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What Is Blue Cycle?

Blue Cycle, manufactured and promoted by BioRhythm natural sports supplements company, is an effective testosterone aid that promotes improved pumps, endurance and vascular activity in the body. By increasing your natural testosterone levels, this helpful fitness booster raises and stabilizes your energy levels and body strength, enabling you to complete longer, more demanding bodybuilding training sessions and sports practice sessions. As you excel at athletic skill and performance, you will also be building more lean, dense muscle mass for a sculpted, muscular, ripped physique. Your mental focus and drive to succeed at strenuous sports activity will increase, and you will look forward to your next muscle-crunching workout. You will also experience much shorter and more comfortable recovery periods after workouts and sports events, free of muscular aches and pains and without fatigue.

The nitric oxide levels in this safe, empowering sports supplement dilate your blood vessels and arteries, increasing oxygen-rich blood flow throughout your system to rejuvenate and fuel your muscles, organs and joints for a stronger body and ongoing athletic improvements. This healthy NO content also enhances your recovery following exercise and helps repair and revitalize tired, stressed or strained muscles and body tissues while you sleep, preparing you for the next day’s gym workout or practice session on the playing field. Even regular exercisers with the desire to stay flexible and in good physical condition will find this unique supplement beneficial. In fact, BioRhythm leaders and sports aid formulators focus on creating supplements that help all consumers with a keen interest in being physically fit—from daily exercisers to experienced bodybuilders and sports team members to top amateur and pro athletes. Sports advocates involved in all areas of physical activity will gain athletic advantages from daily use of this innovative fitness aid.



As a premier quality producer of unique, fast-acting and effective sports action and bodybuilding enhancing supplements, BioRhythm is a company with the strong goal of creating supplements that will significantly and swiftly boost sports performance for users. Each new supplement that this manufacturer introduces to the consumer marketplace is designed to bring optimum levels of improvement to athletes and muscle-builders of all grades of training and experience. Making profits is a secondary focus for BioRhythm. All the company’s formulators are accomplished scientists and natural nutritional experts, and all senior staff members have no less than ten years of experience in the sports supplement production industry. Rather than pricing each supplement at a high rate and then offering sales with bargain prices to gain more customers, this company keeps all fitness aid pricing at very reasonable levels, to the ongoing benefit of customers as they purchase top-line supplements at very affordable prices.

BioRhythm sports supplement formulators have thorough understanding of all the properties and bioavailability of every supplement ingredient included in their innovative formulas. For this reason, this company’s proprietary blends of key product components have the capacity to supply each user with optimal performance enhancement in many varied areas of sports training and achievement. Because these specialized blends of pure, effective ingredients are included in each formula in just the right percentages to ensure ultimate degrees of efficacy and safety, these supplements are top-tier fitness aids for improving the skills, endurance, muscularity and body strength of all athletes. These proprietary blends also provide excellent support for rapid growth of lean muscularity as they help streamline and empower your entire body for a powerful physique and significant sports action improvement.


How Blue Cycle Works?

Blue Cycle from the BioRhythm brand is composed of a fast-acting formula of pure, natural ingredients, all of which contribute to the overall power and effectiveness of this unique fitness supplement. For example, its content of Citrulline, a precursor to Arginine, which is a valuable amino acid, has strong capabilities for raising Arginine levels and converting it to nitric oxide for dilating your arteries and blood vessels and strengthening vascular activity. This directs higher oxygen counts throughout your body via your bloodstream to fuel your muscles for more powerful athletic activity while promoting bodily resilience and recovery, helping you regain your energy after exercise without aches, pain and muscular stress or strain. At the same time, the ingredient of Beta-Alanine combines with Histidine (a semi-essential amino acid) in your body to form Carnosine, a helpful amino acid, alleviating muscular fatigue, even during strenuous bodybuilding and sports activity. Beta Alanine also greatly enhances energy, strength and endurance for better athletic performance.

The Ornithine content in this athletic supplement helps the body eliminate extra ammonia levels which accumulate in your body during long and strenuous workouts and sports action, causing fatigue. In addition, the ingredient of Aspartic Acid provides enhancement and support for increasing energy levels and the quality of your sports performance. This component also aids the Ornithine content in ammonia elimination from your body, enabling you to exercise more vigorously and for longer time periods without experiencing exhaustion or muscular fatigue. Although this supplement action greatly improves your recovery time following strenuous workouts and sports events, it is also very helpful throughout your sports activity, allowing your muscles and vascular system to operate at full capacity for the duration of your training workouts and competitions without the hindrance of tiring or cramping muscles and general depletion of body strength and energy. The Blue Cycle proprietary blend that combines these empowering ingredients uses just the right percentages of each versatile, effective ingredient to provide you with the best possible muscle-building and athletic performance results.


