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What Is Crevalor?

Recently released on the market, Crevalor is one of the good, powerful and effective all-natural testosterone boosting supplements available today. Designed to help men fight off the unfortunately natural effects of losing energy with aging, Crevalor is jam packed with essential vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts to give your body the key ingredients it needs to boost the metabolism, increase energy, and experienced increase stamina and faster recovery from strenuous workouts.

A team of professional fitness scientists came together to research and test the perfect formula of energy boosting ingredients from the natural world. After carefully evaluating and analyzing hundreds of powerful herbal stimulants and ingredients, the manufacturers of Crevalor discovered that five purified herbal extracts, when combined together in exactly the right proportions, can unleash the body’s ability to produce high levels of energy. By carefully mixing ingredients that burn fat, boost the immense system, and promote cardiac health, the testosterone supplement offers men the ability to restore their energy, performance and endurance levels of their younger years.

The Performance Enhancing Effects from Crevalor



Crevalor is made in an FDA-registered facility in the United States. Each capsule of the product is carefully manufactured in a state of the art facility in Arizona, and each production round is submitted to random quality assurance examinations to ensure that the product meets all guidelines for purity, content and safety. Using carefully-sourced plants and herbal extracts, the manufacturers of the product are able to assure their customers that every single capsule will contain quality ingredients processed to ensure maximum potency.


How Crevalor Works?

Crevalor first works by using its carefully-blended formula to deliver key ingredients to the body to begin enhancing the circulatory system, burning fat, increase mental concentration, speed up muscle development and increase overall energy levels. As your body begins to use the powerful herbal ingredients of the product to heal and repair itself, thermogenic and reproductive systems will begin to thrive, leading to higher levels of energy, function and performance. The supplement delivers the perfect combination of minerals and plant ingredients to send your body’s metabolism into turbodrive, giving men the energy and essential building blocks necessary to increase body mass, reduce fat deposits, and enjoy an appetite for life.

The Science Behind Crevalor



L-Arginine HCL – Multiple scientific trials have demonstrated numerous benefits of taking L-arginine HCL, including reduced chest pain, lowered blood pressure, and general improvement throughout the circulatory system. In one scientific study, men who were suffering from energy loss taking 5 grams of L-arginine HCL every day experienced significant improvement in personal performance and endurance. L-argining HCL has also been given to patients after surgery to help boost their body’s natural healing functions and recover more quickly.

Maca Root – Originally discovered in the high mountain altitudes of Peru, men have been consuming maca root for centuries in order to treat loss of energy, “tired blood”, chronic lethargy, and other withering disorders. Men who consume maca root often experience controlled, sustained levels of energy throughout the day and report feeling sharper mentally, with improved levels of concentration and focus. The powerful stimulating effects of maca root may also help men suffering from lethargy, giving them a torrent of energy to unleash their body’s zest for life.

The Ingredients of Crevalor

Siberian Ginseng – While the term “ginseng” is loosely applied to a wide variety of roots, only three different varieties exist of “true” ginseng: American, Asian and Siberian. Of these three, the Siberian ginseng has been demonstrated to be the most powerful and potent, the root slowly developing over a decade in one of the harshest climates on Earth. Long known for its stimulating and energizing effects in traditional branches of natural medicine, modern scientific research trials have also concluded that taking regular doses of Siberian ginseng can boost the body’s immune system, reduce inflammation, fight off viruses and infection, and boost cardiac and respiratory health.

Tribulus Terrestris – Known as “goat head” in some parts of the world for its ability to restore energy and zest for life, Tribulus Terrestris is a naturally-occuring plant that grows all over the world. Scientific studies have shown that taking regular supplements of tribulus can result in improved energy throughout the day, faster recovery from workouts, and enhanced stamina during strenuous workouts. Many glowing reviews from satisfied customers vouch for the efficacy and potency of this powerful herbal extract, which can give men a way to restore their overall energy levels and self-confidence.

Yohimbe – The active ingredient in the Yohimbe plant is known as yohimbine, and has been used as a health supplement by fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders for decades thanks to its ability to burn “stubborn” fat. Today, yohimbe is also known to help men who suffer from low energy and other lethargy-related issues, giving them a chance to restore their previous performance and zest for life. Yohimbe has also been the subject of scientific research for its ability to treat depression and improve overall levels of self-esteem and confidence.

