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What Is Decabolan?

This product is a testosterone booster specifically designed for men. The aim of the product is to give me an increase in lean muscle mass resulting from strenuous workouts. There is a concern when it comes to male testosterone levels. Scientists know that testosterone levels tend to drop off in men as they age. This can happen in men as young as 25 years old. As men experience these lowering testosterone levels, several things may happen. Notably, the man will have a hard time gaining muscle mass. No matter how hard the male may work out, it is unlikely that they will make much progress in their personal workout goals. This can be discouraging for many men. In fact, it could lead to some simply giving up on their goals. It could even lead to depression and the tendency of the man to withdraw from having any sort of physical or workout goals. On top of that, testosterone is related to energy levels in men. The lack of it could lead a man to have little to no energy. This is where this product is supposed to come in.

Decabolan is designed to give men the ability to product their own testosterone. This is not a hormone replacement drug. It is simply supposed to help give the body the building blocks that it already needs to help it make its own testosterone. The product may also raise energy levels associated with the testosterone boost. This helps men find the extra energy to continue their workout regimen. The product is not designed for women or for children under the age of 18. As such, the product does not yet have a large following of people. However, the notoriety of the supplement seems to be growing. It seems likely that it could become a common workout supplement in future years.



Decabolan is manufactured by a company by the name of Power Nutra. The company offers nutrition products, most of which are in the field of workout enhancements. It is unclear exactly how many products the company manufactures. The Better Business Bureau graded Power Nutra as a C-. This is a pretty low score for a business. The criteria by which the business was rated include the length of time the business has been in operation, length of time the business takes to respond to complaints, and the transparency of their business practices. The BBB has had 10 complaints against Power Nutra, and they have raised concerns about a failure to be transparent in their manufacturing practices. Specifically, the BBB has requested that they confirm their physical location. Their Buffalo, Wyoming address is not considered a physical location. Rather, it is considered a mailing address. Power Nutra has not responded to the BBB, causing some concern about transparency. This is one of the largest contributing factors to the low score.

However, this is not necessarily a deal breaker when it comes to ordering the product. Depending on the number of total orders, 10 complaints does not seem like a significant number. The rating of this business could simply have to do with the fact that the company has not been in operation very long. In fact, the rating could change significantly in the next year. It is also not clear if the complaints had anything to do with this specific product. It is possible that the complaints that were filed had nothing to do with this specific workout supplement. Hopefully the company can get this sorted out in coming years. However, it is just one rating. There are also a great number of customers that have been satisfied with the product.


How Decabolan Works?

This method works by combining several levels of physical improvement. First, the ingredients in Decabolan work to increase the blood flow within the male body. This can do a few different things. First, it can help the male to get more oxygen to their muscles. Oxygen is an important part of the creation of new cells. Since muscles are made up of cells, it makes sense that more oxygen is a good thing. With oxygen, the increased blood flow also carries nutrients to the muscles. This also assists in creating new muscles. Other ingredients of the product help the body communicate with various transmitters. This helps tell the body to take those nutrients and make more muscle out of them. In addition to creating lean muscle, the product also raises energy levels of consumers. This is also helpful in the creation of lean muscle because it helps the consumer feel motivated and energized enough to actually complete their workout. After all, you cannot see the benefits of a workout that you did not complete.

The supplement is not difficult to consume. It simply requires the man to take two capsules by mouth once per day. This is extremely easy. The supplements are easy to swallow, and the bottle is easy to store pretty much anywhere. Therefore, it is not inconvenient to travel with. Some consumers prefer to take the product on the way to the gym. Some prefer to take it after they eat a meal. There is no specific requirement. However, it is possible that some men see the maximum amount of energy increase if the product is taken during the day. This gives time for men to actually enjoy the effects of the increased flow of blood.


