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What Is Superior Muscle X?

Superior Muscle X is a supplement that is designed to help you build muscle while also dropping fat. In addition, it is meant to boost energy and help you feel younger and stronger. This supplement works by helping you to naturally boost levels of nitric oxide in your body.

Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have found that nitric oxide is a sort of missing magic bullet in their workout routines. When you use a nitric oxide booster, you are supplementing with something that will increase blood flow to muscles. It does so by increasing relaxation in the smooth muscles. This allows the striated muscles – and particularly, the ones you are using when you lift – to get more oxygen.

When you boost the flow of oxygen to working muscles, you will see a boost in performance, a decrease in recovery time, and reap several other benefits (see below for a more detailed discussion). If you suffer from workout fatigue or otherwise are noticing a slump in your training routine, Superior Muscle X may well be right for you.

The Main Features of Superior Muscle X



Superior Muscle X is manufactured by a manufacturer that exclusively makes this supplement. This can be advantageous, as it means that the manufacturers and customer service representatives know a lot about the supplement and how it works. Because of this, they are better equipped to answer your specific questions than someone who sells many supplement types would be. The manufacturer welcomes communication by phone, e-mail, and more, making it an easy company to contact and ask questions of.

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How Superior Muscle X Works?

Superior Muscle X combines several supplements together, making it an easy and convenient way for you support your fat loss and muscle growth efforts. Some ingredients, especially L-Arginine, B Vitamins, L-Carnitine, and Green Tea Extract, make it well-suited as a pre-workout mix too. The combination of muscle recovery support, in-workout support, and natural pre-workout stimulation means this is a good all-around supplement to take.

The star ingredient of this supplement is L-Arginine. This amino acid (discussed below in more detail) is a precursor to the synthesis of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide increases blood flow to working muscles, thus delivering more oxygen and nutrients as you’re exercising.You can lift more and lift longer, as well as increase endurance in cardio endeavors.

Superior Muscle X’s Green Tea Extract and B Vitamins means that it naturally boosts energy. These ingredients support better health and immune function, too.The natural stimulant effect of these ingredients is paired with that of Chromium and Yohimbine to give you an even greater boost.

Also, L-Carnitine and Chromium both support fat metabolism, muscle growth, and a faster recovery. When you have a comprehensive ingredeient like this, the result is an all-in-one supplement that boosts energy, burns fat, adds muscle, and supports general health and energy.

The Benefits of Superior Muscle X



Ingredients of Superior Muscle X

This supplement contains a variety of supplements that are consumed by many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Some are designed to build muscle, and others are designed to help you burn fat and have more energy. Some contain vitamin or other substances to support both energy and general health.

While these supplement ingredients can all be helpful, it’s possible that you may have a reaction to some or find that the ratios aren’t working for you. However, many people are able to take and benefit from all of these supplements. If you are one of those people, then Superior Muscle X can save you a good bit of time and money when it comes to purchasing supplements – rather than purchase a whole cartful every month, you can take one and be done with it. Here are the main active ingredients:


Superior Muscle X’s main ingredient is L-Arginine, which is a nitric oxide precursor in the body. L-Arginine has long been a favorite of muscle builders, and for good (and scientifically-backed) reason – the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to researchers who determined that, when used as a dietary supplement, L-Arginine supported the natural release of human growth hormone in vivo. It also controlled blood pressure and boosted immune function.

This is because, in the body, L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide. Once it is converted to nitric oxide, the supplement user can reap the many benefits. Nitric oxide can increase the availability of glucose during exercise. This is good for both performance and for fat loss – when your body uses up glucose faster, it will move quickly to stored energy for fuel. These benefits don’t just apply to strength training – they can boost your cardio game as well.

Similarly, because nitric oxide supports blood flow, it can increase oxygen availability to muscles. This, along with faster glucose delivery, means a lessening of fatigue. This is good news regardless of whether you want to get that last rep in, or if you want to get a little faster while running a 10k.

And lastly, nitric oxide really helps to reduce recovery time. Because blood flow is increased, muscles receive plenty of nutrients even after you work out hard. And this, in turn, means you’ll be up and ready to lift again faster than ever.

B Vitamins

This supplement contains that crucial triad of B vitamins: B6, B12, and B3. Most of us know that B vitamins can support healthy energy. this is because they support efficient metabolism of food. Having enough B vitamins means that you’ll be able to really reap the benefits from your meals and protein shakes.

