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What Is 2nd Gear?

2nd Gear is a post cycle therapy hormone abbreviated as PCT. It is a professional strength post cycle therapy that was first officially released in the year 2009. It is a pharmaceutical drug that is used after a prohormone or a testosterone booster, or even a steroid cycle has been completed.

The 2nd Gear is composed of three compounds. A Selective Estrogen Receptive Modulator (SERM), an Aromatase inhibitor and other PCT supplement support such as a testosterone booster and a natural or herbal supplement. Each of the above compounds has a specific role for the effectiveness of the supplement.

The Selective Oestrogen Receptor modulator is used to control the effects of the increased estrogen levels that occurred during the cycle. That is necessary more so in male bodybuilders as it helps to prevent the formation of the gynecomastia i.e. formation of male breasts. It also helps to maintain the testosterone levels thereby maintaining muscle gains in the post cycle period.

The aromatase inhibitor is used to block the action of the aromatase enzymatic action. That is important as it prevents the conversion of excess testosterone and DHT into estrogen. Its main role is to maintain a normal hormonal balance in the blood stream, necessary for proper functioning of the body.

The supplement also has added advantage due to the cycle support content. Gaining mass can be questionable if a healthy body is not maintained during the process. It ensures the organs safety and proper functioning, controls the blood pressure and the cholesterol levels. It also promotes testosterone production in more natural ways.



The 2nd Gear is a scientifically engineered product of the Applied Nutriceuticals. Indeed, it had stood to its word “Better results through science”. The company is based at Napa Street, Northridge in the United States. The company founded in the year 2006 has seen many of its products grow in the industry.

Since the year it was founded, the company has delivered results. There has been positive feedback from most of the customers who got just what they were looking for in their supplements. The comments from most of the bodybuilding forum and communities also report the same of this product. There has always been continuous research to ensure that all their products are at the top in the market.

The success of the Applied Nutriceuticals is greatly attributed to the Founders, the CEO Don Orrell has been actively participating in bodybuilding since 1984, and has won heavyweight titles. Tanya Orrell, the CFO is active in female fitness and modeling. Dirk Tanis, COO is also football, basketball, and a bodybuilding coach. Therefore, much is expected of them in terms of the quality and effectiveness of any supplement.


How 2nd Gear Works?

After the use of the exogenous anabolic steroid, a prohormone, or a testosterone booster there is usually a hormonal imbalance commonly referred to as a hormonal crash, the hormones that are generated naturally by the body to generate and maintain muscle mass have been suppressed or completely shut down. These hormones are the Luteinising Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, and the Testosterone. The first two send signals to the body to produce sufficient testosterone hormone.

Regeneration is important as it helps in suppressing the cortisol hormone produced at the cortical tissues. The hormone is responsible for the muscle catabolism. The hormonal restoration can be achieved naturally within a period of 6 months. However, most of the muscle gained will have been lost by then.

The hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis that interconnects the endocrine glands control the testosterone production. It works in a negative feedback mechanism. When the body detects there is an excess testosterone pool in the body, nerve signals are sent to the organ. The organ is stimulated and therefore suppresses the production of the testosterone.

Using the 2nd Gear in the post cycle therapy helps to counteract the existing negative feedback mechanism in the body. It will stimulate the secretion of the Gonadotrophin Release Hormone. The presence of this hormone will send impulses to the anterior pituitary glands cells which will release the Luteinising Hormone and the Follicle Stimulating hormone. These two hormones are then responsible for the regulation of testosterone production in the body, which in this case is the key objective.

When 2nd Gear is taken, the 4-AT aromatase inhibitor in the bloodstream binds with the adipose and the peripheral tissue inhibiting estrogen biosynthesis. Aromatase is responsible for the conversion of the testosterone to estradiol, blocking aromatase consequently results in lower levels of the estradiol which then results in the increase of the LH and consequently the testosterone.


Ingredients of 2nd Gear

The main ingredients in the supplement are 4-Androstene-3,6,17-trione and Adaptogenic herbs. Other ingredients include: Gelatin, Titanium dioxide, FD& Blue #1, FD&C Red #3.


4-Androstene-3,6,17-Trione is an ingredient that helps the supplement to increase the balance in testosterone-estrogen ratio, which can be detected in the urine. It is added to the supplement since it is a highly potent irreversible aromatase inhibitor. Through this mechanism, the myotonic activity of the testosterone is elevated producing an anabolic effect in the increasing of the lean muscle mass.

It is also said to have an impact during the resistance training. When a dose of 300 mg is taken, which is the optimum recommended, there is significance increase in endurance during the resistance training. Bodybuilders can, therefore, take advantage of using the 2nd Gear in their PCT period as it also aids during the training sessions.

