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What Is Force Fit XL?

Force Fit XL is a dietary supplement engineered to increase the body’s production of testosterone for maximum workout capability. Possible advantages from this product are increased strength and stamina, greater lean muscle mass, heightened energy levels and improved self-confidence. It is specifically designed for men who want to get the most out of every workout to potentially see faster, more dramatic results. It may also benefit older men who have experienced age-related testosterone decline. In addition, it may be an effective dietary solution for athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters who want to gain a competitive edge safely and legally. The manufacturer promises a safe, side effect-free formula.

This active ingredient in this formula is a plant-based additive called KSM 66 Ashwaghanda Extract. Other key ingredients are Tribulus Terrestris Powder and Eurycoma Longifolia Root. The formula is designed to complement a regular strength-training program and a healthy, protein-rich diet. The extracts are intended to work in synergy with the body’s natural processes to stimulate performance abilities that help men get fitter, faster. This product is currently sold only online not only in the United States but all over the world as well.



Force Fit XL is manufactured by a company named FreshFlore Nu, LLC. This merchant has been supplying the health and fitness market with dietary solutions for a number of years. Its product lines are researched, developed, manufactured and sold in the United States. Its corporate headquarters are listed as being located in Orlando, Florida although it also offers an Irvine, California address for further correspondence.

Although FreshFlore Nu does not have an official website, it is well-represented online by numerous business listings and other informational business forums. On one such directory, a person named Robert J. Albrecht is listed as a registered agent of this company. Few other individual team members are listed on other online directories. Though FreshFlore Nu LLC does not currently have an official website, nor is it active on any social media websites, it can be contacted a number of ways (including by phone or by email). It has maintained a global position as a supplier of naturaceuticals and cosmeuticals for many years.


How Force Fit XL Works?

The ingredients in this formula blend are designed to raise testosterone levels safely and naturally to give men the fuel needed to intensify workouts as well as to build lean muscle mass faster. The basis of this formula, essentially, is to provide a clean, natural power push to enable users to work out harder and more frequently in order to see more extreme results faster. Users are instructed to take 1-2 capsules by mouth or with a glass of water on a daily basis, preferably before workouts. These capsules can be incorporated into a routine taken with a protein shake or stacked with several.

As anyone serious about the science of bodybuilding must learn, free testosterone – also called circulating testosterone – is the portion of this naturally-produced steroid hormone, available to build new muscle. Higher levels of testosterone may also be correlated with greater strength, energy and muscle-building power. These capsules dissolve in the bloodstream, where they may then stimulate the body to increase its production of testosterone. Providing an extra boost of energy and strength may then enable to users to work out harder and longer, thus building muscle mass and burning fat more quickly. This formula also claims to work to increase self-confidence, likely not by the capsules alone but by the user’s potential improved physicality and energy levels.

It may also work by blocking and suppressing hormones such as estrogen that block and/or reduce the production of testosterone. This may contribute to muscle-building by helping to combat fatigue. Some of the ingrediensts in this formula blend claim to improve blood flow, which may also fuel workouts by supporting a rush of blood, proteins and nutrients to working muscle tissue. This may then enable faster recovery time after workouts and less cramping and discomfort after exercise. There is some research available that suggests a handful of these ingredients may indeed enhance physical performance in many areas; users are encouraged to do further research to discover more to help them decide whether this may suit their needs.


Ingredients of Force Fit XL

The active ingredient is KSM 66 Ashwaghanda Extract, an herbal extract commonly used in modern supplements to boost free testosterone levels. It is thought to be effective in reducing stress, helping to balance hormone levels and to increase luteinizing hormone. This formula blend also features Tribulus Terrestris Powder, which is extracted from an annual plant grown in regions all over the world. Also called Devil’s Weed, Puncturevine and Goat’s Head, many weightlifters believe it is also a potent testosterone-booster and workout-enhancing supplement. It is thought that its protodioscin saponins are the primary performance-boosting properties in this herb.

This formula also includes Eurycoma Longifolia Root (a.k.a. Longjack), a flowering plant native to Indonesia. It is thought to be effective in improving vasodilation for greater nutrient flow to working muscle tissue. It is also believed to raise testosterone levels and to help increase muscle size and strength. Another active in ingredient in Force Fit XL’s formula is Diindolylmethane. A lesser-known anabolic supplement ingredient, this natural compound can be found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. It may be effective in stimulating testosterone production as well as to contributing to improved myogenesis (a.k.a. muscle-building).

Fenugreek Seed Extract is another ingredient central to Force Fit XL’s formula. This herb is native to southern Europe and Asia and contains high concentrations of choline, a water-soluble vitamin crucial to building muscle. It has a reputation as a potent testosterone-boosting supplement and may also increase strength output and help to regulate hormone levels. It is extremely rich in proteins, containing about three grams of protein per one 11-gram serving.

