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What Is BlackCore Edge Max?

BlackCore Edge Max is a new natural testosterone boosting supplement on the market. This nitric oxide supplement has grow into the greatest and most commonly utilized ingredient in the supplements that are made for pre-workouts. BlackCore Edge Max’s claim to fame is that their product delivers the key ingredient in a superior means than do rival companies and products. The label states that it will improve nitric oxide levels by as much as 950% and so support strength, muscularity, and recovery.

This pre-workout supplement turns out to be a pump product that is intended to effectively improve muscle pumps, blood flow, and vascularity. It stacks up well with stimulants used for pre-workouts to provide an even greater stimulating effect. In this way, the formula delivers a scenario that is ideal for better fat-burning and -loss and increased muscle mass in the male body.

This formula is particularly beloved by bodybuilders and weightlifters because it is clinically demonstrated to deliver all day long improved muscle pumps and instantaneous recovery times after workouts. Besides this, it is similarly demonstrated in clinical trials to boost strength. This Black formula represents a massive breakthrough in the science of nitric oxide, starting with the most pure form of Arginine AKG, ArginPure. This is time-released to the male organism with a new clinically proven extended-release technology.

BlackCore Edge Max features a special peptide fraction that is NOS-enhancing to increase the Nitric Oxide synthase, improving the bodybuilders’ levels of nitric oxide by upwards of 950% when compared to the baseline amounts of nitric oxide that is derived from arginine, or ADNO. It also includes elements that were created to improve users’ nutrient intake and sensitivity to insulin. All of this combines to give the manufacturer grounds to claim that the formula represents the greatest potency ever imagined in nitric oxide generators.

The old maximum amounts of nitric oxide formerly had pre-set levels until the advent of BlackCore Edge Max. Thanks to the NOS enzymes within the male body, the arginine gets converted into nitric oxide. It is this ACINOS2-enhancing peptide fraction which has been lab-proven to boost NOS activity and the resulting levels of nitric oxide by up to 950% more than the standard ADNO levels. One downside to the formula is that it only contains a few ingredients. This means that users may be required to stack up the product with various additional supplements in order to optimize both muscle growth and bodybuilders’ daily workouts.



The company behind this product is the developer, manufacturer, and marketer for BlackCore Edge Max. The San Francisco, California based company was established in 1997 by Ed Byrd and remains a commercial enterprise that is privately held to this day. The firm creates and markets their own in-house products for consumers who are health-aware, fitness aficionados, and competition level athletes. The company takes great pride in its demonstrated ability to create and manufacture all-natural supplements utilizing state of the art time- released technology. The manufacturer owns a well-regarded stable of supplement formulas that help it to be recognized as one of the foremost leaders in the science of health and nutrition.

Its pre-workout supplement NO2 turns out to be the only and first supplement which merges the benefits of modulating nitric oxide with time-released technology and delivery. The company actually holds three separate United States patents for the Glucotize product. This is the one of a kind time-released alpha lipoic acid.


How BlackCore Edge Max Works?

Black actually boasts much of the power it provides weightlifters from its 3,000 milligrams of Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate that are contained in each and every portion of the supplement. Thanks to the cutting-edged, extended-release mechanism of delivery, the amino acid itself gets disbursed directly to the blood where it is converted into nitric oxide. The conversion process and maintenance of the levels of nitric oxide are affected thanks to the Whey Peptide Fraction contained in the product as well.

Finally, the formula utilizes a comprising Alpha-Lipoic Acid to increase sensitivity to insulin. Thanks to this contained ingredient and process, the users’ levels of blood sugar will be optimized so that the excess fat in the body is more easily burned away. Similarly, the Alpha-Lipoic Acid also increases the absorbability of the nutrients by the body.

Because the product does not attempt to be all things to all bodybuilders, it is a good idea to stack a number of different supplements with it to gain more effective ultimate results. Everyone who takes it can benefit from a solid Whey Protein to consume following the conclusion of all workouts. These assist in feeding the weight lifters’ muscles and also help with the further development of lean muscle mass.