The Supplement Facts for Crevalor



Scientists have been studying men’s health, nutrition and reproductive fitness for decades, and it’s no secret that some powerful plants like ginseng and maca root are excellent for improving blood flow and the circulatory system. Other competing manufacturers around the world of products similar to Crevalor believe that throwing in a few potent ingredients into a cheaply-made capsule stuffed with placebo fillers is good enough to market as a men’s health supplement. This product, on the other hand, is made entirely in an state-of-the-art laboratory in the America, and contains a custom formula of plant ingredients, vitamins and minerals to deliver the optimum blend of energizing and health-enhancing ingredients in every capsule.

Every capsule:

  • Is manufactured in an advanced facility in the United States.
  • Comes with an iron-clad money back guarantee
  • Contains a unique blend of carefully-formulated herbal extracts to improve overall health, vigor and performance.
  • Is randomly tested to assure the absolutely highest in quality standards.
  • Is made from carefully-sourced, all natural ingredients from around the world.

The Effects of Crevalor



Currently, Crevalor is certified by the FDA as an approved health supplement. This potent formula of herbal extracts has been submitted to several independent testing bodies, and is currently undergoing the process of international certification. Although certainly not a sanctioned endorsement by any licensing body, thousands of satisfied Crevalor users have posted their ringing endorsements and experiences online with this men’s fitness supplement.

The Muscle Mass Gained from Crevalor



I’ve always been a fitness fanatic, and never once was fat or out of shape. But I found out that after I turned 30, somehow my body was betraying me, as I had myself tested and discovered that I had drastically low levels of energy. By changing my diet and workout regime, and with taking the product as a daily supplement, within six months I was back to my old self. Instead of lying on the couch, now I’m outside jogging down the street or heading over to the gym. I managed to finally burn off the “baby fat” I’ve had for a decade, and start building some serious lean muscle tissue. I’ve never felt better in my life. – Felipe Bruno, Alexandria, Virginia

The last couple years, it’s like there’s just no more energy in my gas tank. I drag myself awake in the morning, drag myself to work, and somehow stumble back home at the end of the day. I definitely knew I needed to do something, so when I heard about the amazing results men were experiencing with the product, I quickly placed my order. Maybe it was just my high expectations, but within just a few hours after taking my first capsule of the product, I felt a rush of energy all over my body. Later that night, my wife was blown away by how young acting I had become. The next day, she even asked me if I had a secret girlfriend, which made me laugh. I feel great every day now thanks to the product. – Christopher Tennyson, New Berlin, Wisconsin

I do eat healthy, and I play sports, so for many years I never had to worry about anything. But as I started to get older, I could feel myself dragging, more and more inclined to veg out on the couch than get up and get cracking. A friend of mine turned me onto this supplement, and I felt so much energy after taking a few capsules that I decided to get my own. I signed up for the free 15-day trial and then got myself a full year’s supply. Watch out world, here I come! – Chris Jackson, Abilene, Texas

A bodybuilder and his cyan towel

I’m a good-looking guy, and I watch what I eat, and I work out regularly at the gym. For me, finding a date is no problem, but I work long hours and lately I’ve been suffering from the embarrassing problem of not being able to have enough energy to stay awake throughout the night. I didn’t want to dabble with powerful pharmaceutical drugs, so when I heard that this product was made from all-natural ingredients, I knew that was the right supplement for me. Three weeks later, I met the most beautiful blonde while waiting at the bus, and we ended up going on a romantic dinner in town. A week later, I got a new promotion at work. Now I have the energy to go all day long, thanks to the supplement! – John Cannon, San Francisco, California

Once my wife passed away, I had no desire to go out and soon my social life dried up. After a few years, I knew I had to do something, but I didn’t know where to begin. Finally, a friend of mine recommended that I should try this product, so I took a few of his capsule. Two days later, I was burning with energy, feeling like I had lost 10 years, and I jogged the three miles to the gym. I soon got my own subscription to the product, and have been feeling great ever since. Oh and one more thing you should know – I’m getting remarried next spring. Yay! – Alfred Allen, Nicollet, Minnesota

