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Inhibit-P by Serious Nutrition Solutions Review – Do You Have Symptoms of High Prolactin Levels in Your Body?

What Is Inhibit-P?

Inhibit-P is a testosterone booster that has been on the market that claims to not only boost testosterone but also promote free testosterone. It is labeled a bioactive test supplement that contains a compound in the formula to work in raising and protecting your testosterone levels. This is to aid in boosting muscle size and strength during your workouts. Those allergic to dairy and nuts should avoid the supplement, and there are also other ingredients that customers with food allergies should pay attention to before purchasing the product. And also since the supplement is to be taken on an empty stomach, there have been reports of nausea.

It also claims to raise testosterone levels by 376% in 12 hours. But these claims come from studies that were conducted over small time periods and can therefore be interpreted in many different ways. Reviews claim it is therefore better to look at the ingredients and see if there are comparable to other successful supplements currently on the market. After this it is more possible to make a decision about the product. The ingredients Vitamin D2 is the first ingredient listed on the label and is known to enhance testosterone levels. However tests have shown that D3 is actually a better booster, and this is absent from the product.



Serious Nutrition Solutions is the manufacturer of the supplement. It is a manufacturer that has good practice in the factory during production, and is regulated and observed. The product’s ingredients are also used in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. They also look at each batch of the supplement to look for contamination of bacteria and other harmful toxic ingredients, and each batch is routinely tested. This ensures the best quality of the ingredients in the product and also the safety of the supplement for the consumer.

Serious Nutrition Solutions claims to be the first 100% natural supplement brand for sports in the world. However, there are some fillers added to the capsules which might contain artificial ingredients. All of the information about the product is clearly described on the label of the product by the manufacturer along with other ingredients. This means that they are transparent about not only the manufacturing process but what they put in the supplement. The manufacturer is known overall for good care and practice in making their products, including Inhibit-P.


How Inhibit-P Works?

You take six capsules per day, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. This may seem an excessive number to some who are just taking one to two supplement tablets per day. Also one review said that it would be better to take the capsules throughout the day, as taking them all at once might lead to the product soaking in all at once and wasting the rest. The ingredients listed for the Inhibit-P enter and get absorbed into the body and supposedly they either boost testosterone themselves or makes your workout more effective. It is also known to increase muscle strength and help workouts.

According to reviews from customers, however, they report other effects but not built muscle or increased testosterone levels. Also the ingredients listed, though supposedly there to boost testosterone, aren’t known to do so at an adequate level. Also this effect comes because there are no estrogen inhibitors along with the ingredients that are supposed to up testosterone levels. Also the product has been known to cause nausea because it has to be taken on an empty stomach.


Ingredients of Inhibit-P

The first ingredient listed in the nutritional information for Inhibit-P is Vitamin D2, which has been known to up testosterone levels, but Ergocalciferol, or Vitamin D2 is not the best way to do so. D3 is much more adequate an ingredient to raise the levels. Vitamin B3 is the next ingredient, which is involved in producing testosterone and also helps with raising energy and elevating the mood. Third on the list is zinc, which is supposedly a good testosterone booster. Our bodies need to zinc to release hormones that are a help in producing the testosterone as well as growth hormones and DHT.

Maca Root (MacaTest) is the next ingredient listed, which is related to ginseng. It is originally from Peru, and has not been known to increase levels of testosterone. Fenugreek extract (Testosurge) is the next ingredient listed, and has been thought to release nitric oxide, which when increased in the body, helps with blood flow and helping to get faster results during workouts. Also the extract helps control blood sugar, which in turn decreases the likelihood of a buildup of resistance to insulin, which means testosterone is more likely to boost. Finally, the product contains BioPerine which helps to maximize the absorption of the ingredients and nutrients and speed up the overall process leading to muscle building and increase of strength.



Many of the ingredients are natural ingredients, and this shows in the lack of negative side effects from the product. Also, several of the ingredients have been noted to increase levels of testosterone and also nitric oxide which helps blood flow and aids workouts. There are also two formulas for Inhibit-P, the second of which has been proven to out-perform the original ingredients. In house trials have said that it does better than the previous recipe. Also the BioPerine helps to enhance the absorption of the ingredients leading to faster results, which is what the product claims.

The product advertising claims to raise testosterone levels at a very rapid rate, within 12 hours, and the results are said to be noticed after four weeks. Some customers reported seeing results even after just one day. The reason for this is due to the boosting of energy levels and blood flow which boosts the effects of the other ingredients and the overall workout. It is reported to have one of the highest concentrations of testosterone boosting ingredients among its competitors, and you only have to take the product once a day. This means you don’t have to carry the tablets around all day to have with each meal. Overall for side effects, natural ingredients and effectiveness, it seems to be a solid supplement.



Though there are no specific certificates concerning Inhibit-P, many of the ingredients are supported with certifying and a lot of research done. The main ingredients including the most well-known MacaTest and Testosurge are tested with clinical trails. These ingredients have been shown to be effective in these trials. Because the product has been properly tested in house for the effectiveness, customers can have more confidence in buying the product.