Ingredients of Blue Cycle

All ingredients of this specialized sports and muscle-development aid are pure, natural, nutritional components and include the following substances:

Citrulline Malate

This compound has two nutritional components, Citrulline and Malate, both of which promote better athletic performance. The amino acid, Citrulline, is created when ornithine, also an amino acid, and carbamoyl phosphate combine in the urea cycle when the body is eliminating nitrogen waste and excess ammonia produced during strenuous exercise, which is composed of nitrogen molecules. Also, when your body converts Arginine into NO (nitric oxide), a by-product is Citrulline. As your body gains greater levels of Citrulline, it produces more NO, boosting the flow of blood through your circulatory system, fueling your muscles with additional oxygen supplies, which leads to increased muscle pumps, better body energy and improved stamina for exercise.

Malic Acid, or Malate, the salt compound used frequently as a preservative in food products, is also found in fruits such as apples. When this substance combines with Citrulline and is used in supplements, it makes these natural products more stable. Malate also offers the benefit battling bodily fatigue due to its capacity to recycle lactic acid in your body, transforming it into energy.

Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn®)

This empowering ingredient promotes good muscle growth and strength, stamina and fat shredding by the body. The compound of Beta-Alanine CarnoSyn® is consistently effective in providing these benefits to bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts, and it has become a frequent ingredient in high quality sports supplements today. When Beta-Alanine CarnoSyn® joins with histidine, an amino acid, in the cellular tissues of your muscles, the resulting substance is carnosine, which improves your muscles’ capability to buffer hydrogen ions which are created as lactic acid counts increase during intensive workouts. When greater amounts of these ions are present in the muscles, acidity levels rise and inhibit muscle contractions and physical endurance for exercise, which makes carnosine valuable for maintaining good muscular contractions by buffering the ions of hydrogen. Beta-Alanine can also act as a neurotransmitter, improving the speed and accuracy of nerve transmissions to muscles as it significantly increases mental sharpness during fast-paced sports action.

L-Ornithine L-Aspartic Acid

This stable salt, known as LOLA, can stimulate your body’s urea cycle with amino acid levels to rid your system of all harmful toxins. To accomplish this vital task, this ingredient transforms excess ammonia that accumulates during strenuous exercise into urea for elimination from the body as waste material. Ornithine and Aspartic Acid are two of the numerous amino acids that can aid your body in raising energy levels and stamina for enhanced sports activity. L-Ornithine is considered a nonprotein amino acid, or one that does not promote protein creation. When Ornithine combines with the molecule of carbamoyl phosphate, ammonia is formed and transformed into L-Citrulline, eliminating urea in the process. This is very helpful to athletes, since excess ammonia must be eliminated in order to prevent decreased muscular contractions that can hinder all types of bodybuilding or sports training and performance.

Extended NO2 Regulator

This proprietary blend of pure ingredients is carefully formulated by BioRhythm scientists and natural nutritionists to include the ideal percentages of each natural component to provide optimum levels of energy, endurance and mental drive for excelling in all areas of bodybuilding and sports performance. The blend contains Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Alpha Lipoic Acid and L-Histidine. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, also known as HPMC or Hypromellose, is a frequently used substitute for gluten and gelatin. This off-white colored substance can be used as an alternate for gelatin due to its thickening and binding properties, and it is frequently included as an ingredient in supplement production because of these capacities. It is a vegan-friendly ingredient as well.

Both Alpha Lipoic Acid and L-Histidine have properties that enhance the effectiveness of this proprietary blend. Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant, helping defend your body against cellular damage from free radicals and keeping it strong for better exercise results. This substance is also used by your body to digest carbohydrates and convert them to energy to fuel your entire body, promoting improved physical and mental activity. Another function of this proprietary blend component is to boost mental focus and memory and to prevent fatigue following strenuous workouts.

As a semi-essential amino acid, L-Histidine is produced in sufficient levels in the bodies of most adults. However, for bodybuilding and sports enthusiasts who need supplementation to promote and sustain their energy and stamina for quality athletic performance, it is helpful to take a daily supplement that includes this ingredient. This valuable amino acid is a structural builder of protein in your body, which greatly enhances all sports and and bodybuilding pursuits.



