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What Is Muscle Boost X?

With daily use of Muscle Boost X, bodybuilders and athletes of all levels of ability and experience can excel with more energy, endurance and confidence in their sports performance. This powerful natural formula is growing in popularity and use today as a safe and reliable booster of lean muscularity, body strength and athletic action. When you select this special combination of nutritious ingredients as your primary exercise enhancing supplement, you are making an important decision that will prove to be significantly body-and-mind-changing as it helps you attain your fitness goals and athletic dreams of success. As your muscles develop in density and mass, you will be better equipped to master more intensive, difficult workouts and team sports skills. With this new physical power and fortitude, you will also acquire greater self-esteem, knowing that you can reach new heights of sports achievement as you gain more confidence, agility and expertise at the gym and in competitive athletic events.

With higher counts of vital nutrients and nitric oxide (NO2) in your system, supplied by this special formula, both your circulatory system and your metabolism with operate at greater rates of speed and efficiency. As your bloodstream fuels your muscles and other body tissues with healthful oxygen and other nutrients, your body will be empowered to engage in longer, more strenuous and demanding sports training and events. With faster metabolic rates, your system will burn excess fat more thoroughly and rapidly, building and sustaining your body strength while helping you develop a leaner, trimmer yet muscular, Atlas Man physique. With greater self-esteem and a more capable, powerful body, you will advance more quickly to the next levels of sports action achievement, winning notice and acclaim. As you continue to use Muscle Boost X on a regular basis as your daily athletic enhancement formula, you will soon gain that impressive, ripped look you have been striving to acquire.



The manufacturer of this unique fitness improvement supplement creates high-performance sports formulas for the purpose of assisting serious bodybuilders, powerlifters, team sports players and regular exercisers to attain their physical fitness and muscle building goals more rapidly and effectively. Company supplement formulators are scientists and nutritional experts who are well-trained and knowledgeable about the best combination of pure, nutrient-enriching ingredients to include in each athletic formula to provide powerful benefits to sports advocates for attaining more athletic skills, prowess and success. Every natural component of Muscle Boost X and other products of this brand is carefully examined and tested for purity, efficacy and safety for use by exercising consumers today. Exacting calculations are made by product formulators to ensure that the ideal amount of each ingredient is included in the formula for the most effective sports performance results possible.

This particular pre-workout supplement is specifically designed to provide building, rejuvenating (anabolic) activity throughout your internal system to keep you in excellent physical and mental shape for greater and consistent sports action improvement. While you sleep through the night, this unique exercise formula revitalizes your body, repairing and fortifying all your muscle tissues and vital organs for the next day’s intensive gym workout. It continues to sustain your energy and stamina all during your workout or competitive event, supplying you with the prolonged strength and agility to excel at even the most challenging training and sports game action. Afterward, this specialized fitness aid supports you throughout recovery, making this time a restful, relaxing and revitalizing experience for you. You will recover comfortably, in record time, free of muscle pains, physical stress or mental strain.


How Muscle Boost X Works?

An impressive variety of physical fitness benefits are available for you due to this sports betterment supplement production company’s focus on the creation of high quality, extremely effective and safe fitness boosting products like Muscle Boost X. This formula gains its high rating as a powerful pre-workout and overall sports action aid because of its unique composition of the purest forms of all-natural ingredients. For example, the ingredient of A-AKG (L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate), an empowering amino acid, promotes development of healthy, energizing proteins by your body. This leads to enhanced muscular strength and stamina for finishing muscle-wrenching, rugged training with energy to spare. At the same time, this substance contributes to rapid growth of dense, lean muscles and to higher levels of nitric oxide for greater bodily distribution of oxygen via your bloodstream as muscular fuel for greater endurance and sports achievements.

