Power Boost X

Power Boost X Review – Is This Product Designed for Massive Muscle & Strength Gains?

What Is Power Boost X?

This blend is an intense pre-workout supplement formula that is made up of all-natural, organic ingredients that help bodybuilders build muscles, increase energy, achieve strength gains, and enhance stamina during vigorous workouts. The ingredients in this supplement are a hand-picked anabolic matrix that is designed for massive muscle and strength gains. It is safe and easy for the body to process quickly in its natural form.

Formulated for maximum strength gains, this pre-workout supplement contains powerful herbs and botanicals that are scientifically designed as well as clinically tested in order to promote optimal testosterone levels and help serious athletes burn fat fast while increasing their energy and endurance. This powerful supplement also promotes the amount of free testosterone in the body, so it is beneficial for adult men of all ages.



Power Boost X is a pre-workout supplement manufactured in the United States by a manufacturer of the same name. The manufacturer’s main offices are headquartered in Westport, Connecticut but it is unclear at this time where the product is actually manufactured. The manufacturer alleges that they use only Good Manufacturing Practice Certified Facilities to produce this supplement in order to ensure both quality and purity of the pre-workout supplement. THE MPCF sites are graded at the “sports facility” level, which has a reasonably high bar for facility quality.


How Power Boost X Works?

This pre-workout supplement works by boosting testosterone and providing an intense energy boost. This supplement is specially designed to provide the maximum amount of energy possible for serious athletes so that they are able to optimize their workouts in order to get the most gains.

This pre-workout supplement is available in bottles that contain 60 capsules. This botanical blen works when it is taken on a consistent basis. To work, bodybuilders should take one capsule in the morning with a full glass of water and one capsule right before an intense workout. This helps to provide a large amount of energy and stamina to complete the workout. The user only needs to do everything he would normally do at the gym. This supplement will do the extra work needed to burn fat faster and build lean muscle.

In order to get the maximum results possible from the use of this pre-workout supplement, it is recommended that bodybuilders opt for vigorous workouts. Hydration and sleep are also key to success with this product. Avoid smoking, drinking, drug use, and all activities that are not healthy for the body in order to get the best results.


Ingredients of Power Boost X

It is always important to research all of the ingredients in any supplement before it is purchased. This will help consumers be more aware of what they are putting in their bodies and any side effects can be anticipated or avoided.Power Boost X is a bit tricky because it does not disclose a full list of it’s hand-picked, proprietary ingredients and the manufacturer does not disclose the exact formula for this product. It is advertised as an all-natural supplement with clinically tested ingredients. This supplement does not have any fillers, chemicals, binders, or any other artificial ingredients. Every single ingredient in this unique pre-workout supplement is alleged to be fully safe for human consumption and the ingredients are not supposed to have any side effects for bodybuilders.

It can be frustrating and confusing when consumers are unable to locate a full list of ingredients for this pre-workout supplement but that does not mean it will not work. This is a clinically-proven supplement, so in research studies the ingredients have been shown to be effective.Tribulus Terrestris is one of the known ingredients in this supplement It is also known as “Devil’s Weed”. It is a spiny plant from the Mediterranean and it comes from regions of Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. This is a flowering plant and it produces fruit. Unless Tribulus is consumed in a certain way, the plant nor the fruit are safe for consumption.

The root, fruit, and leaves of Tribulus Terrestris plants are used to help with heart, circulatory, and other problems but it is also used to for bodybuilding and weightlifting. Research suggests that Tribulus works by providing support to luteinizing hormone (LH) production and testosterone production in order to promote energy levels, recovery, and strength, Tribulus must be taken as pre-workout supplement because it is otherwise very poisonous to humans. Tribulus Terrestris has a lot of active ingredients. For example, the steroid saponin protodioscin is one of the active ingredients.



This pre-workout supplement has many benefits for serious athletes, particularly bodybuilders and weight lifters. It improves overall performance, helps with training, and provides extra energy for workouts. This pre-workout supplement works to build bigger and leaner muscles that are very firm. This botanical blend helps bodybuilders and weightlifters work out more effectively and it helps speed up workout recovery times.

