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Alpha F1 Review – Does This Supplement Support Quick Recovery Between Workouts?

What Is Alpha F1?

This product is a dietary supplement that is utilized for boosting healthy testosterone production in male athletes, resulting in an increased energy level as well as stamina. It energizes both the body and confidence while working out. Its properties work together to help destroy fat and encourage the building of bulk. The dietary supplement contains all natural ingredients that are known to encourage a rapid increase of testosterone levels in the body. Alpha F1 is an appropriate supplement for men suffering from muscle weakness, fatigue, lowered amounts of stamina, a lack of endurance, and even a reduction in muscle mass or inability to build muscle. Because all of these symptoms can be a result of lowered testosterone, the supplement works to reverse the problem.

Building muscle is inhibited by many things, including lowered energy levels. Lacking the energy and stamina to get through a tough workout prevents you from reaping the full benefits of your gym time and means your body is too tired to properly build itself. This negative impact only compounds itself as your fail to gain muscle but continue to push yourself through workouts. By using this supplement, you will become energized, healthier, and promote muscle building. Your workouts will be more consistent, you will see the increase you’re looking for, and your body won’t be rundown like it may have been before you started taking the supplement. Your boosted confidence will stay with you throughout your day, overflowing into your daily life away from the gym.



This supplement is produced in the United States by the company called by the same name, Alpha F1. Their approved facility is located in St. George, Utah, a small city near the Arizona border. Contact information for this company is available on the brand’s official website. Customer service information, including an 800 phone number, is also found here. Hours for contacting the manufacture direction are given in the Pacific timezone. A mailing address is provided as well.

All sales for this supplement are made through this official website, not through retail stores. The manufacturer wants to ensure all customers have read their terms and services by doing business in this manner. Orders are also packaged and delivered from the manufacturer’s location in St. George. The company has no other facilities, so all production, processing, and inquiries are handled through the same main facility located in southern Utah.


How Alpha F1 Works?

This supplement overcomes the negative side effects caused by lowered testosterone by simply boosting the testosterone levels of the person taking the supplement. The symptoms of lowered testosterone that are combatted by this supplement include lowered energy levels, a loss of muscle mass, and an inability to build bulk. Alpha F1 has been specially blended to boost these levels and in turn give you an immediate boost of energy. This energy boost will feed into your workout and improve your physical activity and performance levels for the entire day. Through a mixture of tested ingredients, testosterone levels are boosted, energy is increased, and fat is destroyed.

Athletes and bodybuilders in gyms around the world are discovering the power of Alpha F1. This supplement is helping individuals enhance their athletic performance and their strength, it is also assisting blood flow by expanding the veins and capillaries to bring more blood through the system. Increased flow means a faster, more effective delivery of the nutrients necessary to build lean, solid muscle. This supplement provides you with the energy to get through a workout with increased stamina and increases your ability to recover between workouts. In very little time, any lost muscle mass will be reversed and you’ll be able to work harder and longer in your workouts. You’ll no longer be held back by fatigue or a lack of energy that you were experiencing before taking this supplement.


Ingredients of Alpha F1

This supplement consists of a variety of natural ingredients notorious for their ability to boost and promote testosterone production. These natural compounds are used in a wide range of supplements for various other purposes and have been used for decades amongst athletes. A lack of artificial ingredients, preservatives, chemicals, or other fillers means this supplement can be trusted to not harm your body with toxins or negative side effects. Its top ingredients have been researched independently for their effectiveness and safeness for consumption:

Zinc – This simple mineral has been found in low levels amongst those who suffer from lowered testosterone, therefore increasing consumption also raises levels again.

LJ100 Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (a.k.a. Longjack) – This natural plant extract has been used time and time again as a potent source of antioxidants capable of increasing metabolic rates, improving endurance, and boosting testosterone production.

Vitamin B1 – Also known as Thiamine, this nutrient helps your body burn carbohydrates for energy and promotes a healthy nervous system.

Vitamin B6 – This nutrient is known to support liver health and a healthy nervous system while also increasing energy and endurance.

These four main ingredients work in symphony to create the results you need. Longjack is a common supplement added to products to increase endurance, help burn fat, and of course boost testosterone. Zinc also boosts testosterone levels, providing an important nutrient that the body already utilizes. Vitamins B1 and B6 then promote energy burning and production, assisting in the metabolic process of breaking down fats and carbohydrates into the energy that fuels your workout. Although the ingredients in this supplement are all safe for consumption, it is important to always follow the directions when using the supplement. Any abuse of the directions could mean taking the wrong amount of an ingredient which will not benefit your workout.



This supplement is a blend of various natural and potent ingredients. All of these ingredients have been verified and tested in a GMP certified lab. Experts have carefully analyzed the ingredients to formulate a safe and effective product that will promote the desired results. There are no hidden ingredients in this supplement that could be considered harmful to the consumer. The highest quality is also guaranteed as this supplement is made completely in the United States. Many customers remain loyal to the Alpha F1 brand for its consistent delivery of increased energy, stamina, endurance, and results.

The customers who consistently use this product are those interested in increasing their energy levels, stamina, and muscle mass. They seek a positive boost in mood and visible results from their workouts. By taking this supplement, you will be able to break a cycle of lowered energy and exhaustion which affect your results. If at any point you are not satisfied with the results you see, customer are provided with 100% satisfaction guarantee and a refund if requested. As you will see, however, the results Alpha F1 produces means many loyal customers stay loyal.

The advantages of this product are many, although some disadvantages do exist as well. Perhaps the largest disadvantage is that this product is predominantly for adult males. This means those in high school as athletes under 18 looking to build muscle should not be taking this supplement. It is also not a product sold in retail stores, so all customers must purchase the product online.

