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Alpha Prime Elite Review – Can It Really Help?

What Is Alpha Prime Elite?

Alpha Prime Elite is an encapsulated supplement used to boost testosterone levels and muscle growth in bodybuilders. It uses natural ingredients to enhance the body’s ability to produce and sustain the necessary testosterone levels to build muscle and increase weight. The ingredients help to improve blood flow to the muscles and allows them to obtain more oxygen and nutrients for faster results. The increase of natural growth hormone levels is especially beneficial to older male bodybuilders who may struggle to build muscle due to a natural decline in testosterone. Testosterone levels can begin to drop as early as age 30, and levels continue to drop as men get older, making this product highly useful for men in this age group.

This product can help users achieve major bodybuilding power without the use of illegal or harmful steroids. It also comes with zero side effects when used as directed, unlike anabolic steroids and other testosterone boosting supplements. The supplement helps improve energy so that users can work out longer and harder, pushing their bodies and muscles to new levels. In addition, taking Alpha Prime Elite Testosterone Advantage can help users shorten recovery periods after intense workouts and help bodybuilders maximize their potential and get back to the gym faster. Body fat can also be decreased to a desired percentage by using this product in conjunction with proper weight lifting and other forms of exercise.



This product is manufactured in USA by Alpha Prime Elite in an FDA regulated facility. Although natural supplements don’t require FDA approval, manufacture regulation from the FDA ensures that the methods of producing the product are safe and that everything is labelled and composed properly. It also assures that the quality of the food or supplements being processed and packaged for sale is at an acceptable standard. The supplement is packaged in a plastic jar container, and each container comes with 60 caplets. Two caplets equal one serving, so each jar contains 30 servings, enough to last users approximately one month.

The formula is natural and therefore safe to produce and ingest and does not require special protocol for manufacturing in the facility. The manufacturer is located in the United States in the state of California and employs legal residents and citizens. Standard safety regulations also apply to the production and sale of this product as with other supplements. The natural ingredients in this supplement are regarded as safe and can be handled and distributed without caution. Returns are to be sent directly to the production facility where the product is created and packaged for sale.


How Alpha Prime Elite Works?

Alpha Prime Elite Testosterone Advantage blends natural products, such as root and leaf extracts, with calcium and other ingredients to create a supplement that boosts testosterone and increases lean muscle. Each of the included ingredients works to improve blood flow to the muscles throughout the body and facilitate greater growth and increased muscle mass. This accelerates results and improves performance during every workout to make reps more efficient and building muscle easier. Users can even delay momentary muscular failure with the added energy gained from taking this supplement. It also makes it easier for muscles to recover and reduces weak force and failed strength from soreness and fatigue.

Users should take two capsules per day as directed, one in the morning and one in the evening, with at least one full glass of water. Taking the supplement in conjunction with exercise ensures vasodilation occurs to benefit the muscles and make them more defined. It also helps with fat burn and aids in decreasing body fat percentage over time for picture perfect definition and better performance in bodybuilding competitions. Taking this supplement may also help users sleep better at night and improve their gym time even more by ensuring that they get adequate rest between workouts. The enhanced muscle definition is also largely a result of the supplement’s ability to reduce fluid-retention swelling, a common issue in the bodybuilding community, and it’s important that users stay hydrated to avoid dehydration.


Ingredients of Alpha Prime Elite

Alpha Prime Elite Testosterone Advantage uses a variety of natural ingredients to boost users’ testosterone and enhance their results. The ingredients that contribute to muscle mass and testosterone increase come from the FlowViv MAX-TEST Blend, a balanced blend of natural substances. Some of the most effective ingredients included in the product’s FlowViv MAX-TEST Blend are:

  • Horny Goat Weed Extract;
  • Tongkat Ali Extract;
  • Saw Palmetto Extract;
  • Wild Yam Extract;
  • Sarsparilla;

Horny Goat Weed Extract is noted for its anti-inflammatory benefits which can help cut muscle recovery time in half. It also treats fatigue so that users can stay in the gym longer and put more effort into each workout session. Other benefits include improving the immune system, lowering high blood pressure, and better liver and kidney health. Tongkat Ali Extract is commonly used to boost testosterone, increase muscle mass, and help protect the body from chronic stress, a condition that can promote a surge in abdominal fat. Its ability to increase muscle mass has been proven in laboratory studies where rats who ingested the substance had increased their size and weight from newly enlarged muscles.

