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What Is Decadren Muscle Enhancer?

Decadren Muscle Enhancer is an all-natural nutritional fitness supplement comprised of a lineup of amino acids formulated to support maximum muscle gains and fat-burning. The active ingredients in its proprietary formula blend are the amino acids L-Valine, L-Leucine and Isoleucine. Together, these are designed to enhance the body’s process of protein synthesis to build more strong, lean muscle mass at an accelerated rate. This product may also be used as a weight loss supplement, as it is also designed to enhance the process of thermogenesis (fat-burning). Additional body gains promised with consistent use include improved strength, power, energy, stamina and mental clarity.

This supplement is produced and sold in the United States by a US-based health and fitness supplement supplier. It can be used for a variety of different fitness purposes across different demographics of healthy adults. It may offer fitness-enhancing potential for any active adult looking to sculpt a leaner, more fit physique. It is also marketed to fitness competitors such as athletes, weightlifters, bodybuilders, runners and any other sports professional. Its formula is entirely organic and does not contain any harmful fillers, GMO’s or other dangerous ingredients and is considered safe for use for most adults.



This purported muscle-enhancing nutritional supplement is manufactured by an established health and fitness supplier called Meromero, Inc. Its corporate headquarters are located in Ocean View, Delaware (in the United States, where all of Meromero, Inc.’s products are manufactured). Meromero, Inc. is thought to specialize in muscle-enhancing fitness supplements, though it does offer a range of other nutritional products for various needs and purposes. It also offers several supplements formulated specifically to boost testosterone levels. At present, there is no official company website nor does Meromero, Inc. provide links to its full line of products and services (on the official Decadren Muscle Enhancer website).

Anyone interested to learn more about this particular nutritional supplier may be disappointed to learn that there is very little information available online. Unfortunately, the company does not provide a company history, a manufacturer mission statement nor does it offer availability on any social media outlets. As such, the most direct way to find more information regarding Meromero, Inc. is to contact a member of its customer service department to speak with a team member directly. It it not known whether this company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau at this time.


How Decadren Muscle Enhancer Works?

This nutritional supplement features a balance of amino acids designed to work in synergy to provide more energy and fuel to muscle cells, potentially enhancing workout and weight loss capability. It is produced in capsule form. When taken by mouth, the capsules dissolve in the body and then disperse the amino acids throughout the bloodstream, instigating chemical changes that optimize the body’s potential for muscle-building, energy, strength and stamina. Users should take one to two capsules daily for a minimum of three months in order to attain maximum results; furthermore, users must be advised that the results attained through supplementation depend on individual characteristics – the leaner and more balanced one’s diet (in combination with an active lifestyle and a regular exercise program), the more fat burned as well as the more muscle mass may be built. The capsules may be taken with a glass of water, with a protein shake or stacked with other complementary diet supplements.

One of the primary ways Decadren Muscle Enhancer promises to improve body composition is by enhancing the natural process of protein synthesis. For those newer to the world of anabolic nutritional supplements, protein synthesis is the body’s method and process for generating new muscle cells, an essential process to rebuilding torn muscle tissue after exercise. Protein synthesis happens in four distinct phases; many fitness professionals recommend supplementing to increase protein and amino acid availability several times a day in order to increase and enhance training-induced protein synthesis gains. Some trainers even recommend enhancing this process through supplementation before workouts, during workouts and after workouts for maximum lean muscle gain and post-workout muscle recovery. Also known by the phase ‘skeletal muscle hypertrophy,’ protein synthesis is essentially the process whereby muscles get bigger.


Ingredients of Decadren Muscle Enhancer

Each of the ingredients making up this performance enhancer’s formula blend are derived from plants, roots, herbs, flowers, vitamins and minerals. The capsules are fully legal and are generally considered safe for most adults; however, it is always advisable to research the ingredient list thoroughly and to consult with a health professional if necessary, as some may have allergies to the plant extracts.

The active botanicals in the Decadren Muscle Enhancer formula blend are as follows:

  • L-Leucine;
  • L-Isoleucine;
  • L-Valine;
  • Gelatin;
  • Magnesium Stearate.

L-Leucine is an essential branched chain amino acid crucial to the biosynthesis of proteins, which has helped to make it a popular ingredient in fitness-enhancing nutritional supplements. One of this amino acid’s primary functions is to help preserve and to repair lean muscle tissue, which may help users lose more weight in a shorter period of time. The anabolic properties of L-Leucine are thought to be especially effective in supporting muscle regulation and support when used to supplement a weight loss program, allowing users to lose less muscle mass in the process of shedding pounds. Since the body does not produce L-Leucine on its own, it must be obtained via diet through such foods as brown rice, nuts, whole foods and nutritional supplements. Although research is limited at this point, L-Leucine is popular as a fitness aid to augment the benefits of testosterone-boosting and weight-burning supplements.

