Gain Xtreme Review – Will It Work?

What Is Gain Xtreme?

Gain Xtreme is a dietary supplement that aims to increase free testosterone within the body’s system. Scientific research suggests that an increased level of free testosterone can help men gain muscle mass and strength. Testosterone supplementation has been observed to optimize muscle mass, improve performance in the gym, and balance stress hormones within the male body.

Conversely, lowered testosterone levels often have detrimental effects. Men with lowered testosterone levels often suffer from increased fatigue, diminished stamina, and even muscle breakdown. As men age natural testosterone production decreases and can lead to one of these, or many other, ill effects.

The manufacturer claims that its formula will increase the body’s natural testosterone production. It contains a mixture of substances that are thought to have positive effects on overall anabolic health, specifically testosterone production. This supplement does not contain actual testosterone, it contains ingredients that are thought to naturally aid the body’s testosterone making machinery.

Gain Xtreme is intended for use by males exclusively. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that, while present in women in small amounts, will not benefit women. It is also not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18. As always, you should consult a physician before using any supplement. Especially if you suffer from a chronic illness.



This supplement is manufactured by Gain Xtreme, the supplement and the manufacturer share the same name. There is no information on the product’s website, or information elsewhere online, to suggest that they manufacture any other supplements. The website provides contact information for both American and Canadian customers, as well as customer service contact information.

The website features the manufacturer’s claims in regards to the efficacy of this testosterone boosting supplement. It claims that it will naturally boost testosterone which will aid in muscle growth. It also claims that it can help to mitigate cortisol which is a stress hormone that often causes fat gain. It provides a list of ingredients, directions for use, and possible benefits. They provide an online checkout which enables the customer to by it directly from the website.


How Gain Xtreme Works?

As stated above, this supplement is meant to increase testosterone within the human body. Testosterone is a hormone that, among other functions, has been scientifically observed to enable peak athletic performance. Studies show that testosterone production decreases with age. Some state that a man’s testosterone production decreases 1% every year after the age of 30. This product seeks to reverse that effect for those men and aid men of all ages in their bodybuilding goals.

Research also suggests that testosterone boosting can also benefit younger men, (18 or over). Increased testosterone within the body means that there is more available for muscle building. Since the supplement is made with all natural ingredients there is very little worry of adverse effects when used as directed.

As stated earlier, the manufacturer claims that this product will increase ‘free’ testosterone within the male system. Before we go forward it is important to make the distinction between this testosterone and ‘bound’ testosterone.

Most of the testosterone within the male system is already bound to proteins. This testosterone performs many functions within the body but will not necessarily aid in muscle growth and energy production. Free testosterone is not bound to proteins and is ‘floating’ freely in the blood stream (AKA bioavailable). This testosterone is readily available for use and it is the testosterone that provides positive effects for bodybuilders. This is the testosterone that Gain Xtreme claims to increase.

The manufacturer claims that their formula is uniquely effective. In this analysis we will investigate the observed effects that each of the ingredients has on the body’s testosterone levels. As well as their purported methods of testosterone production and their effect on muscle growth, strength, and energy levels. We will also discuss all aspects of the experience, from shipping to customer testimonials.


Ingredients of Gain Xtreme

In this section we will list each of this testosterone booster’s ingredients and discuss how they will aid in natural testosterone production. The manufacturer claims that their proprietary formula is especially effective in increasing free testosterone. We will examine these claims and attempt to find unbiased information to verify each ingredient’s efficacy. The supplement itself has not been evaluated by any authority that confirms its efficacy. However, the ingredients in the formula have been tested and evaluated for efficacy.

Calcium – Calcium Carbonate

Calcium is an essential vitamin for humans, we must take in calcium in order to function. It is both abundant and important within the human body and 99% of the calcium within the body is in the teeth and bones. Calcium’s benefits to bone and teeth help are well known and it also plays a role in other bodily functions. Relatively recent research suggests that calcium may also have a positive effect on testosterone levels.

The methods behind calcium’s observed effects on testosterone levels are not completely understood but research suggests that it may increase free testosterone levels. A 1976 study showed a significant increase in free testosterone with calcium supplementation in the presence of leutinizing hormone in lab rats. The study also found that free testosterone levels showed a much smaller increase when calcium was removed from the equation. This study was the first to suggest calcium’s role in testosterone production.