B vitamins also have some other surprising health benefits.Supplementation with B vitamins has been linked to a lower risk of stroke. B12 can help you avoid anemia, and B3 supports niacin, which is a thermogenic that actually aids in fat loss to an extent.


L-Carnitine is a mitochondrial catalyst that is naturally found in red meat and some other foods. It speeds up the work of the mitochondria, or the parts of cells that make adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is what the body uses to go about daily tasks – it is the energy that propels you through your workout, too. When you have more ATP, you have more energy for either that next explosive lift or for one more mile on the track. In addition, L-Carnitine, because of its energy support, makes recovery time faster.


Chromium is an essential nutrient that helps stabilize blood sugar and increase glucose uptake. When you use glucose faster, you’ll be able to move faster to fat burning. Some studies have connected chromium to fat loss, muscle gain, and increased energy, making it ideal for those who are trying to lean out and get ripped.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea naturally contains caffeine, so this ingredient adds an extra energy boost. This can be perfect for those days when you’re tempted to just not lift. It also makes it so Superior Muscle X can be used as a pre-workout supplement, too.

In addition, green tea contains antioxidants, which help the body fight diseases and aging. You might hear people talk about how some other foods have antioxidants, too, but the best part about green tea is that it has no calories, making it perfect for those who want to both add muscle and lose fat.


Yohimbine is derived from the Yohimbe tree, an African evergreen with distinctive, shaggy bark. It is best known as an energy booster and an agent that boosts circulation. When taken in the right dosage, Yohimbine can power you through the most arduous of workouts.

However, some users of Yohimbine by itself have reported heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, nausea, and shakiness. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s wise to start with a lower dose of this supplement. Increased heart rate can be unsetting and dizzying, and if you already have hypertension, it may not be a good idea to take Yohimbine and then lift weights.

The Details of Superior Muscle X



Perhaps the greatest advantage of Superior Muscle X is its ability to serve as an all-in-one supplement. It combines pre-workout energy and in-workout support with an ability to reduce recovery time, all in one easy capsule supplement.

In addition, when you choose to order, you will have each bottle automatically shipped to your door monthly. This means you won’t need to go out and buy your multiple supplements as you run out. This one easy pack saves you money and time.

In addition, all ingredients are scientifically supported as being able to enhance fat loss and muscle gain. If you’re like many fitness enthusiasts, you have found a few supplements that contain questionable ingredients that turn out to not be supported by real evidence. All ingredients in Superior Muscle X are supported by research, and the central ingredient is supported by research that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine!

A Man & Superior Muscle X



Superior Muscle X has not yet received certificates or awards. However, its central ingredient, L-Arginine, was the subject of Nobel Prize-winning research. This award supports the efficacy of Superior Muscle X, and other ingredients have been backed by trial results, anecdotal evidence, and other research.

The Proven & Tested Power of Superior Muscle X



It’s understandable that you probably want to hear someone else’s take on Superior Muscle X before you buy. If you don’t personally know anyone who has tried it, you can read these testimonials from satisfied customers who have:

Randy, 25, Houston, TX:

I read somewhere that people who naturally have enough nitric oxide don’t need or benefit from an NO supplement or something. But it sounded really cool, plus it had other stuff, so I gave it a shot. Maybe my NO levels were low, or maybe whoever wrote that thing I read had never tried this stuff, but my results were AMAZING. Seriously. I’m really skeptical and had never gotten a supplement online so I guess I hit the jackpot or something. But damn. I have way more energy, which is good, because I run marathons and also lift because strength training seems to help me. I’m psyched for my next race to see how it goes. Pretty sure I’ll be waaaaaay faster.

Cynthia, 29, Pasadena, CA:

As a woman who lifts weights, I didn’t want to take a supplement that was a testosterone booster. Some of my female friends take those, but I didn’t want to. So I read about this, and I tried the free trial. I was kind of irked with myself and the company when I forgot to cancel the free trial, but I ended up liking this stuff so much I didn’t care. I’ve upped my deadlift by 25 pounds already.

Huey, 18, Temple, PA:

I live in a small town and I’ve always been a little chunky. I tried this because my friend had it. And it’s really helping me drop weight. My friend didn’t like it, so he gave me his trial bottle. I’m definitely buying once this one runs out!

