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What Is Finaflex Pure Test?

Finaflex Pure Test is a natural testosterone booster that increases testosterone levels through a popular active ingredient, D-Aspartic Acid (DAA). Studies performed on humans have shown the benefits of using this supplement to heighten testosterone levels in order to gain strength and build lean muscle mass efficiently. Simultaneously, this supplement encourages the reduction of fat.

This supplement is easy to take since it only requires one serving per day, preferably taken before bed for maximum efficacy. Because of the strength and efficacy of the supplement, it should be taken for between six to twelve weeks. However, it is strongly advised that it should not be used for more than 90 consecutive days.

By supplying your body with this naturally occurring substance as directed, you can reach your fitness goals more efficiently or overcome a plateau in your muscle building plan. Diet is an essential component to any fitness strategy, but sometimes it is difficult to provide your body with the components it needs to build substantial amounts of muscle.



Finaflex, formerly known as Redefine Nutrition, has a long track record of manufacturing effective products. Every product is designed to meet the specific requirements of each, individual set of product goals. For example, Finaflex Pure Test is designed specifically for the natural promotion of testosterone levels. The company has been producing quality products since 2008 and has focused its efforts on products specifically designed for competitive sports and bodybuilding.

Finaflex has been noticed by leaders in the athletic community because of an intelligent design of supplements as well as the use of reliable manufacturing methods. Several celebrity fitness stars supporting Finaflex products include DaShaun Johnson, Joe Mackey, and Erin Stern.

One of the benefits of purchasing supplements from this manufacturer is that you can be assured of the quality of the product you are buying. Unlike some other brands, this manufacturer performs quality control testing to make sure that you are getting the proper dosage of the active ingredients you need.


How Finaflex Pure Test Works?

Pure Test is designed to increase testosterone levels without artificial ingredients. DAA encourages the body’s natural functions to reach peak testosterone production. Thorough testing by governmental agencies has shown that testosterone has anabolic effects that can be clearly seen in studies with male animals with low testosterone as well as studies regarding muscle size in male and female animals.

A recent study was performed in which healthy men were given doses of testosterone and the effects on fat-free mass and the development of muscle were carefully tracked. Muscle measurements were performed by magnetic resonance imaging before and after the treatments. Meanwhile, the men were kept within a standardized intake of energy and protein to reduce variables based on lifestyle.

Results showed that body weight increased significantly and fat-free mass increased. Both triceps and quadriceps leg muscle increased a great deal and creatine, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and transaminase remained the same. Finaflex Pure Test takes advantage of the effects of increased testosterone, including increasing muscle mass, by supplying DAA to encourage testosterone synthesis and greater muscle development.


Ingredients of Finaflex Pure Test

Pure DAA is an amino acid derivative that has been proven to increase baseline testosterone levels. There are three grams of DAA in each capsule of Pure Test. Besides the active ingredient, the capsules contain gelatin, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #6, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin and Silica.

DAA is an amino acid regulator that affects the construction of testosterone. It has been shown to boost low levels of testosterone as well as increasing the testosterone levels of healthy men. Unlike some supplements, Pure Test has been through human studies, not just animal studies, and DAA has been shown to positively impact muscle development and body fat ratios. Because of the potency of DAA, one should not exceed recommended dosage.

As with any supplement, it is important to keep this product out of the reach of children and do not use it if you are pregnant or nursing. You should consult your doctor before using Pure Test if you have any health issues.

You should discontinue use if you have a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting, etc. Common side effects may include acne, hair loss and mood changes – increased aggressiveness.



The advantages resulting from increased testosterone levels are far reaching. For the bodybuilder and competitive athlete, the main advantages for taking this type of supplement include an increased ability to build lean muscle mass and to maintain a lower amount of body fat. In spite of possible side effects, the advantages are clear for anyone trying to build muscle in a timely way and to maintain their muscle gain. The ability to reach goals can allow serious and amateur bodybuilders to gain the self-esteem that comes with success. Not only does it give a bodybuilder a feeling of satisfaction and a competitive edge, but it provides great strength and stamina that can be seen in every area of life both inside and outside of the gym.

