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What Is MaxGain?

MaxGain, also known as MaxGain Advanced Formula, is a pre-workout supplement designed to increase your energy for longer workouts and power for more lifts during your workouts. It also is designed to increase testosterone levels so that you can build more muscle and decrease the amount of fat on your body. It is designed to go into your bloodstream, increase the testosterone levels and help build muscle and decrease fat. You are to take two tablets per day right before you work out to see maximum results in the gym. The ingredients in the product are natural and mostly plant derived, and have been shown to increase the levels of testosterone in the body.

There is not much information concerning the manufacturer so you might assume that MaxGain is made by Max Gain. However there are no other sites confirming this and also no other products listed that are made by Max Gain. This might make the potential customer question if this is an established company with a known line of effective products. Also there is an address for the manufacturer but it is listed as a return address, so how the the product is made and whether the environment it was made in was safe is another question.



MaxGain’s manufacturer appears to be Max Gain itself. There are no other names listed for the product and no other sites. There are also no other products listed under Max Gain. Therefore you might question the validity of this product because there is no established brand name or line of effective products to support this one.

There is an address listed in Florida but it is uncertain if this is where the product is made as it is listed as a return address. There is no information that the product is made at this location or if not, where it is made. It is important to check the facts about the manufacturer and the manufacturing process, to ensure that the ingredients listed are the actual contents. It is also important to ensure that the product was made safely and in a good environment. Overall the lack of good manufacturing information and other products shown to be effective under the manufacturing name might make you question how valid the product is.


How MaxGain Works?

MaxGain is formulated to help increase testosterone levels. When testosterone levels are lowered, it is more difficult to build muscle and also you will have more fat. You also will have decreased levels of energy at the gym. With more testosterone you can have increased energy and power during workouts, as well as build more muscle and reduce the amount of body fat when used with workouts and a healthy diet. There is also said to be an increase in mental focus. Results are shown after one month, steadily increasing to five months.

You are to take two capsules per day every day with water about a half hour before your workout. Taking the supplement right before the workout ensures the energy released will last throughout its duration. The ingredients in the supplement are natural and derived from plants mostly. They are shown to increase the levels of testosterone in the body. However there are also a number of fillers that might not be natural in substance, and you might want to ask Customer Support information concerning the percentage amount of fillers in the product, as the more fillers there are, the less active ingredients there are and the less effective the supplement will therefore be.


Ingredients of MaxGain

MaxGain contains Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali Extract, Saw Palmetto, Sarsaparilla, Nettle Extract and Boron as its main ingredients. Tongkat Ali is known to increase energy and help build muscle. Saw Palmetto boosts testosterone and therefore energy and endurance during workouts. Sarsaparilla increases mental alertness and concentration. Horny Goat Weed increases endurance and energy overall. Boron supports cell function. Tongkat Ali has been known to increase aggression and irritability. Horny Goat Weed when taken over long periods of time has been known to cause dizziness, vomiting, spasms and severe breathing problems. So use caution.

There are also fillers in the blend such as Magnesium Stearate. Magnesium Stearate is not listed as harmful to the body per se, but it in particular has led to a controversy that it might be harmful if people consume it in larger quantities. Also there are other artificial ingredients listed which are not natural and therefore might have negative effects on the body. With fillers you always want to look at percentages as well, because the nature of fillers is that they help to keep capsules together or other functions rather than directly affecting your body for optimal workouts. Therefore if fillers are a large percentage of the formulation, you might not be getting as much nutrition to help with your workouts.



MaxGain’s ingredients are designed to increase testosterone in the system for those who have lower levels of the hormone. These ingredients first permeate the bloodstream. After they have boosted testosterone they provide better energy levels, more mental alertness, more power for lifting and increased endurance. All of these together lead to more effectiveness during workouts and result in more built muscle, less fat and better energy overall.

The tablets can be taken two tablets per day with water shortly before a workout for maximum effectiveness. The tablets are easy to ingest and at two tablets per day, it is not too many or a bother to take. Also the tablets are designed to give the greatest amount of energy right after you take them, so it will be to your greatest advantage to use them pre-workout. The ingredients are also natural for the most part and come from plants. Therefore there is no harmful ingredient such as steroids which can cause long-term negative effects on your health. However as with all supplements that are not FDA approved, do the research into the ingredients if there is any long-term side effects or interactions with other drugs that are negative. Also this supplement contains fillers, so you might want to check into any of their side effects as not all of those ingredients are natural.