Alejandro, 33, Petaluma, CA:

I just got into triathlons after having a stronger background as an amateur bodybuilder. I changed up my diet some – I had to add a few more carbs to help fuel me through those long swims, bikes, and runs. I was worried that it would make me fat. It hasn’t, but that might be because I started on Superior Muscle X. I’m happy with it because all the ingredients are good for strength training and for cardio, so I don’t feel like I’m taking supplements that work against each other. It’s also super convenient, because I used to buy a bunch of these things and now it’s just the one bottle that shows up at my door right when I need it. I’m a customer for life.

Stefan, 40, New York, NY:

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that I just get tired. I used to take testosterone supplements with bunch of caffeine pills, which was dumb. But at the time I thought I was a genius. Oh well. I just felt jittery and I was still tired. I got the free trial and liked this stuff immediately. Even before I saw muscle gains, I just felt better. Like I was on top of the world/could do anything. But in a focused way. Now i’m back to lifting like I could 10 years ago!

The Results from Superior Muscle X


Money-back Guarantee

Superior Muscle X’s manufacturers stand by their product. And because of that, they offer a money-back guarantee on their product, even after you’ve ordered it. When you receive a bottle you don’t want, you may send it back unopened for a full refund of the purchase price. However, it is important to note that the refund does not cover shipping. You also must pay for the return shipping and the initial cost of shipping to you. The product price will always be fully refunded if the product is unopened, but there are no refunds for shipping costs or for any opened bottles.



Shipping for each bottle is for a flat rate of $4.99. It is not clear if the manufacturer rush ships items or if shipping is standard. (However, if you subscribe, you won’t have to worry about rush shipping because each bottle is sent automatically to you as the other runs out.) The free trial bottle is sent to you for just the shipping cost. Others will be sent for the purchase price of the bottle plus the cost of shipping. Total cost is $98.63 per month.


Customer Support

The manufacturers of Superior Muscle X have a service hotline to make contacting them easier. You also can reach out via e-mail. Customer support representatives can answer questions expediently to help make your decision easier. And when you know exactly how to take this supplement, your chances of results become much greater.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Understandably, one might be a little wary of buying online. After all, there are plenty of scammers out there. But you don’t need to worry here – the checkout for Superior Muscle X is completely safe and secure. It’s even certified by multiple online security agencies. Don’t worry about other promotional emails – all you’ll get is the muscle-building supplement you order.

The Call to Action for Superior Muscle X


Superior Muscle X Pricing & Free Trial

This supplement is slightly expensive compared to other NO boosters, but there is a free trial option for those who want to give it a shot without paying full price. When you get your free trial, all you need to do is pay the $4.99 flat rate for shipping. Then, you will get a bottle in the mail. This supply will last 30 days. However, if you don’t want to get charged for this, then you need to cancel within 14 days. This means 14 days from the time you ordered, not from when you get the bottle.

If you don’t cancel – whether you forget to or just want to keep getting the product – you’ll be charged for the bottle you got. Each month after that, you’ll be charged $98.63. You can cancel by calling the customer service hotline.

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There are several advantages to Superior Muscle X, including:

  • All ingredients are natural.
  • It is useful as a pre-workout supplement, as a boost for muscles in mid-workout, and as a recovery aid.
  • Several ingredients are essential to everyday health as well.
  • It is useful for both strength and cardio training and performance.
  • Automatic shipping is convenient, especially because Superior Muscle X contains multiple ingredients that some people buy separately.


As any supplement does, Superior Muscle X also has its drawbacks. These include the following:

  • It is more expensive than most NO boosters, many of which have similar ingredients.
  • Although full refunds are offered, they only cover unopened bottles and do not refund shipping.
  • Some people may react adversely to Yohimbine.

Superior Muscle X

Summary: As a supplement that contains L-Arginine, Yohimbine, L-Carnitine, Chromium, and B Vitamins, Superior Muscle X is a fairly comprehensive supplement good for pre- and post-workout support. It also helps you power through your workout by increasing energy and blood flow to your working muscles. It is useful for both strength and cardio training, making it easier for you to drop fat while gaining muscle. It is all-natural and contains no artificial ingredients or drugs.

FREE TRIAL to $98.63
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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