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Free Reign by SDN Review – Should You Try It?

What Is Free Reign?

Free Reign is a dietary supplement designed to boost testosterone levels in the body. This product is advertised as a testosterone booster, capable of building muscles. The manufacturer says that Free Reign optimizes natural testosterone levels, which in turn enhances fat loss and muscle growth. This supplement utilizes clinically tested compounds and comprehensively synergistic additives, all mixed to achieve the advertised claims.



The company that manufactures this dietary supplement is known as SDN (Science Defined Nutrition). The company manufactures and supplies dietary and nutritional supplements that are designed for bodybuilding and muscle growth. Based in the United States, SDN sells its products through a network of retailers and distributors across the world, including Canada and the United Kingdom.

Developed by athletes and bodybuilders, SDN is a global leader in dietary and nutritional supplement industry. The company’s Research Team has dedicated their time and energy to produce a broad range of superlative products. The company’s core mission is to assist bodybuilders and athletes realize their ambitions and goals, without sacrificing their state of heath. The Company manufactures their products under strict GMP guidelines at GMP Certified and facilities.

Recently, SDN was acquired by Creative Edge Nutrition, also, a Nutritional Supplement Company that focuses on the manufacture and promotion of innovative and high-quality supplements. The company sells a broad range of products, mainly in capsule, tablet and powder form. Their products are designed for weight management, energy, nutrition challenges and fitness.

The gentleman behind the establishment of SDN is called Mr. Jeff Thomas. This guy was pointed by Creative Edge Nutrition to work in the Company’s executive position. Mr. Jeff has over 10 years of experience in the sport nutrition industry. He has also worked for Dox, LLC as the company’s national sales representative. There is romous going around that Mr. Jeff Thomas and Paul Thomas (Creative Edge Nutrition founder) are relatives. The fact is that they are no related.


How Free Reign Works?

Free Reign is advertised as the most effective product for muscle gaining, cell multiplication and cellular adhesion. The natural extracts used in this product are known for their medicinal properties for several decades. The company is believed to have extracted those natural extracts in a way these ingredients’ effect become anabolic.

The manufacturer says that Free Reign represents entirely new class testosterone boosters that work through a multiple process, called “Systemic Physiological Optimization.” The company goes further to say that unlike other products on the market, this product creates the ideal internal anabolic environment throughout every organ in the body making the body become a muscle growth machine.

The ingredients in this product increase muscle mass and muscle growth by stimulating the production of free testosterone production and natural growth hormones. They also improve the uptake of amino acids, fat, glycogen by tissues this enhancing muscle growth, cell reproduction and muscle recovery. Also, Free Reign increases the production of nitric oxide, a compound that is believed to increase protein synthesis, absorption of nutrients and overall body nutrition.

The manufacturer also claims that the ingredients in this dietary supplement aids in the storage of muscle glycogen. Scientific findings indicate that muscle glycogen is the primary fuel source for improved anaerobic training. Muscle glycogen is also believed to support gastrointestinal health.

The supplement is also claimed to increase the surface area of the small intestine, enabling the body to absorb nutrients. The increase in nutrient uptake and improved utilization of these nutrients enhances body health including muscle growth and recovery. It also helps improve food digestion and absorption of important nutrients quickly.

The supplement also contains a blend of the natural extracts that are believed to enhance the production of hormones. These ingredients are also believed to elevate testosterone, growth hormone, and other luteotropic hormones. All these hormones play an important role as far as muscle growth and recovery is concerned. Also, this group of herbal extracts in this product reduces muscle fatigue and also protects muscle tissues during heavy training.

To ensure that the bodybuilders are completely safe from side effects of these natural extracts, the manufacturer includes other ingredients in this supplement such as strong apoptosis, leukotriene inhibitors, anti-hepatic toxic and anti-carcinogenic.