A study that was conducted three decades later attempted to further research calcium’s role in testosterone production. This study broke the participants into two categories. Both groups received calcium supplementation and one stayed sedentary while the other participated in weight training. The group that remained sedentary showed an insignificant increase in testiosterone while the other group showed a much more significant,18%,increase in free testosterone.

The results of this study illustrated how calcium can be especially beneficial to bodybuilders. The hypothesis is that calcium increases the sensitivity of certain messenger hormones within the male body. These hormones allow the body to create and use testosterone more efficiently. This can lead to quicker workout recovery, enhanced muscle mass, and increased stamina.

Calcium is an all natural compound that does not usually cause serious side effects. Some reported side effects include; nausea, dry mouth, irregular heartbeat, muscle pain, constipation. The need for calcium supplementation may not be as important depending on an individual’s specific diet. The necessary amount may be obtained from a real actively normal diet.

Boron – Boron Amino Acid Chelate

There are a few studies that have investigated Boron’s effects on testosterone levels. The studies are far from extensive but they do suggest that Boron can raise free testosterone levels over a long period of supplementation. A specific study found that 7 days of boron supplementation led to a 29% increase in free testosterone levels. The study also found that estrogen levels decreased by 39%. This is important because estrogen has the opposite effect on males as testosterone.

Boron is a rare element on earth. The levels that are needed to produce these results are more than is usually attained from a normal, healthy diet. For this reason Boron supplementation is usually necessary to see these effects.

Boron, when taken in small doses, is usually safe for consumption. Boron is potentially poisonous if ingested in too large of a dose. Signs of Boron poisoning include; skin irritation, tremors, irritability

Horny Goat Weed Extract – Leaf

Horny goat weed extract is thought to increase a man’s testosterone. There are no human studies to verify this but there are studies that suggest it does contribute to the mechanisms that increase testosterone. One of these studies investigated the effect of horny goat weed extract on chemically castrated lab rats. The study showed that the group that received horny goat weed extract supplementation had triple the amount of testosterone than the control group.

Horny goat weed extract has been linked to a few detrimental side effects. There are a few different varieties and most are considered safe when taken in appropriate doses. Some types have produced serious side effects when taken for an extended period of time. Long term use has been linked to; dizziness, vomiting, dry mouth, and nosebleeds. Large amounts have also been linked to spasms, and possibly severe breathing problems.

Tongkat Ali Extract – Root

Tongkat ali extract is thought to prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen within males. There is a large amount of research to suggest its efficacy. However much of the research was conducted on men who were experiencing a large amount of stress or other at the time of the study. This suggests that it plays a role in limiting the effects of the stress hormone cortisol as well. There is no legitimate studies that have investigated its effects on the testosterone levels of healthy men.

Many tongkat ali users have observed that it has increased their workout intensity. They have also reported gains in lean muscle and strength. The main mechanism behind its effect on free testosterone levels is thought to be its ability to stimulate the testosterone producing cells within the body.

Tongkat ali has been linked to a few side effects. It has been linked to raised aggression levels, restlessness, and increased heart rate. Reliable information regarding tongkat ali’s side effects is difficult to find. There are many sources online that contain information that is biased. As with any supplement, it is advisable to consult a physician before use.

Saw Palmetto Extract – Fruit

Saw palmetto extract is derived from a small palm tree that is found in Florida. It is thought to increase testosterone by preventing its natural breakdown into a substance called DHT. As men age their body breaks down more and more testosterone into DHT. This leaves less free testosterone which can cause muscle breakdown and strength loss. Saw palmetto slows this conversion down which can increase muscle growth.

A few side effects have been reported when using this natural ingredient. These include; nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, and headaches. Since saw palmetto effects hormone levels it is advisable to consult a physician especially if you suffer from any type of chronic condition.

Orchic Substance

Bovine orchic substance is an extract that is derived from bovine testicles. It is heavily marketed as a testosterone boosting compound but there is not much verified evidence to support these claims. The claims that it is a good source of testosterone are specious and since there is no real evidence it is possible that orchic substance has no effect on free testosterone levels.

There are no known side effects associated with orchic substance. However since it is derived from animals there is always a chance of contamination. Some of the animals from which this substance came may be sick or diseased. Some diseases can possibly be contracted from ingestion of contaminated animal tissue.

Wild Yam Extract – Root

Wild yam extract has an extensive history in bodybuilding. Some animal testing showed an increase in testosterone levels. Its method of increasing testosterone involves its ability to increase dopamine. The increased dopamine causes an increase in leutinizing hormone which is important for testosterone production.