There are certain advantages to making Blue Cycle from the BioRhythm brand your major nutritional fitness supplement, such as the following:

  • This unique sports action formula is a fast-acting testosterone booster for significant increases in body power, energy and stamina for engaging in more difficult and intensive workouts and athletic performance.
  • This empowering supplement improves your vascular activity, enabling you to complete longer exercise and bodybuilding training sessions than you could finish before taking this product on a daily schedule.
  • Nitric Oxide content in this fitness formula raises healthy oxygen counts in your bloodstream to fuel and strengthen muscles throughout your body for enhanced athletic skills and achievements.
  • The specialized proprietary blend of ingredients in this supplement lend impressive support, power and capabilities to the other strong-acting, pure ingredients for additional body energy, endurance, vitality and greater muscle-building and sports action success.



BioRhythm management issues certificates of appreciation and recognition to pro and amateur athletes, sports coaches, bodybuilding and weightlifting trainers and other sports performance professionals who encourage their students and trainees to make Blue Cycle their main T-booster and sports action supplement. Many of these popular athletes and sports training personnel use this empowering supplement as their primary fitness aid, and they are influential in bringing new customers and potential regular users of this product to BioRhythm. These sports professionals often display their certificates where they are highly visible in their training areas, gyms and offices, advertising and promoting use of this unique, safe and effective formula. BioRhythm truly appreciates the efforts of these influential members of the sports performance community in spreading the good word about Blue Cycle and its many benefits, and company leaders want to be sure these helpful supplement promotional efforts are given good recognition.



This outstanding sports supplement brings awesome results to your bodybuilding and sports action training and performance. It empowers you with amazing T-boosts for greater body power, energy and endurance to master the most difficult sports plays and bodybuilding skills imaginable. You will get great results from your first supply of this effective, safe and innovative formula. Buy Blue Cycle from the BioRhythm brand today.

– Brent Y., New Haven, CT, USA

Want bigger pumps, great new muscle density and major sports performance improvement? This empowering bodybuilding agent and sports action enhancer will do wonders for you. Now you can excel in the sport of your choice while attaining the streamlined, muscular physique of your dreams. Get Blue Cycle and get ripped.

– Lance S., Portland, OR, USA

Are you competing with fellow bodybuilders and sports players with more muscles, body power and experience than you have? Do you end every intensive workout in a state of fatigue with an achy, over-stressed body? You can change all this overnight. Just order your first month’s supply of the BioRhythm T-booster, Blue Cycle, now and get started on your path to sure sports performance success.

– Frank W., Boston, MA, USA

This fabulous athletic supplement from the experts at BioRhythm builds awesome muscularity while boosting your energy, stamina and mental drive to surpass all your sports action goals and ideals. Fueled with the most empowering natural ingredients available today, your body will be prepared to take on even the most grueling bodybuilding workouts and sports training sessions toward gaining highest skills, prowess, body strength and endurance to be a true champ in the sport of your choice.

– Chet R., New Orleans, LA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

This unique and specialized fitness aid from the BioRhythm sports supplements company is gaining popularity and new users every day as more athletes learn of its many empowering benefits. This nutritional sports formula is most likely to win multiple awards for its excellence in efficacy and safety from such noted athletic performance authorities as and other respected sports industry sources. Blue Cycle has already received frequent mention and acclaim from popular sports discussion websites and online forums and is a topic of major interest in many professional bodybuilding and sports performance newsletters. This versatile and effective fitness enhancer is expected to receive media coverage from major sports news networks and channels throughout the coming months and years.


Money-back Guarantee

BioRhythm leaders offer a full money-back guarantee to any customer who purchases Blue Cycle and experiences any degree of dissatisfaction with this unique product. This company is very customer-friendly, with the primary goal of helping all serious bodybuilders and other athletes around the globe to achieve their ideals and dreams in sports skills and performance. Although this nutritional sports supplements production enterprise has a top-tier record for customer satisfaction and long-term client bases, company management is intent on providing each and every customer, new and ongoing, with a completely satisfactory experience with purchasing, receiving and using this empowering testosterone booster. If you do encounter any issues or problems with your order, receipt or personal use of this fitness aid, be sure to contact the company’s helpful customer support department right away. A courteous, knowledgeable staff member will help resolve your problem, and if no solution is found, he or she will arrange a replacement product order or a total refund of your supplement purchase price.



