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What Is Animal Whey?

Animal Whey is a straightforward protein powder that emphasizes the basics: it has whey in two forms, two digestive enzymes, some ingredients for flavor, and essentially nothing else. It is designed to be the fundamental powder that sets the standard for quality and purity.

In that respect, it succeeds admirably. Not only does it have an excellent balance of whey protein sources, but it also does well at packing a tasty flavor into the shake while minimizing sugars. That’s a real concern because many protein powders simply load on the sweeteners, driving up the carb count to boost the flavor.

Animal Whey is part of the highly distinguished Animal line of products, which have a lineage stretching back to the 1970s as one of the first nutritional supplement brands in the US. The powder lives up to its heritage and distinguishes itself for its uncompromising dedication to delivering a good protein experience, free of additives, distractions, and unscientific gimmicks designed to attract your attention.



The manufacturer of Animal Whey is Universal Nutrition. The company was founded in 1977 and has been involved in protein and other supplements for nearly forty years. That level of experience is beyond just about any other supplement company. The breadth and depth of the lineup of products from Universal Nutrition is quite strong, but until recently the company had no dedicated protein powder. They had other kinds of protein supplements, but not a simple post-workout powder.

That is all changing with the release of Animal Whey. Universal is leveraging their decades of experience to make a clean, simple, and effective product. Lots of other companies base their marketing on some kind of trick or gimmick: a special chemical, a new process in the body’s metabolism, some kind of rare natural ingredient, or a combination of these. Universal simply combines the right ingredients in the right proportions and delivers great products with great value.

Furthermore, all of the products work well in synergy with each other and are designed to be stackable. Not many companies have the depth to even offer that, and Universal is known for being able to offer the complete package when it comes to these stacks in their famous Animal brand.


How Animal Whey Works?

Animal Whey is very simple. It contains a large amount of whey protein in each scoop, and you use this protein to aid your workouts in the following way. Every single time you lift or otherwise significantly exert your muscles, you cause them to break down. Their structure deteriorates, and then they rapidly rebuild themselves and heal, coming back stronger than ever before.

But this process of growth requires protein: the nutrient is the fundamental building block that fuels the whole cycle. Your muscles are most hungry for protein right after you finish working out. That is when they are just starting to rebuild themselves. As a result, if you can metabolize extra protein at that time, you will get better recovery and better gains. You need protein all day, but especially right after lifting.

That is how this powder helps you. First of all, when you mix the shake and drink it you can fill up on protein at exactly the right time. Secondly, you have the opportunity to add a lot more protein to your diet throughout the day without having to spend extra time cooking and preparing meat-based meals, which can be pretty time-consuming.


Ingredients of Animal Whey

It is a very good sign that the first ingredients in Animal Whey are the protein sources. That tells you right away that they compose most of the mass of the powder, and indeed one scoop is worth an excellent 25 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, and 2 grams of sugars. You can be sure that protein dominates the formula.

As to the actual sources, the first source is cross flow micro filtered whey protein isolate and the second is ultra filtrated whey protein concentrate. The source of both proteins is milk, which is the best source for protein. The next set of ingredients are a set of flavorings, which are surprisingly low in sugar. The last two ingredients are digestive enzymes to help your stomach absorb the nutrients quickly and easily: papain and bromelain.

The filtering of the protein is done to make fine grains that will blend into milk or water without creating clumps and causing nausea when you drink it. That also increases the absorption rate and ensures that your body will process as much of the protein as possible. The flavoring ingredients vary slightly depending on the flavor you choose to purchase.



The truth is that Animal Whey does not have any particular special characteristic, like a unique ingredient or a new way of supporting workouts. It simply performs better than just about any other powder on the market at its role, which is as a protein shake. The most common use for these kinds of shakes is as a post-workout drink, but it also works to add protein throughout the day.

