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What Is Fxx Me?

Fxx Me is an entirely natural workout supplement formulated to help you boost the amount of natural testosterone your body produces. By increasing how much of this natural steroid you have, the manufacturer contends that you will be able to get the maximum performance and results in your workouts. High levels of testosterone will give you the ability to burn away fat faster than ever before while adding the hard lean muscle and want just as quickly. The main ingredients included in this supplement are Peruvian Maca Vegetable, Theobroma Cacao and Euterpe Oleracea Extract. As the manufacturer notes, for this formulation to be effective, it has to be combined with a regular exercise routine and a sensible, healthy diet. While it is popular with Brazilian men, it is also growing in popularity elsewhere.

The primary function of this supplement is to serve as a testosterone booster for adult men who do not have any serious medical problems and are not taking medications that might conflict with this product. It is partially aimed at those men who want to improve their mental sharpness and their physical strength, stamina and energy. However, fitness enthusiasts of all kinds, including weightlifters and bodybuilders might also find this product useful in getting an advantage over their competitors.

The manufacturer also markets this product for athletes hoping to enhance their performance in their given sport. It also supposedly provides certain nutrients required by older men who are hoping to return their testosterone levels to what they were when they were younger. This can be useful in helping these men recover a degree of the muscularity and vitality they had decades before.



This product is manufactured by the well-known supplement producer Max Fórmula. As a player in the health and wellness industry, this company works to provide high quality products for consumers that will help them achieve their fitness goals. This particular product only recently entered the market in Brazil. It has become extremely popular among Brazilian men interested in fitness and muscle building. Aside from this single product, this manufacturer also provides a wide range of other fitness related items for its large body of customers. The company has been operating in this industry for many years.

Although this manufacturer has existed for a long time, the product website does not provide a good deal of information about it. Hopefully at a later point, the company will decide to add further information about themselves on the product website so that customers can better understand their experience and expertise so that they can have more confidence in the product. As it is, it’s necessary to visit other sites to find out about the manufacture and its position in the industry as a whole.


How Fxx Me Works?

Fxx Me uses its various ingredients – which are based on botanicals and other natural ingredients – to interact with your body’s metabolism in a way that stimulates the greater production of testosterone. According to the manufacturer, these higher levels of testosterone may give you a much higher level of energy, stamina and strength during long, intense workouts. One of the principal reasons you might want to do this is that you have gotten a bit older and, as happens over time, your body’s production of testosterone has started to drop. Fxx Me can supposedly not only restore your testosterone levels back to what they were, it can actually increase them. Part of the function of this supplement is to reduce the impact of other things in your body that might inhibit testosterone production, such as the hormone prolactin.

The manufacturer also contends that this formulation can also be useful in enhancing blood flow. This vasodilation is extremely valuable for weightlifters and bodybuilders. For one thing, it means that your body – and specifically your muscles – will get more blood flowing to them, meaning you can accomplish more powerful pumps. You’ll also have the endurance and energy to get more out of your training sessions. Then there’s the fact that recovery time between workouts will be reduced because you’ll feel less exhausted and less sore. Finally, improve blood flow will result in a sharper focus and clear thinking.

While the manufacturer claims that you should experience no negative side effects from taking this product, there are certain exceptions to this. For instance, it’s possible to have ingredients in entirely natural supplements that still can interact in a negative way with prescribed medications. In addition, men with certain health problems or allergies can potentially experience side effects from these kinds of supplements. This is why it’s so important to contact your physician prior to taking any dietary or workout supplement. According to the use instructions on the website, you should take the supplement dosage every day just before your lunch or dinner. This is because your body will absorb the ingredients better following a meal. The recommended dosage itself is two capsules per day.


Ingredients of Fxx Me

The manufacturer of this product is probably The fact that it is entirely natural, organic and gluten-free. This formulation includes the active ingredient Peruvian Maca Vegetable, which the website describes as a compound capable of naturally increasing your body’s own testosterone production. Native to the high Peruvian Andes, this plant is frequently used by natives there to reduce mental and physical fatigue. It does this by increasing an individual’s energy level, strength and endurance.