Ingredients of Free Reign

Free Reign dietary supplement is formulated from a broad variety of ingredients. One of the main ingredients in this supplement is Humanfort about 70 mg. Humanofort is the latest developed embryonic-peptide product manufactured by a Romanian biotechnology company. This ingredient is derived from chicken embryos under strict and highly specialized conditions, such as controlled temperature and pressure. Scientific and clinical studies have proven that Humanofort has multiple health benefits. Since its discovery, this ingredient has been used for a very long time to manufacture testosterone boosters. It increases natural steroid levels, including testosterone hormone and DHEA, promoting increased lean muscle size. Humanofort is also believed to increase fat loss and decrease oxidative stress leading to quick muscle recovery. Other studies have also proven that Humanofort has the ability to normalize the body’s adrenal hormone output and to stimulate the adrenal glands.

Another effective ingredient in Free Reign is EcdyMorph (99% 20-hydroxyecdysone). This ingredient is extracted from a Rhaponticum Carthamoides herb. This plant has undergone numerous studies and proven to have medicinal value. Most products for bodybuilding use Cyanotis Vaga Extract as ecdysterone alternative because Cyanotis Vaga is much cheaper compared to ecdysterone. There have been two recent studies that suggest the extracts’ abilities to reduce body fat, increase muscle protein synthesis and produce an anti-diabetic effect. The studies are very interesting and have been documented on the internet.

Another ingredient in this dietary supplement is Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract (80% Saponins, 40% Protodioscin). This is flowering plant native to the tropical regions of Europe, southern Australia, Asia and Africa. According to Jim White, a registered dietitian, Tribulus Terrestris extract can increase testosterone in men, strengthen muscles and improve lean muscle mass.

Avena Sativa is also another important ingrient in this dietary supplement. Avena sativa seeds are not only believed to contain highest amount of Zinc, Iron and magnesium, they are also rich in soluble fibre and carbohydrates. Avena sativa is believed to restore and repair nerves. The ingredient has no known side effects when you compare it with other natural extracts.

Another ingredient in this dietary supplement is Eurycoma Longifolia. This ingredient has been a subject of several scientific and clinical studies, and proven effective as a testosterone booster. In this supplement, Eurycoma Longifolia works by increasing testosterone and growth hormones in the body and also increasing the absorption of nutrients.

There is also Rhodiola Rosea, also obtained from a plant. This ingredient functions by increasing the number of red blood in the body. The increase of red blood cells increases the amount of oxygen supplied to the muscles. Rhodiola Rosea also works by increasing the level of glycogenin the body. The increase of glycogenin in the body enhances the production of ATP energy leading to improved exercise performance, increased metabolism and reduced fatigue. Rhodiola Rosea also contains Rosavin, a well-researched compound that burns fat.

Zinc Gluconate is also another ingredient in this dietary supplement. This ingredient supports muscle mass. Scientific studies indicate that Zinc Glucon is effective in improving appetite. However, there is no conclusive evidence that supports this claim.

Last but not least, Free Reign also contains Pyridoxine Piper Nigrum and Magnesium Aspartate. These two ingredients are believed to reduce fatigue after strenuous exercises.



  • Free Reign is formulated from ingredients that have undergone several clinical and scientific studies and proven to be effective and safe. Most of these ingredients are natural so bodybuilders and athletes don’t need to worry about the product’s side effects.
  • The natural extracts used in Free Reign are known for their medicinal properties for several decades. The company is believed to have extracted those natural extracts in a way these ingredients’s effect become anabolic.
  • The supplement optimizes natural testosterone levels, which in turn enhances fat loss and muscle growth.
  • This supplement utilizes clinically tested compounds and comprehensively synergistic additives, all mixed together to achieve the advertised claims.



The company has not revealed the number of certificates it has received. However, it is believed to be one of the supplement companies that have received GMP Certificate. GMP Certificate is a prestigious certificate awarded to companies and organizations that are committed to the production of supplementation in accordance with the GMP quality standards. GMP Certifications are meant to safety during pharmaceutical production and minimize risks during manufacturing process.



Geoffrey from Texas says:

Overall, I think this dietary supplement is pretty good supplement. I have seen results with this supplement within the last few days of using it. However, during the first day of usage, my stomach was a little bloated and I felt like vomiting. After some hours, everything was okay. I’m not sure if there are long term side effects of this supplement, but considering the manufacturer’s research, we hope the product is completely safe.

Ted from LA says:

During the first few days of using this product, my appetite increased dramatically. I had problems with food, and this hampered my bodybuilding trainings. The product also helped improved my energy. It also increased my muscle mass.