This versatile supplement component, when combined with A-KIC (L-Arginine Ketoisocaproate) and G-AKG (L-Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate), results in vasodilation, or expansion of the inner dimensions of your blood vessels and arteries, which continues to deliver more oxygen and nutritional elements to all areas of your body for greater athletic results. Additional formula ingredients of O-AKG (L-Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate) and G-AKG (L-Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate) bring even more power and effectiveness to this unique fitness enhancer. The component of O-AKG develops strong, dense muscle mass quickly as it makes your entire body more flexible and fit for rapid athletic movement and instantaneous reactions to the team sports action around you during games and competitions. It increases your body’s rates of protein synthesis, building your energy reserves for sports. The G-AKG content improves your bodily absorption and uptake rates for all nutritional elements of this unique formula for a continuous supply of enduring high energy and lasting stamina, which can only bring you greater strength and resilience for better athletic performance.


Ingredients of Muscle Boost X

This sports action enhancing supplement contain the following pure, effective ingredients, which combine to energize and empower your entire body for improved athletic performance:

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate – A-AKG

This helpful fitness formula component is an active amino acid that creates protein in your body, increasing your capacity to engage in demanding sports training and competitions. As it heightens your internal levels of endurance and physical strength, it also encourages rapid muscular growth for a powerful yet sleek, ripped appearance. This substance is a combination of Arginine, an amino acid, and Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid. These ingredients promote metabolic processing of NO2 in your body for enhanced blood circulation and greater distribution of oxygen throughout your system for stronger athletic performance.

L-Arginine Ketoisocaproate A-KIC

This ingredient of the supplement recipe gives more power to muscle pumps, body strength and physical endurance for longer, more intensive workouts. It also lessens your bodily counts of endogenous ammonia, a substance that impedes good muscular action and has the capacity to cause harm to your muscles. A-KIC also raises nitric oxide (NO2) levels in your body for more muscle growth and power as well as faster, smoother post-exercise recovery. It can promote healthy myodilation, or muscular expansion (bulking), for a stronger body structure. Most importantly, this ingredient initiates vasodilation, which is the dilation of the interior areas of your veins and arteries for faster blood circulation and delivery of increased amounts of oxygen and other nutrients to your muscles, nurturing them for enhanced sports performance results.

L-Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate – O-AKG

This important formula component helps bodybuilders and other athletes develop more massive, lean muscle tissue for a more powerful physique while supporting overall strengthening of the body for greater sports achievements. It also encourages good functioning of all major bodily organs. This substance is a salt composed of a pair of molecules of L-Ornithine, a non-protein amino acid, and a single molecule of Alpha-Ketoglutarate, which is a dicarboxylic acid of the Krebs cycle. It raises your bodily rates of protein synthesis for greater energy production and use by the body during strenuous or prolonged exercise.

L-Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate – G-AKG

This effective ingredient promotes accelerated absorption of nutrients in your body and improves development of lean, massive muscles. It also increases glucose production for enhanced energy and stamina for strenuous physical activity. By supporting faster uptake of all supplement components, this substance is essential for making this product highly beneficial as a strong pre-workout aid. This active ingredient is composed of AKG (Alpha-Ketoglutarate) and Taurine, two glutamine precursors. Taurine is also an essential and plentiful free form amino acid that is found in cellular tissues of your muscles.


This inflexible, clear and tasteless food substance is a collagen derivative from a variety of animal byproducts. This supplement component is hydrolyzed, which causes the breakdown of proteins into smaller forms called peptides. Gelatin is used in natural supplements as a gelling aid during the manufacturing process.

Magnesium Stearate

This chemical salt compound has a soapy consistency and contains one part Magnesium to two parts of Stearate. It is sold in the form of a white powder that is not easily dissolved in water and has low degrees of toxicity. Acting as a lubricant during supplement production, this ingredient prevents formula ingredients from sticking to manufacturing equipment while helping all ingredients to bind smoothly.