L-Isoleucine is also an amino acid that, like L-Leucine, is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. It is a branched-chain amino acid compound and plays a key role in many important bodily processes. Also like L-Leucine, it is not produced naturally by the body and must be sourced via dietary means. It is especially effective in promoting fast, efficient muscle tissue repair and may also support significant gains in strength, energy and muscular stamina. L-Isoleucine works to stabilize blood sugar levels, to efficiently utilize nutrients during exercise, to support muscle recovery in athletes and to boost fat-burning; deficiencies in this amino acid commonly cause effects such as headaches, irritability, confusion and fatigue.

L-Valine – a third amino acid also playing a crucial role in the biosynthesis of proteins – is also included in this nutritional profile for maximum muscle recovery, lean muscle-building and thermogenesis-enhancing potential. L-Valine helps to supply increased energy to the body and works to repair stressed muscle tissue more quickly after strenuous workouts. Likely due to its energy-producing properties – which include supplying energy to the brain as well as to the body – it is also known for boosting mental clarity, alertness and sometimes even overall mood levels. L-Valine is one of twenty total amino acids essential to the process of building proteins; as another essential amino acid, the body cannot produce L-Valine naturally, so it must also be ingested via dietary means. It plays an especially important role in regulating absorption of other amino acids and contains several precursors for two amino acids (Glutamine and Alanine), which are utilized as fuel for muscle cells (particularly during intense strength-training sessions)

Other ingredients to the product formula include Gelatin and Magnesium Stearate.



Decadren Muscle Enhancer offers a plethora of potential benefits, first and foremost the ability to dramatically boost the body’s natural production of bioavailable testosterone. The plant extracts in its formula may help to restore diminished stamina, energy, muscle size and strength associated with age-related testosterone decline. By purportedly supplying a greater amount of energy to muscle cells, it may boost energy levels for greater energy for workouts and for everyday life. Many fitness enthusiasts may be especially interested in this product’s promise to help increase lean muscle mass faster, potentially supporting lean layers of rock-hard muscle gained rapidly (in accordance with a quality strength-training program). It may also help to strengthen muscles as well as to promote faster post-workout recovery time and less muscle soreness and cramping.

Furthermore, this organic supplement may promote accelerated weight loss with its amino acid technology, which purportedly works to improve the process of protein synthesis and may thereby help the body to burn calories at a faster rate. Its amino acid content may also help those who are trying to lose weight to do so while losing as little lean muscle mass as possible (in the process). With a nutritional profile comprised of what the manufacturer refers to as premium-quality ingredients, users are guaranteed that the product formula is 100% organic with no harmful or illegal additives. Furthermore, Decadren Muscle Enhancer promises to be side effect-free for most healthy adults (though of course all users should carefully read the ingredient list to make sure none of the extracts may interact negatively with any known allergies, medical conditions or medications). Finally, the fact that this supplement is a legal performance enhancer may make it an especially attractive option for athletes and fitness performers looking to gain an edge in the game.



Each product from this health and fitness manufacturer comes with a United States-produced quality guarantee. For many consumers, this means that the product facilities are in compliance with rigorous federal standards regarding food safety and optimal manufacturing practices. Such certification also guarantees that the food product sold is at least minimally effective for the stated purposes for a minimum of users. This is a protection offered to consumers to help eliminate (or at least limit) the production and distribution of unsafe or fraudulent products to the maximum extent possible. Many fit buyers will also appreciate the fact that their contribution will go toward supporting their national economy.

Decadren Muscle Enhancer is also certified as being 100% organic. This is a major appeal for those who want to improve their fitness level and physical performance without the health risks associated with dangerous, illegal anabolic steroids. The official product website does not state whether its facilities have been certified as being in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (considering many seasoned supplement suppliers look for this certification when considering a new product).



I started taking Decadren Muscle Enhancer as part of a brand-new diet and exercise overhaul. I felt like I had really plateaued as far as workout results were going, and the fact that I’m pushing 50 definitely didn’t help matters. I started a high-protein, low-carb diet and a new strength-training and cardio exercise program; I didn’t think I could do it, but I knew I had to try. I started out each workout by taking this with a couple glass of water before each session, and I noticed a major increase in my energy levels and my stamina within weeks. One month later, I’m ten pounds down, I can do twice as many squats and I can’t wait to see where else this stuff takes me.

