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What Is Mega Force?

This product is a pre-workout supplement designed to help the consumer increase muscle mass and overall health. The supplement, designed to be taken twice per day, may also help the user to have a higher level of endurance during intense workout sessions. The nutrients and active ingredients in the product quicken recovery time, helping workout enthusiasts to have more energy and less fatigue immediately following strenuous activity.

Overall, Mega Force has experienced raving reviews in the fitness community. Marketed for men, this supplement also increases testosterone in a natural and healthy way. This has workout benefits in addition to certain personal health benefits. This is definitely a product to keep in mind for the weightlifter who seems to be doing all of the right things yet also remains stagnant in bulk and muscle gains. While most products like this are not all that they seem, this supplement seems to have a quality and upstanding reputation.



The product is manufactured by a company with the same name. Although there are other products available in the category of testosterone boosters from this manufacturer, information on the business is difficult to find. This may be due to the small size of the company. It may also due to the fact that they pour their money into the individual product lines as opposed to a larger company. In other words, each product manufactured by the company is responsible for their own advertising, distribution, and customer care. In many ways, thing seem more personal under this system. It is slightly odd that the manufacturer has no website of their own, but other reviews suggest that this and other products by the manufacturer are quality and trustworthy.

It is clear that the manufacturer for Mega Force is based in the United States in California. This is also the basis for the product line. They advertise that all product is made in the United States. This is good news for the many consumers who prefer to purchase domestically manufactured products. Since many people have concerns over the quality levels of foreign products, this sets many fears to rest.


How Mega Force Works?

Mega Force works by raising testosterone levels in the male body. This allows the male body to better build muscle mass. It also increases blood flow to the areas of muscle. This gives the body a more fit and trim look. Better hormone levels also allows the male to shed unwanted fat from difficult areas such as the stomach. Additionally, the body does not have to work as hard doing day-to-day tasks when hormones are balanced. This gives the consumer more physical stamina for other tasks such as workouts and personal hobbies.

The regimen for this product is very simple. Simply take one pill in the morning and another pill about 30 minutes before working out. This is the easiest way out there to improve health. It does not require a specific diet or any sort of protein drink. These can taste bad. The pills have no taste and literally take less than 30 seconds to take. This is wonderful news for the consumer who has a busy life. The energy and stamina alone make this product a worthy option for men looking to raise their testosterone naturally.


Ingredients of Mega Force

Mega Force works because it relies on a group of amino acids that help to increase testosterone automatically. The exact formula is a company secret, but it is known that each capsule contains 800 milligrams of three different forms of L-Arginine. These are actually pretty common ingredients in over-the-counter testosterone boosters. This group of amino acids supports fitness health in a variety of ways. First, it increases oxygen to the muscles. This increases blood flow and can help give the body that “chiseled” look with bulk muscles.

Secondly, this amino acid blend also helps the body with protein synthesis and the creation of new muscle. This means that the amino acids help the body convert protein to lean muscle. In addition to all of these, the amino acids also help the body to balance testosterone production. This has a variety of effects including more workout stamina and higher levels of energy. The supplement also contains gelatin as a filler along with a tiny amount of a couple of other substances that are aimed at keeping the quality level of the product high.



The main advantage to Mega Force is the muscle mass that can be gained by taking the supplement. By naturally increasing testosterone levels, this product allows the body to make more muscle quickly. Since many men begin to lose muscle around the age of 25, this supplement can be useful for a variety of different men. In fact, many men have reported that they were finally able to experience increased muscle for the first time since early adulthood. This is wonderful news for the workout enthusiast who feels they have hit a plateau in regards to gaining mass.

In addition to gaining mass, the consumers of this product may also experience an increase in energy and physical stamina. This can mean in increase in the overall quality of life for some consumers. More energy can mean tougher workouts and a more competitive edge. More energy can also mean more time with family and friends, more time to pursue personal hobbies and interests, and more time to improve on career activities. Since the benefits are so wide-reaching, it is safe to say that this product is probably worth the trial.



This product is not currently a holder of any certifications. This is not immediately a warning sign. In fact, there could be a variety of reasons that the company has not chosen to seek certain certifications. Certifications, such as those by the FDA, are not required for vitamin supplements that are not intended to treat or cure disease. Since it is not required, many companies do not feel the need to spend the money to make their facilities and products compliant with these standards.