However, when the recommended daily dose is surpassed, there is bound to be consequences such as blood clotting issues to some people. It is clear that the PCT should be prescribed by a doctor once a bodybuilder has been given a clean bill of health, to prevent the possibility of the consequence.

Adaptogenic herbs

These herbs contain dopamine precursor. Mucuna Pruriens is a good example. It is sourced from hot climates of India and Africa. It is a strong antioxidant that helps to get rid of the free radicals that accumulate during continuous strength training and it is also good at neuroprotection. Its greatest significance is, however, that which it places to the endocrine system.

Studies show that it increases levels of the luteinizing hormone, and consequently the level of testosterone rises. It has several alkaloids that are responsible for this effect, the main one being the dopamine precursor which is an inactivated form of the L-Dopa. It also plays a major role in the regulation of hormone control centers of the brain. It also enhances testosterone synthesis directly through the hormone augmentation mechanism.

The ingredient also regulates the Steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (stAR). (stAR) Is a transport protein found in the Leyden cells which are responsible for controlling the cholesterol uptake by the mitochondria. The step is important as it is the rate-limiting step during the testosterone synthesis.

In addition to this, it also decreases the stress level by providing a calming effect through the hormonal pathways. This role cannot be overemphasized especially during the post cycle therapy. The reason being, during a cycle, the prohormones have an effect many refer to as the “roid” rage; a condition in which the additional testosterone causes a person to be moody and violent. Therefore, using the 2nd Gear will help a bodybuilder recover from this state. The net effect is that the amount of cortisol levels will be low in the bloodstream; as a result, the muscle mass will be maintained effectively.

However, having an excess of the L-Dopa can cause hypotension if the dosages are above 300mg. Some people may experience Arrhythmias, though in rare conditions. The bodybuilder will also experience nausea, which can be reduced by taking the supplement with food, in which the protein absorption will also be altered. In some cases, there may be severe gastrointestinal bleeding which could be tragic.


Gelatin is a compound composed of Glycine and Proline. The Glycine is important as an anti-inflammatory. It also improves the sleep quality. That is important to a bodybuilder who is on a PCT therapy. This is because the increase in testosterone while on a cycle, studies show that there is usually agitation and sometimes depression which can result in restlessness. It also aids in the promotion of human growth hormone production and general hormonal balance. Gelatin also has a joint relieving property. With time a bodybuilders tendons and ligaments wear out exposing the person to injuries.

The supplement has Gelatin content within the normal recommended range. It is worth noting that when in excess it causes heaviness in the stomach, and severe bloating in some cases. In other instances, it can cause heart burns. Some people can also experience various allergic reactions. The safety of the source used to manufacture the ingredient should also be ensured since it is from animal product thus when not properly processed could result in infections.

Artificial coloring

The other less significant ingredients used in the manufacturing of the supplements include titanium dioxide, FD& Blue #1, FD&C Red #3. These are under the categories of fillers; they are artificial pigments that are added to the capsules. They are added to offset the color loss due to exposure to light, extreme temperatures and correct natural variation in color.

The FDA has had concerns about them as they are potentially carcinogenic and since they don’t have a major role in the supplementation they might be scrapped off and better substitutes used. They are included on the label as per the European lawmakers for the consumer’s knowledge



There are two distinct periods in which a bodybuilder can use the 2nd Gear supplement. The time one takes to determine the benefits that one can gain from using it. While the mode of action is still the same regardless of the period when it is taken. These benefits are;

It is used as a remedy after the androgenic anabolic androgens are added to the body, the natural testosterone production will naturally be halted by the exogenous anabolic hormone. For this reason, most of the androgens are testosterone based. It is thereby taken to restore the testosterone level back to normal naturally with the body.

It is also important to maintain the lean muscle mass that bodybuilders gain during the cycle. The body has a natural adaptive mechanism to lower the lean body muscles back to the baseline; that is to a level before the cycle began. Using the 2nd Gear helps to prevent this muscle degeneration from occurring in the 3-4 weeks post cycle.

Another benefit that a bodybuilder gets when using the 2nd Gear when on a cycle is to prevent the strong estrogenic related side effects. The most pronounced side effect is the Gynecomastia or “Gyno” as it is more commonly known. It is usually the male breast enlargement. Most of the steroids in the body increase the estrogen levels in the body. With elevated levels, the condition is bound to occur. However, the supplement always protects the estrogen from binding and being reactivated at the receptors, improving the chances of a person to stay away from the nasty side effect.

It is important to note that since the supplement is a strong one for the above purpose, there are chances of aromatization by itself. It occurs to those who are more sensitive to estrogen and are naturally prone to have the Gynecomastia genetically. The remedy for this condition is that the 2nd Gear can be stacked together with another mild aromatase inhibitor like the Arimidex, which will be the saving grace.


