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What Is Andro X3?

This product is formulated with certified organic ingredients to create an anabolic response in a male bodybuilder’s system similar to the effects of hardcore steroids, but free of all negative physiological side effects. There is no risk with this testosterone booster of ingesting synthetic and chemical compounds that prompt the body to alter its normal functions. The formulation is delivered in easy-to-swallow capsules taken on a daily basis.

The inspiration of this product comes from the scientific proof that muscle mass is directly tied to the presence of testosterone in the blood. After the age of 25, men experience gradual decreases in testosterone that inhibit the ability to recruit muscle fibers for growth, and the sustaining of other quintessential male functions. This supplement uses incredibly powerful natural substances to counteract the effects of dwindling testosterone percentages. As a result, continual muscle mass gains, strength and energy output, and recovery times can be improved.

In addition to proper nutrition, this supplement is designed to direct the function of testosterone in controlling unwanted adipose tissue storage. It is common that when some men add lean tissue muscle mass they will naturally experience fat increases. Optimized testosterone levels tend to restore a metabolic balance and control fat, while muscle is grown. This booster is designed to peak athletic performance, but also minimize the worries associated with radical weight gain from fat and water.



Andro X3 is manufactured by ABO Nutrition, a worldwide nutrition company founded in 2003. This company is in La Seauve Sur Semene, France. It is a mid-sized company classified by European business authorities as an NAICS and SIC food preparation service with nearly 40 full-time employees, and annual revenues of $17 million. It is widely known as a supplier of hardcore bodybuilding supplements that successfully balances the fine line between natural and enhanced performance methods. Their products are normally marketed in stacks, but also include solitary enhancers that can be used as means to increase sports and bodybuilding performance.

This company is recognized by its incredible lineup of bodybuilding professionals who exhibit extraordinarily defined physiques. These representatives include men of all ages who possess visible qualities that lend credence to the company’s claims of being able to fight natural testosterone declines. Outside of the European market, ABO Nutrition maintains a relatively subdued business profile in order to protect information about its testosterone booster supplement profiles.

All customers of ABO Nutrition have the opportunity to contact the company via phone and email. Phone calls to +08 90 64 87 64 (France), are subject to a €2.99 ($3.87) per call fee. Contacting this company by phone for questions is the preferred communication method. The inquiry email address is The physical address and corporate phone of this company’s headquarters are,

ABO Nutrition
Z.A. Les Portes Du Velay
La Seauve Sur Semene, 43140

Phone: +33 4 71 61 25 25


How Andro X3 Works?

This supplement’s formulation works in a “front line/end line” method. Many bodybuilding testosterone boosters enhance free testosterone levels, but do little to limit the body’s propensity for eliminating it from the bloodstream. Andro X3 provides support to the mechanisms of the body that keep existing and newly produced testosterone constantly active.

First, this product works to limit the effects of estrogenic compounds. Nature abhors a vacuum, and when testosterone levels decline, they are replaced with estrogen. Blockers are built into this product to tell the body to not recognize estrogen, and to eliminate it quickly. While this is happening, other compounds stimulate glands like the testes with antioxidants to increase levels of natural testosterone production.

Support is provided for the conversion of new testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the prime initiator of muscle activity and male characteristic body functions. Instead of behaving like typical bodybuilding supplements, this one stays in the system longer, and prevents the recycling of androgenic blood factors. This guarantees that all skeletal muscle systems will have equal and complete exposure to any testosterone found in the blood. By spending more time exposed to muscle systems, this supplement ensures complete use of available male hormone in all body functions. In theory, optimized testosterone exposure results in muscles that will grow larger, in shorter amounts of time, without typical age-related wasting.


Ingredients of Andro X3

The ingredients in this supplement address needs at all levels of testosterone production. This includes formation, dispersion, and conversion. As this product is kept in the blood for long periods of time, the ingredients have ample time to work before being eliminated. The following ingredients have been studied as boosters in the entire androgenic process, and are liberally supplied in this supplement.

The listed ingredients of this supplement include ginkgo biloba, ginseng, garlic, maca, broccoli, asparagus, watercress, oat straw, fenugreek, and black pepper. This general listing most likely includes more bodybuilding-specific compounds. Based on the general listing, it’s likely a more specific breakdown would look like the following.

Quercetin – An extract found in citrus fruits that is important in muscle recovery because of its ability to regulate blood sugars.

Chrysin – This relative of chamomile prevents the aromatization of testosterone in the blood.

Agaricus Bisporus – A compound in the common white mushroom that delivers highly concentrated amounts of B vitamins.

Prunella Vulgaris – A flowering plant used in traditional medicines as a disinfecting and chronic disease-curing agent.

Maca 5:1 – A cruciferous root with proven anti-estrogenic properties.

Cucuma D.E. 95% (Curcumin) – A powerful anti-estrogen used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Bioperine – A derivative of certain pepper plants that increases the body’s ability to uptake curcumin.

D-Aspartic Acid – Assists in the biosynthesis of proteins.

Avena Sativa D.E. – A relative of oats that helps to increase positive blood lipid levels.