Regular users of Muscle Boost X as a healthy, effective pre-exercise supplement gain many advantages and lasting benefits for boosting their physical fitness levels, muscular growth and overall athletic action, such as:

  1. This special sports formula boosts energy, stamina and the will to succeed at more intensive and challenging athletic workouts and performance.
  2. The empowering combination of pure, nutritional ingredients in this fitness enhancer promotes greater protein synthesis in your body for a continuous supply of greater energy and endurance for sports action as you build more lean muscle mass.
  3. With higher levels of NO2 in your body, supplied by this fitness formula, both your circulatory and metabolic rates are significantly increased, creating dilation of your veins and arteries for greater oxygen flow throughout your bloodstream to fuel and empower all your muscles.
  4. All components of this unique sports action recipe are natural and of the purest grade obtainable to provide athletes with the best possible benefits for better sports activity and achievements.



Manufacturers of Muscle Boost X often issue certificates of thanks to well-known pro and amateur sports players, celebrated bodybuilders, star powerlifters and many athletic trainers who use and promote the use of this pure, safe and effective pre-workout aid. When these respected athletes and professional coaches or instructors recommend this fitness supplement for use to their trainees and protégés, they are providing this sports supplements producer and brand with new, enthusiastic customers who will most likely become ongoing clients and users of this product. Company leaders greatly appreciate this boost in brand interest and in use of this healthy, unique pre-workout formula by athletes. They distribute their certificates to these sports industry professionals to ensure that these dedicated members of the sports industry are well recognized for their efforts to promote use of this special fitness aid by serious athletes they know and train for success.



This power-packed formula will boost your energy and stamina for sports performance every day and night. As you enjoy a restful night of sleep, this unique supplement will promote the repair and generation of strong muscles and other body tissues for improved daily workouts. After supporting your energy output for greater success from start to finish of your strenuous gym training sessions, this product will enable you to recover rapidly, pain-free and without muscular stress or strain. If you want an all-around boost for every aspect of your athletic training and performance, get Muscle Boost X today for heights of sports success! – Wayne Rallington, Macon, GA, USA

When you choose this special sports action supplement as your main pre-workout and fitness aid, you will receive the best benefits available today for enhancing your sports training and competitions. You will finish each practice session and athletic event well ahead of the crowd and ready for even more demanding challenges. For proof of this fitness enhancer’s many valuable advantages for committed sports enthusiasts, just try a sample supply today. Get Muscle Boost X right away and get totally ripped! – Kyle Evermost, Chicago, IL, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Many experts in the sports performance industry expect Muscle Boost X to claim numerous accolades and awards this year for its high degrees of purity, safety and efficacy for daily use by bodybuilders and other athletes. It will no doubt soon gain the serious attentions and praise of such sports action authorities as and many others. This special blend of empowering ingredients is also predicted to gain growing amounts of interest and coverage from the media. This product is already being mentioned and discussed on popular sports enhancement websites and online forums today as an effective and efficient sports supplement. It will most likely receive coverage from influential media sources like major sports media networks and channels very soon.


Money-back Guarantee

This modern, effective sports aid is sold with a money-back guarantee. Its manufacturers want each and every user to be totally satisfied with the purchase, receipt and ongoing use of this popular fitness formula. Although the majority of sports enthusiasts, amateur athletes and well-known sports pros who buy and take this supplement as their primary pre-workout aid and overall sports action booster express high degrees of approval and satisfaction with regular use of this product, the manufacturer is interested in your response to taking this supplement. If you experience any levels of difficulty or dissatisfaction with your personal purchase and use of this product, just contact the company’s customer support division right away to receive a full refund of your supplement’s cost.



The producers of the Muscle Boost X sports supplement brand work with only the best qualified and responsible shippers and handlers for delivery of all product orders to customers. Every fitness aid order is carefully packed and labeled for safe, accurate shipping to customers. These professional national shipping enterprises and international transport companies have excellent records of prompt, successful product deliveries. However, if you do encounter any problems with timely and safe receipt of your new pre-workout formula, simply contact the manufacturer’s customer support team for an agreeable solution to your issue, question or problem. Even if your complaint is a minor one, like a slight delay in your supplement’s arrival at your address, be sure to report this to a helpful support team member so he or she can provide you with a viable solution that meets your satisfaction.