It can be hard to reach the number of protein grams you need to perform optimally without resorting to powders. The strength of this product is that it can delivery the most effective kind of protein in the best powder with a great flavor while maintaining the best macro-nutrient profile. In fact, if anything, the powder is a little short of fats, which your body needs, but that can be fixed by mixing the powder with whole milk.

The excellent flavor choices are another reason to go with Animal Whey. They make the shakes go down more easily and show a real dedication to quality ingredients. For example, the Strawberry flavor has bits of real strawberry in it instead of using artificial flavoring to mimic a strawberry taste.



The whole Animal brand has the support of many famous bodybuilders and athletes. The most prominent of these is probably Frank McGrath, but there are many others who are attached to Animal for long-term commitments or temporary endorsements. For the most part, these engagements reflect a genuine connection to the brand: the athletes often write blog posts containing detailed tips and information for the bodybuilding community, and only tangentially involve Animal.

This underscores the fact that for these bodybuilders, Animal is not just another product to endorse, but a serious element of their lifestyle. That is a major win for Animal. The protein world is full of powders that have no endorsements from actual athletes, or who have minimal support. But Animal has a history of prolonged relationships with accomplished individuals who do far more than just put their faces on plastic tub: they actually engage with the community and demonstrate that they really believe in the products.

It’s rare to find a line with such distinguished and engaged representatives, but it makes sense given that the history of Universal goes back to decades of gym time. These things do not happen by accident: the company earned these recommendations.



I have been trying out different protein powders for months, but they all tasted really bad or had a terrible texture. I hated using them, so I never kept it up for more than a few weeks. Eventually I stumbled on Animal Whey, and the chocolate flavor was so good I had it for a whole month. I could have done more, but I ran out and decided to switch to cookies and cream. It was even better! Now I actually look forward to my PWO shake. – Rudy S. from Boston

I had a lot of trouble getting strong because I never had enough protein to keep up with my workouts. One day, one of the older and more experienced guys in my gym gave me a tub of Animal Whey and told me to try it for a few weeks. Well, I immediately started to improve and the flavor didn’t bother me at all. I used to think protein shakes were dumb and I made fun of all the guys walking around with their shakers, but now I’m one of them too, and I don’t regret it at all. I would recommend Animal to anyone. – Frankie S. from New Jersey

I just don’t have the time to make myself lots of chicken every week. I know it’s a top source of lean protein but it takes too much time and I get bored of it easily. That is why I turned to Animal Whey. The powder lets me meet my protein needs and I know I am getting a quality product. I can feel the difference when I am using it. I rotate among flavors to keep things fresh, and I haven’t found one that I don’t like so far. I always mix them with milk at home and water at the gym: they taste good in both cases. Sometimes I use them in smoothies too: I mix them with ice, milk, and coffee. – Mike M. from San Fransisco


Money-back Guarantee

Universal Nutrition does not guarantee any particular results for its products. This would be almost impossible to enforce, because anyone could lie about failing to meet their goals or even lie about having bought a Universal product in the first place.

Furthermore, everyone’s body responds to diet and exercise in different ways. That means that while it is possible to make general predictions about how well you will improve and benefit from a given supplement, there is no way to be sure that you will actually experience that outcome. People just vary too much to make that possible.

There are some things that Universal does guarantee, however. Namely, they guarantee that the products in every container they ship will at least meet the claims on the label, if not exceed them. That means that if you have a container of their product and it does not have as much protein as the label claims, you can get your money back. This is a huge point in Universal’s favor because many companies will hesitate to make this promise. They do not have good quality control or a good production process, so they really are not sure what is going into the powder. Universal is always sure.



The shipping costs of a container of Animal Whey are pretty low, but this varies based on where you are and how much you order at a time. Larger packages tend to cost more to ship. The powder comes in two forms: a two pound tub and a four pound tub. Most online retailers charge about the same amount for shipping tubs like these.

