Nitric Muscle Uptake

Nitric Muscle Uptake Review – Can This Supplement Help You to Lift Bigger Weights?

What Is Nitric Muscle Uptake?

Nitric Muscle Uptake is a pre-workout supplement designed to provide men with the needed motivation and encouragement for bodybuilding success, enabling smarter, more intense workout results. This all-natural supplement is designed for daily use, made to help men of all levels develop and sculpt toned, hard bodies by boosting their desire to work out in the gym. Men that use this pre-workout supplement cite that the product enhances their energy levels, enabling them to find gains when they hit the gym so more weight is lifted for longer periods of duration. Additionally, men using the product are promised quicker results than what is normally attainable without the product, along with enhanced endurance levels.

Designed for men that may be unable to hit the gym seven days per week, Nitric Muscle Uptake helps boost the few workouts per week that he is able to conquer. Even on the days that he is unable to make it to the gym, the ingredients inside of this product work to continue promotion of the nutrients and vitamins needed to continue forth with extreme workouts. This pre-workout supplement is designed for healthy men ages 18 and older, with no reported side effects or symptoms of use.



Nitric Muscle Uptake is manufactured by the company of the same name. The company is headquartered in Sanford, South Carolina, while production of this pre-workout supplement takes places at the company’s Burbank, California location. The pre-workout supplement is said to be owned by a company with the name Lifestyle Reset, a LLC corporation. However, limited information concerning this company is enough to cause concern for any man that is serious about his workout and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Additionally, the company’s South Carolina headquarters lead back to a rural home, despite a suite number listed within the address, also strange for a large supplement headquarters location. There are quite a few discrepancies with this pre-workout supplement that may cause doubt in the product and its capabilities to enhance a workout.


How Nitric Muscle Uptake Works?

Used immediately before heading to the gym, Nitric Muscle Uptake pre-workout supplement works to provide men increased energy levels, weight gains, less body fat, enhanced muscle gain, more focused workouts, and longer, harder workouts. Using this supplement, men that are unable to work out on a daily basis reap the same rewards as the bodybuilders pushing it to the extremes every day in the gym. These benefits are all with thanks to the boost in white blood cells provided with the use of this supplement. An enhanced white blood cell level increases blood flow throughout the body, providing an ease in the muscle-building process that enables quick depletion of fat and fast muscle addition.

It is believed that this pre-workout supplement works by enhancing nitric oxide levels in the body in addition to the increase in white blood cells; however, with limited information available, this cannot be confirmed. This lack of information leaves many product questions unanswered. Bodybuilders should always consider whether they are willing to risk using a supplement that has such little information available.


Ingredients of Nitric Muscle Uptake

Locating the ingredients inside of a pre-workout should be a fairly simple process; however, this is not the case with Nitric Muscle Uptake. A click on the list of ingredients reveals information about another product altogether. The ingredient list reveals what is inside of a face cream apparently designed for women that wish to fight wrinkles and other signs of aging. This is another fact of concern, as a legitimate product wouldn’t make you jump hurdles and hoops to find this very important information. Men are left to wonder exactly what they are taking in order to feel the gains inside of the gym, unknowing if they are actually causing more harm than good during their workout sessions.

Searching online for information concerning the ingredients inside of the product failed to provide any results. These facts all seem very deceptive when we live in a world that makes it easy to get your name out there, which any reputable company would certainly want to know as quickly as possible. It is a good idea to carefully consider this fact of information when making a purchase.



Nitric Muscle Uptake pre-workout supplement is used before a workout to provide men with an edge inside of the gym. The advantages of the product are numerous, starting with the fact that claims are made that only all-natural ingredients are included in the product. Anyone that understands the world of bodybuilding understands that it is important that only natural ingredients be consumed. The pre-workout supplement is easy to stack with other bodybuilding products for a more complete workout at the gym. Additional advantages of using the supplement include:

  • Product is made in the USA and meets all quality requirements
  • Includes a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Improved endurance levels
  • More desire to hit the gym
  • Weight gains
  • Increased fat loss and a more toned, sculpted body
  • Use before a workout for immediate results

While there are an ample number of product benefits, it is equally important to look at the disadvantages of the pre-workout supplement as well. Several disadvantages exist with this supplement, which, for some, may affect their overall opinion of the product and their decision to purchase. It is only when both the good and the bad are compared that the best decision can be made concerning the use of the product.



Bodybuilding supplement manufacturers should always have certificates in place in order to give bodybuilders confidence in their purchase. Be sure that you take a look at these certificates before spending money on a product that might not be as safe as you hoped for it to be. Certificates ensure that you’ve selected a product that keeps safety in mind. Rest assured that Nitric Muscle Uptake is manufactured inside of a clean, safe laboratory in California that meets or exceeds current standards. Additionally, the scientists inside of the facility constructs each and every pill they create to ensure accurate for maximum results. Men wishing to purchase the supplement may do so knowing that the product, as well as the laboratory that it was created in, exceeds safety standards for quality.



Product reputation is highly beneficial to consider when choosing a pre-workout supplement. Men whom have used Nitric Muscle Uptake in the past provide insight into the product and results offered through reviews and testimonials placed inside of magazines, online, in forums, and other sources. The following reviews and product testimonials are just a handful of the many available for you to read and learn from.

