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What Is Nitraflex?

Nitraflex® manufactured by GAT Supplements is a pre-workout formula that gives a powerful boost to your body’s nitric oxide (NO) and testosterone levels while increasing your energy and endurance for training sessions. This optimum intensity formula has been clinically tested, and its unique combination of all-natural ingredients also builds strong, lean muscle mass as it cuts fat and streamlines your physique. In addition, it shortens recovery time following strenuous exercise and bodybuilding sessions with your trainer at the gym, and the boron content in this supplement also supports and sustains levels of free testosterone, enabling you to complete more difficult and challenging workouts each week. Both you and your trainer will be impressed with your progress, and soon you will gain that muscular, Atlas Man, ripped appearance that all your friends and fellow athletes will admire.

As an effective pre-exercise energizer, this specialized formula prepares your entire body and your mental state for workouts. Its nitric oxide content speeds up the circulatory system and transports healthy levels of oxygen throughout your system to fuel and rejuvenate muscles, joints and tissues before your next vigorous workout or sports event. Good NO levels in combination with higher testosterone counts also increase your metabolic rate, enabling you to shred extra fat, streamlining your physique as you build new lean muscle mass and body strength. This unique formula provides benefits to the mind as well as the body, and as a regular user of this fitness supplement, you will experience improved mental focus and alertness throughout the day and evening after exercising.



With headquarters in Monroe, CT, in the U.S., GAT Supplements company produces the ultimate level of safe, nutrient-rich products to provide serious athletes and bodybuilders with the optimal degree of power, energy, stamina and willpower to take their fitness performance to the heights of success. Just as your goal is to challenge all limits and boundaries of your bodybuilding skills and prowess, GAT leaders and staff members are focused on creating and maintaining a catalog of healthy products that will encourage, enable and support you in your empowering efforts and pursuits. This specialized supplements company and its staff get great satisfaction in seeing you gain superior lean muscularity and a great physique when you choose their unique formula of Nitraflex as your primary fitness aid.

They are proud of the fact that they are providing the consumer market with a safe, effective, all-natural product that will help you rapidly develop new, lean muscles and excellent body strength. Within just a few weeks after your first dose, you, like many other bodybuilders, will most likely notice a significant increase in your muscularity, body fat reduction and endurance for completing difficult workouts that previously left you feeling exhausted and depleted. They are delighted that many novice bodybuilders and rookie athletes travel the path from beginner to intermediate, experienced and even pro performer with regular use of this nutrient-enriched supplement. GAT Supplements is known worldwide as a top-tier, hardcore sports supplement brand, and athletes at locations around the globe are constantly reaping the benefits this company’s healthy products have to offer users for their exercising and bodybuilding endeavors.


How Nitraflex Works?

This advanced sports performance enhancer from GAT Supplements is a quality testosterone optimizer that raises body levels of this active hormone significantly, dramatically improving athletic performance and stamina. This natural fitness aid is also a vasodilator, expanding the width of blood vessels and arteries during strenuous exercise to enable sports advocates to complete even extremely difficult workouts with success. When your vascular system is empowered in this way, your endurance is increased and your energy levels sustained to much greater degrees than you normally experience during sports exercise and bodybuilding training. When you take your supplement dose before meals, fast-acting ingredients assist your body in pumping powerful nutrients into your bloodstream to fuel muscle cells, joints and body tissues while distributing nitric oxide (NO) and testosterone throughout your system.

With this fresh supply of oxygen and hormone counts boosting your energy, muscle strength and endurance, you will attain higher fitness performance levels, completing vigorous workouts with energy to spare, and your recovery afterward will be swift and comfortable, free from aches and pains. In numerous double-blind clinical studies, Nitraflex powder was tested for efficacy and safety for daily use by adult athletes and bodybuilders. On average, study participants showed bench press power improvement equaling 5 to 10 pounds after a two-week daily dose of this supplement, and study subjects also improved their working muscle capability by about 22 percent and increased their active (free) testosterone counts by nearly 14 percent. This formula is now sold in convenient tablet form as well as powder and is manufactured without stimulant content and with additional nutritional ingredients included to make it even more effective as your regular workout enhancer.


Ingredients of Nitraflex

Each serving of this supplement contains 25 mg. of Niacin as nicotinic acid and 7240 mg. of the GAT Supplements experts’ Nitraflex proprieceutical blend of nutritional natural ingredients. The company’s team of scientists, nutritionists, sports performance professionals and sports medicine practitioners has designed a formula with carefully calculated percentages of empowering nutrients to provide you with ideal exercise and bodybuilding performance and lean muscle growth. This formula is completely free of creatine to eliminate any problems from water retention. Primary components of this popular fitness supplement include the following:

Nutrient Uptake Promoters

Botaniceutical compounds found in Nitraflex promote the uptake or optimal use of nutrients by cellular tissues of the body. This formula has a high percentage of the ingredient citrulline compared to its arginine (L-arginine) content. Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that lends support to healthy cardiovascular activity, and arginine, another amino acid, is best known for enhancing the bioavailability of nitric oxide in the body, expanding the size of blood vessels and arteries for better blood circulation and oxygen distribution throughout the body, fueling muscle, joint and organ functionality. Working together, these formula components support one another’s functions and also assist the body in eliminating ammonia and other toxic substances.