Other ingredients rounding out this formula blend are Gelatin, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, FD&C Yellow #6 and FD&C Red #3.



Force Fit XL’s primary advantage is the purported ability to stimulate testosterone production for peak workout performance. This may enhance strength and stamina to increase endurance and stamina so men can work out longer and harder, thereby helping them to build and sculpt more lean muscle mass faster. It also promises to heighten energy levels, which may also improve thermogenesis for maximal calorie burning while exercising and while at rest. This may translate to greater weight loss. It may also help older men restore lost vitality and power by driving up testosterone levels that may have decreased over the years.

Another important advantage is the fact that Force Fit XL’s formula is 100% natural. This has the benefit of (potentially) affording fitness enthusiasts a much safer and fully legal workout supplement to build muscles and shed fat. Another advantage is this product’s usability factor: It is designed not only for casual exercise enthusiasts who want to improve their physiques but also for competitive fitness professionals looking for an edge on the competition. It may also improve blood flow and therefore cut between-workout recovery time as well as reduce muscle cramping and soreness. Lastly, it may sharpen mental performance and promote greater self-confidence as a result of looking and feeling better.



The Force Fit XL website bears a certificate reading ‘Proudly Made in the USA.’ Fitness buffs who prefer to invest in American-made goods will likely find extra incentive in this US-made supplement. With this certificate in place, buyers can be assured that the company has complied with strict federal regulations instituted to protect consumers. They can also support their home economy in their quest for fitness. Without a doubt, this stamp of quality assurance will prove to be an appeal to many US-based bodybuilders.

There is also a certificate on the Force Fit XL website bearing a ‘Good Manufacturing Practice Certification’ stamp. Also known by the acronym ‘GMP,’ Good Manufacturing Practice Certification means that the federal government has approved the certified product as having been in compliance with a set level of standards. This stamp tells customers the company has acted in accordance with safety, minimum efficacy and good manufacturing practice regulations.



I finally decided to try a testosterone booster to help me gain back some of the muscle and power I’ve lost over the years, and my only complaint is I wish I’d done it sooner. I’m rebuilding my washboard abs and biceps back to the way they were in their glory days, and the ladies at my office have definitely taken notice! The weight is coming off at a steady pace, and I can actually do deadlifts along with my workout buddies now. I would recommend at least taking a look at Force Fit XL if you’re in the market for a great workout supplement. – Andrew A., hotel manager in New York, NY, USA

I’ve been using one pill a day, and my energy levels and stamina are noticeably up. It also really helps with cramping after workouts, and it’s helped me feel more energetic and active in everyday life as well. Overall, I appreciate the extra drive Force Fit XL gives me. It’s not going to do the work for you, but if you train hard but still need an extra boost, I would highly recommend giving this a shot. – Bairron N., bodybuilder in Nashville, TN, USA

I started out skeptical but after a month or so, I couldn’t deny the extra zip and increase in strength I’ve experienced. Since I started using Force Fit XL, I have nearly doubled my personal bench press record. I thought I’d pretty much plateaued as far as weightlifting goals go, but the extra push it gives me has been a major help in the gym. Now, I’ve put on almost an inch of new muscle on my biceps and have lost over five pounds. I intend to keep using this to help push me reach my dream body! – Mike O., sales assistant in Yorkshire, the United Kingdom

I took a couple of these before my leg workout and I felt it kick in right away. They didn’t make me shaky or jittery, and they didn’t have a bad taste at all. I felt a nice, clean sustained energy flow throughout the day even after the energy spike during my workout. I am very happy with my results so far. – Andy S., musician in Oslo, Norway


Awards & Media Coverage

Force Fit XL has been advertised on a number of popular fitness magazines. It has appeared in the pages of Muscle & Fitness, a popular online fitness website dedicated to workouts, nutrition tips, supplements and general health advice. It has also been advertised in Men’s Health, another popular online and print magazine dedicated to health, muscle-building, workouts and general men’s interest features. In addition, it has been advertised in the online pages of Men’s Fitness, another online fan favorite. This advertising has no doubt contributed to its popularity.

Force Fit XL has not received any awards in its industry at this time. There is no copyright date on the website, so it is difficult to say whether this workout supplement has been on the market for long. Curious consumers may want to watch its performance in the natural fitness world to see whether it attracts accolades at some point. Potential customers would be wise to check reviews (rather than industry awards) when considering whether to purchase this product.


Money-back Guarantee

Customers who are intrigued by Force Fit XL but are hesitant to commit to purchase, may try before they buy via the company’s 14-day evaluation period. Under these terms, buyers are allowed 14 days from the date of purchase to evaluate whether it may be right for them; this 14-day period includes days for shipping and transit time. If the customer commits no action, they will be enrolled in the auto-shipping program, wherein their credit card on file will be billed for – and delivered – a fresh bottle every 30 days. Alternatively, the customer may contact customer service by phone or by email anytime before the trial period ends, to avoid incurring auto-delivery fees.