Saw Palmetto Extract is known to help the body retain more of its available testosterone and helps keep hormones balanced. It does this by inhibiting the production of enzymes that convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. This allows the body to use more of its available testosterone without it being converted in the body for other purposes. Wild Yam Extract is also a widely-known testosterone booster and hormone balancer, and it also improves cardiovascular health and helps regulate sugar levels in the body. Sarsparilla increases the body’s ability to absorb other natural substances, thereby boosting their effects, and it also mimics the functions of growth steroids.

Each of these ingredients boosts testosterone directly, or they complement the functions of other ingredients and make them more effective. Every serving contains 1484 mg of the potent FlowViv MAX-TEST Blend which also includes Orchic Substance, Nettle Extract, and Boron. Alpha Prime Elite Testosterone Advantage uses a safe mixture of perfect proportions that works better than any of these ingredients would if taken alone. This supplement also includes a dose of 44.28 mg of Calcium per serving. This is delivered in the form of Calcium Carbonate, a substance that preserves the quality of the other ingredients and provides the body with additional Calcium.



Taking Alpha Prime Elite Testosterone Advantage has several major advantages for bodybuilders and older men looking to build more muscle:

  1. Easy to take;
  2. No side effects;
  3. Improves blood flow to muscles;
  4. Increases natural growth hormone levels;
  5. Boosts Testosterone;
  6. Reduces recovery time between workouts;
  7. Decreases body fat;
  8. Improves sleep;

This supplement comes in capsule form and is convenient and easy to take, even on the go. It doesn’t have to be injected, shaken, or drunk like other supplements and easily fits into users’ daily routine. Also, unlike other testosterone supplements, this product uses natural ingredients and users won’t suffer from annoying or dangerous side effects unless they take it with other testosterone boosters or certain prescription medications. The product works by improving blood flow to the muscles, minimizing fluid retention and increasing definition in the process. The body receives an increase in testosterone and natural growth hormone levels from the natural ingredients, helping users further increase their muscle size in a shorter period of time.

Using this supplement also helps users get results faster by shortening recovery periods and boosting energy supplies in the body. Less soreness and more energy allows men to grow muscle faster and push themselves to further limits at home and at the gym. This supplement’s ability to aid users in reducing body fat increases muscle definition even more and makes them grow and appear larger in size. Bodybuilders know that they need to keep their percentage of body fat in check, and this product makes that process a little bit easier by further preventing fat buildup. With more workout power and balanced hormones, users can also sleep better which helps them to recover quicker and gives them more energy throughout the day.



Although the supplement is natural and safe to use and its manufacturing facility is FDA regulated, it has obtained no certificates from supplement and health organizations. Without third party approval, it may be difficult for some people to judge whether the product is actually safe or effective. However, the company claims that the product is 100% natural and therefore safe for men to use. It is under no circumstances intended for women or teenagers under 18 years of age. The product is still relatively new, so it may take some time to obtain and collect certifications from various organizations who still need to test and examine the quality of the supplement.



I am a family man with a wife and kid, and I care so much about the happiness of my family. I recently noticed that I felt tired and burnout whenever I came back from work. This made it difficult for me to spend quality time with my family after work. A friend of mine recommended Alpha Prime Elite. After a couple of dosages, I experienced an increase in my endurance and strength, allowing me to perform my daily routines without hitches. – Greg F., teached in Camden, N.J

Alpha prime Elite are extremely great body enhancement product and it is supporting me to achieve my health-related goals. I had always been a strong man but after 40s, my energy level and my health level started to move down. In order to maintain the strength of my muscles, I was looking for some supplement and on the suggestion of an expert, I chose Alpha Prime Elite. I am not only thankful to that expert for such a sincere advice but I am thankful to the company as well for the manufacturing of such a great body enhancement product. – Noah D., retail worker in Springfield, MO, USA

