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What Is Max Robust Extreme?

Max Robust Extreme is a supplement that helps promote the production of nitric oxide in bodybuilders. For those that are new to nitric oxide production enablers, the primary effect that the supplement will have is that your blood flow will increase, giving you the capability of supplying your muscles with more oxygen and nutrients so that you can build mass more rapidly than if you were working out without a supplement. Increased nitric oxide also provides your body with the capability of healing faster so your muscles can recover when you are on an intense workout schedule.

One positive side-effect of taking a nitric oxide supplement like this is that it will help to lower your overall blood pressure. One positive attribute of the product is that it is all natural and each individual ingredient has been individually validated in scientific studies that confirm their potential to affect your body like the manufacturer claims it will.



A truly global enterprise, the US company that sells Max Robust Extreme is known as Spring Life LLC. They are based in New York City on Park Avenue. At the same time, the parent company is simply setup to be a financial entity that directs the sales and manufacturing departments. Sales for the product is located in the Netherlands at the company website. The supplement is produced in the UK at a sophisticated manufacturing facility that Spring Life LLC has oversight over. As the product is a supplement and not regulated, the sales division is organized in a way that allows them to ship all over the world.

The company is also tied to Nathans Natural on their website. Nathans is a UK company that believes in putting out solutions for aging and other types of life situations using all natural ingredients. This bodes well for customers because although the website claims that the ingredients are all natural, they also mention a proprietary formula that precludes disclosing every ingredient. As Nathans is a company that refuses to allow anything that is classified as a drug anywhere near its laboratories- customers visiting the Netherlands website to purchase a supplement can feel confident that they are not putting ingredients in that are not natural.


How Max Robust Extreme Works?

As a nitric oxide enabler, Max Robust Extreme is designed to be taken once a day before a workout. Normally, if you take it about an hour before a workout, the effects should be optimum. You can also hydrate before your workout in order to boost performance. If you are on a regular workout schedule, you should start to notice result within the first few weeks of taking the supplement.

One way that the formula works is in creating an environment that allows your body to utilize the supplement in a way that preserves the energy that you would normally expend creating arginine with biosynthesis. In other words, your body creates its own natural amino acids but it takes energy to do so. When you use Max Robust Extreme, you are stockpiling arginine, giving your body a break from having to create more- allowing your system to use that boost to lead to better muscle growth.


Ingredients of Max Robust Extreme

Arginine is the leading active ingredient in Max Robust Extreme. It is an interesting amino acid because it isn’t one that our body makes until after we are born. Because of this, people have plenty of experience absorbing it naturally in their diet. The net effect is that a supplement like Max Robust Extreme can provide extra Arginine for better bodybuilding without causing any health problems because of that natural affinity. As a nitric oxide booster, it helps provide an increase in blood flow that can directly impact how well you build mass.

The actual full name of the ingredient is L-arginine alphas ketogluterate, which is a salt derived from Arginine. There are some mixed results in terms of clinical tests depending upon what you want it to do for you. As a nitric oxide enabler, it appears to help boost production, which is really the most important thing for bodybuilders. Magnesium stearate is another ingredient included as a softener that facilitates the distribution of other ingredients once the supplement has been taken.



The largest advantage of using a supplement like Max Robust Extreme is that is proven not to be harmful. Most bodybuilders know that everytime there is a new supplement on the market, it requires research and some experimentation on their part in order to be sure that their decision to use it is the right one. Since the active ingredient has been used since the mid 1990’s to help build muscle mass for those that are sculpting their bodies, there is a large amount of data and testing that shows that the concept is effective and that it is not going to be overly harmful.

Another advantage that Max Robust Extreme can provide users with is the ability to have their muscles recuperate faster after a workout. While some of this is due to the active ingredient’s properties, it is also possible that within the proprietary formula there are vitamin B6-like ingredients that are not listed. Of course, for the bodybuilder in a hurry, it is clear that replacing two or three supplements with one that provides the same type of effects makes it easier to focus on just working out well.