Calcium Fructopyranose Borate or CFB

This compound, though manufactured, is structured to be nature-identical and has been shown to increase active testosterone counts in the body within just three hours after ingestion, possibly at rates as high as 29 to 30 percent. Inclusion of this substance in the Nitraflex formula helps ensure its strong value to exercisers and bodybuilders as a fast-acting and sustaining booster of this energizing and muscle-increasing hormone.


This non-essential amino acid boosts bodily strength and stamina, delaying the onset of joint and muscular fatigue during lengthy, strenuous exercise sessions. It also raises percentages of L-carnosine, which enables the muscles to absorb extra ions of hydrogen that are often set free in your internal system due to intense physical activity. When not absorbed, these hydrogen ions can make muscle composition more acidic, which can result in energy depletion and fatigue.

Because this unique, empowering formula is a proprieceutical blend, all Nitraflex ingredients are included in percentages that best ensure the highest beneficial functionality possible. For building strong, lean muscle mass, increasing energy levels, improving stamina and raising users’ feelings of self-esteem, confidence and well-being, this supplement is ideal. It also increases the drive to excel at challenging sports activities and bodybuilding workouts.



There are a number of valuable advantages and benefits to choosing this fast-acting and effective advanced formula supplement as your regular fitness aid, including the following:

  1. This healthy sports supplement is creatine free, which helps to prevent you from developing body fat, and it contains natural caffeine to keep you focused and alert during workouts.
  2. Nitric oxide levels in this fitness aid initiate hyperemia, or increased blood flow through veins and arteries, which widens these circulatory vessels and fuels the muscles, tissues and organs of the body with increased oxygen and nutrient supplies for greater bodybuilding results and better sports performance.
  3. This natural exercise supplement builds lean, powerful muscularity more quickly, safely and efficiently than the majority of fitness enhancers now on the consumer market.
  4. This easy-to-take supplement comes in both tablet and powdered form, and the powdered product is available in many different and appealing flavors, including Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Black Cherry, Watermelon, Pineapple, Fruit Punch, and Piña Colada.



The GAT Supplements company was founded for the purpose of supplying athletes of all degrees of skill and experience with natural, safe and effective fitness aids, enabling them to achieve their workout and bodybuilding goals more quickly and healthily. Company officials and staff members are very appreciative of coaches, bodybuilding trainers and exercise instructors who are regular users of this formula and encourage their students, fellow trainers and pros to choose this empowering product as their primary workout enhancer and lean muscle developer. GAT Supplements issues certificates to these dedicated coaches, teachers and professional athletes, and many of them display these certificates of recognition on the walls of their gyms, offices and classrooms for aspiring bodybuilders and experts alike to see.



This awesome bodybuilding aid will start you on the path to reaching all your goals as a bodybuilder. With each workout, you will feel stronger and more in control, with greater energy, stamina and self-confidence when you choose Nitraflex as your fitness training aid. Tasty and easy to use, this muscle-building formula is the best yet for building a streamlined, powerful body while winning exciting competitions and showing off your Atlas Man, totally ripped look and persona. – Jake C., Los Angeles

You have to try this amazing energizing and muscle-building supplement to believe what benefits and advantages it offers to exercise enthusiasts and to the ever-increasing bodybuilding community today. Not only will this unique recipe pump up your muscle mass and streamline your physique, but it will also give you heights of energy and endurance at the gym and afterward. While your body is fueled by greater testosterone levels, your circulatory system will operate at optimum power with a boost from NO as a major ingredient of this fitness aid. Your dilated blood vessel and artery walls will help the transport of more oxygen and nutrients throughout your body to empower your entire system and muscular structure for impressive workouts and bodybuilding success; try Nitraflex today! – Brandon T., New York

Order your first month’s supply of this fantastic testosterone booster right away. This product will definitely fulfill all those ads you have seen claiming faster lean muscle growth and mountains of energy to get you through those difficult and daunting workouts your trainer dreams up. You (and your trainer) will be astonished at your progress once you pick this powerful fitness aid as your number-one bodybuilding supplement. Get Nitraflex and get ripped! – Toby R., Boston

Want to build awesome big muscles and a sleek, streamlined physique? If so, this outstanding exercise supplement and energizer is the perfect choice for you. Get this unique, all-powerful fitness enhancer today and gain lean, massive muscles with the energy, strength and stamina to last through the most demanding workouts imaginable with energy to spare and great recovery afterward. Do yourself a mighty favor and get your first supply of this super-charged natural and nutrient-rich product today – Nitraflex!” – Guss B., Mississippi


