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What Is Advanced Test-O-Boost?

Almost from the moment that Advanced Test-O-Boost found its way to the market, users went crazy over it. Experts estimate that more than one million men in the United States alone suffer from a decrease in testosterone, and despite what you might think, this isn’t a problem that only affects older men. Unlike other supplements that feature a number of chemicals and harsh ingredients, the product contains only natural ingredients that studies found have some positive benefits on testosterone levels.




Niwali Health Products, better known as simply Niwali, is one of the leading manufacturers of health supplements in the world. Best-known for its products that can improve memory, relieve pain in the joints and help with other health products, Niwali believes in using natural ingredients whenever possible. Whether you choose Test-O-Boost or another product, you’ll never worry about ingesting harmful or chemical ingredients.


How Test-O-Boost Works?

Niwali encourages users to follow three simple steps when using Advanced Test-O-Boost:

  • Take one of the capsules first thing in the morning.
  • Take a second dose at a later point during the day.
  • Follow a basic diet or exercise plan.

The manufacturer recommends that users take at least one dose of Advanced Test-O-Boost prior to working out. Niwali also stresses the importance of using heavier weights and fewer repetitions to get the product’s full benefits.



What Is in Test-O-Boost?

Every bottle of Test-O-Boost contains three key ingredients:

  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Proprietary blend


That proprietary blend accounts for 655 mg of each daily dose of the supplement, and you probably want to know what ingredients make up that blend. Those ingredients include:

  • Nettle Leaf Extract
  • Longjack Root Extract
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Oat Straw
  • Trace amounts of other natural ingredients.

Every ingredient used in Test-O-Boost comes from a natural source, which might make you feel stronger and more confident about taking it.



Advantages Over Other Testosterone Supplements

Test-O-Boost has a number of advantages over other supplements you might see today, including:

  1. It continues working in your body for days after you take your last dose.
  2. Users can lose a large percentage of body fat.
  3. The boost in testosterone that it delivers can make you feel more manly.
  4. The formula contains ingredients that can improve your circulation.
  5. You can gain 10 or more pounds of new muscle in one month.




There are complaints from users that Niwali charged their credit cards before the trial period elapsed and from others complaining that they didn’t have enough time to use the product and see its effectiveness. Some also claim that the manufacturer used images from amateur and professional athletes who never used the product in testimonials and success stories posted online.

Those issues are easy to overlook when you look at the positive reviews. Users found that taking two capsules of Advanced Test-O-Boost every day helped them eliminate bloating and belly fat, gave them a burst of energy that lasted throughout the day and helped them erase fat and expose healthy muscles.

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Test-O-Boost in the News

Test-O-Boost is one of the top male supplements in the world today, and part of the reason for its popularity is its number of media appearances. CNBC ran a special on the product that focused on the way in which it helped users boost testosterone and get in shape. That appearance led to a similar segment on FOX News. If you read USA Today, you might also come across an article detailing its benefits. The product also appeared in the pages of some of your favorite magazines devoted to health and fitness.


Money-Back Guarantee

A single bottle of Test-O-Boost can cost $89.95, but Niwali offers refund for shoppers dissatisfied with the results they get from the product. You can contact the company within 30 days of your purchase for a refund.



Whether you opt for the free trial or a full bottle, you still need to pay a small shipping charge. Think of its as your membership fee for getting a free bottle of supplements. Users in the United States pay $5.95 for shipping. Shipping to Canada costs $7.95.



Customer Support

Though Niwali is not open 24-hours a day, it does have customer service representatives standing by the phones from 9 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday and from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday. All times are EST.



Safe & Secure Checkout

Worried that Niwali will use your information without your permission. Don’t worry about that for a second. Not only will Niwali keep your information secure, but the company will also retain your information. The company will charge your card once a month and ship a new bottle of the supplement to your home.



The retail cost of Test-O-Boost is $89.95, but no one said you had to pay full price. If you take advantage of the free trial period, you can get a free bottle to use for up to 14 days. If you contact Niwali and return that bottle before 14 days pass, you get a full refund. The company will charge you full price at the end of that trial period.

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* Update: This supplement is discontinued and is no longer available on the market!


  • Users only need to take two capsules of Test-O Boost throughout the day.
  • Regular use of Test-O Boost can offer improvements in memory, mood, libido, energy and stamina.
  • A free trial period lets users try Test-O Boost at home for up to two weeks before purchasing it.


  • The 14-day trial ends before some users can determine if the supplement has any benefits for them.
  • Niwali can charge a customer’s debit or credit card for the full price of the product even after the customer returns it.
  • Some online reports claim that the company used false advertising and showed bodybuilders and fitness buffs in its ads who did not take Advanced Test-O Boost.

Advanced Test-O-Boost

Summary: Advanced Test-O-Boost is a relatively new testosterone boosting product from Niwali. Also known as Niwali Health Products, the company believes in producing supplements that target a key demographic and a specific health condition or medical problem and in creating supplements that use only natural ingredients.

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