MaxGain has no certificates. First, there are no financial security certificates such as McAfee or others that ensure that your checkout and credit card details are safe and secure. Also there are no certificates for the product itself or for the manufacturer. There is a list of magazines at the top of the site that evidently had advertisements of the product in them. However these are not magazine’s promoting the product in any way. In fact if they are in the magazine it looks like the company merely paid to put advertisements in them instead of their being any promotion from the magazines themselves.

There is a certification for a shipping merchant called InsureShip at the bottom of the page, but there are not normally certifications for shipping so it is uncertain if this is legit. Also the greater concern should be for your financial information, that it is secure, rather than that you will definitely be shipped the product. Overall there is no convincing certificate for shipping, the product or the manufacturer, and the only certificate listed, which is for shipping, seems somewhat needless as there are already policies set in place for shipping and handling.



MaxGain has a few reviews on their site, which are mostly promotional, but nevertheless show results in the posted photos. One man, 48 years old, said that he loved the muscle gains and said that people compliment him everywhere he goes. Another, 36 years old, said that he never believed he could have the body he has now, and that he is not a professional bodybuilder but he liked the way the product helped him build muscle.

Another man, 45, said that he has increased his muscle size 1.5 inches by using the product for three months. He said that he added 1.5 inches on his arms and chest area. Another review site had a customer that said after one month his muscle mass increased and saw results. This was a promotional site however, just like the supplement site with the other reviews. The reviews are all from customers listed on the sites that are promoting the product. These are probably advertisements paid by the company to promote the product and therefore the reviews are probably only the good ones. You might therefore question the validity of the testimonials since they are not on a neutral platform.


Awards & Media Coverage

MaxGain has no certificates. It is lacking an SSL certificate as well at the checkout point on the main site. This might raise concern for potential customers as these certificates are used for customers to rely on their financial information being protected. As for other sites about the product or its manufacturer, there are a few review sites, but they seem like they are marketing and promotional in nature. Even the reviews from customers are on sites that are promotional, which might make you question their validity.

There are no sites or social media where customers are commenting on the product’s effectiveness on a neutral platform. There are advertisements listed as seen in Men’s Health, Maxim, Playboy and Men’s Journal. But even if these do exist, they would be advertising in nature and not the magazine’s promotion of the product. Overall there don’t seem to be a lot of good awards or media coverage listed at all, and what is listed is only advertising and marketing in nature.


Money-back Guarantee

MaxGain has a 14-day trial period in which you can try the product. This starts from the date that you order the product so remember to factor that in and realize that you will not have as much time to try the product. You can decide within the 14-day period to send back the bottle, but you will have to pay for shipping and handling and also for a restocking fee. The shipping and handling is $5.95, so there and back will be approximately $12.

Also if you decide to cancel the free 14-day trial you will also be charged a restocking fee of $5.95, bringing the total of trying the product for free to $18. This includes shipping and handling there and back plus the restocking fee. And keep in mind that you must cancel within the 14-day period or you will be charged the full month’s supply of the product, which is $89.90. The reviews said that it takes up to three months to see real results from the product. So if you genuinely want to give it a try, at this rate you would be spending in the neighborhood of $300 for three months to try the product. Also you are charged for shipping and handling at $5.95 so factor that into the cost.



MaxGain has a standard shipping rate, but is slightly more expensive than the average $4.95. Their rate is $5.95 to ship one way, and they also require a restocking fee of $5.95 if you decide you don’t want the product during the free trial period. The normal cost is just for shipping and handling there and back for most supplements. This cost is approximately a total of $10 to try the product. Due to the more expensive shipping and handling plus the restocking fee, the cost for the free trial goes up to $18.

There is a return address in St. Petersburg, Florida where you are to ship all bottles back. You can call the toll free number with any shipping questions or about shipping charges. The product should be delivered within the standard 3-7 day shipping period, which might be working days so would exclude weekends and holidays. Always factor in these when calculating how long you have for a free trial period. Many end up getting charged for the full month’s amount thinking their trial is not over because they haven’t factored in shipping time. Overall with that amount of time for shipping, the 14 days probably won’t be enough to try the product to see if you get any results. Which may or may not be a set up from the company to get you to buy the month’s supply of the product.