The factory in the UK that Max Robust Extreme is manufactured in carries with it the certification to create supplements that provide the type of training boost that Max Robust Extreme does. Therefore, from a product safety standpoint, you can be assured that every batch is tested under the strictest quality guidelines. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration, which is known to be very careful about what needs to be regulated and what does not need to be regulated, has determined that the supplement is made up of completely natural ingredients and therefore does not require their certification. At the same time, although there may not be government regulation for the supplement, each ingredient is processed and verified as meeting government certification standards.



Most user reviews of Max Robust Extreme are positive. Those who use the Internet to research will note that there are media companies that pay for both positive and negative reviews of products. You only need to go to an online contracting firm to find those types of job orders. So for the discerning bodybuilder, it is important to filter the reviews and just look at ones that seem genuine. There are a lot of bodybuilding forums that have a user system that rewards users for making comments. That type of site can often provide more genuine insight than some of the other review sites. For this supplement, the primary positive was the fact that people using it were noticing positive results within weeks of starting to use it. After that, the lack of negative side effects is also a plus. Arginine is not without some minor potential negatives. So when the entire group of reviewers does not bring up any problems, it means that the proprietary mixture has been successfully engineered to create a positive influence.

What the positive reviews do say about performance gains fall into a couple of categories. In one category you have people that claim that without changing any of their workout routine, adding the supplement and taking it before a workout caused them to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. In another category, you have people that claim that other supplements have not helped them but this one has- normally to the extent that they have been able to become completely ripped or lose weight or achieve a specific performance goal. Several testimonials claim to have the complete ingredient list. According to those reviews, vitamin B6 is also added so that your muscles will recover after workouts. Boron and magnesium are also supposedly included as part of the proprietary mixture.


Awards & Media Coverage

Although there are not too many awards in the supplement category because the market is often quite dynamic, the primary ingredient in Max Robust Extreme, arginine, has been thoroughly researched- with many studies published. Two studies in particular validated the notion that the ingredient was able to boost growth hormone levels when taken orally. In fact the results showed that by taking a supplement like Max Robust Extreme somewhat before a workout, the impact that it would have would be optimized.

Similarly, when it comes to blood flow, another study showed that the arginine can lower blood pressure in people that have normal blood pressure. It will also lower blood pressure for people that have high blood pressure. There have also been a lot of independent blog reviews that help to provide a larger picture of what the bodybulding community thinks about the product. Of course it is important to keep in mind that how a supplement affects your body is the only important thing. With safety concerns not a factor, you may just focus on how well this product works for you. In other media coverage, the website claims that the product has been featured on ESPN and in Men’s Health online.


Money-back Guarantee

According to the makers of Max Robust Extreme, you have 30 days to try the product. If you decide you do not like it after that time, you may send it back to their manufacturing location in England for a full refund, less shipping and handling. In the workout supplements industry, this type of return policy is pretty liberal compared to some of their competitors. Interestingly enough, the company that processes their returns is known as Nathans Naturals, which is fairly close in name to another British pharmaceutical firm known as Nathans Natural. If you look further, you will notice that the privacy policy actually mentions that they are Nathans Natural, LLC. Because of this, it is likely that Nathans Natural in England, with laboratories in Switzerland is the manufacturer.

To return a product, you need to let their company know in advance just who you are so that they can pull your order details. You can do this by emailing the Netherlands customer support staff. Once they have looked you up and found your order information, they will process your return and then get back to you with an okay by email. After you receive that okay, you can then send the product back to the address in England. It is recommended that you send it by some form of registered mail so that you have a receipt that shows that you returned it.



Bodybuilders who purchase Max Robust Extreme from the company website receive free shipping for all possible configurations. This can make the pricing a pretty good deal because many other manufacturers charge their customers shipping. If you live in the Netherlands, that may not seem to make much of a difference. If you live in Hawaii, free shipping can make a large difference.

The company ships using the Dutch royal mail or postal system. As they are partnered worldwide, you can receive your product in any country in the world. After you order, you will receive information on your product and how it will ship. Although chances are that your package will be delivered to you by the national post office system in your country, it depends on where you are. If you want to know who will deliver your package, you can contact either the Dutch post office or the customer service people for the supplement in the Netherlands. If you would like your shipment to be expedited from the Netherlands, you can contact customer service in advance by email and request that they do so before you actually order. You can then pay the correct amount in advance.