Although a certification does speak highly of a product, the certifications also generally come with a certain amount of red tape. Therefore, it is not always a bad thing when supplement providers choose to spend that money on other areas of the product’s marketing or quality control. It would be nice to see Mega Force seek certifications in the future. However, it is currently unclear whether they will choose to make this a priority.



I love that there is no added sugar or unhealthy ingredients. The formula is entirely natural. This means that I can take this supplement without fear of long-term side effects. It fits into my overall health goal very well. — Josh F., 27, Colorado, Maine, ME, US

This product is the most simple part of my day. Simply take one capsule in the morning and another before workout. It is literally as simple as that. Everyone in the workout community should consider giving it a try. — Paul B., 34, Nottingham, England

I am always skeptical of these sorts of products. Most of them offer amazing results with little work. That’s simply not true with this product. The supplement is only designed to work with the man who already works hard. It just helps the body along a little bit. That is exactly how products are supposed to work. — Sean M., 40, Indianapolis, IN, USA

I am so happy to be back to my former level of fitness due to the help of this product. I worked for years attempting to gain mass, but I was quickly losing confidence. Thankfully, I have finally found the supplement that works for me. — Brad M., 36, Yukon, YT

My trainer thought I was getting lazy with my lifting regimen. Truthfully, I was working harder than ever and still not building muscle. This product helped me to get back on track. It works quickly and effectively. I am very happy with my results. — Clint E., 45, Maryland, MD, USA

I am a fitness coach for young and middle-aged men. Many of my clients were talking about Mega Force, and I had to see what the fuss was about. After trying the product for 14 days, I decided that this is definitely a product that I would recommend to men who have hit a fitness plateau. It is easy as well as an all natural approach to dealing with lowered levels of testosterone. — Austin G., 50, Salina, KS, USA

I was going through a tough time accomplishing my fitness goals before finding Mega Force. In fact, I almost gave up after months of work showed no progress. A friend told me about this product, so I finally gave it a try! Now, I am experiences higher levels of energy and stamina. Additionally, I am finally getting the mass back that I had in my younger years. It really is inspiring to see such improvements happen so quickly. — Kenneth V., 39, Ashland, KY, USA

This is definitely not a miracle drug. If I could offer words of advice to consumers, I would simply encourage them to stick with the product. It takes a little bit to begin to see results. Although I began to feel more energetic immediately, it took a while to be able to see that in my muscle mass. I am glad that I chose to tough it out. After about 30-45 days, I noticed that my stubborn belly fat was replaced with lean muscle. It seemed like it took a long time, but it was well worth the wait. — Kaleb Y., 40, Nagoya, Japan


Awards & Media Coverage

Mega Force has not been around that long in terms of the workout community. Since it has only been on the market since 2015, it has not yet garnered many official awards. However, the media support for the product has been very good. Actually, the product seems to do very well on social media. There seems to be a lot of success stories and overall hype for the product. This is encouraging for many who doubt the effectiveness of such a product. In fact, there are very few negative reviews of the product at all.

Social media seems to reflect the opinions of the internet as a whole. It was extremely difficult to find any sort of negative reviews or experiences associated with the product. The few that did have something negative to say generally admitted to some level of misuse of the product. Since the product is only intended for workout enthusiasts, it does not promise to help men that are not already putting forth the work to accomplish their own personal goals. Other internet reviews and success stories speak of better fitness as well as better stamina and higher levels of energy.


Money-back Guarantee

Mega Force comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. This is rare with such products, and it shows that this is a company that is reliable and trustworthy. Not only is the guarantee well publicized, but the process for returns is very simple. The address for returns is clearly posted on the site. It is not clear if the consumer would be reimbursed for shipping on a return, but domestic shipping to California seems easy and inexpensive. Simply mail back unused product to the address.

In addition to mailing the product back to the manufacturer, the consumer must also call the toll-free number to cancel the subscription. This is simple, and the customer service line has a reputation for being both friendly and helpful. They will help to process the refund and sort out any other payment issues. They may ask a few questions related to the reasoning for the dissatisfaction. This is simply an attempt to make Mega Force the best product possible.



