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What Is Monster Initiate?

Monster Initiate is a caffeinated pre-workout powder that helps you prepare for a challenging lift and make it through it training session. This powder is made for those who like a great energy boost but don’t necessarily like creatine in a pre-workout. This pre-workout mix comes in four great flavors and combines the power of proven L-citrulline with the energy of caffeine and the power of BCAAs, particularly L-leucine. And if you compete in sports, you can be assured that this supplement is legal, as it is certified for sport by NSF.

Monster Initiate is pre-workout that combines the benefits of several supplements. For starters, its inclusion of a full three grams of L-citrulline per serving is important. For years, L-arginine was hailed as the ultimate nitric oxide booster. However, recent research has suggested that L-citrulline takes longer to degrade in the body, and also that it may be the better nitric oxide booster of the two. In addition, many pre-workouts rely on “proprietary blends” that do not list the amount of each ingredient, so you don’t know if you’re getting an effective dosage or not. With this supplement, you now you get the right amount of L-citrulline to make a difference. The added L-leucine supports muscle synthesis, since L-leucine is one of the BCAAs that is crucial to muscle repair and growth.

Lot of pre-workout supplements contain creatine, which is logical: a supplement that increases ATP delivery to working muscles seems logical enough. But if you’re in a strict cut and/or are competing in figure competitions, the water-retentive nature of creatine can be a problem. The absence of creatine makes this supplement an option for many who may not otherwise consider it.

Another consideration is that of caffeine. Some people like a stimulant or two in their pre-workout. Others do not. Some pre-workouts contain higher-powered stimulants like yohimbine. While these stimulants are a godsend to some, for others, they cause incredible anxiety. Each serving of Monster Initiate contains 150 mg of caffeine, which is only slightly more than a cup of coffee. This reasonable amount of stimulant is likely to sit well with more people than a higher dose of yohimbine would be. In short, this supplement is likely to work well for many people, as it has a moderate stimulant effect, should not influence water retention, and provides enough of a very potent nitric oxide booster. Monster Initiate is great for those who need a bit of a boost when starting a workout, and who also want to improve tissue oxygenation and energy throughout the workout.



Monster Initiate is manufactured by the well-known Monster brand, which is owned by CytoSport. This company has been in the supplement business for decades, and it also manufactures many other supplements. If you are the type of athlete who prefers that all supplements be made by the same company, this is a good company to patronize. Moreover, nearly all CytoSport products are certified by NSF, which usually means that they are free of banned substances. This certification also means that they are accurately labeled. This is vital, since nobody wants to pay for ingredients that are not actually in the supplement. Because this company is staffed by those who are dedicated to fitness, you can call or write for advice on the best products for you. Additionally, patronizing brands with experience in the industry has its benefits, as they have access to the best and most cutting-edge research to make their products as effective as possible.


How Monster Initiate Works?

This supplement works on a number of levels to prime you mentally and physically for a workout. Unlike many pre-workouts, it does not contain creatine, making it ideal for those who are emphasizing definition and need to keep water retention to a minimum. One of the prime ways that this supplement works is by acting as a nitric oxide supplement. It contains a substantial amount of l-citrulline, which research has shown is one of the most powerful boosters of nitric oxide. When you take a serving of Monster Initiate, you get three grams of added l-citrulline. This helps to dilate blood vessels, thus allowing a better flow of blood and nutrients to your muscle tissue. This blood flow also increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles, thus allowing you to lift heavier and exercise for longer periods of time without fatigue. This ingredient also increases your vascularity during and after your workout.

This pre-workout is unique in that it helps to power your recovery even as you exercise. The L-citrulline’s enhanced nutrient delivery means that more of your post-workout meal gets delivered to your muscles, and the inclusion of BCAAs means that your body is receiving aminos that are necessary for growth and repair even as you’re still lifting. BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, are a type of high-quality protein that is necessary for optimal growth and recovery. Monster Initiate incorporates L-leucine, which is widely known as the most effective of the BCAAs, to give you maximal gains with minimal filler.

Monster Initiate also supports energy and combats fatigue, and unlike some ore-workouts, it does this using a variety of mechanisms. The first is caffeine, which is a common stimulant. Some studies have shown that it increases your tolerance of pain and fatigue, which can help you get out those last few reps. It also can help you get your energy up if you’re lagging a bit before your workout. The other energy-boosting ingredient, which works well alongside caffeine, is the amino acid taurine. This supplement can help you work at maximal capacity for longer periods of time. (It’s also commonly found in energy drinks). Lastly, the inclusion of beta-alanine can support energy while battling fatigue. Beta-alanine can promote higher levels of carnosine in muscle tissue, and this can help you to exercise at higher intensities. It is also a building block of proteins, so it can help you add on muscle tissue.