Nettle Root – A serotonin precursor that contains high levels of Omega-3 acids.

Eurycoma Longifolia – Improves blood volume and circulation.

Epimedium D.E. – Radically increases the amount of Nitric Oxide in the blood.

Ginseng D.E. – Powerful Asian herb with properties that enhance many body and brain functions.

Astragalus D.E. – A flowering plant extract known to accelerate the production of new body tissue.

Zinc – An essential mineral proven to increase male hormone and serum production, and is necessary for maintaining the integrity of muscle tissue.



The main advantage of taking Andro X3 is having the chance to experience hardcore muscle gains without resorting to chemicals and synthetics. Though this supplement contains ingredients that are found in many other bodybuilding supplements, the concentrations of each are unique in creating a symbiotic metabolic result. It seems the majority of the ingredients are aimed at blocking unwanted estrogenic effects, while working to support the roles of others. It’s highly likely that this product will encourage the ingredients to stay in the body longer, which increases its ability to work as described.

This product is geared toward fighting age-related testosterone decline by both cancelling estrogenic effects, and creating an internal environment where free testosterone can increase vital male functions. These functions, when uninterrupted, include muscle growth through resistance stimulation, increased metabolic energy reserves, regained endurance, sharper mental function, and the ability to heal quicker. With the addition of this product as a dietary supplement, a percentage of bodybuilders will experience androgenic effects similar to synthetics, while others will only notice the prevention of testosterone loss.

Certainly, another advantage of taking this product is being able to potentiate testosterone levels with purely organic substances. This is an ideal product for natural and tested bodybuilders who must maintain personal levels of body purity as they strive for the maximum amount of lean tissue gains. It is also an acceptable addition to other bodybuilding stacks because is not reported to have any negative health side effects. The results of this product are meant to be gauged over time, which gives men of all athletic levels a way to measure how it works for achieving their individual bodybuilding goals.



The only certificate that Andro X3 is closely associated with, or earned outright, is the 100 percent Organic Certified designation. The EU and the United States shares membership in the U.S.-E.U. Organic Equivalence Arrangement. This arrangement means that bodybuilding products made in Europe can be sold in the United States as long as they adhere to mutally agreed standards, and vice versa. The organic certification that is prominent on this supplement’s sales pages can only be shown if the product meets the requirements of this international agreement.

The ingredients that compose this testosterone booster are plant-derived, or mineral in nature. There is little reason to suspect that any of the plant sources are not cultivated in primal habitats, or are grown in a GMO atmosphere. The ingredients are relatively exotic and harvested from indigenous sources. No complaints about the quality, or non-organic nature of the ingredients can be found through online consumer and industry reporting.



I need more testosterone! From 25 on, I have felt energy and strength leaving my body. I have dedicated many years to building the muscle I have, and am now relying on Andro X3 to preserve my gains. I’ve heard good things, and am now into my fourth month of use. So far, I still attack my workouts like I always have. It’s a good sign that this product does what it claims.

– Jonathan, 30, Paris, France

I had a disheartening weight gain in my mid-twenties that put a crimp on my personal notion of body image. Along with the weight gain, I started becoming less motivated to workout. A friend suggested this supplement to reverse some negative trends, and I decided to give it a try. My weight has stabilized, but I have a long way to go.

– Marcus, 32, Los Angeles, CA

There are guys at my gym who swear by this supplement. They say it’s pretty status quo, but has an interesting combination of boosters. These guys, I know, are legit and don’t use any other gear. They are my age and look phenomenal. I don’t understand the science behind this supplement, but I do notice that my strength is improving.

– Sean, 45, New York, NY

I have won overalls in natural bodybuilding competitions, and I refuse to take any supplement that is not organically produced, or is in the gray area. I believe organic testosterone boosters are the reason I still feel confident competing in open competitions, rather than entering the Masters category. I take this product religiously.

– Andreas, 44, Lyon, France


Awards & Media Coverage

Very little media coverage centered around Andro X3 can be found. Most personal testimonials are in the form of blogs and reviews about the company’s sales pages. Overall, the lion’s share of personal testimonies speak of significant strength and stamina gains, but disappointingly few instances of incredible muscle growth.

There is general acclaim for this product because of its composition. Professional and amateur reporting sources agree that there are few bodybuilding products on the market with such a complete and thorough balance of estrogen inhibitors, blood volumizers, and organic testosterone production-supporting agents. Consumer feedback is positive and encouraging as they relate to male bodybuilding.

It stands to reason that because this product is manufactured and marketed mainly in Europe, the pace at earning any type of industry awards is slow. It is competing with other testosterone boosters that have the support of huge corporations. The Andro X3 manufacturer does however, have an active social media presence. It’s Facebook presence for example, has just started, yet is receiving a huge amount of positive attention in the bodybuilding community. This is in large part due to the shared posting and videos of successful bodybuilders who use this supplement, and are willing to share their experiences with the world.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer of Andro X3 does offer a money-back guarantee for anyone purchasing their finest testosterone boosting supplement. This guarantee is advertised as being “risk free,” and is applicable for the financial and real aspects of this supplement. There is no financial risk by agreeing to purchase an initial bottle of this testosterone booster, and there is certainly no health risk in using the product because of its holistic, natural, and organic ingredients.