Mega Force generally ships within 2-5 business days. Although the company does not guarantee shipping time, this seems to be true. The free trial associated with the product does not begin for 2 days after the purchase of the product, allowing for some average processing time. Shipping is done through USPS or FedEx depending on the situation. This maximizes the amount of actual trial time the consumer spends with the product before having to pay for the first month’s shipment of the supplement.

One great thing about the shipping process for this product is that the company puts thought into which shipping method would be the best to maintaining the integrity of the product. The product will arrive in the best condition without having been worn due to intense shipping conditions such as temperature extremes. Assuring that the consumer receives the best product helps to keep the safety and health levels high. It shows that the manufacturer is willing to spend a few extra dollars to assure that the customer receives the most reliable service possible.


Customer Support

The customer support for this product is very impressive. First of all, there is a live representative to speak to consumers all of the time, 24 hours a day. This is something that many similar products do not offer. Frankly, this shows that the customer is the number one priority to the company. Since this is a live service line, it allows the customer to speak directly to a real representative rather than communicate through email. This allows for a more open dialogue between the company and the consumer. In this way, concerns and questions can be better addressed.

In addition to addressing such concerns, this customer service center for Mega Force is also staffed with trained professionals who are qualified to offer advice and tips for success. Sometimes when a product does not work as planned, it may be that the consumer is not using the product in the intended way. By having the ability to speak to a live adviser, such issues can be resolved quickly. In the event of a return, the customer service center may ask for information that is simply designed to increase the quality of their product. All calls are toll free.


Safe & Secure Checkout

This website offers one of the most secure connections on the internet. First of all, the site has a 128-Bit secure SSL connection. This puts in line with other websites that are known for security. Additionally, the site has garnered security certificates from various well-known places. It is a McAfee Secure site in addition to being VeriSign Secured and deemed Hacker Safe by ScanAlert. All three of these certificates are sought after in the web community. They mean that the website has been tested for security from multiple highly trained sources. This gives Mega Force customers the peace of mind to input their personal information into the website for online purchase.

In an age when identity fraud is so common, it is more important than ever to pay attention to internet security. This is company that understands this. In addition to the multitude of security features offered by the website, the company also gathers only the basic information necessary to complete the transaction. They do not require a log-in and password or any security information that is not already necessary to purchase and ship the item accordingly. In addition to making the process safer, this also makes it more simple.


Pricing & Free Trial

Mega Force has a 14 day free trial that begins 2 business days after purchasing the product. If the product is not cancelled within 1 full business day of the end of the trial period, the product will automatically ship every 30 days thereafter. The cost of the subscription is $79.97 for each month, and the cost includes shipping. While many do not like the automatic enrollment in the subscription, many also like that they do not have to remember to physically reorder the product. The subscription is easy to cancel in the event that the product is not as desired.

The cost for the product includes enough supply for 30 days. This means that the trial includes 60 capsules total. This averages out to only about $2.67 per day. This is only $1.33 per capsule. This is so much cheaper than prescription hormone replacement which can also have negative health impacts. Considering the benefits and the fact that the price includes shipping, this price seems totally worth the purchase. For less than the cost of a soda every day, dramatic health improvements can be made.


  • Mega Force is a product that does not contain a bunch of unhealthy sugars or artificial ingredients that make similar products.
  • This product was manufactured within the United States, and it contains a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • The product’s customer service representatives are available any time of the day or night to help answer questions and address customer concerns.


  • Ordering the product automatically enrolls the consumer in a subscription program that will automatically charge the consumer’s credit card once a month beginning just 14 days after the initial purchase of the product.
  • The manufacturer is not well-known which makes the product seem less reputable.
  • There is not a concrete list of ingredients available for this product, so consumers do not know exactly what they are taking.

Mega Force

Summary: Mega Force is a cutting edge pre-workout supplement that helps the consumer to build muscle mass and workout stamina through raising testosterone levels. The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Additionally, the customer service line for the product can be called toll-free from any phone 24 hours a day. Overall, the product is intended specifically for men who are already workout enthusiasts and wish to help their body along in the process of building muscle mass.

FREE TRIAL to $79.97
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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