Gabriel Z. of Philadelphia, PA has this to say about Nitric Muscle Uptake:

I feel that I am more focused on my workout when I use this product. I’ve been able to increase the amount of weight on the bar, stay at the gym an additional 30 minutes, and I notice that more fat is shed from my body quickly. Definitely a great supplement that I will continue to use.

Russ G. of Nampa, ID, says this:

Just three years’ ago I was MMA training with some pretty big names. I was on my way to great things. Upon learning I was going to be a dad, life shifted focus, and hitting the gym and working out became less and less important. Three children later and getting to the gym is something I cannot do as often as I would like. However, understanding the importance of maintaining a lean, healthy body (and, I suppose, a desire to like what I am looking at in the mirror,) I use Nitric Muscle Uptake and lift four days per week. The product has benefited me substantially and I feel ready for anything in the gym. Great product that helps me maintain even when I am not 100% devoted to bodybuilding.

Craig R. of Brentwood, TN wanted to share the following information with fellow bodybuilders:

This offer seemed sketchy to me and I declined to place an order. Not only is $80 for a product quite a bit of money, I don’t feel comfortable giving my credit card details to a site that I cannot find out more about. There is no list of ingredients, no indication of how many pills are inside of a bottle, and little other information for me to use to put a positive focus on this brand. If you were to ask me, I’d say stick with one of the more well-known pre-work out supps and don’t take any chances with this potential risk.


Awards & Media Coverage

Nitric Muscle Uptake is not a product that you will find a great deal of information about. The pre-workout supplement has won no awards, and limited company information is available. The lack of details and information concerning the manufacturer and the product certainly leaves one with some concern over the product. Social media is one of the best ways to connect with customers, but this brand doesn’t even maintain pages on any of these platforms.


Money-back Guarantee

Nitric Muscle Uptake stands behind their product with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Should users be dissatisfied with the results, they may return the product and receive a full refund of cost, minus fees for shipping and handling and a fee of 20% to restock the item. No questions are asked for returns; however, a RMA number must be obtained before the product is sent back. The RMA number may be obtained by speaking with a customer service agent by calling the company’s toll-free number of by emailing them at the indicated email address.



Placing an order of Nitric Muscle Uptake requires a shipping fee of $5.36 be paid in addition to the costs of the supplement, a fee that is added to the total cost of the order and charged at the time of purchase. This fee is charged with each shipment of the supplement and is non-refundable even if a product return is made. Orders are shipped within 24-hours of being placed. The actual amount of time that it takes to arrive to an individual’s home will vary, with factors such as the time of the year and shipping destination affecting the length of time. Most orders arrive within a period of 7-days of order placement. This applies only to orders that are being shipped inside of the U.S. While international orders are accepted, they may not qualify for the free trial offer due to extended shipping times.


Customer Support

There are many questions left to ponder concerning this pre-workout supplement. Perhaps a member of customer service can provide the missing information needed concerning the product. There really isn’t a better person to ask for such information. Individuals with product questions, concerns, or other needs may reach a member of customer service by toll-free telephone or by email.

Agents answer calls 24 hours per day, seven days per week, providing immediate response to your inquiry. An option to email a member of customer support is also available, however, electing to email customer service delays the response time. Responses are returned in the order they are received, most often within a period of 24-hours or less. Customer support is available to answer product questions, provide Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) numbers for product returns, and general product inquiries.


Safe & Secure Checkout

A variety of safety features are in place for customers wishing to place their online Nitric Muscle Uptake orders. Take a look for yourself before submitting any kind of personal information for assurance and confidence in your safety when placing an order. McAfee Secure; ScanAlert Hacker Safe; and VeriSign Secured are just a few of the many safety measures in place designed to protect sensitive customer information such as name and address and credit or debit card information. Logos of each brand and its safety feature can be found if you take a look for them as well. Finding these logos indicates a site that is taking precaution to keep their customer and his or her information safe or secure. This added protection provides, at a minimum, peace of mind to anyone entering their information and personal details.


Pricing & Free Trial

A free trial offer is available for this supplement. This free trial offer allows men to try the product without obligation by paying only the costs of shipping and handling, currently $5.36. The trial enables the individual to receive a bottle of Nitric Muscle Uptake to try for a period of 18- days (including shipping times.) This offers about 8 days to actually try the product, which should be enough to make an informed decision. One bottle of Nitric Muscle Uptake costs $79.73, plus a fee for shipping and handling. There is no information concerning the number of capsules included inside of a bottle of the product. However, it is recommended men use two to four pills per day for maximum product results. It is expected that one bottle contain enough product for the recommended daily amounts to be consumed, considering that a new supply is shipped monthly.

Men that find the anticipated results when using the supplement pay the full price of $79.73 for the bottle and continue to enjoy results for a full year ahead. Failure to cancel the membership automatically enrolls the user into a 12-month reoccurring program with a new bottle shipped each month at regular bottle rates, plus shipping and handling. The credit card used to place the order is charged the regular rates each month before the new bottle is shipped. Men that wish to cancel can do so by calling a customer service agent and returning the unused portion of the product to the Burbank, California location. Product returns can be made only after obtaining a RMA number by calling or emailing a member of customer service. No returns are accepted without this RMA number. Product cancellations must be made within the 18-day trial period to avoid being charged full-price for the product.






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