I’ve tried those drugs they have for decreased male energy, but they are way too powerful and leave my heart racing. I wanted something natural, smooth and yet still powerful. I tried out some of the product and it is freaking awesome! Within a couple of weeks I found that I no longer needed coffee or energy drinks, relying instead on my body’s natural energy to keep me going. Now that I’ve got my enthusiasm back, I suddenly have the energy to go out every night, and now I’m having a blast. Even my boss at work said I look different. It is the best! – Samuel Willis, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Two Reviews on Crevalor



Crevalor is a revolutionary breakthrough product in men’s health and fitness, and has only recently become sufficiently refined and powerful enough to sell to the general public. The product is under consideration for several international award contests, and is widely considered by most experts to be the highest-quality natural men’s health supplement for sale on the market today. Many personal users of Crevalor have been so satisfied with their experiences that they have flocked to the internet to support Crevalor’s bid to win prestigious international awards.


Media Coverage

Once the scientists at Crevalor perfected their patented formula of herbal extracts, major media outlets all over the United States and Canada began reporting on this amazing all-natural health supplement. Major men’s magazines such as Playboy have investigated the amazing claims made by the product users, and dozens of other fitness, health and men-oriented media outlets have followed suit. Across the internet, Crevalor is increasingly becoming a trending sensation, as men discovered the many amazing benefits of taking this all-natural potent herbal supplement formula.

Testimonials for Crevalor


Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturers of Crevalor stand by their product, and offer every single consumer an ironclad money back guarantee. The product is carefully made in an advanced laboratory facility in the United States, and subject to random quality control tests, and then sent to subscribers on a regular basis so that they can maintain optimum health. Should you, for any reason, become dissatisfied with your shipment of Crevalor, please contact the seller for a full and complete refund.



Crevalor comes in a rugged and durable dispensing bottle, carefully wrapped and shipped to your destination, ensuring that every capsule remains fresh and undamaged until you need it. Each seller offers different shipping policies, so please see the related information for exact information on prices and shipping dates. Each package of Crevalor is discretely marked to shield the anonymity of the customer, and is tracked by a unique delivery system until it safely reaches your doorstep.


Customer Support

The manufacturers of Crevalor know that they have successfully achieved an advanced formula to boost men’s health, and so understand that new users may have a lot of questions about all of the benefits they will soon be experiencing. Dedicated customer service professionals are standing by 24 hours a day to answer questions, resolve problems, and help ensure that you receive a timely batch of the product when you need it. With both online and traditional offline support, customers can count on Crevalor to deliver outstanding customer service and help resolving any problem, misunderstanding or difficulty.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Using advanced encryption techniques and secure financial processing service providers, users of Crevalor can be sure that their banking and other sensitive data will remain private and protected. By following on the intuitive during the check-out process, customers will be directed to enter in their payment information on a secure site. Once everything has been approved, a confirmation email will be sent with a copy of your order and all other relevant information.


Pricing & Free Trial

Currently, the manufacturer has a special promotion ongoing with a free 15-day trial of this powerful supplement. Many men, once they see the amazing benefits of taking this supplement, sign up for a recurring subscription, thus ensuring that a fresh batch of this product is delivered in a timely manner. By taking advantage of bulk pricing and subscriptions that total $89.99 month, men can benefit from enhanced energy, improved blood circulation, and better personal performance for just about three dollars a month. Considering the price of one’s health, thousands of men around the world have wisely chosen to invest in Crevalor as part of their overall dietary, exercise and fitness regime.


  • The product is a very affordable-priced health fitness supplement, packed full of potent ingredients to help stimulate the mental, circulatory, respiratory and mental systems of the human male body.
  • When taken regularly, the supplement can help deliver long-term improvements in energy, enthusiasm, and vitality to men.
  • It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Users should be aware that there is a transition period involved as they learn to fully accept and embrace their improved health, greater physical attractiveness and high self-esteem and confidence.
  • Some new users initially find it hard to relax or maintain normal sleeping cycle until they learn to adapt to a faster metabolic system.
  • Due the popularity of this supplement, there can sometimes be a delay in the manufacturing process as backorders are filled.


Summary: Crevalor is a unique blend of powerful herbal extracts and minerals in a formula that offers men a natural way to increase energy levels and boost their circulation and immune systems. Made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the United States, every capsule of Crevalor is randomly tested for quality and to ensure potency. By using Crevalor as a regular part of a healthy fitness regime, men can begin enjoying the return of the vigor, vim and vitality of their youth.

FREE TRIAL to $89.99
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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