Anyone who is interested in improving both recovery and endurance of the muscles should utilize an Amino Acid supplement in the additional stack. Those whose emphasis is on cutting the fat hidden away in the body should contemplate using a Thermogenic Fat Burning product alongside the stack. Finally, bodybuilders who are older than 25 years of age and who are interested in a natural means of boosting their flagging levels of testosterone should stack up the formula along with a natural testosterone-increasing formula.


Ingredients of BlackCore Edge Max

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

AAKG is an effective combination of alpha-ketoglutarate and arginine that work in concert to increase the NO nitric oxide levels in the human body at the same time as they extract the excess metabolic waste. This permits users to enjoy better and stronger pumps and longer and more effective workouts. The dose per serving size is an astonishing 3,000 mg of Arginine AKG.

This Arginine is among the best of the clinically tested and proven ingredients in the all-natural formula and helps to explain why this supplement is such a potent and effective increaser of nitric oxide. While this Arginine AKG is all-natural and not very likely to lead to side effects on the male body, it is possible that users will encounter some unfortunate side effects as their bodies adapt to the high concentration in the potent dose.

Whey Peptides

This whey proves to be the quickest absorbing form of it that is released when whey hydrolysate breaks down.

Alpha-Lipioc Acid

It is the fatty acid that helps the body with its antioxidant properties and via more effective production of energy in the male organism.

Optimizing muscle growth and performance in workouts begins with this formula BlackCore Edge Max, but since it does not have all of the ingredients within it that the body needs to effectively accomplish these goals, it is wise to consider stacking up with additional supplements that contain those other missing key ingredients from a bodybuilder’s regimen.



Whether or not the Black literally boosts the levels of nitric oxide in a man’s body by 950% or only by a few hundred percent, a significant increase will certainly improve the development of more hard, lean muscle mass at the same time as it enhances the man’s performance in the gym. This is because any male’s blood stream that contains a higher amount of nitric oxide will also likely contain higher amounts of both oxygen and total nutrients. The advantages these provide include better building and rebuilding of muscles.

Another great advantage to the higher concentrations of nitric oxide lies in the additional promotion of vascularity that it delivers. This means that the user will enjoy greater effective doses of oxygen and nutrients. Consuming supplements like this BlackCore Edge Max in advance of beginning to work out can gear up the male body for whatever level of working out that it needs to endure. The man’s workouts will be stronger, more intense, and longer, while muscles will swell better and more effectively and prove to be less sore after the workout is over.



The manufacturer is among the best and most respected of bodybuilding and fitness supplement makers on the planet. Despite this prestigious reputation that the supplement maker owns, this particular formula does not enjoy any certificates as of time of publication of this review. It may simply be that the manufacturer does not consider certificates and certification important enough to invest the required amount of time and effort into obtaining them now.



I just received my 300 capsules sized bottle of the BlackCore Edge Max, and the price was unbeatable. In the past I have used Nitrix and several other generic brands of nitric oxide increasers, yet this one is the most effective and helpful one on the market today. It gives me much better pumps. I like stacking it with ce2 and Methyl. It is an excellent combination for beginning bodybuilders who are seriously searching for effective supplements. – Eric, Jackson, Mississippi

For almost a month now, I have been taking this supplement. I have to say that I enjoy terrific muscle pumps compared to NaNO Vapor or BNS NO Explode. The problem for me is that this formula is really expensive, and besides this I have to consume ten of these salty and bitter tasting pills, which I honestly don’t enjoy doing. I find these pills to be large and difficult to get down personally, particularly when you have to take them before eating breakfast. If you can suffer through these inconveniences, then it is an effective supplement. – Rand, Streamwood, IL

Since a friend of mine recommended this BlackCore Edge Max, I drove on down to the nutrition store and bought a bottle of it. This was not the cheapest way to obtain this product, as compared to ordering it online. I paid around $65 for about a month’s worth, and that felt high. Anyone who purchases it online can buy it in the mid $30 range from some highly rated online retailers. The pills themselves are a bit chalky and hard to swallow, but I won’t complain about this minor inconvenience. It is a downside that you have to take so very many of them, ranging from 8 to 10 pills per day.