Customer Support

The friendly, concerned customer support team at this sports supplements production company is always ready and eager to assist each customer, old or new, with any questions or issues that may arise relative to buying or using Muscle Boost X. Although the company’s record of ensuring safe, timely product deliveries to customers everywhere is quite good, an occasional mishap or inconvenience may occur with a supplement order delivery. If your pre-workout formula arrives late or is damaged even slightly during shipment, be sure to contact the customer support team immediately to report this problem. All damaged or lost supplement packages will be promptly replaced by the company. If you experience difficulties with your initial dosages of this safe, pure fitness aid, just contact the support team by phone, email or online support services for full reimbursement of your supplement purchasing price.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout services are always safe and completely secure on the company website for all purchasers of Muscle Boost X. Because company leaders are sincerely concerned about protecting the personal identity information of their customers, this company uses the most advanced encryption technology to ensure total privacy for product shoppers and buyers on the company site. When you visit this website to place your order for this unique pre-workout formula, all your data input, including your name, shipping address, email, phone and charge card numbers will all be well-shielded from potential website intruders or identity thieves. You can complete your product order free of worries about compromising any of your valuable personal information on this site while enjoying your supplement shopping experience.


Pricing & Free Trial

The manufacturer of Muscle Boost X is dedicated to offering this and all their other natural supplements at reasonable prices that are easily affordable to a wide range of sports enthusiasts today. This popular pre-workout formula has a retail price of from $54.85 to $67.19 for a month’s supply. However, by visiting the company website frequently, you can stay informed about all seasonal or promotional sales during which this fitness aid may be bought at reduced rates of just $32.95 to $46.50 for the same quantity. Company leaders also offer a free trial of a 14-day supply of this product. You can obtain this free sample by paying just the small shipping fee of $4.95, and if you decide against regular use of this pure, safe supplement, just contact the customer support team of this company to stop any future shipments of your new pre-workout supplement.


  • This unique blend of healthy, natural components significantly boosts your energy, endurance and mental drive to excel in all your athletic pursuits.
  • This fitness aid’s high contents of NO2 dilate your veins and arteries, increasing the regular flow of empowering oxygen throughout your system to power-up your muscles and vital organs for enhanced exercise results.
  • With increased degrees of protein synthesis by your body with regular daily doses of this pure fitness enhancer, your muscles will increase in density and mass quickly and thoroughly for impressive sports action.


  • This unique supplement is formulated specifically for use by athletes above the age of 18 and should never be used by children or young teenagers.
  • Sports enthusiasts who are currently taking prescribed medications should take time to consult a medical doctor or qualified natural health practitioner before beginning doses of this fitness formula and pre-workout aid.

Muscle Boost X

Summary: Muscle Boost X is a pure, safe and energizing pre-workout supplement with high degrees of effectiveness for sports action improvement. As this unique combination of nutrient-enriching ingredients increases your body strength and stamina for more strenuous workouts, it also builds lean, dense muscle mass rapidly and continuously to give you an impressive, totally ripped look and greatly increased self-confidence to advance in your athletic skills and performance. With the collective benefits of such healthy, natural ingredients as A-AKG (L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate), A-KIC (L-Arginine Ketoisocaproate) and G-AKG (L-Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate), this fitness booster promotes vasodilation of your circulatory system, delivering greater levels of pure oxygen throughout your body as fuel for your muscles and other bodily tissues. Protein synthesis is increased in your system, reinforcing your heightened energy supplies for enhanced sports performance, and this formula’s powerful anabolic properties shorten and improve your post-exercise recovery period. This unique formula even continues to repair and vitalize your entire body while you sleep at night to prepare you for the next day’s athletic action.

FREE TRIAL to $67.19
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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