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What Is NO2 Alpha Plus?

This pre-workout supplement is formulated from natural amino acids and maximizes the presence of Nitric Oxide in the blood. When taken prior to intense physical activity, the amino compound saturates the body’s system mimicking and boosting the activity of Nitric Oxide in skeletal muscle. It is not a hormone potentiator. It enables a direct infusion of amino acids that are responsible for creating bigger muscle pumps, better mental focus, more efficient elimination of muscle waste materials, and prolonged periods of explosive energy.

It is a highly digestible supplement that works optimally on an empty stomach because food macronutrients tend to aromatize its ingredients. Unlike many pre-workout formulas, it does not rely on caffeine to create desired effects. The formulation is simple, pure, and non-chemical. For this reason, it is considered an elite supplement for athletes like bodybuilders who require incredible amounts of blood circulation to fuel muscles with heightened endurance and strength needs during a workout.

NO2 Alpha Plus is packaged in a distinctive sleek dark blue bottle, which contains a one month supply. Each of the 90 tablets contains nearly three grams of ingredients that have no artificial colors or flavors. It is intended to be consumed daily as a preparatory step to resistance exercise.



This product is made by Hurko Labs. This company is an international provider of supplemental nutritional, dietary, and exercise performance-enhancing products. It is a fairly new supplier based in Las Vegas, NV, but ships innovative products to consumers all over the world. Hurko Labs is also widely known for their consumer and sales affiliate programs that focus on exclusive health and wellness products.

Some of Cellista Lab’s most popular and recognized products include high-profile cleanse regimens and exotic herbal compounds. Many of the company’s products have been endorsed by legitimate and even celebrity medical and sports performance experts. The company has a positive consumer rapport with many exceptional online forum reports about the quality of their products. Hurko Labs also maintains a highly secure internal structure, so public information about their patented products is limited to product label descriptions.


How NO2 Alpha Plus Works?

NO2 Alpha Plus magnifies the ability of blood in the body to fuel muscle cells. Blood is responsible for transporting all nutrients, vital amino acids, and hormones to cell receptors. When a bodybuilder taxes the muscles with intense exercise, the brain triggers the heart to pump more intensely to supply more oxygen via the blood pathways. In order to accommodate this increase, blood vessels must expand to handle the volume demands.

As heart activity increases, arteries release naturally produced Nitric Oxide into the bloodstream to make all blood vessels expand. After vasodilation, enough fuel eventually reaches muscle tissue, but this can be a long process. This supplement introduces massive amounts of aminos by way of the digestive system. Even before the heart begins to pump harder from exercise, arteries are prompted to release Nitric Oxide that initiates oxygen saturation of the body.

In short, this product allows bodybuilders to begin their workouts with full blood circulation, vein expansion, and muscle fiber oxygenation. This heightened body state will usually only happen after vigorous exercise, but this supplement establishes this state before exercise commences. Instead of wasting time, energy, and reserve muscle fuel stimulating the body to respond to lifting, pre-workout supplementation creates an already prepared body, minus any fatigue.

This product also intensifies workouts by maintaining maximum bloodflow from expanded blood vessels. Because circulation is unimpeded, there is a constant supply of oxygen to muscles and an easy pathway for the elimination of waste materials. The lower the amount of waste materials, the longer and more vigorous resistance exercise can continue. NO2 Alpha Plus is the surest and quickest way to experience an unadulterated and classic, mid-workout pump.


Ingredients Of NO2 Alpha Plus

There are two ways to create an internal state where muscles can take advantage of the presence of Nitric Oxide and a flexible vascularity. The first way involves stressing the circulatory system enough for it to slowly release it into the bloodstream. The second is through quick-acting dietary means. This supplement is formulated with amino acids that make blood vessels respond instantly. These ingredients are treated like food by the body and rushed to vital areas.

Arginine-alphaketoglutarate or A-AKG: This is an acidic salt contained in aminos that help to regulate Nitric Oxide production and use in vital organs like the liver.