This sports supplements company uses the shipping services of only responsible, professional domestic shipping agents and global transport carriers to deliver fitness aid orders to customers. These shippers package and handle each product order with care, checking shipping labels for accuracy before dispatching orders. BioRhythm has an excellent record of safe, prompt product deliveries. However, if your supplement order is delayed, does not arrive or is damaged during shipping, just contact the company’s customer support department, and your inquiry or complaint will be handled with courtesy and professionalism. If your supplement shipment cannot be tracked and redirected to you immediately, the support staff will arrange a product replacement shipment or a full reimbursement for your supplement purchase price.


Customer Support

The helpful, well-informed customer support team at BioRhythm is always ready to assist you with any questions or problems concerning your receipt or use of this major testosterone boosting sports supplement. You can reach a team member easily by phone, email or by completing a support ticket on the company website. This employee will work with you until an acceptable resolution to your issue is reached. However, if your specific problem cannot be solved or an answer cannot be found to your question, this team member will arrange either a supplement replacement shipment or a total refund of your product’s purchase cost, with no further questions asked.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout process on the company website is always safe and secure for customers. BioRhythm leaders and staff are very aware of the importance of protecting the valuable personal data of every supplement buyer, and the company site designers used advanced encryption and other updated security measures when constructing this website. You can enjoy a relaxed and completely secure purchasing experience whenever you visit this site to purchase a supply of Blue Cycle. Every time you place an order, your name, mailing address, email, phone number and charge card numbers will all be completely safe and secure from potential identity thieves and other site intruders. For this reason, the majority of first-time buyers on this site become regular users of this empowering sports performance supplement.



This modern fitness supplement producer keeps all supplement prices within a low to medium price range to enable serious athletes and muscle-builders from all worldwide locations and varied economic situations to be able to afford and use Blue Cycle to enhance their sports performance. The retail price for this empowering and effective T-booster is from $47.95 to $20.44 for a month’s supply (120 capsules). By visiting the company website frequently, you can also take advantage of even lower prices during product promotions and sales.


There are valuable advantages to selecting Blue Cycle from the BioRhythm brand as your primary bodybuilding and athletic performance supplement, including the following:

  • This unique fitness formula contains empowering herbal and natural ingredients along with a specialized proprietary blend of additional components to provide athletes and muscle-builders with optimal levels of nutritional support for better sports action and results.
  • This sports supplement boosts testosterone and nitric oxide levels in your body, both of which strengthen and empower your muscles, body tissues and circulatory system for definite improvements in body development and athletic achievements.
  • With regular use of this sports action enhancer, you will experience faster and smoother recovery times following strenuous workouts and sports events, without pain, stress or fatigue.
  • Even bodybuilders who have difficulty building new lean, dense muscle mass will enjoy success with daily use of this potent fitness formula.


This effective sports action supplement may also present some inconveniences or obstacles to some potential users, such as:

  • Blue Cycle is specifically formulated for use by individuals engaged in bodybuilding and sports performance who are 18 years of age or older.
  • This fitness enhancer should not be used by women who are currently pregnant or nursing.
  • Athletes who are taking prescribed medications should contact a physician or natural health practitioner for advice and approval before beginning dosages of this empowering sports supplement.

Blue Cycle

Summary: Blue Cycle, manufactured by BioRhythm sports supplements company, is a safe, effective pre-workout formula that raises your levels of energy, stamina and vascular activity for enduring longer, more intensive bodybuilding workouts and sports performance. This empowering T-booster also enhances pumps and assists you in developing impressive, lean muscularity and a sleek, ripped physique within just a few short weeks after your initial dosage. This versatile, nutrient-enriched fitness aid also raises your body’s nitric oxide levels significantly, dilating your arteries and blood vessels and sending larger counts of vitalizing oxygen through your bloodstream to fuel your muscles, organs, joints and tissues for improved strength and agility during exercise. This increased NO content also promotes fast, comfortable recovery following strenuous sports activity, free of fatigue, stress or pain. Whether you are a novice bodybuilder in the early stages of training, a regular exerciser at the gym, an amateur team sports player or a pro athlete, this unique, healthy and effective fitness supplement is designed to help you attain all your athletic goals and dreams.

$20.44 to $47.95
RatingRated 3 stars

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