Applied Nutriceuticals has obtained Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certifications for its manufacturing facility in Charlotte in NC. It ensures the supplements are produced consistently to the required standard as established by the National Standardization Board. For a company to get the GMP certification, the facility must follow the required standards related to the design and construction of the physical plant, the cleanliness, proper manufacturing operations, quality control procedures, testing the final product and in the processing materials, proper record maintaining. There should also be proper handling of the consumer’s complaints.

Additionally, all the ingredients and processes that are used in the manufacturing processes have been FDA approved, which means that they are legal to be used within the United States. The users can, therefore, have a level of assurance of the quality of the product they are using.



The supplement has been on the market for a while now. From the reviews in the bodybuilding forums and other related sites, it has received very high ratings. Other supplement users are saying the following about the supplement.

Did a 3.5-week cycle of the 2nd Gear after using a testosterone booster. I was planning to go for an 8-week cycle. But after only three weeks I felt as if my testosterone levels were booming back to normal levels. I retained close to 100% of my gains which I can say was unbelievable. I feel like it was the supplement booster that did that. However, it could also be my herculean genes. I feel more aggressive and alive again. I am looking forward to future cycles. 2nd Gear all the way. Cheers.

– Mike, 26, New York, New York.

I am a basketball player in the hood. This product has helped me recover after the cycle perfectly. For the price, it has done what it exactly has to do. I retained decent gains while on the cycle. I felt less lethargic during the 6-week period I was taking it. Completely normal again. I don’t know if it is me or what, but I discovered some strength gains two weeks into the cycle, but again who am I? I don’t know. Although some of my friends complain that it is very strong and can cause ‘man tits’ I don’t think I noted any signs. 2nd Gear is the word. Good product!!!!!!

– Jack, 41, San Antonio, Texas.


Awards & Media Coverage

In 2009, the 2nd Gear was recognized as the most promising supplement of the year in the Best of Supplement Award (BOSA). The awards were based on the best seller in each category. It had been nominated under the entry level supplements. The nomination was done in the bodybuilding forum by the community.

The ingredient is being scientifically reengineered although the details of the new formula have not been made public. With the new bioavailability technology being incorporated in the supplement, it is expected to attract many awards should the final product be as expected. The focus has been set towards the Euro Monitor International award that focuses on the ingredient composition.


Money-back Guarantee

The Applied Nutraceutical supplements have a return policy. A person can return a new unopened item within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. In addition to this, the shipping cost the customer incurs is compensated. That is if the good delivered was found to be defective.

The refund should be expected within 25 working days, of reporting. The period includes the re-shipping back to the company for verification (5-10 business working days). The refund is then made through the bank details used to make the payment.

Should any customer feel the need to return the product, there is a direct line on the Applied Nutraceutical website. The customer must have the order number and the details of the product that is being returned. Instructions on how the person will proceed are given within 24 hours.



The supplement can be shipped to virtually any part of the world. Notice is however given to countries or states in which there may be restrictions on the use of the product. Once an order is placed, the shipping costs are then determined based on the availability of the product, and the shipping provider that is selected. The details then appear on the page containing the shipping quote.

It is noteworthy that the shipping rates for many companies are weight based. The weight can be found on the details page. To reflect the policy, all the weights are rounded up to the next full figure.


Customer Support

The customer support is reliable and has a quick response. The working hours are as follows; On weekdays, they are available between 8 am to 5 pm CST. During the weekends they are available between 9 am to 2 pm CMT. There is also an email address that can be used to ask any question concerning the product. On the official website, there are additional guidelines in the forum where other general questions concerning the product 2nd Gear have been addressed.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The privacy of the customer’s safety has been guaranteed. Their purchase system is secured with a 128 bit secure SSL. It provides an end point to point encryption between the client and the site. No 3rd party can access the details of the purchase and payment. Both Visa and MasterCard can be used to purchase.


Pricing & Free trial

The 2nd gear tube contains 30 capsules. It is priced at $60.00. The price varies from one purchase site to another. Often the price is inclusive of the shipping storage insurance policy. The price also varies depending on whether it is bought as a single item or it is going to be stacked with other supplements. A regular customer can apply for a refill program which is cost effective. At the moment, no free trials are being given by the company. However, for those who have subscribed to the Applied Nutraceutical journals can be notified in case there is a free trial run for both new and existing clients.


  • It helps to maintain the lean muscle mass.
  • Some of the ingredient components promote healthy joints reducing the risk of injury.
  • The processing has been certified hence considered safe.
  • It helps to combat the gynecomastia


  • It is restricted to people under 18 years.
  • Misusing the product can result in unwanted side effects.
  • The bodybuilder has to continue with a proper strength training while using it.

2nd Gear

Summary: 2nd Gear is a post cycle therapy hormone abbreviated as PCT. It is a professional strength post cycle therapy that was first officially released in the year 2009.

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