Ingredients of Decabolan

There are several ingredients in this product. Impressively enough, all of the ingredients come from natural sources. The first main ingredient is a substance called tribulus. This substance is essentially a spiny fruit. It is unclear why this particular fruit seems to aid in a variety of bodily functions. Among these functions is the production of testosterone. Regardless of the reason, tribulus is used in many different t vitamin and herbal supplements. Another ingredient in Decabolan is Fenugeek. This is a natural herb that grows in the Mediterranean, South Europe, and West Asia. It is known to increase energy and physical performance. It also helps the body product insulin, which may be related to the production of testosterone. This works with the ingredient called horny goat weed. Thus weed is common in Chinese medicine as a method to increase blood flow, sooth fatigue, and increase male vitality. These herbs are the bread and butter that make up this supplement.

There are also 3 key vitamins and minerals present in this product. First, the supplement contains zinc citrate. Research has proven that a zinc deficiency can inhibit the growth of new muscle. It is unlikely that an increase of testosterone levels would matter very much if the consumer had a zinc deficiency. Therefore, the product contains this zinc. The supplement also contains vitamin B6. This is a vitamin known to help energy levels. It is extremely essential for growth. The final mineral present in this product is magnesium sulfate. Magnesium is an important part of cellular growth. It is also commonly used by athletes to increase internal energy levels. All of the ingredients in this supplement are natural. As such, it is unlikely that there would be any side effects. However, it is important to check with a doctor if you have any medical conditions or if you take any other medications.



This product may offer a wide variety of advantages. First, it can increase lean muscle mass by anywhere from 5-20%. This can be great news for any man who has been working toward mass that they simply cannot seem to achieve. Since lowered testosterone prevents the body from making muscle, many men can spend valuable time working out to no avail. This product simply helps to correct that issue. This lean muscle can lead to the accomplishment of fitness goals. In fact, it can lead many men to an increase of self confidence. This confidence may bleed over into multiple other areas of life. This is including personal relationships and job performance. A little bit more confidence is never bad to have. In addition to more muscle mass, Decabolan is also shown to increase energy levels. This can also have a multitude of effects. More energy may mean better focus. This can lead to better job performance, including advancements and raises. More energy may mean more time to spend with family at the end of a long work day. It may even mean the ability to pick up a new hobby, sport, or activity. No matter how the consumer chooses to spend that excess energy, it is there for the taking. This aspect alone can literally change lives.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to this product is that it is made entirely from natural materials. This means that there is virtually no risk of side effects. It also means that it is much safer than prescription hormone medications. These synthetic hormone replacement drugs can cause a multitude of side effects, some of which are extremely harmful when taken over a long period of time. However, many men are willing to risk just that for the opportunity to increase their testosterone. This product offers the opportunity for men to experience all of the benefits of increased testosterone. However, instead of taking artificial and synthetic drugs, this product gives the consumer the chance to help their body increase testosterone levels in an entirely natural way.



This product currently holds no certificates. This is not really a cause for any concern. When manufacturing practices are small, they often forgo the flash of attaining certificates in order to spend more money on the quality of their product, website, and distribution efforts. This is likely the case with Decabolan. Although there are no official certificates, it is widely believed that the product is manufactured within the United States. This is considered a comfort to many people. At times, some foreign products add in additives that are not legal within the United States. These can be anything from ingredients to fillers. Domestic manufacturing assures that the ingredients used within the product are all legal ingredients that may be sold in product in this country. Domestic manufacturing also assures that shipping will be quicker and more efficient.

It is extremely important to point out the fact that it is not required for any vitamin or nutrition supplement sold within the United States to be certified by the FDA. Since vitamins are neither food nor medicine, they are not within the requirements of the FDA. That being said, every single ingredient used in this product is approved by the FDA individually. So, even though the product may not actually possess that certification, all of the individual components of the product do. This speaks to the quality and safety of the product. It also shows the consumer that certifications of the actual are not necessary. It is far better that the company spend that money on research and development of new products in addition to keeping up the products that they already manufacture.


Testosterone is not something that I ever really worried about. In fact, I did not think that I could even be experiencing lower testosterone levels at such a young age. Based on my success with Decabolan, I was clearly wrong about that idea. I can finally build the lean muscle that I have always wanted to have. I feel like my world is on fire.

– Pete M., New York, USA, 28

I’m not really into taking supplements. In general, I have never seen any measurable success from taking vitamins or workout supplements. That was until I discovered this product. It made the world of difference for me. I have more energy, more muscle, and a new love of my own body. I do not think I will ever go back.

