Max Alpha Boost Review – Is It Effective?

What Is Max Alpha Boost?

Max Alpha Boost is a fitness and nutrition supplement manufactured in capsule form and designed to optimize physical fitness and workout performance. It is intended to supplement a healthy lifestyle in combination with healthy physical activity in order to help users burn fat faster, to build more lean muscle mass at a rapid rate, to raise overall energy levels, to maximize strength and stamina as well as to increase testosterone production. It may also be useful in increasing athletic performance for athletes and for other competitive fitness professionals such as bodybuilders and weightlifters. In addition, it may work to restore diminished strength and vitality associated with age-related testosterone decline. It is certified in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices and is developed in a GMP-certified laboratory.

This product was developed by an established nutrition supplement supplier. It features an all-organic ingredient list promising no negative side effects. Its proprietary formula blend purportedly includes Nettle Root Extract, Longjack Extract, Saw Palmetto and Horny Goat Weed Extract. Many of the botanicals have a long history of medicinal use in various cultures throughout the world though the research on their effectiveness for exercise-related purposes is still inconclusive. Additional benefits of regular use may also include a sharpened mental focus, increased self-confidence and potentially even mood improvements and hormonal regulation.



This organic supplement was manufactured by a company bearing the same name, Max Alpha Boost. The company has not indicated on the product website where it has researched, developed and manufactured its merchandise lines. Although many supplement suppliers retain research and development facilities in the United States, the site does not indicate whether this is the case with this product. It does not list its corporate address on the website, which is not helpful to potential customers seeking to learn more about the developer. As most suppliers include at least their physical address (for correspondence and return purposes) on their product websites, this lack of information is unusual.

As is often the case, Max Alpha Boost does not have an official company website nor does it maintain any social media channels. It is believed that it has researched and developed several lines of successful health and fitness solutions all over the world, but without any links or company statements, this cannot be verified. This manufacturer may at least include at least a mission statement and/or a brief history in order to better educate consumers. It is also thought that, although its products are thought to be available throughout the world, they are only distributed (globally) online. This manufacturer does state that it only certifies its locally-produced merchandise as legitimate only when purchased directly.


How Max Alpha Boost Works?

Each bottle comes with a 30-day supply of 60 capsules. Since it is not advertised specifically as a male-directed testosterone booster only, women may utilize its benefits to increase workout performance as well. Each capsule is comprised of extracts from plants, roots, herbs, flowers, seeds, minerals, vitamins and other natural compounds formulated to heighten energy levels and to maximize strength and stamina for optimal workout capability. Extreme results are generally associated with consistent, daily use as well as a healthy diet and regular exercise. As stated by the manufacturer, it is not intended as a meal replacer nor is it intended to treat any medical disorders.

Many of the ingredients in the formula blend are thought to play an active role in significantly improving blood flow. This may help to increase vascularity by enhancing the process of vasodilation, which essential refers to the temporary enlargement of the blood vessel walls. Dilating blood vessel walls allows veins to drive more nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to working muscle tissue, thereby allowing for the potential of more powerful muscle pumps, less post-workout cramping and soreness and faster post-workout recovery. This may in turn translate into more intense and more frequent workouts, which of course often leads to stronger musculature and more fat burned. It may also contribute to building lean muscle mass and raising energy levels by way of thermogenesis, another term for fat burning.

Max Alpha Boost also claims to work as a testosterone booster to stimulate the body’s natural production of this key muscle-building steroid hormone. The biological stores of testosterone available for use for muscle-building purposes – or ‘myogenesis’ – are called ‘free testosterone,’ or ‘circulating testosterone.’ The extracts in this supplement’s formula may work to stimulate the body to increase these supplies both actively and passively. As symptoms of decreased testosterone production may include fatigue, greater muscle weakness and soreness, lethargy, weight gain, mental fog and more, it may help to combat these symptoms by stimulating testosterone production.


Ingredients of Max Alpha Boost

This fitness supplement’s parent company does not, unfortunately, offer an ingredient list on the product website. This is a major drawback for supplement enthusiasts who prefer to educate themselves before purchasing a new product. It is crucial for manufacturers to provide a detailed ingredient list to allow potential customers to consult with a health professional before beginning use, as even plant extracts may negatively interact with certain medications, trigger allergic reactions or cause other undesirable side effects. Fortunately, there are various sources online that provide a purportedly legitimate ingredient list and, as such, list only plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and other generally safe additives.Since this product is GMP-certified (according to its website), this indicates that it was certified as having been in compliance with federal regulations pertaining to safety, efficacy and optimal manufacturing practices.