– Brandt, textile manufacturer in Lansing, MI, USA

I was very skeptical at first, but I stuck with making this a part of my regular diet and training routine, and I am surprised to say that the strength and energy gains I got from it helped me to break my yearlong lifting record. I started walking every night too, so that also helped, but Decadren Muscle Enhancer really gave me the extra pep I needed to maintain that routine. I’ve lost an inch around my waist, and I plan to keep burning the pounds off until I can see my abs again. Looking better has also helped me to have more confidence, even when I’m out at the bar talking to new ladies. I would recommend this to any guy who works hard and wants to play hard, too.

– Trevor, metal worker in Scranton, PA, USA

Most of the test boosters I’ve tried have made me extra jittery, not to mention the fact that they’ve also given me the shakes and diarrhea. It hasn’t been a great experience, so I was apprehensive about trying something new. Almost six months later, I’m glad I decided to give it a try – these little tablets give me an extra jolt of strength to get in as many reps as possible when I’m working out. I’ve lost five pounds and counting. I’ve recommended this to every one of my gym buddies.

– Miguel, factory worker in Sioux Falls, SD, USA

My work schedule has been absolutely insane lately, and it hasn’t left me with a lot of spare time or energy to work out. I’d gained quite a beer belly in the process, so I knew it was time to do something about it. From what I’d read, this stuff seemed the best bet for getting the best results for a more limited time spent exercising. I typically take one capsule before breakfast and the other before lunch or workout sessions, and I’ve not only dropped two pants sizes but am also starting to get a chiseled, lean look again. I’ve even added a couple of extra hours of cardio to my weekday routine.

– Evan, company trainer in Roswell, NM, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Decadren Muscle Enhancer has received coverage from a variety of television media outlets, which has no doubt contributed to its popularity among health and fitness enthusiasts. It has been advertised on a number of online sports and fitness-oriented blogs as well. Likely as a result, it has become one of the top-selling testosterone-boosting nutritional supplements on the market. It seems to have also generated a bit of a buzz among supplement review forums online. At this time, it has not been nominated for any awards or accolades as of yet.

This supplement has also been widely reviewed among muscle boosting-supplement consumers online as well. Many of its champions have cited such workout results as noticeably improved energy levels and less recovery time necessary after strenuous sessions. This, said such reviewers, helped their muscles repair more quickly and seems to have resulted in increased lean muscle gains. Other reviewers cited mild side effects such as shakiness and stomach upset. The overall consensus among supplement reviewers is that it does seem to provide a significant boost in energy and muscular endurance.


Money-back Guarantee

Anyone who purchases Decadren Muscle Enhancer outside of the trial program is protected by the manufacturer’s 30-day money-back return policy. To initiate a refund, buyers must simply contact a member of customer care at the toll-free telephone provided to receive further instructions for returning their product. Customers will then receive a Return Authorization Number, which must then be clearly written on the package before sending to fulfillment facilities. All return parcels must be received by the shipping department within 30 days of the original order date to qualify for a refund. Once a return has been fully processed, customers may opt to receive a reimbursement by check or by credit card; email confirmations of returns are also sent once processed.

The manufacturer also offers fraud protection for buyers, wherein the company will refund any cases of fraud or identity theft (or similar such unauthorized transactions). All shipping and handling charges associated with instances of identity theft are similarly refunded. Other instances of return requests may be issued at the sole discretion of the company. According to current terms and conditions, returns are limited to one product per order. Refunds may be delayed in the event a customer provides an incorrect name or billing address; refunds are applied to customer banking accounts within 30 days of the request, though credits normally appear much faster.



The current going rate for shipping and handling per the official product website is $4.99. Orders can be shipped to any state within the United States, including Puerto Rico. All orders leave the Orlando shipping facilities within 72 hours of purchase. The product website gives approximate delivery times upon order, though actual delivery times may vary according to the region of order. Aside from fraudulent charges, shipping and handling are not refundable under any circumstance.

Orders are primarily shipped using the United States Postal Service First Class service. Parcels are sent out on all business days but are not shipped on Saturdays, Sundays or on any holidays. The manufacturer does not offer shipping insurance at this time, though it does have policies in place to protect the customer in the event the parcel is lost or stolen in transit. Customers must pay for any shipping and handling charges associated with returns. In addition, most shipping fees are non-refundable.


Customer Support

This company prides itself on above-and-beyond customer service support for all customers at all points of a sale, whether one is a current account holder (with Meromero, Inc.) or whether one is considering purchasing Decadren Muscle Enhancer. Both Meromero, Inc.’s corporate headquarters as well as its return facilities are located in the United States in Orlando, Florida. This location also accepts general inquiries and physical correspondence. There is a toll-free 1-877 telephone numbers for access to a live customer support representative. For further convenience, there is also a customer service email address provided on the product website.