Awards & Media Coverage

This popular exercise enhancer from GAT Supplements is gaining popularity and usage rapidly and steadily, both here in the U.S. and internationally. Its unique formula enables this pure, natural product to build lean muscle mass significantly and quickly with the combined properties of powerful and versatile ingredients. For this reason, this bodybuilding aid is receiving growing amounts of coverage and praise from the media, and it is expected to attract much additional notice and coverage from sports media nutritional experts and sportscasters in the coming weeks and months. In addition, this supplement is predicted to win such future honors and recognition as the Supplement of the Year Award and other similar prizes and awards.


Money-back Guarantee

The GAT Supplements company’s policy is to offer this fitness aid for sale to consumers with a money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, delivery and use of this nutritional sports aid, just return the unused portion, and your payment will be fully refunded with no questions asked. Because this company is focused so strongly on enhancing your total exercise and muscle-building experience and progress, company executives and staff are eager to receive your comments and feedback concerning this fitness product. They encourage all users, including beginners and long-term users of this formula, to contact them immediately if any problems arise concerning the receipt and use of this supplement, and they always stand behind their money-back guarantee.



GAT Supplements uses only the most reliable and experienced shipping agents and transport carriers for shipment and delivery of Nitraflex orders. Since their current clientele is global and growing rapidly, this innovative sports supplements company must be prepared to work with shippers and handlers to solve any and all issues and potential problems that may occur during the packing, transport and delivery of this product to your door or mailbox. Packages traveling very long distances may require several methods of responsible transportation in order to reach their destinations in excellent condition. The company staff checks alternate transport routes for packages as well as customer addresses to ensure correct transport and delivery of your orders.


Customer Support

The friendly and concerned customer support team at GAT Supplements is always ready and eager to assist all customers with any issues or problems that develop relative to their orders, purchases, deliveries and usage of this unique bodybuilding formula. If you should receive a damaged package of this product, or if your order never arrives at your address, simply contact the customer support team right away, and a well-informed, experienced team member will work with you to completely resolve your issue or problem. These team members are also very interested in your experience as a user of this sports aid, so be sure to contact them by phone, email or online chat services with all your comments and suggestions.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is always safe and secure on the company website whenever you purchase an order of Nitraflex. You can be assured that all your personal data is well-protected from online hackers or identity thieves because GAT Supplements uses a professionally encrypted site. When entering your contact information and credit or debit card numbers, you never need to worry about the safety of your data, so you can relax and enjoy the ordering process, knowing that your healthy, empowering sports and bodybuilding supplement will soon be on its way to your shipping address.


Nitraflex Pricing

Powdered form or tablets of this supplement can be purchased at the retail price of $62.99 per 300 grams (a 30-day supply) or at online discounted rates of around $32.49, especially during seasonal discounted promotional campaigns. For convenience when traveling or for easy carrying in your gym bag, 8 packets of powdered supplement are also available for the low pricing of from $19.99 to $12.23.


There are definite advantages and benefits to making Nitraflex your main exercise and bodybuilding supplement today, including the following:

  • Powerful natural ingredients of this formula work together to energize your entire body and build lean, massive muscularity for strenuous workouts and sports performance very effectively and more rapidly than the ingredients of the majority of quality sports supplements.
  • This unique formula is a proprieceutical blend, and each powerful and beneficial ingredient is included at percentage rates that result in the best possible physical empowerment for attaining high bodily energy levels and stamina for outstanding improvements in athletic performance.
  • This fitness aid is sold in both tablet and powdered form, and the powdered supplement can be bought in a wide variety of delicious flavors like Blue Raspberry, Black Cherry, Pineapple, Piña Colada, Watermelon and Green Apple.
  • This bodybuilding supplement contains no creatine, which will help prevent unwanted water retention and body fat deposits that could hinder your athletic performance improvement.


There are also some minor disadvantages or inconveniences that may be associated with the use of Nitraflex as your regular fitness and bodybuilding aid, such as:

  • This powerful sports and bodybuilding performance supplement is not intended for exercise enthusiasts under the age of 18.
  • This fitness aid should not be taken by women who are currently pregnant or nursing.
  • This sports performance enhancer and lean muscle builder may cause adverse effects if used in combination with some prescription drugs, so consult your physician before starting to use this supplement if you are taking medications.


Summary: Nitraflex by GAT Supplements is a pre-workout formula which delivers fast and explosive training results according to the manufacturer. It will give more power to your body, increase your energy, boost your stamina and deliver better nitric oxide and testosterone levels, again according to the makers of the product. The formula is creatine-free, but contains caffein.

$12.23 to $32.49
RatingRated 3 stars

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