In short, this pre-workout is designed for those who both want to get energized ahead of time and get a leg up on recovery. It also offers an alternative to those who prefer a pre-workout that does not have creatine as a main ingredient, and it combines a few popular supplements to help streamline your supplementation routine.


Ingredients of Monster Initiate

This supplement contains a collection of proven and powerful ingredients. They are listed below with a little about each.

L-citrulline – This is one of the best nitric oxide boosters on the market. Nearly all pre-workouts include some kind of nitric oxide booster, and for good reason. This ingredient can help improve endurance and performance in both strength and cardio endeavors. It does so by increasing blood flow to muscles. However, this increased blood flow comes with a dilation of blood vessels, which ensures that there will not be an increase in blood pressure. Increasing the delivery of blood to the muscle tissue ensures that more oxygen and more nutrients are delivered. This means that fatigue will be delayed, and that you’ll be able to eke out a few more laps or reps than you would otherwise. Nitric oxide boosters like this one also factor in to recovery. You probably want that recovery shake to get put to use, and when nutrient delivery to muscles is increased, you will most likely have more protein delivered to muscle fibers, thus increasing muscle growth and speeding up recovery.

L-leucine – This is a branched-chain amino acid, or BCAA. BCAAs are vital in the synthesis of muscle fiber, son the fact that Monster Initiate adds in two grams of supplemental L-leucine is a fairly big deal. This particular BCAA has muscle-preserving effects, which is particularly important if you are cutting or working out on a caloric deficit. In fact, while BCAAs get a lot of good press, the truth is that the most benefit comes from L-leucine. By just including this BCAA as opposed to all, this supplement ensures that you get the most benefit.

CarnoSyn beta-alanine – This ingredient has a number of physical and psychological advantages. One is the fact that it acts somewhat like caffeine. Beta-alanine can give you an energy boost similar to that caused by caffeine, but it also causes a tingling, warm sensation that can be unpleasant until you’re used to it. The main way in which beta-alanine works is by gradually increasing levels of muscle carnosine. This supplement is vital in preventing or reducing muscle catabolism, and it may be useful in its ability to allow you to perform at high intensity for a long time. This is good if your workout includes HIIT or many reps with heavy weights, as it can help you to get faster gains with less fatigue.

Glucuronolactone – This ingredient is involved in much of the body’s connective tissues. This may sound like an unusual thing to have as part of a pre-workout, but some evidence has shown that supplementing with it regularly can help you to feel more alert and awake.

Taurine – This ingredient is often in energy drinks, and it, like carnosine, can help you to work out harder and get gains faster. In fact, one study found that supplementing with this as a part of your pre-workout can increase your capacity to work out at VO2 max, which is your body’s maximal transport and use of oxygen. It is also an antioxidant. Taurine is an unusual amino acid because it is not involved in muscle synthesis. However, it still is a valuable component of this pre-workout, and it’s been used for years as a support to all athletic activity.

Caffeine – This run-of-the-mill stimulant is great as part of a pre-workout. It’s mild enough that few have an issue with it, but it also has solid research behind it. Caffeine can up your pain tolerance, thus making it harder for you to feel fatigued. It can also give you the energy boost you need to start and get through a workout. Lastly, caffeine, like other stimulants, boosts metabolism and assist with fat burning, making it a smart addition to pre-workout. If you work out first thing in the morning or after work, having this added boost can make a huge difference in your workout quality.



There are many advantages to choosing Monster Initiate as your pre-workout. As noted above, it’s advantageous for many because it does not contain creatine. While creatine is an important supplement for many, it can cause water retention, and not everyone wants to take it regularly. Many athletes also cycle creatine, so it’s useful to have a pre-workout that does not contain it. Another advantage is the inclusion of more than just caffeine as energy boosters. Caffeine is a common ingredient in pre-workouts, but for many, it does not provide sufficient energy. This supplement contains taurine and beta-alanine, two other energy boosters that can work in conjunction with caffeine to give you a long-lasting energy boost to take you through even the most exhausting of your workouts.

Another advantage is the fact that this supplement comes in a variety of delicious flavors: blue raspberry, fruit punch, grape, and sour apple. Supplementing can seem like a chore, especially when you have a large collection of supplements to take. When your supplement has an appealing flavor, it can help. Yet another plus of this is the fact that all ingredients of this supplement are backed by research. Many pre-workouts are stimulant-heavy but don’t offer nitric oxide boosts or recovery benefits, and this one does.