You do not get instantaneous results with the formula, it only needs a week and a half or so to begins witnessing measurable results. The pumps were amazingly improved. Besides this, my work out tiredness has been greatly lessened while I am taking this supplement. I call this a truly terrific product, and I recommend it to any man who is seriously contemplating taking a nitric oxide supplement. The only caveat I have is that while the label advises you to down minimally 64 ounces of water each day when you are on this product, I found that you need a lot more water than this, otherwise you will become dehydrated while taking the product. – John, Gary, Indiana


Awards & Media Coverage

Even though this is a known manufacturer and the product is a highly reviewed supplement online and in various weightlifting supplement forums, there is not any media coverage really offered on the product.


Money-back Guarantee

This is a troubling and sore point with this otherwise well-regarded product. The manufacturer does not say if they will dole out money back refunds on demand or not. There is quite a lot at stake in buying BlackCore Edge Max untested as it is fairly expensive. One way to be more sure that the user is able to get his money back if he is unsatisfied with the results of the product is to order from an extremely reliable and customer service-oriented retailer either in one of the brick and mortar physical locations or from one of the best online e-tailers possible. Otherwise, the user may find that he is stuck with a supplement that may or may not turn out to meet and beat his expectations for a personally effective pre-workout formula.



The product instructions on the manufacturer’s checkout page appear to include shipping and handling charges as part of their purchase price, though this is not 100% clear or guaranteed. The other online outlets each have their own individual policies regarding shipping and handling fees. This is why it is so important to check with any vendor regarding their shipping and handling costs and policies before buying this or any other supplement from them.


Customer Support

Every different vendor will provide its own level of customer service and support for the product as well as with ordering and fulfillment. This is a major factor to consider when deciding from whom to purchase this BlackCore Edge Max. It may be possible to secure a lower price on the product by purchasing it from a questionable e-tailer that will not stand behind its products and supplements. The trade off comes if users’ find out later that they need additional support or extra help with the product which they have ordered. Let the buyer beware.

A customer may reach the official support by calling this phone: 1-877-663-9027.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Actual checkout security comes down to how secure the individual safeguards are for the vendor from which prospective clients purchase this supplement. Some online companies take the issues of cyber-security more seriously and make it a higher priority than do others of their rivals. The company offers standard 128 bit SSL level security and technology in all of their online purchase transactions. This is comparable with other e-tailers in the fitness, health, and supplements industry.


Pricing & Free Trial

The auto-shipping will cost any customer $89.99 for one bottle per month. If you cancel the product within the free trial period, the customer will be charged only for the shipping.

The important thing is to remember that despite some more aggressive advertisers, a “free trial” program doesn’t mean a free sample, there are conditions and terms which are present on the official website. We suggest you to read all the terms and conditions before you decide to order this product.


  • BlackCore Edge Max is very effective at reducing tiredness and fatigue both during and after workout sessions.
  • Some reviewers say that it actually does increase strength for weightlifting performance in the gym.
  • BlackCore Edge Max delivers extreme vascularity with impressive muscle pumps around the body that last until even the next workout session, for truly all day long performance and results.


  • Some users complain that BlackCore Edge Max is complicated to take properly, as men will need to swallow between eight and ten of these capsules each day, depending on whether they weigh more or less than 200 pounds.
  • The pills are large, making them difficult to swallow easily.
  • Some have stated that taking this particular formula led to serious itching issues.
  • A few have complained that they do not receive any of the often-touted benefits of taking this supplement.

BlackCore Edge Max

Summary: The key to remember with a natural testosterone boosting supplement like BlackCore Edge Max is that it is not intended to be a complete one in all bodybuilding supplement and product. It is helpful and good at what it is advertised to do, which is to release nitric oxide to the body via the blood stream so that muscle pumps are improved along with strength, and tiredness and fatigue are reduced. It will not build up new, hard, lean muscle mass or massively improve endurance and performance in the gym sessions. For this, users will need a stack in which they can effectively combine amino acids and other weightlifting supplement products with the pre-workout supplement itself. So long as a user is satisfied with the product’s promoted job description, the formula does deliver the goods.

FREE TRIAL to $89.99
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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