Because a trial bottle is available free of charge, the online store method ensures that only first time customers can take advantage of this deal. As always, it is crucial to have your doctor’s approval before starting a new supplement such as this one. Not doing so is a risk you shouldn’t take if you are interested in achieving optimum health.



Alpha F1 is a certified produced product. All of its ingredients are listed as natural. There are no fillers or artificial ingredients used in its production. This is important because artificial ingredients could have a negative impact on the body. However, this supplement clearly lists all of its ingredients and guarantees that the only contents in the product are nutrients designed to help your body. Although some ingredient information is proprietary, the supplement is clearly labeled with its key contents.

The ingredients used in this supplement are also of premium grade. Manufactured completely in the United States, this product is All-American and of the highest quality. Customers can be confident in the product they are buying because of the care taken to ensure this high quality. As a way to prove these claims, this supplement has been awarded with a Good Manufacturing Practice and Consistent Quality Seal.



Dozens upon dozens of this supplement’s users have written testimonials about their experience with the product. Here is an excerpt of some of those testimonials:

Jesse, 35, Miami, Florida:

Before I started taking Alpha F1, I was struggling to finish my workouts. I had no idea a testosterone booster could give me so much energy. Now I’m able to complete my routines and recover a lot faster between sessions.

Alejandro, 24, San Francisco, California:

I started taking Alpha F1 to see what it could do for my definition. Not only did I start building a lot more mass, but I also was able to keep my energy and endurance levels a lot higher.

Anthony, 42, Dallas, Texas:

Alpha F1 helped me get back on track. I’m no longer sluggish. I’m always energized and anxious for the next time I hit the gym.


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement has been featured in Men’s Health and various other media sources. These articles list several celebrities that have been seen using supplements such as this supplement through recommendations by their personal trainers. Even The Rock has been documented as using this supplement in combination with other products to dramatically reduce fat while gaining significant muscle content. Quoted as a “wonder supplement”, this supplement is used by people all around the world for its ability to boost energy and maximize the results from a workout regime.

Testimonies from celebrities in the media, in addition to testimonies from everyday bodybuilders, proves the widespread success of this product. Many athletes suffer from the side effects of lowered testosterone and struggle with a lack of energy. Whether a professional bodybuilder or simply a guy who likes to stay fit, you will also be satisfied by what this product can do for you. If it works for so many athletes, chances are it could be the solution you need as well.


Money-back Guarantee

Those that purchase this supplement receive a 14 day free trial. If you are not satisfied with your free Trial Bottle, you can cancel your order by the end of the trial session. You will be able to keep your trial bottle without paying for anything else. Otherwise, you will continue to pay $89.97 per month to maintain a subscription to the supplement. When ordering a trial bottle, your credit card will simply be charged $4.95 under “30 Day Supply of Alpha F1”. $3.95 is the shipping fee and $1.00 is the handling fee. Only one trial bottle is allowed per household.



The free trial bottle is in fact free, but it does come with a small cost to cover delivery. The total cost is therefore $4.95. This includes a shipping fee of $3.95 as well as a handling fee of $1.00. Orders are received through the online store, packaged at the site, and sent from St. George, Utah. Expect most orders to take about a week.

Shipping costs remain the same for regular orders, too. These orders, like the free trial, usually take about a week to be received. Although the company does accept returns that follow the terms clearly stated on the website, there are certain conditions. For example, the company is not responsible for any lost returns. Returns should be shipped directly to the mailing address in St. George, Utah that is provided on the company’s official website.


Customer Support

Your free trial bottle also grants you access to the company’s customer support. This staff can be contacted via phone or mail. They are trained to assist with any questions you have regarding their product. They can also assist you with your order, including any needs to change an order or to receive a refund for a product. Contact information for the brand’s customer services can be found on the official supplement website along with hours of operation.

It is important for the company to have faithful and satisfied customers. Therefore, the customer support team consists of experts who are ready and willing to assist you with your needs. This attitude is consistent with their 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. If you are not satisfied for whatever reasons with your purchases or the processing of your order, the customer support team is there to help.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When ordering this supplement online, there is a guarantee for safe and secure checkouts. The website is verified to be safe from hackers, verified secure, and also protected by McAfee Secure. There should be no worries about making a purchase online. Your personal information remains safe when you make purchases on the official website. However, be aware that the product is only sold through the Alpha F1’s official page. Purchasing from another source would be a risk considering the company restricts how you can order its products, only allowing for online purchases through its own page.

The website allows you to purchase your products using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card. You will be asked for your shipping information as well as your credit card information. The secure checkout is guaranteed through the payment gateway used by the website. These payment gateways are designed so that data passed between the website interface and the bank are secure during and after the transaction. You will receive confirmation once your order’s transaction has been completed.


Pricing & Free Trial

This supplement is sold only through its official website and is not sold through any retailers, such as supplement or health stores. Any products that are found in such stores is likely an imitator brand, so it is important to purchase this product through the Alpha F1 store only. The regular price for this supplement is $89.87 for a 30-day supply, as sold online. The website also offers a free trial bottle which allows you to decide if you want to commit to a regular subscription to their supplement product. Signing up for a free trial only requires a payment of $4.95 total to cover both the shipping and handling for the free bottle.

After you have successfully completed the free trial, you’ll be on schedule to receive a full 30 day supply of the product. During the free trial, you will have two whole weeks to feel the effects the product has on your energy, your body, and your mood. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with the effects of the product, it is possible to cancel your order within the 14 day free trial period. Starting your regular purchases of the this supplement product requires simply a monthly charge of $89.87. The company can be called at any time to cancel a subscription if necessary.






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