Fxx Me also includes an extract called Euterpe Oleracea or Acai Palm. This substance is generally thought to add powerful an antioxidant function to dietary supplements. There are also a number of vitamins included, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B3. And energy boost is provided by additional phosphorus, calcium and iron. This supplement also includes an extract from the Theobroma Cacao tree, which is an evergreen native to South and Central America. The company suggests that this particular ingredient can raise nitric oxide levels in your body and stimulate your nervous system. Another ingredient, Paullínea Cupana, is relatively high in caffeine to give you even more energy.

The ingredient Acerola Extract is also included in this product, since the company claims it is useful in reducing the level of prolactin in your body. Prolactin is a hormone that can interfere with your body’s ability to produce testosterone. The company points out that this particular ingredient is extremely rich in nutrients. For instance, it’s very high in vitamin C and it has been suggested by some that it has anti-aging abilities. Finally, Chromium Picolinate is included in this formulation because it reportedly aids in increasing testosterone level so you can add on lean, hard muscle mass.



Obviously, the most important advantage you are supposed to get by using Fxx Me regularly and consistently is that it will help your body produce more natural testosterone. This particular benefit of this product is vital for men who are getting a bit older and starting to see their testosterone levels dropping. This can even in the mid-30s, with the result that men find themselves having a much harder time maintaining their strength, stamina and muscle mass. By encouraging your body to produce this naturally occurring steroid, this supplement will supposedly help users build or maintain their physique more easily than they could do with just exercise and diet. At the same time, the manufacturer also notes that a proper diet and exercise are essential if this product is going to be as effective as possible.

The manufacturer further promises you will have better blood circulation and improved regulation of your hormones. All of this can lead to reduced muscle fatigue, soreness and cramping following workouts. This means that you will be able to push yourself harder in your workouts and start your next workout more quickly. The manufacturer also indicates that this testosterone boosting supplement can give you the edge you need to reshape yourself with a new and better body. In fact, one of the other purported advantages of this product is that users find themselves more motivated and more confident in their workouts and in their daily lives.



Max Formula also suggest that their product has undergone a number of tests prior to being marketed. For instance, it has supposedly been authorized by ANVISA, which is the National Health Surveillance Agency in Brazil. This agency has the task of regulating medicines, pharmaceutical supplies, supplements and cosmetics to guarantee that they are effective and meet governmental standards before reaching the market.

Beyond this, the company offers its guarantee that this formulation and its components are both effective and in full compliance with international quality standards. They point out the fact that this supplement has been tested and used by thousands around the world and is known to be safe and effective. For instance, the website indicates that clinical studies carried out by experts looked at over 4000 men using Fxx Me and found a measurable increase in certain variables. However, the company fails to provide any links or citations regarding these studies or the related statistics.



One of the best ways to learn about the effectiveness, safety and popularity of a testosterone boosting supplement – or a supplement of any kind – is looking at online comments about a product to see what actual users have had to say about it, both good and negative. Below are a few testimonials describing user experiences with Fxx Me.

Fxx Me has been virtually revolutionary for me when it comes to my workout regime and the effect it has had on my body. Last year, I it seemed like I had really hit a wall and couldn’t get any further in advancing my workout routine. With what I was doing then, I was feeling sore and exhausted and had a hard time pushing myself further or getting back to my workout again. But after trying this supplement, I saw a major change fairly quickly. Now after taking it for a few months I can perform twice the deadlifts and squats I could manage before using this product. I can work out now longer and harder and don’t get the severe soreness and cramps I was experiencing previously. Unlike many other supplements I’ve used, I don’t really have to stop this one with something else to get an excellent result. The other guys in the gym and my friends and family have all noted the big change that’s taken place and want to know just what my secret is. But it isn’t really a secret and I’m glad to let anyone know about this amazing product and what it can do for you.

– Jeffrey Anderson, Bellingham, WA, USA

I’m not really a bodybuilder as such, but I do spend a lot of time in the gym trying to add muscle, strength and stamina for my other activities. For instance, I do a lot of amateur boxing and would like to have as much power behind my punches as possible. But while some of the guys I work out with seem to have no trouble adding on hard, lean muscle mass, it’s been much more difficult for me. Someone suggested this was because I’m a bit older and my testosterone level may be dropping. I wasn’t sure about this, but decided I’d try supplement to see if it would help. After buying this product and trying it for a while I really did see a noticeable difference in my strength and in my muscles. I also seem to have a lot more energy than I did before, which is of course great for my boxing. It also makes pushing myself harder in my workouts a bit easier too. One side benefit has been that my wife is pretty pleased with my improved appearance and my much more ripped, toned body. This supplement is amazingly easy to use. All I have to do is take the recommended dosage prior to a meal and I get tremendous benefits. I’ve dropped fat, added muscle and am really heading in the direction I wanted to go.

