D-Pol by Purus Labs Review – Is It a Scam?

What Is D-Pol?

D-Pol is a natural athletic dietary supplement that provides ingredients to help stimulate the body’s natural testosterone production. Unlike many testosterone boosters that use a formula of exotic botanicals with minimal scientific research, D-Pol has only very well researched and established ingredients that have been proven in human trials to result in increased testosterone levels, increased energy levels and increased nitric oxide production. The supplement designed for endurance athletes and bodybuilders looking to increase strength and muscle mass as well as maintain longer workout periods and faster recovery times between workouts. It may help restore testosterone levels in older men or men who have a low testosterone condition. It may also raise testosterone levels in otherwise healthy men for a short period of time while being taken. When combined with a consistent and rigorous workout routine, this supplement may aid in gaining lean muscle mass and muscular endurance and maximize the health benefits of exercise.



D-Pol is created by an American supplement and athletic products company which is called Purus Labs that delivers a wide range of supplement and performance enhancing products target specifically to serious athletes and bodybuilders. The manufacturer maintains its own website, and not just product advertising pages like so many of its competitors. It has a much higher aim to be transparent and to communicate with customers the efficacy of its products and the scientific research behind them. With D-Pol the manufacturer takes care to explain it detail how the product works and the exact studies that support the implementation or even the exclusion of certain ingredients from the formula. This goes well beyond the usual advertising hype and meaningless graphs and statements published by most manufacturers. It shows that Purus Labs is not just selling hype or good advertising. They have clearly done serious investigation regarding the creation of the products and they are not at all afraid to show the details of that investigation and their reasoning. This is very refreshing among manufacturers of these types of supplements, and it is a rare find.


How D-Pol Works?

With D-Pol testosterone production and nitric oxide production are stimulated indirectly with the use of D-Aspartic Acid and B and D vitamins. Research has shown that DAA stimulates the production of hormones in the brain. It also builds up in the testicles to stimulate the production of testosterone. All human trials combined DAA with Vitamin B to increase effectiveness, so D-Pol also combines them. In addition to the synergy between the two ingredients, Vitamin B supplementation that includes several of the B vitamins and not just one, has been shown to increase protein metabolism and energy levels.

The supplement also makes use of emerging research on Nitrates and Vitamin D3 for their role in athletic performance and nitric oxide production. By stimulating nitric oxide production, blood flow, nutrients and oxygen are increased to muscles. This has the effect of increasing muscular endurance and decreasing muscle recovery time. Longer and harder workouts have been shown to have their own positive effects on testosterone production, so these combined effects have a strong synergy. An athlete that routinely performs intense workouts will stimulate testosterone production while increased testosterone will lead to better and longer workouts. This may considerably raise the athlete’s overall peak performance level over time. It is important to use the product continually because its effects will decrease sharply if dosage is decreased or not taken for a few days.


Ingredients of D-Pol

D-Aspartic Acid or DAA – 3120 mg

This substance is a form of the amino acid aspartic acid. It’s scientifically researched effects are unique to its form and are not mimicked by aspartic acid or other forms of that amino acid. Unlike many other testosterone boosting substances, DAA has been shown to block a limiting factor in testosterone production. This is a very important fact because the vast majority of supplements that do not use DAA are robbed of potential benefit by the body’s natural peak for testosterone levels. Essentially, DAA works to remove this peak, allowing testosterone to be boosted beyond its optimal level. This makes D-Pol suitable for men who wish to see increased testosterone levels even if they are already at a normal and healthy amount. It is one of the few ways to accomplish this without artificial hormones.

The effects of DAA in healthy men are relatively quick. Most men will see increases within 12 days and the increases will continue over time. The loss of the effect is, however, equally quick. A person who stops taking the supplement will see their testosterone levels return to normal in about a week.

Vitamin B6 – 2 mg

Vitamin B6 is an important water-soluble vitamin that is found in many foods. It is responsible for over 100 enzyme reactions related to metabolism making it an extremely important metabolic factor. While it is unlikely that a person following a normal healthy diet would become deficient, deficiency could cause a variety of problems. D-Pol delivers 100 percent of the daily amount to be sure athletes are getting a sufficient supply without going overboard. Since the vitamin is water-soluble excess amounts of the vitamin will only be wasted and not stored by the body.