The downside is that these results are misleading. The trials were conducted on livestock and when they carried it over to humans the results were different. Though leutinizing hormone increased by 70% and testosterone increased by 40% estrogen also increased by 81%. An increased estrogen level is detrimental to bodybuilders and can cancel out many of the positive effects of testosterone.

Additionally, those experiments were conducted in Russia in a time when oversite was not extensive. When studies were conducted by western scientists the results were not similar. It did not prove to increase testosterone and in some cases, among younger men, it increased estrogen and produced gynenecomastia (male breast formation). As an herbal supplement it is also hard to confirm wild yam extract’s quality. It may come from many different countries and quality may vary greatly.

Sarsasparilla – Root

Sarsasparilla root has been observed to have many positive health effects. It’s high saponin content is the reason for its purported testosterone boosting characteristics. Saponins are compounds that theoretically can boost free testosterone.

Saponins may increase testosterone through three mechanisms. They may increase the precursors to testosterone that are needed to make testosterone. They may also suppress enzymes that change testosterone into less useful compounds. They may increase the body’s sensitivity to testosterone which makes the testosterone that is present more useful.

There have been a few side effects linked with sarsparilla root ingestion. Minor stomach irritation has been reported as well as runny nose and asthmatic symptoms. Physicians warn that individuals with kidney deisease should steer away from sarpsarilla supplementation. It has also been linked with skin irritation and shortness of breath.

Nettle Extract

Nettle extract is thought to inhibit testosterone’s conversion to DHT. This leaves more free testosterone in the system. This theory has shown results when tested in vitro (petri dishes). It has also been effective at increasing testosterone in animal testing. However the single human trial that was conducted did not show much evidence of nettle extract’s efficacy in testosterone boosting.

Nettle extract is generally considered safe for human consumption. Some negative side effects have been reported in conjunction with nettle extract supplementation. The effects are; fluid retention, diarrhea, sweating, stomach upset, and rash.



Gain Xtreme has not been specifically reviewed for efficacy in boosting testosterone. However, many of its constituent ingredients have been evaluated. Testosterone boosting has been proven to increase muscle size, strength and stamina. It also aids in fat metabolism which can help attain ripped muscles. Bodybuilders are familiar with the positive effects of increased free testosterone levels.

This specific testosterone booster also claims to have positive effects on cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that functions in the human fight or flight response. It saves up energy that can be used to escape a dangerous situation when stress levels are high. When the danger is removed cortisol levels go back down. Our prehistoric ancestors benefit from this in their dangerous world.

Modern man’s stress does not often come in the same way as it did for our ancestors. Our stressors are usually not immediately life-threatening. However our stress still illicits the same increase in cortisol and resultant energy storage. Cortisol stays around in our systems and causes our body’s to hold onto energy as fat. This supplement has ingredients that reduce cortisol and make it easier to lose fat for the shred that you are looking for.



Supplement certifications can often be misleading. Many supplements tout their certifications directly on the bottle. Organizations such as U.S Pharmacopeia and have offered supplement certifications for a long time. They can be a good indicator of a product’s quality but these are not necessarily confirmation of their efficacy.

However, just because a supplement lacks these certifications does not mean that they are not of high quality. Manufacturers must pay for their products to be rated by these agencies. Some supplement companies may not want to pay for the certification because they have confidence that their product will speak for itself. Gain Xtreme does not have one of these certifications as of yet.



Certifications and reviews are a good tool to research when considering any supplement. But the best way to evaluate a supplement’s worth is from real customers and their experiences. An unbiased opinion is the truest way to predict how a supplement will work. Of course, someone else’s results will not guarantee efficacy it can give a good idea of what to expect. If many customers have positive results then it is more likely that it is a quality supplement.

Testimonials like the ones that follow can be found through google. Gain Xtreme has many mostly positive reviews as well as some negative. These reviews can give potential customers an idea of how real people have used and their experiences with the supplement.

One bodybuilder remarked:

Testosterone boosting has really lifted my gym routine to the next level. I feel like I can lift more and I have seen noticeable muscle growth over about 3 months. Gain Xtreme is the first one that I have tried and I don’t see any reason to switch.

Another said:

I’m so busy so I have to make the most of my workout. Work and family can really add the stress and I heard that stress makes you keep weight on. I decided to try Gain Xtreme to boost testosterone and give me some energy so I can drag myself into the gym. After a week or so I didn’t have to drag myself anymore. I have the energy and I see a better cut in my muscles than I’ve had in years.