A customer can request a refund for the purchase amount of this product by contacting the company within two weeks of the order date. This is concrete for initial bottle orders, special offers that include discounted other items, and normal subscription orders of the supplement. Valid reasons for requesting a money-back guarantee include damaged products, mis-ships, and deciding that the product is not the right testosterone booster for personal goals.

In order to complete a quality money-back guarantee, a return merchandise authorization number (RMA) must be generated by phone, or email contact with the manufacturer. Refunds are given minus a €19.99 ($22.59) shipping fee, and a nominal restocking charge. Customers must be aware that all communications regarding quality and satisfaction guarantee refunds are international, so planning ahead to meet contractual time frame stipulations is a must. Refunds can be finalized no matter the type of debit, or credit card authorized for each purchase.



Shipping of any Andro X3 order commences within 3-5 business days of a completed order form and authorized payment. This company uses UPS worldwide services for the majority of its shipments. For orders in large countries like the United States and Canada, there is little chance that problems will arise in placing orders.

For smaller and more remote locales, there is a chance that the order will have to be specially arranged. In these cases, adjustments to trial order and standard payment periods will be made. It is extremely important to provide complete and accurate information on the checkout page when ordering, or reordering this supplement.


Customer Support

Customer support is quite limited with this manufacturer. This is due to its international clientele. In order to field questions from diverse locations, the company has incorporated two simple methods of contact. These methods should be used to either ask questions about Andro X3 orders and product specifications, or cancel product subscriptions.

Using the phone to contact the manufacturer is the most expensive way of having concerns and questions serviced. By calling +08 90 64 87 64, a customer can reach the physical customer service center. All callers should be aware that the office is only open from 10 AM to 5:30 PM Central European Time (5-8 hours ahead of US time), and will cost €2.99 ($3.87) per call.

The best way to contact the customer service department regarding this supplement is through the sales page’s secured subscription cancellation window. In a single page, a customer can submit an order number to be cancelled, a telephone number, and a contact email address for confirmation. All other inquiries can be directed to the company by writing a message using the customer service email address at


Safe & Secure Checkout

Ordering Andro X3 through its manufacturer’s sales page is completely safe and secure using any type of endorsed debit, or credit card. This includes VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AlliedWallet. The order pages are protected by several layers of encryption that protect consumer purchase data from hacker breaches, and the sales pages themselves from hacker interruption.

The ABO Nutrition sales pages do use cookies when interacting with consumers. Men who buy this supplement online through secure company pages, agree to forfeit some personal information. This information never includes credit card information, phone numbers, or address, but does include browser search data. Because of international agreements, it is possible that when ordering this supplement, a customer’s preferences can be sold and shared to other supplement and research companies within the European Union.

For some consumers, this is enough to stop a decision on ordering a product online from an international manufacturer. These consumers should be aware that any information shared is also secured in the same way that individual sales are. Any contact by outside manufacturers from the sharing of information can be stopped with an opt-out email. Consumers can also request a complete report of how their information is shared within the manufacturer’s network.


Pricing & Free Trial

A free trial bottle of Andro X3 is available for first time customers. For a period of 15 days from ordering, a customer can try a bottle of this supplement for a €4.99 ($5.64) shipping fee. If no cancellation is requested within the 15-day trial period, a charge for the full bottle price of €49.99 ($56.49) will appear. If a customer does decide to cancel a subscription, a request for a return merchandise authorization (RMA) must be made, along with the original product and order information.

Not cancelling within the 15-day trial period authorizes the manufacture to charge full price for the trial bottle, as well as, begin a regular shipment schedule for future bottles at regular price. Continuing subscription bottles will be shipped in 30-day intervals. Customers can also order bottles of this supplement paired with other recommended products. These packages are offered at extreme discounts, are intended for one-time purchase, and do not activate a company subscription.


  • Andro X3 stimulates muscle growth by combining natural body testosterone production and powerful organics.
  • This product has a history of not producing harsh physiological side effects.
  • Sustained testosterone production with the ability to completely utilize it.


  • Andro X3 is made by an exclusive French company, so communication is sometimes difficult.
  • Production standards of this testosterone booster are relatively unknown and undefined, except for their organic certifications.
  • Not recommended for male bodybuilders under the age of 18.

Andro X3

Summary: Andro X3 is a testosterone booster that assists male bodybuilders in preserving muscle, growing new muscle, attaining maximum energy output, building athletic stamina, and minimizing recovery periods. The 100 percent certified organic ingredients in this supplement fight the adverse effects of aging as they apply to the body’s ability to produce and utilize testosterone. These ingredients block estrogenic factors, stimulate glandular testosterone production, and prime muscle fiber receptors to react to the presence of testosterone in the blood. The result is a steroid-like muscle growth factor, coupled with explosive energy obtained through absolutely natural means.

FREE TRIAL to $56.49
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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