The customer service department hours of operation run from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. It also offers customers the added convenience of weekend availability, from 9:00 a.m. through 6:00 pm EST on Saturdays. Support team members have been trained to handle all aspects of customer accounts and, furthermore, have the authority to alter or cancel customer accounts at any time. Support members have been trained to assist in such areas as billing, shipping and delivery, company policies, member accounts, product usage and more. There is no online submission form (for online inquiries) at this time, though customers may still utilize the support email address provided elsewhere on the site.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The privacy policy on the official Decadren Muscle Enhancer website is an excellent source of detailed information on the company’s use of customer information, the methods in which sensitive data is stored as well as its information collection and distribution practices. Per the privacy, all customer data is kept in a single, highly secure environment accessible only to select company members as needed. Customers may opt to prevent the company from sharing basic information (potentially used for marketing purposes) by contacting the customer service department. Customers can also opt out of any communications from the company (received by email, phone or by text) regarding promotional offers or other such marketing purposes. In addition, all sensitive customer data is password-protected for maximum information security and privacy.

The Decadren Muscle Enhancer website also bears a Secured safety seal. This additional layer of online information protection to secure all sensitive data stored on the company’s servers. This Secure Socket Layer technology – which posits its services as the most secure SSL technology on the market – also comes with a McAfee Secure trustmark to guard against cyber intrusion. Its services include encryption technology to encode customer data with ciphers and keys in order to render it unreadable to any potential third-party intruders. security technology uses SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption methods, which are currently regarded as some of the most secure on the market.

This manufacturer also assures consumers that all information stored on its secure servers are further protected from attempted misuse via industry standard encryption software. This technology, which is also called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, encrypts all data transmitted between the customer’s server and the company’s, with key ciphers and algorithms; this makes the data unreadable to potential cyber intruders. Only select employees such as billing specialists or customer service representatives are able to access sensitive customer information when requested for product services by the customer. Meromero, Inc. also asserts (via its privacy policy) that all company employees are kept up-to-date on all current data security and privacy practices. Any changes in the current privacy policy – which is subject to change at any time – will be reflected on the product website.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full retail price for a bottle of Decadren Muscle Enhancer is $94.94. The post-trial discounted price for a 30-day supply is $89.95 plus shipping and handling. Accepted forms of payment are major credit cards Visa, MasterCard and Discover; PayPal is not accepted at this time. At this time, per the manufacturer, all new orders must be placed online – the company does not accept orders via telephone at this time. Any overdraft or other fees incurred as a result of a product purchase are the responsibility of the customer; similarly, buyers are responsible for any taxes or fees associated with their region of order. The terms and conditions on the product website further detail that all charges are to be paid in United States currency.

Decadren Muscle Enhancer is also available directly from the manufacturer for a 14-day trial period for the cost of shipping only. This evaluation period includes four days for processing and transit time as well as ten days for actual trial use; therefore, the actual trial period is approximately ten days. On the last day of the trial period, if the program member does not email customer service to cancel their account, the member’s active credit card will be charged a discounted price for the bottle used. Then, after the trial ends, will incur subsequent charges for a fresh 30-day supply delivered to their doorstep every month (though members can opt to cancel the auto-delivery program before it begins as well as modify or cancel anytime afterward). For post-trial account holders, the cost of shipping and handled is added to each monthly delivery.


  • Decadren Muscle Enhancer may promote the body to drastically increase its production of free testosterone for more strength, stamina and lean muscle gains.
  • It may elevate energy levels and promote the process of fat-burning.
  • There is a 14-day trial program available as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The 14-day trial period subtracts four days for shipping and handling, reducing the trial period to ten days.
  • There is no information as to whether this product is available internationally.
  • There is very little company information online regarding the manufacturer.

Decadren Muscle Enhancer

Summary: Decadren Muscle Enhancer is an organic testosterone booster formulated specifically for men to stimulate the increase of natural testosterone production for enhanced workout performance and lean muscle-building capability. It may support such gains as improved vascularity, muscle strength, stamina, endurance, sustained energy levels and optimal hormonal balance. It may be a great performance-enhancing nutritional supplement for athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters and other competitive fitness professionals, as its formula is not only legal but is entirely plant- and mineral-based. The manufacturer is based in the United States and offers a variety of promotions and occasional discounts for its products and services. This supplement is produced in the form of capsules and, per usage instructions, must be taken on a regular basis for a minimum of 90 days for the most extreme muscle-building and fat-burning results.

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