Customer Support

MaxGain has no Customer Support page where you can write from directly, but they do provide a Customer Care phone line. They say they are available 24×7 except for major holidays. However they specify that this phone number is what you can call if you have questions about returns or orders. Therefore if you have any questions about the product, it’s contents, the manufacturer and others, you might not get an answer to these questions there. There is also email available.

There is an address listed in St. Petersburg, Florida but it is a return address so probably only suitable to ship back products there. It is also uncertain where the product is manufactured and if this address is where the product was made. But with the limited Customer Support information you might have difficulty getting answers to these questions. Overall with a lack of manufacturing information on the site as well as Customer Support available probably mostly to talk orders and returns, it might be difficult to get good information regarding the product’s ingredients and how and where it was manufactured.


Safe & Secure Checkout

MaxGain has a Privacy Policy listed on it’s site. There it discusses how they collect, use and disclose your private information regarding your identity and financial information. They collect information such as your name, email, mailing address and phone number. They also collect your credit card information during checkout. They also might disclose your information to third parties that are contractors they use to support their business. These include tech support, delivery services and financial institutions.

You can opt out of receiving communication from them by emailing them or phoning them. Your information is secured on a server that is protected and MaxGain employees must have access to your information via a password. There are no SSL certificates on the order page of the site, which might raise some concern. SSL certificate such as McAfee provide security for your financial information. Without these certificates you might question if your credit details are secure. They said if you have any questions about security to contact them via their contact information. Overall the security seems standard compared to other supplements, minus the fact there is no SSL certificate.


Pricing & Free Trial

MaxGain has a 14-day free trial period to test the product before you decided to purchase it. However remember that you will be paying the standard shipping fee of $5.95 to get it shipped to your door. Also the trial period starts from the time you order the product, so the 3-7 working days it takes to get your product might be included in the free trial, so remember that the trial period might not be very long. If there is only a 7-day period or so for you to try the product and the reviews say that you will see results after three months, you might not have enough time to try the product.

If you decide you don’t like the product within the trial period you can ship it back to the manufacturer, but remember you will also pay another $5.95 to ship it back. You will also be charged an extra $5.95 restocking fee if you send back the bottles and cancel the trial.

So you can expect to pay about $18 equivalent at least to try the product. If you do not cancel the order within the 14 days you will be charged the full amount for the month’s supply of the product. Also until you cancel your subscription you will receive a new bottle automatically every month and will be charged for that. If you do not cancel the trial you will be charged the 30-day supply fee of $89.90. You will also be charged that amount each month until you cancel the product. So this is the monthly cost of the product.


  • Pre-workout supplement designed to increase testosterone and therefore energy, mental focus, built muscle and increase fat loss.
  • Only two tablets per day needed, right before a workout.
  • Most of the listed ingredients are natural, meaning there are no dangerous ingredients such as steroids which cause long-term negative health effects.


  • Lack of good manufacturing information might lead one to ask how the product was made and if it was made in a safe environment.
  • Several fillers mentioned on the ingredients label might make someone wonder what percentage of the product is only filler and not active ingredients.
  • Customer reviews were all positive because they were listed on promotional sites. Lack of real reviews on unbiased platforms leads one to question the validity of the testimonials.


Summary: MaxGain is a pre-workout supplement with mostly natural ingredients derived from plants that have been shown to increase the amount of testosterone in the body, leading to more energy and power during workouts, more mental focus, more built muscle and increased fat loss. There are a number of fillers also on the ingredient label of the supplement, however, so the potential customer might want to ask the question how much of the content in the supplement is fillers, as the higher the amount of them means a lower amount of active ingredients and therefore a lower amount of effectiveness per tablet. There is not a lot of manufacturing information so it might be assumed that it is Max Gain itself, and there are no other effective products listed to help prove the legitimacy of the company, and there are also no certificates or awards listed, as well as reviews that only are found on the promotional and marketing sites. This lack of real customer information, combined with a lack of manufacturing information and many fillers being listed in the ingredients, might lead someone to do more research before purchasing the product.

FREE TRIAL to $89.90
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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