Arginine-ketoisocaparate or A-KIC: Without this molecule, aminos like L-Arginine cannot create short term boosts in Nitric Oxide release. This is the trigger for Nitric Oxide release.

Arginine-ornithine alpha ketoglutarate or A-AKG: A part of L-Arginine responsible for increasing protein synthesis, and breaking-down cellular waste.

Glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate or GKG: The most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. Its presence is what volumizes individual muscle cells and provides a pump.

The first three ingredients compose what is commonly know as L-Arginine. NO2 Alpha Plus enhances the typical body response to L-Arginine by combining it with GKG as a NO2 Alpha Plus cell stimulant. Other natural nonactive ingredients are contained in this supplement to create the solid tablet form, and to aid the digestive process. These food grade ingredients are Magnesium Stearate, di-Calcium Phosphate, Cellulose, and Stearic Acid.



The advantages of using NO2 Alpha Plus as a primary pre-workout choice are significant. The first advantage is beginning exercise with the feeling of being fueled and ready for extreme amounts of work. Instead of wasting valuable energy getting the body primed to grow, this supplement encourages the body to be ready for high intensity exercise stress from the onset of activity.

Other advantages of using this supplement are centered around the mechanisms of muscle growth like waste elimination, recovery, and brain function. The primary reason bodybuilders fall short of their goals is not reaching a desired level of training due to degrees of mid-workout pain. This pain is caused by the build-up of waste materials like ammonia and lactic acid. This supplement volumizes blood and increases circulation to transport waste materials quickly, which leaves more room and energy to work. Quicker transport of waste materials from muscle fibers means a speedier recovery time.

Greater muscle recruitment is also a benefit of using this L-Arginine product. Immediate stimulation from Nitric Oxide allows complete use of muscle fiber complexes, which results in faster gains, more overall strength during workouts, and greater generation of internal heat. This metabolic heat mobilizes fat tissue cells creating the perfect environment for total body toning. An increase in bloodstream Nitric Oxide also delivers fuel to the brain resulting in better focus, as well as, noticeable visual increases in subdermal vascularity during muscle stimulation.

Some bodybuilders resort to extreme chemical catalysts to train their bodies to always be ready for an exercise session geared toward muscle growth. Synthetics alter the normal function of the body to achieve this effect. The natural ingredients of this product only cause a normal release of Nitric Oxide in the body ahead of the physiological window in which it would normally happen. This means a bodybuilder can immediately begin experiencing visual and internal muscle-building results without prolonged exercise acclimation and recovery periods.



NO2 Alpha Plus is an elite pre-workout supplement that has experienced most of its attention through word-of-mouth and promotional sales. For these reasons, it has not been evaluated by many organizations that regularly bestow consumer and industry awards. It has however, earned a certificate that recognizes it as the Best New Product of 2014 in the pre-workout supplementation category.

Hurko Labs is a massive supplier of dietary and nutritional products. It has distinguished this supplement from others in its general catalog. A Best Choice certificate has been given to this product to indicate that it excels in many consumer categories. These include affordability in comparison to its composition, excellent quality of ingredients, and overall user satisfaction. Obviously, this distinction should attract the attention of bodybuilders searching for the most effective pre-workout products.

Official government certificates have not yet been awarded to this supplement because of the nature of its formulation. Every ingredient is considered natural and holistic, so strict scrutiny by organizations like the USFDA are not required for its distribution. There are literally thousands of pre-workout supplements on the market that are made with the same goals as this one, so official certificates can only set it apart in a highly competitive market.



My experience with nitric oxide supplements goes back decades. So far, I haven’t noticed a clear difference between this one and others. I can say that I trust Hurko Labs, and if given the choice, I would prefer to use their nutritional products over generics and other big names.

– Derrick, 52, competitive natural bodybuilder from USA

Most pre-workout supplements take 20-30 minutes to kick-in. I like to begin each lifting session with a quick few miles on a recumbent bike to get my blood flowing. The first time I took this supplement on an empty stomach, I could feel the metabolic changes happening within 10 minutes. It’s probably due to the purity.