The formula for the ingredients was also clinically tested as far as the amount of the supplement dosage for daily intake. Though the dosage seems high, it was certified as being an adequate amount without overdosing. Also it was proven that taking this amount of supplement wouldn’t simply go through the body to be wasted. Also the ingredients themselves were proved to be low in side-effects and also natural, which is better for the body than artificial ingredients. The consumer should be more assured after knowing the amount of in house research that was successfully done to reveal a good quality and safe product.



Some users of the Inhibit-P have noticed testosterone boosting after only a day. This is what the product claims to do, to start taking effect instead of the usual prolonged wait for the booster to kick in. This can only be proven in a clinic with a blood test, but customers might feel less lazy and an increased ability to focus. However some have reported that they like the updated recipe for the supplement less and have seen less effects. Some reported nausea after taking six pills at the beginning of the day on an empty stomach.

One reviewer said that they used the product for six months and at the end had great results in strength of his body and also in the size of his muscles. He said that he grew so much people thought for sure he was using steroids. Strength and size of the muscles are the two things most noted by customers to have increased as a result of using Inhibit-P. These two qualities are usually key factors that customers are looking for when buying testosterone boosters. So it seems that some customers have been satisfied with the results, though perhaps the new formula could stand to have more customer reviews before conclusive evidence is drawn.


Awards & Media Coverage

Inhibit-P does not have awards or media coverage specifically for it. But Mutant itself, the producer, has had a lot of media hype regarding the positive effectiveness and overall popularity concerning its other products. The alteration of the ingredients also drew the media’s attention because this is not often done in the industry. This reveals a commitment from Mutant to ensure the best quality and finest ingredients for its supplements despite its popularity and success. It will always look to improve, which is good.

Also because of the natural ingredients, and the claim to be the first 100% natural sport product, many consumers would want to try the product for its ingredients. Many users have not been disappointed due to its effectiveness and lack of side-effects. Also more customers wanted to try the new and improved product and weren’t disappointed. Overall, expect to see more media coverage to confirm the effectiveness of their Mutant product.


Money-back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee for the Inhibit-P. This is a challenge to the product as there are plenty of other competitors with this offer. Some of these other products offer up to 90-day money-back guarantees. Since this supplement offers no guarantee at all, the potential customer is left to wonder why and if they should try the product at all. There might be a possibility for a refund on the product if you look into it, however.

Another thing to do in the case of no money-back guarantee is to check thoroughly the lab testing and certificates to see how the quality came out, and also the manufacturing processes. Finally a sure sign is always in the customer reviews. Many people have been positive about the results. It is always good to possibly wait till the product in on the market longer to get a better pool assessment from the reviewers on the product, as well as to be aware of any potential harmful side-effects.



If you purchase Inhibit-P straight from the website of the manufacturer, the product only ships to addresses in the United States. They also do not ship to APO addresses or P.O. boxes. It is a standard shipping time with 8-10 business days as the estimated wait for product delivery. Shipping and handling charges will be charged.

You will not have to sign for the product, which is nice. That means if you aren’t home when the shipment arrives it will be left at your door. Do know that when you return the supplement unused to Mutant, the return shipping is paid by you the customer and is not refunded. So in some cases you might be able to get a refund, but you will pay the shipping both times. And also you do not have a guaranteed refund.


Customer Support

The company has strict guidelines especially regarding refund policies. You must return the bottles unopened to have the chance to get a refund, and you still have to pay the shipping fees both ways. You have 15 days to return the purchase from the time you bought the supplement. Also, you must contact customer support before returning the product and fill out a notice to be filed. These procedures combined with a lack of money-back guarantee might deter customers unless they know they are buying an impeccable product.

Also this makes the customer rate the support not very highly. The manufacturer might refund opened bottles, but the labor intensiveness for the customer is likely to increase in order to get the refund. You will probably be asked questions about why they opened the bottle when they wanted to return the product. You might also be required to give an explanation for returning the supplement. Since there is no money-back guarantee, don’t expect an answer related to lack of customer satisfaction to be plausible cause for a refund.


Safe & Secure Checkout

On their website there is a safe and secure checkout guarantee. To ensure the security of the purchase there is a site encryption. There is also a guarantee that the purchase is secure in statements found on the website. Also there is no need to sign up for a newsletter or put in any additional information aside from payment information.

The shipping and handling for Inhibit-P is also secure and will be paid upon checkout. Because there are no excessive or sensitive details to give on the site, and with the other security guarantees, the process seems to be safe. Remember to read all the information about security and the terms before confirming your purchase. Overall there doesn’t seem to be any more risk with buying the supplement than with any other product you might find online. You should be satisfied with the level of security for your purchase.



Since there is no money-back guarantee with Inhibit-P, whatever you purchase you should be prepared to not get a refund and also pay shipping and handling. It is sold for $29.95 for a bottle that contains 60 pills. This amount is reasonable as the consumer have to take 2 pills per day, this amount will last for the customer entire month.

The site recommends that the customer go through an eight-month cycle to see maximum results in the gym. Then you are to take a four-month rest period to allow the body to recover.






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