I am the type of guy who takes his workout sessions seriously. At a point, I noticed that my muscles were failing me – I felt sore tired after every workout session. It was then that I bumped into Alpha Prime Elite. I wasted no time in giving it a try. To my surprise, my strength and endurance level sky rocketed, and now I have all the strength to carry on with my workout session. – Chris B., call center representative in Shreveport, LA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

The company claims that Alpha Prime Elite Testosterone Advantage has been featured on the popular daytime television show The Doctors and that it has also been seen on CNBC, CNN, USA, and Men’s Health. The company has also placed advertisements in MAXIM Magazine, Playboy Magazine, and Men’s Journal. The product has not received any awards due to its newness on the market, but if it is received well by customers and critics, it can expect to receive more recognition and attention as time goes on. Some users have already confirmed its effectiveness in their testimonials and personal reviews, but it has yet to receive any official awards from health and fitness organizations or notable acclaim. It does feature a “best choice” label on the packaging, and the company states that it is among the best supplements in its category.


Money-back Guarantee

The company provides exceptional service to their customers in offering a money-back guarantee to all who are not satisfied with the quality or effectiveness of the product. Dissatisfied customers can contact the company to request a refund for any reason within a reasonable time period of receiving the product in the mail. The company may require a return of any unused product, so additional costs for shipping may be necessary to complete the requested refund transaction. In addition, the refund may not be extended to customers who received their package more than 30 days prior, and customers in need of a refund after 30 days have passed may have more difficulty obtaining their money. Subscription plans must be cancelled ahead of time to avoid future billing and the shipment of unwanted product.



Each order of Alpha Prime Elite Testosterone Advantage ships via United States Postal Service First Class Mail, or it can be shipped by UPS mail if the customer prefers. It typically ships within three days of the company receiving the order, and orders are shipped every day of the week except for Saturday and Sunday. If orders are placed over the weekend, they are usually shipped the next available regular business day. Customers within the United States can expect to receive their packages within 3-5 business days, not including federal holidays, but customers outside of the country are subject to longer waiting periods before receiving their orders. However, these are only general timeframes listed on the official website, and the company does not expressly guarantee shipment within a specific number of days.


Customer Support

The company’s customer support team is available to assist with questions and refund requests and also to accept comments from happy or dissatisfied customers. They can be contacted toll-free by phone or email Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. The contact information can be found on the official Alpha Prime Elite website in the “Contact Us” section which can be found at the bottom of each web page. The company expects users to be over the age of 18 and does not allow or accept orders from underage children, and they may not be receptive to resolving issues with underage customers who lie about their age to purchase the product. The customer support team is receptive to all questions or concerns from adult buyers and works to resolve problems and issue refunds as quickly as they can.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Alpha Prime Elite’s official website is safe to use, and visitors can be confident when entering their personal information including names, emails, addresses, and credit and debit card numbers. Communication between the user’s computer and the website is encrypted and kept private with an SSL certificate to keep the interaction strictly between the site and the visitor and to prevent eavesdroppers from trying to steal information. Checkout is further secured by Norton and McAffee, two of the top anti-viral and security services, for added protection of financial and personal details submitted through the online form. The website is also registered and monitored by major search engines, like Google, to certify legitimacy and give customers more peace of mind when placing their orders. Information provided by the customer is never retained and sold or revealed to other parties.


Pricing & Free Trial

The company offers a free trial where customers can try the product for 14 days before deciding whether they want to pay for and continue taking the supplement on a long-term basis. The free trial comes with standard packaging and begins on the day the order is placed. By signing up for a free trial, users agree to pay $4.95 (using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) for shipping and handling and automatically subscribe to monthly payment and shipment of the product. The company charges a rate of $89.95 per bottle and ships every order automatically to the buyer each month as long as they retain their membership. Customers’ subscriptions remain active until they contact the company via the toll-free number and have themselves removed from the service.

Customers who decide that they do not wish to continue using the product after the free trial must contact the company and cancel their subscriptions before the end of the 14-day period. If they do not cancel their subscriptions within the allotted trial period, they will be billed the $89.95 for their first order. Orders will continue to be billed and shipped unless the customer contacts the company directly to change their membership status. Subscriptions may be canceled at any time, but customers will be responsible for payment of any product that has already been shipped or has been delivered to them. Each monthly order contains 60 caplets, or a month’s supply of product.






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