Power Boost X benefits for bodybuilders:

  • Balances out hormonal growth
  • Adds additional stamina and increased strength
  • Working out a few times a week still gets results
  • Quick recovery post – workout
  • Reduces muscle soreness and inflammation
  • Dissolves fat and increases muscle mass
  • Boosted energy and reduced fatigue
  • No caffeine, no stimulants, and no sodium
  • High energy without any jitters or anxiety
  • Elevated strength, endurance, stamina, and mood
  • Improved mood and emotional balance
  • Scientifically calculated formula and clinically tested ingredients
  • Maximizes gains and enhances every workout
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee



This pre-workout supplement is a very new supplement so there is not much certification information available about this product. However, the supplement already meets multiple stringent compliance levels; including NSF GMP Registration Policies, NSF Certification Guideline 306, NNfA GMP Certified, GMP requirements in NSF and ANSI Standards 173, Section 8. More certificates are likely to follow as time goes on.



I ordered this pre-workout supplement online after talking with a friend of mine at the gym. He said he liked the returns he was seeing after he added this supplement to his stack and that he was glad he came across it. At first, I looked in the health stores for it but I was unable to find it. Shortly after, I realized I would need to order the booster online because that is the only place it seems to be available. The supplement was really easy to order and the website is secure so I felt pretty safe entering my private financial information into their system. I used flat shipping and my supplement actually arrive two days earlier than that I thought. I took this as a good sign.

– John, Houston, TX

I saw big time changes in my body pretty quickly after I started to use this supplement. It actually happened a lot quicker than I expected and that left me feeling pleasantly surprised with my purchase and my decision to use this pre-workout supplement. After I used this product for a few months in a row, I was really able to see a lot of changes in my body and I definitely have been feeling a lot more clear-headed and focused. I feel like my body is more toned, better cut, and there is a lot more muscle definition than before I started taking the supplement. I still have to work really hard in the gym, but that is okay because I like to work hard. I just want to make sure I am getting the most out of my sweat and intense workouts.

– Robert, Phoenix, AZ

My health is really important to me. I am a single guy on a pretty tight budget. I don’t have the time or money to waste with pre-workout supplements that are not helping me get the most gains out of all of my workouts. I am not at all interested in supplements that are doing what they claim to do for my body. I want to achieve my body goals and I think that Power Boost X is the right supplemental addition to put me over the top. I have tried a few other products that seem similar to this supplement but they did not give me the additional edge that I feel I get with this product.

– Michael, Charlotte, NC

This pre-workout supplement gives me a huge energy boost and every time I take it, I feel a lot more alert and focused. At the gym, I have noticed I can last a lot longer during workouts now that I’ve added this pre – workout supplement to my daily workout and to my most intense workouts. The guys at the gym have started to notice that my workouts are starting to pack more of a punch. This supplement was simple to add to my daily routine. It was a smooth transition and I think it would be easy for other people to work it into their daily stack. In the morning, I take one pill and then I take one pill prior to doing a major workout.

– Albert, San Francisco, CA


Awards & Media Coverage

Power Boost X is getting a lot of lip service in the bodybuilding and weightlifting forums these days but it has not won any awards yet. There are several threads on bodybuilding forums that specifically relate to Power Boost X. The pre-workout supplement is very new but already it has received some media coverage on the internet. However, it has not been featured in any major bodybuilding magazines yet. The manufacturers of this supplement have won awards for their other products so it is likely that this one will win some awards in the future. Power Boost X seems to be an up and coming supplement to watch out for.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer of Power Boost X state that they offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on their pre-workout supplement. If a customer is not satisfied with the product, then they must return the unused portion of their supplement to the manufacturer of the supplement within 90 days of the original purchase date in order to get the refund they are entitled to.

If a customer is not happy with Power Boost X for any reason at all, then it can be returned for a full refund. There are a few stipulations in place in order to get the refund of the purchase price. First, Customer Service line must be reached by telephone in order to get the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). The RMA number is very important because it should be placed on the outside of the shipping package that will be sent back to the fulfillment center.

Next, the customer must meet two additional conditions in order to get a refund for Power Boost X. First, all of the unused part of Power Boost X must be sent back to the fulfillment center within thirty (30) days of the date when the product was originally purchased by the customer. Next, the customer must not have been billed for the fourteen (14) day trial offer. Returns cannot and will not be processed unless all conditions are met fully.

Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and the customer must pay a $9.95 restocking fee for each unit returned to the product’s fulfillment center. The restocking fee is deducted from the refund issued to the customer. Once, the fulfillment center receives the returned product and has all of the information required for processing, then the customer will be issued a refund if it is appropriate

A refund is credited back to the bank account that made the original purchase. Depending on the processing bank’s speed, refunds can take 3 – 5 business days before it is reflected on a customer’s statement. If a customer does not receive credit for a refund after the fifth business day, the customer should contact customer service via telephone or email in order to request an update on the status of the refund.

Only products purchased directly from the manufacturer qualify for the 100% money back guarantee. Products purchased from outside vendors, resellers, or any other website besides the manufacturers are not eligible for a refund through this guarantee.



Power Boost X does not offer free shipping and they do not have any offer for a reduced shipping price. Flat rate domestic shipping is available for this product and it can be shipped outside of the United States, if it is permitted by law. Various shipping rates apply for all international orders and the conditions vary.

This pre-workout supplement can be sent to the home or other desired location via UPS, USPS, or FedEx. The customer is fully responsible for the shipping costs that come with the purchase of this pre-workout supplement and they can return the product to the fulfillment center if they are dissatisfied. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the consumer.


Customer Support

Power Boost X appears to care about cultivating positive relationships with their customers. In order to connect with their customer base, the manufacturer’s of this pre-workout supplement have established a variety of mediums for their customers and potential customers to reach out and start a dialogue. Customer support can be reached through a variety of mediums with any questions, comments, or concerns about Power Boost X. The manufacturer can be reached via USPS at Customers can also contact customer service via telephone with this toll-free number 1-855-511-2251. Customer service can also be reached via email. As an added feature, customers can reach a customer service representative through the website. To do this, the customer should fill out a Contact form on the website’s home page.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Identity theft that results from a purchase made on an insecure website can be completely devastating, so it is important to make purchases from websites that offer a high degree of protection. The manufacturers of this pre-workout supplement take the security of their customers very seriously. The pre-workout supplement’s website features 100% secure ordering to ensure customers experience a safe & secure checkout every time they place an order. The website features 128-Bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. A SSL certificate is one of the primary tools that is used to protect sensitive operations as well as sensitive information with web servers. Essentially, Power Boost X’s website has a SSL certificate, which makes it a highly secure environment to make a transaction or to input sensitive personal and financial information.

Every communication that takes place between the customers and the manufacturer that takes place through the website is always encrypted and always secure with an SSL certificate. The Power Boost X website is also protected by McAfee Secure, Hacker Secure, and VeriSign Secure to provide an additional layer of protection. When VeriSign badges are present on a website, it means that all credit card transactions on that site are processed safely and securely. it also means that all information that customers give the website are stored safely and securely in accordance with the website’s privacy policy.


Pricing & Free Trial

Power Boost X is a mid-range pre-workout supplement in terms of price. The supplement costs around $75.00 plus all shipping and handling costs as well as applicable sales taxes in the customer’s State of residence. Customers can pay for this pre-workout supplement online with their Visa or Mastercard account. All things considered, this booster is a good addition to a stack because it costs less than the price of a gym membership.

For a limited time, customers can sign up on the pre-workout supplement’s website so that they can get a free, full-sized sample bottle. In order to take advantage of this offer, the customer must provide the company with some basic information that includes their name, address, credit card information, and shipping information. Customers cannot claim a sample bottle without providing billing information on the website. Billing information is required from the customer in order to reduces instances of fraud as well as verify that the customer has a valid credit card.

In addition registration on the pre-workout supplement’s website, all shipping costs of the free sample bottle are the responsibility of the customer and it is the customer’s responsibility solely to cancel their product prior to the end of the free trial offer. It is important to mention that this offer is for a pre-workout supplement that is an auto-shipping supplement. If a customer does not cancel within their supplement order within their free trial period, then the full price of the supplement will be billed to the customer in full for each month until the customer has completed the appropriate steps in order to cancel the product.






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