A dedicated bodybuilder shared his experience:

I really wanted a testosterone booster and it was really important to me that its all natural. I found out that Gain Xtreme is uses all natural ingredients. I then researched them and found that most of them have a pretty good track record of results. The biggest advantage for me was the energy and stamina. When I get into the gym i feel like I attack more and I can go harder.


Awards & Media Coverage

In the supplement industry awards are a murky area. Many supplements claim awards and distinctions but there is no central body that bestows them. As a result it is difficult for a customer to separate the good from the bad. Throughout the years there have been supplements that embellished or made up awards in order to seem more prestigious.

There are much more telling metrics that can be used to evaluate bodybuilding supplements. One of these is the aforementioned customer reviews. Another is actual evaluations and reviews from respected publications and websites. Many of these reviewers are professional bodybuilders or nutrition scientists. Good reviews are valuable award for these supplements.

Gain Xtreme has garnered a few of these good reviews. These reviews are not a guarantee that every individual will see results but they are a good research tool. It is important to look out for biased language when searching a review. If a review seems overly positive without pointing out negatives it is probably sponsored by the supplement. Good reviews usually find some negatives even in a well reviewed supplement.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee on their product. If you are not satisfied with it you can return the product within 30 days of purchase. Along with the free trial, which we will discuss further, they offer the opportunity to sample the product to see if it works for the cost of shipping 1 bottle, $4.95.

To receive a refund the customer must call a customer service representative within 30 days of purchase and receive an RMA number. The customer must return the unopened supplement in its original packaging with the RMA number written clearly on the packaging. The package must be postmarked within 30 days after your purchase to receive a refund. The refund will be credited after the return is received and processed.



The manufacturer ships to the U.S and Canada for the price of $4.95. When you order the free trial you will be automatically enrolled in the auto-ship program. If you do not call customer service to cancel within 14 days of receiving the free trial bottle you will be automatically be charged each month for a new supply.

The manufacturer ships each order the day after it is placed. Orders placed on Friday will ship on Monday. Most orders reach the customer within 4 days of shipping, though it is heavily dependent on the delivery company that handles the shipment to your area.


Customer Support

The manufacturer provides customer service representatives for any questions. Live customer service agents are available 24/7. These representatives can assist customers with pricing information, shipping, terms of purchase, and other questions that may arise. They also provide an email address to contact customer service if that is your preferred method.

While representatives can provide some information regarding warnings and usage it is best to consult with a physician before use. The representatives are not medical professionals and they can not give specific advice as to the individual safety of this supplement.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Every online transaction must be treated with the utmost care. Every vendor must do their best to protect their customer’s personal and financial information. This supplement’s transactions are protected by a secure 256 bit encrypted connection. The checkout page also carries the logos for Norton secured checkout verified by VeriSign. it also features the McAfee secure logo. These measures are the standard and we will discuss what each of them means.

A 256 bit encrypted connection is similar to a very difficult puzzle. It means that your sensitive information is ‘scrambled’ and only accessible with a secret cipher. This makes the information almost impossible to decode. A 256 bit encryption is recognized By the NSA as a very secure method of protecting personal and financial information.

The McAfee secure label is trusted throughout the world as a leading sign of cyber security. This means that this product’s online transactions are secured by McAfee. They monitor the website for malware, dangerous links, phishing attacks, and any other malicious attacks. The logo means that the site has been checked and verified for consumer safety.

The Norton secure logo is another indication of industry standard protection. It means that the Norton company monitors the site for any dangerous protocols. Norton specifically ensures that the websites security certificate is updated and valid. This testosterone booster’s manufacturer does employ the latest cyber security protocols. Providing them with your personal information seems to be as safe as any other, reputable, online vendor.


Pricing & Free Trial

Gain Xtreme costs $89.95 per bottle. As mentioned earlier, a free trial is available for the cost of shipping $4.95. This trial allows the customer to try the product for a month to see if it is effective. Acceptance of the free trial will automatically enroll you in the auto ship program. This means that, after the first month, the customer is charged $89.95 monthly for another bottle.

The manufacturer’s policy dictates that if you do not want to continue purchasing the product you must contact customer service within 14 days of the order. If you do want to continue there is no action needed. The customer will also be responsible for the $4.95 shipping costs with each purchase.

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