Vitamin B9 as Folate – 400 mcg

This vitamin is directly responsible for helping cells turn glucose into energy. This makes it one of the most important vitamins in metabolism and it will help increase and maintain energy levels. The more active a person is, such as an athlete or bodybuilder, the more they will rely on proper levels of Vitamin B9 to maintain performance. A deficiency can result in abnormal fatigue and disease. D-Pol’s manufacturer makes notes that some people do not metabolize the common synthetic form of this vitamin, Folic Acid, so they have included the natural form, Folate in D-Pol. This is a nice touch that will help the supplement do the greatest good for the greatest number of users.

Vitamin B12 – 6 mcg

This is another important member of the B-vitamin complex that plays a strong role in metabolism and energy. Vitamin B12 plays a strong role in the immune system and digestive health. It is also necessary for the metabolism of Folate, so combining the two vitamins is important. Vitamin B12 occurs in most animal products, so it can be something that vegetarians and vegans commonly risk deficiency of. It is one of the most useful vitamins to supplement because it is easily stored in the body in large amounts, so it is unlikely that the supplemented amounts will be wasted.

Vitamin D3 – 4000 IU

Vitamin D plays a role in a wide variety of health conditions and body processes. Research has also shown a strong link between the amount of Vitamin D in the body and overall athletic performance. Although Vitamin D is produced naturally by the skin in contact with UV light, it is common for modern people to not produce enough Vitamin D with this method. This is also very climate and seasonal specific. In the summer months, a person may get all of the Vitamin D they need from the sun unless they live in the extreme north or south regions. In the winter, a person may produce hardly any Vitamin D from the sun. They will need to acquire it from food or supplementation. While it is possible to get healthy amounts of Vitamin D from food, getting upper-level concentrations shown to have an effect on athletic performance is difficult without supplementation. D-Pol provides the upper safe level of Vitamin D3 intake. The toxicity level, at which the vitamin concentration may become harmful is set at about 10,000 IU per day. This helps bring maximum benefit without risking toxicity.

Sodium – 130 mg

This supplement also contains a small amount of sodium. From a dietary standpoint, it is unclear why this small amount of sodium was included, and the manufacturer does not mention it in detail as it does with the other ingredients. Sodium is necessary for many body functions, but most people get plenty of sodium from the diet, and more than a few people probably get too much sodium. This ingredient may be a stabilizing ingredient or something that helps with absorption if the supplement is not taken with food.


This ingredient delivers roughly 73 percent of nitrates to the body. Nitrates are necessary for several body functions, and there is increasing research that they play a strong and vital role in nitric oxide production. This supplementation with nitrates will be useful and necessary to boost nitric oxide levels for athletic performance. Nitrates are converted to nitrites in the body. Nitrites have been shown, among other things, to reduce the need for oxygen in muscles. This is very important from an athletic and endurance standpoint because of lack of oxygen during intense workouts is often what leads to muscle exhaustion, failure and soreness.



D-Pol may be very advantageous for adult athletes and bodybuilders regardless of age or current level of activity. Its greatest advantage over many competing supplements may be that it will likely have positive testosterone boosting effects even on men who are already young, healthy and active. These men are likely already have high testosterone levels. The effects of DAA allow testosterone levels to be temporarily boosted beyond optimal levels, which many increase the overall positive effect on metabolism, endurance and the growth of lean skeletal muscle. In men suffering from a low testosterone condition, the formula is likely to restore testosterone levels and keep them at optimal for a longer period of time.

This supplement works primarily by an important synergy between testosterone and nitric oxide. While testosterone is a hormone that plays a strong role in athletic performance, nitric oxide is often the key to athletic endurance and muscle recovery. By increasing both of these levels, this supplement provides an athletic with both the hormonal stimulation for performance and muscle growth as well as the chemical keys that will help make that happen.

An important note is the level of scientific support in actual human trials provided by this formula. D-Pol puts in everything that was used in the very successful trials and studies while not adding anything extra or flashy. Customers can be assured in this case that they are paying for only proven ingredients without extra or fillers.



There are no known or advertised certificates for this product or its ingredients. This is not surprising since very few such ingredients ever achieve certification. In this case, however, the amount of published scientific support and evidence for the ingredients in the product and balance of the formula speak for themselves without the need of any particular certification. By offering detailed lab analysis through Clear Facts, the manufacturer is providing consumers with much of the same information and research that would be used to establish efficacy for certification. While it may take some extra work and reading, a concerned consumer would be able to gain a great variety of information on each ingredient from both trusted research and government websites.