This supplement has not earned any certificates of its own as of yet. However, the research behind its ingredients is enough to recommend it and to support claims of its efficacy. Because Monster is a well-known supplement company that has manufactured many popular protein powders and pre-workouts, it may simply take time before this supplement is recognized with a certificate of its own. In the meantime, those interested in using it can find ample evidence of its ingredients’ efficacy by reading scientific studies or any of the numerous fitness articles that detail their benefits.



It can be helpful to hear from those who have used a supplement before buying. Here are the words of some who have used Monster Initiate:

– Josh, 20, Palm Springs, FL:

I needed a pre-workout that fit in with my schedule. I lift twice a day, and I needed something that really energizes me. Once I tried this, I knew. I love having the BCAAs to help me recover and cut down on the amount of other supplements I have to take daily. This is great stuff.

– Steven, 33, Las Vegas, NV:

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve re-discovered my need for a pre-workout that really energizes me. This is fantastic. I love the sour apple flavor.

– Robert, 44, Cary, NC:

I used to take a cheap pre-workout I got from the drugstore, but it stopped working as well as I adjusted. Plus, as I’ve gotten older, it’s harder to psych myself up for the gym. This stuff gets me pumped and seems to also last the whole workout, which is great for me. I stay in the gym for a long time each day, and this has been a godsend.


Awards & Media Coverage

Monster Initiate itself has not received any awards or media coverage, but its manufacturer, CytoSport, has been recognized for years. It routinely receives nominations for the Supplement Awards (even getting 11 nominations in 2011), and it often will take home some of the awards as well. Given the time, this particular pre-workout will likely get the recognition it deserves. The supplement market is a saturated one, and it often takes time for newer supplements to get recognized. The Monster series is a new CytoSport innovation that is just beginning to gain traction.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of Monster Initiate stand behind their product. While CytoSport does not have a set money-back guarantee, users who are unsatisfied can contact customer service to find a way to resolve their issue. If you are concerned you may not like a given product, it may be worth it to ask about obtaining a free sample from the manufacturer. If you make a purchase of this product from an outside seller, it’s wise to verify the return policy beforehand. Some sellers may allow you to return even a used product for a full refund, while others may not.



Shipping costs and delivery times will vary depending on where you get your product. In general, though, most supplement sellers understand you want your product as quickly as possible, and they’ll ship it to you within 24 to 48 hours. Most sellers also will send it to you so it will arrive within a few business days. However, if you want to make sure you’ll get your pre-workout by a certain date, it’s advisable to check with the shipping company prior to making your purchase. In some cases, the company may be able to expedite shipping for an additional fee.


Customer Support

The customer support staff at CytoSport is made up of dedicated professionals with extensive knowledge of supplement science. Whether you are already a customer or are merely considering one or more of their products, they can talk to you about your goals and help you decide on an appropriate product for you. The staff is available by phone or e-mail, so they can be easily reached, though you also may write to them by regular mail if you prefer. Even after you’ve ordered the product, you can contact service representatives for advice and guidance if need be.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When ordering online, many people are concerned about security. However, when you order Monster Initiate, you don’t need to worry about this. All sellers of this product use top-security encryption, so your information will be protected from hackers and others. Additionally, the company will not distribute your information in any way, and you will not be sent spam. Your financial and personal data will be kept private and secure at all times.



Though this is an innovative supplement, it is fairly reasonable in price. Though pricing may vary depending on the seller, most bottles are $30 for 30 servings. This comes out to $1 per serving. While this is not the cheapest of pre-workouts, it is by no means the most expensive. The slight extra cost may be worthwhile, as you get high-quality ingredients, and due to transparent labeling, you know that you’ll get enough of each.


There are many advantages to taking this supplement. They include the following:

  • It does not have creatine, making it good for those who cycle creatine.
  • It contains more stimulants than just caffeine.
  • It also includes BCAAs, which can help with recovery and growth.


As with all supplements, Monster Initiate one has some downsides. They include the following:

  • The lack of creatine may be an inconvenience for some.
  • For those who are sensitive to stimulants, this supplement may cause adverse effects.

Monster Initiate

Summary: Monster Initiate, made by the company CytoSport, is a pre-workout supplement with somewhat unconventional ingredients. While it is typical in that it contains nitric oxide boosters, t’s atypical in the sense that it adds in BCAAs and beta-alanine to help kickstart recovery and ensure you have enough protein building blocks at all times. It also combines multiple energy-increasing agents, including caffeine and taurine, to give you sustained energy throughout your workout. It comes in several delicious flavors that are easily blended. This supplement does not contain creatine, making it ideal for athletes who cycle creatine or prefer to not use it at all. For those who want sustained energy and the effects of many supplements in one, this is a smart pre-workout choice.

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