– James S., New Jersey, USA, 31

I appreciate that Decabolan does not taste bad. I have spent years relying on nasty protein drinks to help me gain that extra muscle. Not only do those not work for me, but they usually taste foul and artificial. This product is so easy to take, and it does not require me to choke down something that I do not like!

– Ollie M., Dallas, Texas, USA, 39

This product is so easy to store and travel. I keep it inside my gym locker. That way, I always remember to take it during the time of the day when I am the most focused on my body. It takes less than 30 seconds to take, and I just take it with water. You really cannot get much easier or more convenient than that!

– Jackson M., Cleveland, USA, 40

I had a lot of questions regarding the use of this supplement. I wanted to know that this product could work for me before making the financial commitment to it. The customer service staff was happy to answer all of my questions by telephone or email. They seem knowledgeable, and they even gave me tips on how to make my diet and workout plan work with the product. Overall, it was an excellent service experience.

– Tom S. T., Dallas, USA, 50


Awards & Media Coverage

Decabolan has not yet received any significant awards. This is not really that surprising if you consider the small size of this particular manufacturing practice. In fact, it is pretty common. Since the product line is so small, the company does not use a lot of money on advertising. Most of the advertising done is simply online or on social media. Therefore, not a lot of people have even heard of the supplement. Knowledge of the product is growing, but there are a lot of similar products on the market. In fact, the market is kind of saturated with testosterone boosting products who all claim to do the exact same thing that this product does. As such, it does not stand out to people in charge of giving awards. A product cannot receive an award if no one knows about the product to nominate it. Therefore, it is not necessarily important that the product has failed to receive and awards.

As far as media presence goes, the product has a solid following on social media. There is a Facebook page where current consumers and former consumers may share their stories. When it is all said and done, most of the feedback on this product is positive. This is good to know. Social media offers opportunities for people to voice their honest opinions. For the voices using the product to be positive is definitely an accomplishment. In modern times, having a social media presence is important and even vital for the survival of a workout supplement. Therefore, this product is right where it should be in terms of media and social media presence.


Money-back Guarantee

This product does not have a money-back guarantee that is specifically stated. While guarantees are great, there are other things to consider when talking about the commitment of a company to back their products. Guarantees are only as good as the company guaranteeing the product. Many products that do offer such promises are lack the ability to back them in a way that actually benefits the consumer. For instance, many products offer a guarantee that has a lot of fine print. This fine print may state things such as the product can only be returned if it is unopened. This is not that helpful for consumers who try the product but decide that it is not for them. If the bottle is opened, they may have to pay. Even unopened, many consumers get stuck paying for things such as the cost to ship things back. Therefore, a shiny guarantee does not mean that the company is out for the consumer.

Decabolan may not have a guarantee, but they do offer a binding promise to their consumers in the form of a legal terms and conditions statement. In this statement, the company states that it will replace any defective product in accordance with the law. It also states that the subscription to the automatic billing system may be cancelled at any time without penalty to the consumer. It does not state that the company guarantees a refund for dissatisfaction. However, the addition of a free trial alleviates the need for this. Hopefully, the consumer has enough of a chance to try the product. Therefore, they would be able to cancel their subscription to the product before the end of the trial period if they are not satisfied.



Shipping for Decabolan usually takes anywhere from 3-5 business days. It is a total of $4.90 for the initial trial order to be shipped. The consumer may also elect to add insurance to the order for 99 cents. This allows the consumer to be reimbursed if something happens to the package. It also allows the package to be tracked for added convenience. Following the trial period, the consumer is charged $5.89 per month for shipping. This is on top of the cost for the actual product. This is a pretty standard charge. In fact, it is less than some other companies charge for shipping on similar products. The charge simply goes to assure that the product is handled and shipped in the most responsible and safe way possible.

Most reviews of this supplement suggest that the product is mailed through the United States Postal Service. This is a good thing. It means that all of the product will be handled with the care expected of our mail delivery. It also means that the product will generally be shielded from any intense elements such as wind, rain, and extreme temperature. This assures that the product arrives to consumers it its most authentic form. This is wonderful news both for safety and for overall quality control of the product.


