A lot of the following products listed below are dangerous! They may contain illegal and banned chemical substances and they can be very dangerous(!) for your health. If you decide to use these products they will produce some serious side effects and can threaten your life!

We highly recommend not to use any of them for bodybuilding, sports or other non-medical purposes! Some of the following products are prescribed for health conditions only and by professional doctors only, we can’t give you any professional advice regarding them.


* Note: There are legal dietary supplements containing prohormones in small quantities, but that doesn’t make them safe.


All Prohormones & Products Containing Them

1 Super Mandro from Hardrock Supplements

Super Mandro

Super Mandro is an anabolic supplement which promises one very solid and dry muscles that many ... Read Review

Rated 3 stars
2 Halodrol


Halodrol is a powerful anabolic steroid that is extremely suitable for professional athletes and ... Read Review

Rated 2 stars
3 Adrenosterone


Adrenosterone is a non-methylated pro-hormone that is used by avid weightlifters and bodybuilders ... Read Review

Rated 2 stars
4 H Drol

H Drol

Halodrol is better known by the name H Drol. It is a supplement used to aid in the building of ... Read Review

Rated 2 stars
5 7-Keto-DHEA


7-Keto-DHEA (also called 7-Keto) has applications for bodybuilding, strength athletes and general ... Read Review

Rated 1.5 stars

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