– Shawn, 25, warehouse worker in Fargo

My main goal is fat loss, and my trainer said that I needed to try a thermogenic enhancer to help me through my cross-training. From a free trial ad, I purchased NO2 Alpha Plus. Right away I noticed that it didn’t make me sick like other pre-workout supplements, and I feel ready to work every time I step in the gym, or do my circuits at home. It’s also great because this product doesn’t keep me up all night on the days I workout.

– Michele, 32, soccer mom and runner in Phoenix

For pumps, this supplement is incredible. I’ve also noticed less delayed onset fatigue after really intense lifting sessions, though I still do get sore in a good way. There’s alot of products out there with fancy labels and added ingredients that are a little counterproductive to what I want. This product is simple, but powerful. I do tend to adjust to its potency quickly though. I stagger using it only three or four days of the week. On those days, I notice that I can achieve true failure on most of my lifts.

– Jeff, 38, personal trainer in Seattle

I don’t have the patience to mess around with choosing pre-workout supplements any more. I know this one will give the energy, drive, strength, and metabolic boost I need when I’m training for my next shoot. Of course, this type of supplement is only part of the equation. If I’m not rested or fed, I tend to not feel a thing. My experience with this product has been good, so it’s the one I choose if I need it.

– Brian, 26, fitness and entertainment model in St. Louis


Awards & Media Coverage

NO2 Alpha Plus has been reviewed and tested by a wide range of industry personalities and entities including mens magazines, health food suppliers, bodybuilding websites, and independent blogs. Many of the writers for these sites have little understanding of how bodybuilders and other athletes utilize Nitric Oxide supplementation to power their workouts. Independent sources tend to refer to this supplement as a legal steroid, which is completely inaccurate.

Mens magazines have reviewers who understand the role of pre-workout supplementation in a bodybuilder’s, or powerlifter’s regimen. They realize that the companies behind the products have identified key physiological factors that are essential for men desiring muscle growth, increased energy, and the sustained ability to constantly improve their bodies. Several popular magazines have identified NO2 Alpha Plus as a quality pre-workout supplement, and Hurko Labs as a perennial quality products manufacturer.

Magazines like Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and Men’s Health have all featured large advertising campaigns for this product offered by Hurko Labs. The male readers of these magazines tend to take their training and overall wellness very seriously, so contracts with these publications indicate strong support of a product by each editorial and research staff. Comprehensive reviews of this supplement also appear on endless online shopping stores, which indicates continued interest from a huge consumer base.


Money-back Guarantee

Hurko Labs is extremely confident in every product it markets. They are explicit in their sales campaigns when it comes to offering a 100 percent money-back guarantee for NO2 Alpha Plus. This product is marketed to men whose main goals are muscle mass gains, leanness, and increased energy for sports performance. Their general clientele has the experience and knowledge of how pre-workout supplements should work, and are quick to drop products that do not produce results. Any dissatisfaction with this supplement is not questioned by the manufacture, but there is a policy for claiming refunds.

Returns must be arranged through the returns office of Hurko Labs, and can include only unopened bottles of NO2 Alpha Plus. To take advantage of the money-back guarantee, a return merchandise authorization number must be procured from the manufacturer’s customer service department. It must be sent back within 30 days of the order date, and credits for returns will be made within five business days. The only satisfaction return Hurko Labs will dispute, are those centered around weight loss. Hurko Labs makes no claims about this supplement for weight loss that doesn’t include regular exercise and a proper nutrition plan.




Though ordering NO2 Alpha Plus trial bottles and regular supplies are easy using a secured online order form, initiation of product shipping is not immediate. It may take up to three days for a first time order to be processed in the company’s database. The manufacturer recommends allowing three to five business days for delivery after completion of an order. The address provided through the online order page determines the method and carrier in which the supplement is shipped. Shipping times are ultimately subject to the speed of carriers, especially those in rural areas, and refunds are not given because of delays.

