready and eager to help you solve any issues that develop concerning your use of and benefit from this unique formula. You can contact a support team member by phone, email or on the company website for a prompt resolution to your problem or complete reimbursement for your supplement order cost.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout process on the company website is always safe and secure for customers. This sports supplements production company is well aware of the importance of safeguarding all personal data entries of customers who purchase this valuable fitness aid on this site. When you visit the website to make your supplement purchase, your name, shipping address, email address, phone number and credit or debit card numbers will all be completely protected by the site’s advanced encryption technology and other security measures. There is never any need to worry about the disclosure of your personal information to unauthorized parties or online hackers. Each time you visit the site, you can enjoy a relaxed and safe purchasing experience for your monthly supply of Long Jack.



Purchasing prices for Long Jack from Health Spark can range from $32.99 to $12.77 for your monthly supply. During product promotions or seasonal sales, you can buy this fitness aid at the lower price, or even less. This quality sports supplement production company is committed to offering supplements at very reasonable rates in order to enable bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts of diverse lifestyles and spending budgets to purchase and benefit from regular use of this unique sports supplement. By visiting the company website often, you can take advantage of any and all price reductions on this effective, safe fitness aid.


There are definite advantages to making this unique fitness formula your primary sports improvement supplement, including the following:

  • This specialized formula is an effective testosterone booster, providing you with high levels of energy, endurance and mental focus for advancing in your bodybuilding and sports action training and competitions.
  • The high nitric oxide content in this supplement raises your bodily oxygen levels, delivering more oxygen to all your muscles, organs and body tissues as fuel for better athletic results while helping you shred excess body fat, improving your speed and agility during sports performance.
  • This unique formula improves your recovery time after vigorous sports activity, helping you to recover faster and more thoroughly, without fatigue, muscle stress or pain.
  • Long Jack from the Health Spark brand contains only completely safe and effective, natural ingredients, without any artificial fillers or potentially harmful additives.


Some prospective users of this unique, sports performance enhancing supplement may experience a few disappointments or obstacles to regular use of this product, such as:

  • This empowering formula is designed and intended for use only by athletes of age 18 or above, and its use by anyone younger is not recommended.
  • Women who are pregnant, attempting to become pregnant or currently nursing should refrain from using this supplement.
  • Long Jack, manufactured by Health Spark, should not be used without the approval of a physician or qualified natural health practitioner by anyone who is taking prescribed medications.

Long Jack

Summary: Long Jack, a safe, effective sports performance supplement from the Health Spark brand is a strong testosterone booster for greater energy, endurance, body power and mental drive to succeed in athletics. This valuable fitness aid also helps you build lean, dense muscles and a streamlined, compact yet muscular, ripped physique. The versatile ingredients of this exercise enhancer also raise your body’s levels of nitric oxide, fueling and empowering all your muscles with oxygen via your bloodstream for improved workouts and more advanced sports action. This product also increases your metabolic rates, helping you shred extra body fat for a sleeker form, greater athletic speed and better agility during fast-paced sports. The pure, all-natural components of this unique formula also enhance your recovery periods after strenuous workouts and sports competitions, promoting faster, easier and pain-free recovery with plenty of energy to spare.

$12.77 to $32.99
RatingRated 3 stars

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