Customer Support

Customer support for this product has great reviews. There are two common methods by which consumers may contact customer support. First, the product offers an email service that is available to all customers and potential customers. This allows consumers to think out their questions before they are asked to the support staff. It also allows consumers the ability to contact customer support at any time. Since customer support for Decabolan holds only certain hours, it is important that consumers feel that they may send an email to the company at any time. Potential customers may also use this method of contact to ask any questions they may have regarding the use of this product. The company understands that not all consumers like to talk to a live advisor. Therefore, email is much more convenient for many people.

For consumers who do not wish to send an email, there is an option to call a live advisor for the product. Hours for customer service are based on Central Standard Time. This tends to be a little bit more convenient for the entire company than Eastern or Pacific times. Hours for customer support are Monday through Friday from 9am until 6pm Central Standard Time. There are also hours on Saturday from 11am until 4pm Central Standard Time. This is a good option for anyone who may wish to actually talk to a live advisor about using the product. This can help the consumer to answer questions that they did not even know they had. It may even allow the support staff to offer the consumer tips regarding the proper use of the product, as well as diet and exercise routines to utilize while taking this supplement. Either of these methods of communication may be used for cancelling or billing purposes as well.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The website for Decabolan offers safe and secure checkout. First of all, the site has a 128 bit secure SSL connection. This allows all information used to stay out of the hands of potential hackers and thieves. This is good news for potential consumers. Enrollment in the trial for this product requires the enrollment of a payment card. This means that consumers are required to input some personal information when they sign up for the product. However, consumers should feel good knowing that the site is protected from any potential scam artists.

In today’s world, digital rights and security are extremely important. Offering a secure connection shows consumers that this company cares about the safety and well-being of its consumers. It also shows that the website is run by professions who know what they are doing when it comes to security. There is no login process required on this website. Therefore, any changes to your shipping or payment preferences should be made by talking to a live advisor. The company simply does not want to store any unnecessary information on their website. This may further protect consumers.


Pricing & Free Trial

Decabolan is pretty inexpensive to purchase. This is especially true if you consider the price of prescription hormone replacements. First of all, the company has included a free trial. This trial lasts a total of 14 days from the time the product is initially ordered. Unfortunately, it does a poor time accounting for shipping and handling time. Most consumers will not receive the product for at least 3-5 business days after the initial purchase. This means that they will usually only have 9-11 business days to try the product. This is not really enough time for any consumer to fully see the effect of the product. Enrollment in the free trial also requires enrollment in the automatic billing system. This means that the consumer is required to register a card with the company when the product is ordered. This enrolls the consumer in a subscription in which the product will be automatically billed and shipped every month. Some consumers like the convenience of this. Others do not.

Following the free trial period, consumers will be charged $100.49 total each month. This includes $94.60 for the product and $5.89 for shipping and handling of the product. This averages out to $3.34 per day. This is about $1.66 per capsule. When it is all said and done, this is not that expensive for a natural hormone boosting alternative. In fact, the total cost of the product is extremely competitive with similar workout enhancing supplements. The total cost and the automatic billing should not turn potential customers away from the product. In fact, it should be an attractive feature for potential consumers of this product.


  • Decabolan uses all natural ingredients, virtually eliminating any risk of potential side effects.
  • The product allows men who have been experiencing lowered testosterone levels to finally gain muscle mass that they are working toward.
  • The supplement naturally raises the energy levels for consumers to take the product regularly.


  • As a testosterone booster, the product is intended only for men and will not help women or children under the age of 18.
  • The manufacturer has a poor rating with the U.S. Better Business Bureau.
  • Decabolan is a small manufacturing company that has received no official recognition through any award or media outlets.


Summary: Decabolan is a supplement aimed at raising testosterone in male body. Raising testosterone can have effects ranging from the creation of lean muscle mass to higher levels of energy and better cognitive function. The manufacturer offers a free trial program through which consumers may try the product for 14 days before the initial purchase of the supplement. Enrollment in this trial requires the registration of the consumer in an automatic billing and payment plan in which the consumer will automatically be billed for and shipped the product on the same day every month.

FREE TRIAL to $94.60
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