The first ingredient mentioned by online fitness sources citing this product’s formula, is Nettle Root Extract. This additive comes from the stinging nettle plant and is commonly used to supplement strength training-oriented diets due to its reputation for effectively raising natural testosterone production. Fitness experts note that it is important to ensure it is combined with other supplements that will not cause negative side effects such as fluid retention. Also incorporated in this product’s formula is Longjack Extract.Longjack Extract – also known as Tongkat Ali and Eurycoma Longifolia – is often used to increase testosterone levels naturally. It is extracted from the bigger Eurycoma shrub primarily native to Asia and Malaysia.



Max Alpha Boost’s tablets are comprised only of (generally) safe natural extracts derived entirely from plants and other organic sources. Another advantage is the fact that is much safer, less expensive, legal and was developed in accordance with federal safety laws and regulations (as opposed to anabolic steroids). Also, unlike many current fitness supplement suppliers, products ordered through the evaluation program do not need to be returned – nor do any remaining capsules – in order to cancel the program either before it begins or anytime after it is initiated. It comes in easy-to-swallow capsule form for maximum ease-of-use and can be stacked with other quality dietary aides. In addition, the manufacturer offers a 14-day trial program wherein customers are not required to return the bottle in any condition in order to cancel enrollment in the auto-ship program.

The 24/7 availability of the company’s customer service team is also sure to be a major benefit to those interested in purchasing and/or learning more about Max Alpha Boost. Each customer support team member has been trained to address a wide range of issues, including member account modification. Its formula is likely safe for most healthy adult use though users should always consult with a health professional before committing to buy. Additional advantages to this fitness-boosting supplement may be increased energy levels, muscle strength, lean muscle gains as well as maximized endurance and stamina.



According to one statistic cited on the product website, testosterone levels begin to gradually decline by approximately 2-4% per year after the age of 30. This statistic implies a need for a solution to remediate these negative effects, though the website doesn’t cite other statistics to underscore this point. It also doesn’t link to other sites that verify this statistic nor does it link to research sites demonstrating their additives’ effectiveness. Though supplement websites do not always do such, it would be a wise idea in order for the company to help its buyers make more informed decisions. It may also want to link to sites detailing the various health uses its botanicals have had throughout the centuries.

An important certification awarded to Max Alpha Boost is that of the all-important Good Manufacturing Practice. This stamp certifies that the product has complied with best practices regarding the safety and efficacy of food products. These federal regulations were put in effect to make sure that all GMP-certified food products have complied with its requirements as well as meet a minimum standard of safety and general effectiveness.



Max Alpha Boost has been the workout game-changer I’d been looking for. I’ve been using it consistently for six months and so far, I haven’t had any negative side effects. I feel stronger when I use it, I work harder in the gym, I lift longer than I did before I started popping it into my protein shake before sessions. I keep a bottle in my gym bag at all times and try to take a couple at least once a day (before strength-training or before a run). When I take these, eat right and work out hard, I notice a major difference. — Danny Y., personal trainer in West Lake, MI, USA

I was very skeptical at first, but two months of using this, and my body is significantly more toned and lean than before. This is the first all-natural supp I’ve tried, and I don’t see a reason to look any further. It gives me a nice, clean rush of energy, it’s lengthened my endurance and I look and feel stronger than I have in years. Max Alpha Boost has been my secret weapon to help me reach my goal body. I’ve lost inches off my waist as well, and I would recommend this to anyone looking to get buff faster. — Jesse B., civil engineer in Ontario, Canada

I finally have the body I’ve been wanting to have for years, and I believe this stuff played a big role in that. It pumps up my energy levels and makes me feel like a man when I hit the gym. I was starting to look and feel very soft, so I knew I needed to make a big change in order to lose weight and stop feeling so winded every time I climbed a steep flight of stairs. Two months of using it every other day, and I’ve lost ten pounds, I have a lot more energy and I can climb stairs without needing to take a rest. My girlfriend loves the way I look, and I plan to keep using it for awhile to help me keep sculpting and building new muscle. — Idio W., banking manager in London, United Kingdom

There’s been an obvious change for the better in my BMI levels and in my overall fitness level, thanks to mixing a couple of these into my protein shakes before workouts. They don’t taste bad, they don’t make me jittery and I don’t get irritable the way I have with other workout pills. I would say these have contributed to my gaining inches of muscle on my biceps and to helping me feel more energetic overall. I tried these out through the trial program first and bought myself a bottle immediately after. I think that if people eat right, work out and stick to taking a couple of these regularly, they will see results. — Loren E., roofer in Boston, MA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Since awards in the fitness supplement industry are relatively rare, it is especially impressive to see that Max Alpha Boost was ranked #1 in its category in 2016. However, the website does not take the time to detail what specific category it held nor does it link to any verifying sources. Aside from this, consumer response has been positive overall in the exercise supplement community. Many blogs are reviewed it favorably and have reported few to no side effects. It seems to be enjoying exceptional popularity in the United States.