In order to verify the efficacy of DAA, some people have had blood work done privately, outside of clinical trials, in order to determine whether Finaflex Pure Test worked or not. For example, one respondent found that a medium to high dosage of the product resulted in increased testosterone levels that were verified by testing.

Individuals may expect varying results, but it can be seen that people with normal testosterone levels as well as those with low levels could benefit from the addition of an amino acid derivative that aids in testosterone synthesis.



Finaflex Pure Test has a quality control process to verify the amount and purity of the ingredients. Verification is performed using High Performance Liquid Chromatography. HPLC is a method used by intensely regulated pharmaceutical companies as well as strictly monitored research and development programs. HPLC testing is very precise and capable of picking up on any contaminants as well as verifying the amount and quality of the active ingredient.

HPLC testing is performed in a laboratory with controlled parameters that ensure consistent testing. By performing HPLC testing, Finaflex shows dedication to providing a product with a regulated amount of each component so that you can be sure you are receiving the proper dosage of supplement every time you take it.



The web is full of testimonials about Finaflex Pure Test. One respondent who had been weight training for 8 years talked about how he had been suckered into buying just about everything on the market for a period of time and so he had tried many products. Later, he became more intelligent in his research and carefully chose Pure Test because of the reviews he had read about DAA.

He had blood work done before and after taking Pure Test and saw his free T levels go from the 600’s to the low 1000 range. Meanwhile, he increased his lean muscle mass and dropped body fat from 15 to 12% in spite of the fact that he was not completely committed to eating clean, having a love for beer and wings. He felt that the great results were due in part to his use of Pure Test.

Another reviewer in his twenties decided to use supplements and found that DAA coupled with an estrogen blocker had great results with his exercise program including strength gains and weight loss. The final results included 5% body fat and more strength than he had ever known. He found that he had gains in each area of exercise over a two-month period.

Another Pure Test customer specifically set out to create a more chiseled physique. While he was meeting with success in terms of weight loss and muscle gain, he could not pass a certain plateau to get the results he wanted. In spite of his work, he could not bring his body fat down to 8% in spite of a strict diet and training schedule. He added Pure Test to his regime and found that he could work out more effectively with increased stamina and that he was finally able to get the cut look he had been trying to achieve.


Awards & Media Coverage

Celebrity bodybuilders are all over Finaflex Pure Test. DaShaun Johnson, known as the “Guru of Abs” has taken the fitness world by storm by focusing on the sculpting of Abs. Viewing his gallery will convince anyone that he understands how to increase muscle and decrease fat. As a NIKE trainer, he provides great techniques and tips for fitness and has used Finaflex products for years. Even before signing with the supplement company, he was using the products by personal choice.

Similarly, Joe Mackey inspires people with his bodybuilding physique. He loves working out, but adds to his success by using Finaflex. This NPC Super Heavy weight bodybuilder has been using these supplements to achieve his astonishing results. His profile and galleries can be found on many websites.

Erin Stern loves Finaflex products and has used them to compete in and win the Ms. Figure Olympia contest twice, earning her a place as a fitness persona. Her Elite Body 4 Week Fitness Trainer includes supplement reviews. She also focuses on a nutrition regime and focused training.

Money-back Guarantee

It is great to read customer reviews, check into active ingredients, talk to friends at the gym, listen to fitness gurus and research the quality of the manufacturer of a product. The real test of product efficacy is when you receive the product and begin to take it. Every person reacts to medication and supplements differently and you won’t know for sure if it will work for you until you try it.

Finaflex Pure Test can be returned if you are not a satisfied customer. However, you must be careful to meet the refund deadline. Return shipments for all Finaflex products must be returned before the deadline of 30 days of the original ship date. Be sure to retain your packing information so that you can return the product in the event that you find it to be unsatisfactory. If you believe you are getting insignificant results or are experiencing side effects, be sure to return the product in a timely way.



Shipping depends on the vendor you choose to purchase Finaflex Pure Test. If you buy directly from the manufacturer’s official website, you can expect free shipping for standard deliveries. However, if you need expedited shipping, it can cost approximately $50. If you are desperate to get the product and it isn’t available in your area, it may be worth the price. This is especially true if you need it before a competition or athletic event. Just remember that it is best to plan in advance when making this purchase or buy from a local source in order to avoid the extra fee for expedited shipping.