– Sam Hemmings, San Diego, CA, USA

Like a lot of guys, I lifting weights in high school as part of my training for sports like football and wrestling. After that, I moved away from it for a little while. But I’ve been involved in weightlifting more seriously for some time now. However, I have never won any competitions before using this product. I was always well down in the pack or it best third-place. But once I started taking Fxx Me, I saw everything changed. In fact, I finally won is statewide lifting competition. This is the best testosterone boosting supplement I’ve ever tried. I’m lifting more weight more easily than I ever have before. I can’t say how grateful I am to the manufacturer. Since my diet and my exercise regime have stayed largely the same, I have to give credit for the change to this product. Obviously, I’m going to keep taking this supplement on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to seeing just how far I can go and how many competitions I can win in the future.

– Terrence Jefferson, Seattle, WA, USA

I had never really tried supplements before for my workouts, but someone convinced me that I would make much more progress if I checked out this product. Since it came with a money-back guarantee, I decided to give it a try. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made. I’ve lost lots of fat and added plenty of lean muscle mass in a surprisingly short time. There’s no denying that I would never have been able to get this far this past without using this amazing product. I still can’t believe how shredded my biceps are and I look forward to seeing what I can do in the coming months. My motivation and self-confidence is through the roof and my social life has improved tremendously. I’m also finding that my sex life has become much more energetic as well. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to get in the best shape they possibly can.

– Brian Lubinski, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Last year, I finally hit 40 years of age and it’s really starting to show in my workout routines and results. I’ve been an amateur bodybuilder now for more than 20 years, and I’ve always been able to achieve pretty good results. My muscles were big, well-defined and lean. But more recently, it’s become far more difficult to keep myself in good shape. Not only am I unable to add additional muscle, I’ve been losing what I had. I’m even starting to put on a bit of fat, which is terrifying. I don’t want to turn into a portly old man by the time I’m 50. Of course, I knew that eventually the testosterone levels in my body would start to drop as I got older. I just didn’t think it would happen this quickly or at this rate. I’ve had experience with supplements before, and none of them were very good. And I definitely didn’t want to take steroids because of all the side effects. But someone I know at work suggested I purchase a bottle of Fxx Me to see what it can do for me. They swore by and said it had worked wonders for them. I decided to go with the two bottle plan since I didn’t want to commit myself until I knew it would work for me. Of course, they have a money back guarantee, so perhaps I shouldn’t have worried. Anyway, after only a month of taking this product I found that I’ve gotten back my energy and motivation in the gym. More than this though, because I don’t have the aching fatigue I used to have after my workouts, I can work out more frequently and much harder. The result is I’m losing that bit of fat around my belly and getting back my old physique.

– Joel Clarke, New Orleans, LA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

According to the Fxx Me website, this testosterone boosting supplement became a hit with Brazilian men in the very first month that it was available on the market. They state that it was featured in a number of publications, such as Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Veja. This is a remarkable beginning for product newly on the market, and suggests that the customer base is enthusiastic about it. Unfortunately, the company does not add links on the product website to these media references, making it difficult to confirm them.

The company goes on to suggest that that their product is remarkably effective and has been invaluable in helping tens of thousands of men around the world enjoy the physical, psychological and self-esteem benefits it offers. While the manufacturer does indicate that TV coverage of this product exists and has helped to promote its increasing demand, they also failed to offer any links to this referenced coverage. As of yet, the industry has not presented any awards to this product.


Money-back Guarantee

One of the great things about this testosterone supplement is that customers can take advantage of the 30 day money-back guarantee the company offers if they are dissatisfied with the product. However, if you want to return this product for a refund, it must be sent back unopened, undamaged and unused. In addition, any refund request sent to the company more than one month after you placed your order will be rejected. Also, if you decide to contest the order because you have a problem with the packaging, appearance, quantity or quality of what you receive, you have two days after receiving the order to contact the company about this. In addition to this, if your purchase is part of a multi-package discount, you will have to return every item making up this offer in order to get your refund. If not, you may only receive a partial refund of the purchase price.