FreshFlore Nu LLC also claims to offer a no-hassle product return policy. However, it does not specify anywhere on the terms and conditions page what that policy may be. The only reference to returns is found under the cancellation sections that apply only to trial customers. If FreshFlore Nu, LLC does indeed offer a comprehensive return policy outside of trial program, it would be very help to customers if it would provide a detailed description of such on the website.



Deliveries can be made anywhere in the United States as well as to the Virgin Islands. The cost of shipping and handling for a bottle of Force Fit XL is $6.95. This is a couple of dollars higher than the industry average but is still not wholly unreasonable. The site also does not detail whether it ships to other countries and/or military bases. As of now, it appears the merchant only offers standard ground mail service.

Aside from this, the Force Fit XL website provides no other shipping and handling details. It does not specify which carrier (or carriers), it uses, nor does it specify whether its fulfillment facilities ship on evenings, holidays and weekends. The website does not offer the option of expedited shipping or shipping insurance at this time. The lack of shipping information available may frustrate potential customers; as such, FreshFlore Nu, LLC would be wise to detail this on the ‘terms and conditions’ section.


Customer Support

Force Fit XL’s parent company, FreshFlore Nu, offers the usual basic-but-effective channels of customer service support. Those curious to try this product out – or those who have – can contact a customer service representative by phone via a toll-free 1-844 number. For further convenience, the product website also lists an email address. The service team welcomes inquiries from current and potential customers about product questions, general information, questions about customer accounts or for any reason at all. The support center is operational from Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.

There is also a corporate address listed in Orlando, FL. serves as the company’s return and fulfillment facilities. Customers may send physical correspondence and other inquiries to this address as needed. Overall, FreshFlore Nu has got its customer base well-covered insofar as customer support goes. The only aspect of customer service the company may want to improve is its lack of customer support live chat function. Adding such would keep the merchant up-to-date on current online buying trends as well as provide an additional level of support.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Near the checkout section on the product website is a security seal certifying the website as a ‘128-Bit Secure Site.’ Although this SSL security certificate is not as powerful as 256-Bit Secure Socket Layer technology, it is still an online industry standard encryption device. This means that the software scrambles customers’ personal and financial data (stored on the company’s server) to make it unreadable to attempted cyber hackers. It is reputedly one of the most secure encryption methods in the majority of current encryption algorithms and technologies.

The Force Fit XL website also utilizes Norton Secured SSL security technology to further safeguard it from potential cyber attackers. This is a trust mark that demonstrates to the site’s browsers that it has been scanned and certified as free from malware, viruses, phishing vulnerabilities and other such security dangers. This software scans the website daily for any such vulnerabilities. If any such are detected, the software sends an immediate notification to the company. Norton Secured serves tens of millions companies each year.


Pricing & Free Trial

The checkout system accepts Visa and MasterCard as methods of payment. The retail price of a bottle of Force Fit XL is $95.13 which, like the company’s shipping charges, is a bit higher than the supplement industry standard. Per company policy, trial period customers are billed $95.13 plus a shipping and handling $6.95 for a total of $102.08 every 30 days. This cycle begins the day after the trial ends unless the customer contacts customer service to cancel. Buyers are responsible for any fees or sales tax applicable to the region of order.

Since the merchant accepts only two major credit cards, many customers may be frustrated by the lack of option to purchase with PayPal. As PayPal has easily become the gold standard in online transaction sites, the company would likely attract more customers – and make their fitness solutions available to more men – if they included this as a payment option. Although some supplement suppliers often offer discounts (or other value incentives) for multi-item purchases, FreshFlore Nu, LLC is not offering any at this time.


  • Force Fit XL formula blend is 100% nature-based.
  • Customers may take advantage of a 14-day trial period for an upfront cost of shipping only.
  • It may boost strength and stamina, heighten energy levels and increase muscle strength and size.


  • The cost of shipping is slightly higher than the current going rate on the supplement market.
  • Some buyers may find the auto-delivery program inconvenient.
  • The website does not currently offer a live chat customer support function.

Force Fit XL

Summary: Force Fit XL is an all-natural testosterone booster specially designed for men who want to work harder to see more extreme results from their workouts at a quicker pace. Its formula is entirely organic and features KSM 66 Ashwaghanda Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Powder and Eurycoma Longifolia Root as its active ingredients. It is designed as a daily-use capsule. It is marketed to fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes. It is researched, developed and marketed in the United States by a health and fitness supplier named FreshFlore Nu, LLC. It may help to increase strength, stamina, energy, endurance and lean muscle.

FREE TRIAL to $95.13
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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