This is an amazing product. I was always one who steered away from the crazy formulas found in many testosterone boosters. I prefer simple ingredient lists with well-proven substances that I actually understand. This supplement delivers that and then some. I was very pleased with the level of detailed information on their website and it wasn’t difficult to support that with a quick Google search. Each ingredient has proven effects on testosterone and performance. I am definitely feeling this after only a week of taking the supplement. – John M. Berryman, New York, USA

Finally, I’ve found a testosterone boosting supplement that really works. I was turned away by many other supplements that claimed huge benefits but that you had to take for two or three months before seeing much of an effect. I felt the effects of D-Pol within less than a week. Three weeks later, and I am feeling even more benefits. This product has greatly improved my workout performance, and I feel better than ever. – Howard M. Bronson, New Jersey, USA

I am very pleased with the results I’ve had with this supplement. It is easy to take and clearly effective. My workout routine improved within the first week. I noticed that I was able to workout for a much longer period of time before getting fatigued. Usually, it takes me a few days to fully recover from an intense workout, but after a week of supplementing with this product I was able to recovery as early as the next day and I felt ready to workout again. This has obviously allowed me to get a lot more workouts in and it is definitely paying off for me. I’m making tons more progress on my fitness goals than I did before. – Mark J. Thomas, London, UK

I’ve tried a wide variety of testosterone boosters on the market, and I haven’t been very satisfied with most of them. A lot of them didn’t seem to do much for my testosterone level. I am a younger guy who is already healthy and I was just looking for an edge in my performance. Where many products failed, this one succeeded in meeting my expectations. I’ve noticed actual positive changes in my workouts and my energy level is at an all-time high. Finally, I’ve found that edge up I was looking for thanks to this great supplement. – Tim S. Kaye, Toronto, Canada


Awards & Media Coverage

This product does not seem to have been given any awards or been covered widely by media outlets. Instead, it stands on the high level of scientific research performances and on the overall reputation of its manufacturer. This is opposite of many competing products that must rely on media hype and paid advertising in order to reach customers. Purus Labs has built a strong reputation for providing well-researched formulas and for making knowledge of its practices easily accessed by consumers. As the product gains popularity, there is some change for greater media coverage and support.


Money-Back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee associated with this product. The manufacturer does offer limited returns and refunds for products that are damaged or defective for some reason. It has one of the more limited return offers. The manufacturer states specifically that it does not accept returns of undamaged products. The customer would have to call the service number and explain the reason for their return and hope that it is accepted. If the reason for return is accepted, then the manufacturer provides a return mailer for use with returning the product. Unless customers receive an obviously damaged or defective product, it is probably wise to consider most purchases final. Since this product is sold in stores, however, it may be possible to return the product to a store for a refund with less hassle.



The manufacturer offers standard shipping rates and policies through its online store. The company appears to use FedEx Ground as its shipping method for most US addresses. It also has a special offer of free shipping for orders over $99. Customers can assume that shipping policies apply to all orders within the United States. Since the manufacturer does not provide details about international or military shipping on its website, a customer should inquire with the company before placing an order to these addresses. It is standard practice for additional costs, such as customers fees to be paid by the customer when shipping internationally. This is something that international customers should be aware of before purchasing.


Customer Support

It is clear that Purus Labs stands behind its products given the level of information and contact details are published on their site. They provide both phone and contact information but no mailing address. They also provided standard business hours for calling. While most customer service lines are designed to handle mostly returns and billing questions with substandard knowledge of the product or ingredients, that is not usually the case with this product. The manufacturer has done a great deal of investigation into its products and may be able to answer more detailed consumer questions than is standard.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Online shopping through the manufacturer’s store is a safe and secure experience. The web page displays all of the proper and necessary security and encryption logos. Customers can be assured that their shopping experience is a safe and secure transaction.



The pricing for D-Pol is very competitive compared to most testosterone boosters on the market. Priced at $22.49 for a 1-month supply, it is roughly half as expensive as the average competitor. It is not offered as part of a free trial, unlike most competitors, but it has the advantage of being free of a subscription plan. Customers can purchase the product as needed without worrying about continuous fees.

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