Felix from Houston says:

I like this nutritional product because it does not cause stomach upset. Also, it did not cause bloating as many people say. The capsules taste is also good. I normally take them with natural peanut butter or oatmeal. I take one capsule every day in the morning; another is the evening after my bodybuilding exercises. This is the best product worth your money.

Evans from New York says:

I wanted to be supper big with muscles. This is the main reason I purchased this product from SDN. This product was advertised as capable of boosting my workout performances and helps me achieve my dream of having big body with strong muscles. After using it for three months, the results were awesome. The product not only helped improve my body and muscle mass, but also improved my body energy and muscle power.

Rick from Kentucky says:

I purchased Free Reign last year for my bodybuilding training. I used to take it together with Multi-vitamins. Two capsules a day for three months improved my body muscle mass and bodybuilding experience.

John from New Jersey:

I wanted to purchase the supplement for my bodybuilding endeavors. I had no idea on which product to purchase. My brother who is working as fitness doctor recommended I try Free Reign. I used this product for a short period, but it played an important role as far as muscle growth and recovery is concerned.


Awards & Media Coverage

Free Reign has not received much attention from the media. However, the manufacturer, SDN has received much attention in the media. For instance, finance yahoo reported that Mr. Jeff Thomas, the founder of SDN, was appointed by Creative Edge Nutrition to work as the President Sales for Supplement Group. The news source also reported that Mr. Jeff has over 10 years of experience in the sport nutrition industry.


Money-back Guarantee

The product is not available for purchase from the manufacturer’s website. The company sells the product through a number of retailers and distributors. Some of the online retailers that sell this product offer money back guarantee if a customer receives a damaged or wrong product. They ask customers to check the condition of the product delivered. If the seal on the package is broken or damaged, customers can return the product for a replacement.

Customers can file a complaint through email or through phone. If the complaint is justified, these retailers issue a refund equivalent to the price of the product purchased and the shipping costs. The time for receiving a refund varies from retailers to another.

Customers should keep in mind that not all of these retailers offer refund as they promise. They should therefore purchase their products from retailers that have good online reputation.



Retailers and distributers ships products that their customers orders to virtually any address in the United States. Some of these retailers and distributors have restrictions regarding international shipping.

When a customer places an order through an online retailer or distributor, shipping costs are estimated based on the number of products ordered. The retailers also estimate the delivery cost depending on the State or country of residence and shipping option selected. These details appear on the quote during checkout.

Customers should keep in mind that shipping rates vary depending on the retailers selected and number of product ordered or weight of the product. Normally, they round up total weight to the next full pound when calculating the total shipping cost.

Ordered products are packed and shipped to the customer immediately. Shipping of products within the United States takes few days to reach the customer. For international customers, shipped products will take longer to reach the customer.


Customer Support

For more information about Free Reign dietary supplement, inquiries can be made through SDN’s e-mail address, phone or postal address. When contacting customer support, the company advises people to include their full names, email address and the reason for their inquiry. Any inquiry made through postal address or emails usually take longer to get a response. A response is given instantly for all inquiries made through phone. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this review, the company’s official website was down.


Safe & Secure Checkout

As stated earlier, SDN does not sell products through their official website. They sell their products through a number of retailers and distributors. Most of these retailers are concerned about the customers’ security and safety. Their site utilizes a broad range of technological protections that protect the customers’ information such as credit card numbers. These technological protections also ensure that all online transactions are safe.

Examples of technological protections that some online retailers utilize include a super-secure data center, updated hardware firewalls, secure network architecture and hacker-free security devices. These protections guarantee that all transactions made on their site are safe. This means customers and their sensitive information are protected from theft and unauthorized use. They utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), reliable software that encrypts important information such as customer’s full names, credit card information and physical address.


Free Reign Pricing

Free Reign is available for purchase from a number of online distributors and retailers. The price of this product varies depending on where the product is purchased and number of bottles ordered. The price of a single bottle containing 100 capsules was retailing at $59.99 from most retailers. The dosage is two to three capsules per day, so this is a supply for one month usage for busy athletes or bodybuilders.

* Update: The product seems to be discontinued and the company too.






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