Again, Hurko Labs tries to maintain a great relationship with customers. All questions about shipping methods and packaging can be directed to the company’s customer service office. This is very helpful if inconsistencies are noticed after any free trial offers have expired, and a customer is receiving the supplement on a regular monthly basis. Lost packages, and those that look as though they have been tampered with, are eligible for replacement.


Customer Support

The growing reputation and public profile of NO2 Alpha Plus makes thorough customer service from Hurko Labs imperative. This is also true because of the success of many other dietary and nutritional products it has distributed, and the manufacturer’s contractual relationship will various sellers. The customer service department can be reached by electronic mail, or by phone. The company maintains a service staff during normal working hours – 8AM to 6PM EST, Monday to Sunday, that is highly knowledgeable about the supplement and company policies.

The Hurko Labs customer service department does have operational authority to change certain aspects of a consumer’s contract. While working with a customer, the department can perform functions like extending trial periods because of technical problems, approve satisfaction guarantee returns, and address problems like false information circulated about the company by unaffiliated media sources. This department can also describe in-full Cellista Lab’s policies on supplement claims and any warnings regarding its use for people with certain medical considerations.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Three layers of order page security are provided by Hurko Labs when ordering NO2 Alpha Plus. This is standard for any legitimate supplement company taking orders from customers internationally and over the internet. All credit and debit transactions are secured by a 128-bit encryption provided by a domain host. This same host automatically checks for valid personal information, address verification, and contact email legitimacy before an order can be placed.

The order page itself is highly protected from file corruption, hacker activity, and viruses. VeriSign has given Hurko Labs a unique domain in which to advertise and sell this supplement. This provider is renowned for securing the most popular pages on the internet. ScanAlert surveys company files on a daily basis to detect and remove all invasive activity by potential hackers of consumer information. Finally, McAfee Secure protects all activities and browser operation of Cellista Lab’s supplement pages.

Along with these security measures, Hurko Labs does not sell, or trade customer information with other companies and advertisers. It is completely safe to submit credit and debit information through this company’s order pages. The same levels of security are provided no matter the type of browsers customers use.


Pricing & Free Trial

The first order of NO2 Alpha Plus starts a product trial period, and levies a small shipping & handling fee of $6.95. The day after an initial order is completed, a 14-day trial period begins. After the trial the customer will be charged 79.95 USD for the next shipment. If no cancellation after the 14-day trial is made, shipments of the supplement at full price will be sent every 30 days. If you want to stop the subscription, you should contact the place from which you’ve obtained the product or the company behind this product.


  • Immediate vasodilation that produces a sense of more energy and strength for working out.
  • More efficient transport of cellular waste materials, which means less recovery time and greater utilization of protein for muscle rebuilding.
  • Greater delivery of nutrients in the bloodstream to muscle fibers and the brain.
  • Powerful Muscle is a completely natural way to guarantee the achievement of a tight muscle pump during resistance training.


  • Some people don’t like the subscription program or don’t understand they actually signed for it.
  • Some bodybuilders adapt to NO2 Alpha Plus quickly and develop a resistance to its effects with prolonged use.
  • The nitric oxide “boost” may only last for a short time for extremely developed bodybuilders, or those with exceptional mass.
  • The presence of certain food macronutrients in the digestive system tends to neutralize the action of this product, so having an empty stomach before a workout is recommended.

NO2 Alpha Plus

Summary: NO2 Alpha Plus is a highly potent pre-workout supplement that utilizes the power of the L-Arginine complex to create nitric oxide saturation of the bloodstream. Accelerated production of nitric oxide relaxes blood vessel walls allowing instant oxygenation of muscle cells. This helps muscle fibers and veins expand to produce a pump. Bodybuilders also experience benefits like greater mental clarity, shorter recovery periods, and more efficient protein synthesis. This product is made from natural aminos, and is formulated to elicit maximum levels of energy needed to tackle the most stressful types of resistance training.

FREE TRIAL to $79.95
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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