Customer Support

Although their headquarters is in New York, the customer service department is located in The Netherlands. If you have questions, comments, or complaints, the company suggests that you use their e-mail address to communicate, which makes that type of support free for all. According to reviews, their customer service department is responsive and will send a reply within a reasonable amount of time. Customer service will also allow you to change the data that you have provided them with for any orders that you have made. And like you are able to in the United States, you may tell them whether or not they can use your information to help promote sales in the future.

When it comes to providing a stronger customer experience like some manufacturers do, the company is actually a little more ‘no frills’. They don’t have a team of bodybuilders that they sponsor who use their product professionally and they don’t have a forum where users can communicate with each other while they are training and using the product. Of course for many athletes, that isn’t necessary or important as long as the product works and is competitively priced. So about the only thing that isn’t consistent with world class service with regards to their company is actually just the notion that the product data on the website is useful, but not arranged in a way that will answer all of the questions that the average bodybuilder may have. In other words, clearing up some of the confusion about the plethora of ingredient claims that are on other Internet sites and adding some science or testing results to their percentage gain numbers should instantly make their sales claims much more impressive to those who haven’t tried their product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you order from the sales department in the Netherlands, the website is protected by Secure Sockets Layer encryption. The odds of someone being able to hack into your connection and take your identity or credit card information while you are making a purchase are therefore very low. On the other hand, it is always important for you to protect your own data. Some hackers have switched to trying to pull personal data from customers that are using smartphones or tablets. They often create profiles of users and then fill in missing data as they receive it. This includes your e-mail. So if you receive a receipt by e-mail from the sales department, someone may try and take it from you to get information about your transaction and your financial data. They can then target your bank specifically and go after your password to your online bank account.

The best way to avoid this type of problem is to be in a secure location like your home when you log into your bank account online. Once you have logged in, you can ask your browser to save the password so that you don’t need to enter it when you are in public. Another way that you can be safe online when you purchase supplements overseas is to get a debit Visa card. You can buy them at Walmart, 7-11, or through Paypal. You can also get them at several other stores. Debit Visa cards can only be used with the amount that you pre-load on them. If you add $100, then that is the maximum that you could lose if someone tried to steal it from you. By using debit Visa cards to pay for your weight training supplement, especially from a different country, you will minimize the risk of your information being stolen even more.



While there are currently no free trial offers, there is a starter kit available that will allow you to purchase one bottle for 49.95 euros, which is around 55 dollars. For those that would like to stock up in advance, there are multiple bottle order options that bring the price for each bottle down even more. The Total-Shred pack consists of three bottles and is currently priced 99.90 euros, which is around 111 dollars . The Powerhouse pack, which is made up of 5 bottles is 149.85 euros, which is around 166 dollars. Because each bottle will probably last you around a month, you can see that in terms of value, you are paying around 149.85 Euros for a 5 month training aid, which can be considered comparatively inexpensive.

Currently, it appears that the only place that you can purchase the supplement is directly from the Netherland’s sales website. If you are American and would like to purchase their products and want to know if how much they will cost in dollars, you can input the search term “euro” into Google in a web browser and a calculator will come up that will allow you to enter the amount in Euros and see the corresponding amount in dollars.


  • The product’s health claims have been largely validated by studies done on individual ingredients that the product contains.
  • Although it ships from Europe, the price that Max Robust Extreme sells for plus free shipping make the total cost attractive.
  • The product reduces the number of supplements that you need to buy and consume to build muscle mass.


  • There are some potential physical side-effects like nausea for people that use Arginine regularly.
  • The company website doesn’t present product data in a way that normally answers all a potential customer’s questions
  • The product labeling isn’t as clear as it could be.

Max Robust Extreme

Summary: Max Robust Extreme is a nitric oxide enabling workout supplement that is created using ingredients that are proven to do what the manufacturer claims. The scientist that dwells in every bodybuilder would probably like to examine the exact formulation and set of ingredients that they use so they could compare it with other options. On the other hand, because of intellectual property concerns, the manufacturer obviously cannot specifically identify more than they already do. If you are visiting the website from outside of the Netherlands, it is a good idea to use a Google browser because it will ask you if you want to translate the information from Dutch into your own language.

RatingRated 2.5 stars

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