After you have requested a return, the company will confirm that you are eligible and – if you are – send a Return Authorization number to your email account. If you return your product without including the Return Authorization number, you will not receive your refund. Moreover, the returned item must arrive at the company return facility in seven days or less after you get the Return Authorization number. Once the company receives your returned item, your order is canceled and your credit card will be refunded in no more than 30 days.



According to the Fxx Me, delivery time to metropolitan areas within Brazil will be approximately one week. For more distant locations, expect delivery to take as much as two weeks. Once paid for, your order will be shipped to you in 24 hours or less. Keep in mind that shipping and handling costs cannot be refunded. This applies to return items as well. The company advises you to carefully package any returned items to ensure they get to the return facility safely.

The company does not list on the product website which carriers it uses for deliveries. It also does not clearly indicate if it ships or delivers on weekends or holidays. Even worse, the manufacturer does not provide any clear shipping and handling policies on their site apart from those discussed above. It would be helpful at this website actually provided more information in this area to its potential customers.


Customer Support

One disturbing thing about this company’s product webpage is that it seemed to have no functioning customer service page. Because of this, there is no information regarding their hours of operations for customer support services. There is no indication if there representatives are available on weekends or holidays. All that you really have is a telephone number and an email address.

Obviously, this lack of clear information regarding customer support is a bit of a problem. It’s difficult to make a decision about a product like this if you can’t easily contact the manufacturer and asked a few questions or express a few concerns. The manufacturer would do well to add a full customer support policy to the website.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The company website indicates that any personal data collected from customers will not be shared for any purpose other than enhancing your customer experience and completing or transaction. The translated page indicates that this website is entirely secure and authenticated by multiple trustworthy security companies. The manufacturer states that employees can only access the specific data regarding your transaction, and that no one else is permitted to access this data. Furthermore, it indicates that this confidential personal and financial data is maintained in a secure environment.

The sites checkout feature for this product includes both Compra Segura and McAfee Secure certifications. Software used by McAfee Secure price to detect any potential viruses, phishing attacks or malware so that threats to your financial and personal data can be dealt with. This security mechanism is frequently used by online retailers to reassure shoppers that the site is entirely secure. The Compra Segura logo displayed on the page is clearly intended to confirm that this company uses advanced encryption technologies protect sensitive information.


Pricing & Free Trial

When it comes to pricing, the manufacturer of this product offers three different options for their customers to choose from. Keep in mind that all of the following dollar amounts are Brazilian dollars, rather than American. Option number one involves purchasing six bottles at $66. Option number two yet you four bottles of the supplement for $76. Below this is option number three in which you get to bottles at $89.95. This last one has an extra option to get 15% off.

Note that they do charge a $10 restocking fee for returned items. Also, the company frequently offers coupons for significant discounts on the product. You as the customer are entirely responsible for any sales taxes that may apply in your location. The checkout section itself at the product website can accept a range of credit cards for payment.


  • Fxx Me can be purchased from the manufacturer using one of multiple options they have for bundling their product.
  • This supplement may significantly increase your body’s ability to produce natural testosterone, enabling you to build more lean muscle mass and enjoy greater strength, power and faster workout recovery times.


  • The company does not link to any of the studies or research it uses to justify its claims for the product.
  • There is very little information regarding the customer support department.

Fxx Me

Summary: Fxx Me is a muscle and performance enhancing supplement formulated to significantly increase naturally produce testosterone in men. In total, the manufacturer indicates that this supplement can significantly improve your workouts results by giving you improve blood flow, greater energy and strength and more lean muscle mass. Currently, this supplement is available primarily in Brazil, but it can be purchased around the world through various online retailers. The natural ingredients are organic and gluten-free, with Peruvian Maca Vegetable and Euterpe Oleracea being the most prominent ones. Along with this, the manufacturer provides customers with a 30 day money-back guarantee. There are a range of purchase options and the website offers a secure checkout that accepts many different credit cards.

FREE TRIAL to $89.95
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