They are both pretty light as far as packages go. The plastic containers are very light, so they do not add much at all to the ship weight. The main complication is the delivery distance. If you are far away from the shipping point, you will need to pay more and also wait longer. Frequently, you can set up a regular shipment schedule so that you get sent a two pound tub every month, for example. That gives you a slight discount on your order, which can offset the price of shipping.

In general, though, the shipping cost will be a tiny part of the overall cost of the powder, so you do not need to worry about it driving up the price.


Customer Support

As might be expected from such a large and old company, the customer support is excellent. You can email the company, call them, fax them, even visit their headquarters. They are very open about taking any and all inquiries about anything related to their products, like the quality, how to use them, which ones to buy, and so on. They can even field questions about bodybuilding because a significant part of the staff are bodybuilders themselves. That means they have great insight into the kinds of questions that you might have.

Remember, Universal is not just a supplement company: they market themselves to serious bodybuilders, the ones who train and compete. That means they have to be able to handle in-depth and serious questions about where Universal’s products should fit into a diet and how to use them for best effect. Their customer service system is of the highest quality, with friendly and helpful staff ready to answer the phone and respond to emails in a reasonable and professional manner. The support further demonstrates the commitment this company has to the bodybuilding community. They are not just here to make money: they want to improve their sport and support young athletes.


Safe & Secure Checkout

You should never have to worry when you purchase things online, but the recent waves of hack attacks against big retailers like Target have everyone on edge. Not to worry: if you order Animal Whey online you will have a safe and secure checkout process that prevents hackers from getting access to your financial and personal information.

For example, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology creates a secure connection between your computer and the servers that are taking your order. Your information is also encrypted, so that it is impossible for a hacker to decode even if they were able to somehow steal the data.

On top of that, the process displays several reputable safety seals from testing and certification companies. That shows how much effort Universal has put into protecting your data. Always verify that you are on the correct page and that the website is secure: look for the icon of a padlock next to the address bar of your browser of choice. That lets you know that the page is secure and that you can safely enter your financial information to place your order.


Animal Whey Pricing

Animal Whey is a little more expensive than competing protein powders, at about $15 a pound. Other powders tend to go for between $14 and $12 a pound. However, that reflects the increase in quality that the Animal brand carries. It is logical that a better brand would sell at a premium compared to one that has worse ingredients or a poor formula.

In the world of supplements, you tend to get what you pay for. As mentioned above, it is possible to reduce the cost of buying this powder if you set up a regular subscription of orders, but you may or may not be ready to commit to that. Furthermore, you can give yourself a discount if you order in the larger four pound size instead of the two pound tub. Bulk orders are almost always a discount, and this is no exception.

The quality of the ingredients is what pushes the price higher, but in reality the extra dollar or two per pound is not a large increase in price. Over the course of a month, you will hardly notice it. The more you use, the more important the price difference becomes, but the increase in quality also becomes more important, so it is still a good idea to stick with Animal despite the premium.


  • Animal Whey has pure ingredients of excellent quality that provide tons of protein that is easy to digest.
  • The flavors are all great and use natural ingredients instead of artificial sweeteners.
  • The nutrient profile is extremely favorable and Universal Nutrition guarantees every container complies with the label.


  • Lacks any additives for vitamins and minerals on its own.
  • Could use some fats to help provide more fuel for your metabolism.
  • Would benefit from more detail about the source of the carbs.

Animal Whey

Summary: Animal Whey is a protein powder supplement from nutritional titans Universal Nutrition. The Animal brand has been recognized for decades as the premier brand for supplements of all kinds, most famously in the “Animal Pack” of supplements. Whey is the first time Universal has made their own protein powder supplement. Universal saw that the market was full of low-quality powders and so they decided to step in and create their own with pure ingredients, an optimal formula, and top-shelf flavors. The ideal audience for this powder is a serious bodybuilder who wants a good powder. It can be used with meals or post-workout.

$29.57 to $109.99
RatingRated 3 stars

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