There are many websites selling Pure Test as well as brick and mortar stores. Shipping may vary from one vendor to another. Brick and mortar stores may also have their own refund policies. If you don’t buy directly from the manufacturer’s website, be sure to look into the shipping costs and delivery times before purchasing the product.


Customer Support

Customer support also depends on the vendor you choose in terms of dealing with delivery questions, etc. The manufacturer’s website clearly states their policies, such as refund and shipping. When dealing directly with the company, you will have access to a submission form on their website. There are also phone numbers to call to speak with someone with the manufacturer.

You can talk to someone onsite if you purchase Finaflex Pure Test from a local vendor. Remember that staff members in a supplement store or in a health food market may not be experts on this particular product. Many people choosing to use Pure Test may want advice from people who have expertise in bodybuilding and competitive athletic events. If you can choose a store that is staffed by people with fitness knowledge, you can access information whenever the store is open as long as they are informed in the area you are researching.


Safe & Secure Checkout

FinaFlex offers a secure checkout with clear privacy policies available for review on the website. It is reassuring to know that your personal information will only be used as stated on the website. The refund policy and terms of service are also clearly defined and available for review at check-out.

If you aren’t purchasing Finaflex Pure Test directly from the manufacturer, make sure to review the website where you are shopping to verify that they have appropriate SSL certificates, encryptions, or safety logos ensuring that you are at a safe and legitimate site. When purchasing directly from the manufacturer’s website, you can pay with PayPal, giving you another layer of protection in your purchase. When shopping with PayPal you will not be required to give any credit card information.



Finaflex Pure Test is available for the price of $32.95 for 120 capsules on the manufacturer’s website. However, there are bargains to be had on the internet. DAA products are known to be expensive due to the cost of the active ingredient. While Finaflex Pure Test is already considered to be inexpensive for a DAA supplement, it may be possible to get an even lower price when vendors have special offers. It pays to shop around to find sites offering discounts or bundled sales. For example, 120 capsules can sometimes be found on sale for approximately $20.00. On the other hand, make sure that you are purchasing from a reliable and secure site where you will receive prompt shipping and good customer service.


  • Finaflex Pure Test helps your own body to naturally increase testosterone production through supplementing the availability of D-aspartic Acid (DAA) to aid in the synthesis of testosterone resulting in higher T levels.
  • Increased T levels lead to the development of lean muscle mass while reducing fat and allowing for an optimal amount of body fat.
  • Pure Test has been tested both in human studies and has been shown to be effective for increasing T levels, increasing lean muscle mass, and reducing fat.
  • Pure Test is produced by Finaflex, whose product line is endorsed by many top fitness experts, such as DaShaun Johnson, Joe Mackey and Erin Stern. The fact that these famous fitness celebrities use Finaflex products is a real testament to the quality of the manufacturing since they are people who are cautious about what they put into their bodies.


  • Finaflex Pure Test may not be advised for people under the age of 18 years old and should not be used by women who are pregnant or nursing. If you are under 18 or may become pregnant, you should discuss the use of this supplement with a trusted doctor.
  • While you can stagger the use of Pure Test and use it to coincide with your schedule and/or athletic events or competitions, it must not be used for more than 90 consecutive days. Since it is a powerful supplement, you should keep track of how often you use it and discontinue use if you suffer from side effects.
  • While many people are sold on the benefits of using Pure Test, some people feel that a healthy individual can get almost the same results that are obtained through the use of Pure Test with sheer will power, proper diet, and workouts.

Finaflex Pure Test

Summary: Finaflex Pure Test promotes the body’s natural production of testosterone to boost T levels in both men with low testosterone as well as healthy people by supplying D-aspartic Acid (DAA); an amino acid regulator that naturally aids in the synthesis of testosterone. Human studies have shown that DAA increases T levels and helps individuals to build lean muscle mass while reducing fat. The efficacy of this product is backed by blood test results, testimonials, and celebrity fitness support as well as being manufactured by a respected supplement manufacturer and quality controlled by strict lab testing (HPLC). The availability of free shipping and a money back guarantee has boosted the popularity of this product.

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