There are no specific media outlets advertised on the product website. However, it is likely that is has been featured in – or at least advertised in the pages of – popular health, fitness, nutrition and supplement magazines. Interested workout enthusiasts may want to look into whether it has appeared in such popular magazines as Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness and Maxim. Interested parties may also want to look into Playboy and Men’s Health magazines as possible media outlets.


Money-back Guarantee

The details for the manufacturer’s 30-day risk-free return policy – as well as its 14-day trial program – can be found on both the ‘privacy policy’ section and the ‘terms and conditions’ section of the product website. Those interested in testing out Max Alpha Boost can sign up for the 14-day evaluation program. This includes 10 days to try the product and four days for processing and transit time. After the trial period, the customer will be enrolled in a monthly auto-delivery program; see website for further details.

All units must be returned to fulfillment facilities unopened and unused in order to qualify for a full refund. Therefore, all straight sales are final; those who prefer to try before buying are advised to sign up for the trial program. Straight sale buyers may request a refund up to 30 days from the date of purchase. Credits and returns are applied once the package has been received and processed by the returns department. According to company policy, no refunds are issued for any sort of trial-sized bottle.



Orders are ready to ship within 24 hours of purchase. Packages can be shipped anywhere within the United States as well as to the Virgin Islands. Orders are shipped using the United States Postal Service. At a nominal cost of $4.95, most customers will find the cost of shipping and handling very reasonable. On the order section of the website, customers are provided with an estimated date of order arrival although the company cannot guarantee specific arrival dates or times.

As stated by the company’s shipping policy, all products ship within 1-3 business days and deliver within 2-4 days from the date of shipment. The company does not issue refunds for shipping and handling under any circumstances nor are charges associated with shipping and handling charges refundable. All packages shipped to the company for returns must receive prior approval from a customer service member, who will provide customers with a Return Authorization Number with which to clearly label the return package. Once items are received by the shipping department, any returns will be credited minus the cost of delivery. The product website is not offering international delivery at this time nor does it appear to offer optional shipping insurance.


Customer Support

The manufacturer of Max Alpha Boost has espoused a commitment to providing their customers with excellent customer service as evidenced by their trained customer service team members, their company statement and their product website. Each member is trained to assist callers and online inquirers with a wide range of issues including company policy details, questions regarding member accounts, questions regarding product use and ingredients as well as any other issues that may arise before, after or during the process of a sale. Potential and current buyers will likely appreciate the extensive service support provided, as this manufacturer offers the benefit of 24/7 customer assistance. Callers can speak with a live service representative via the toll-free 1-866 telephone number provided on the site. Each team member is authorized to cancel or modify customer accounts regarding trial programs or any other specials or offers currently offered by the company.

For further convenience, customers can also contact a team member via a support email address listed on the site’s ‘contact’ section. There is no online question submission form offered at this time (though such forms are quickly becoming a standard practice for online vendors). Aside from the basic information listed, the product website does not provide further details regarding its customer service members or program nor does not specify whether the support center is operational on weekends and/or on holidays. It does state that satisfaction is its top priority and that it is continually committed to ensuring a positive customer experiences.

Furthermore, customers can also request custom arrangements for accounts such as delaying billing and/or delaying a shipment. just call our customer service representatives and we will be happy to discuss your account with you. Although the company states upfront that it cannot accommodate every request, they are committed to accommodating requests whenever possible. It is also upfront about its practice of recording and archiving calls for references purposes as well as quality assurance.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Displayed on Max Alpha Boost’s website is an impressive array of logos from industry standard security software companies. Two such security software companies are McAfee Secure and Norton Secure. Both of these security suites offer ransomware protection, firewalls, antivirus protection and more.

The transaction section of the website also displays a ‘Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Connection’ trustguard. This means that the site has been secured by encryption technology, which utilizes key ciphers to encrypt sensitive customer data stored on the company’s server. Encryption essentially renders secure data unreadable by potential cyber hackers and phishing attempts. The site also displays both MasterCard SecureCode and Verified By Visa safety seals, which use codes and verification technology to further secure sensitive personal and financial customer data.



The manufacturer accepts both Visa and MasterCard as forms of payment. There are no other payment options at this time. The retail (non-trial) cost for a 30-day supply of Max Alpha Boost is $89.95. The company is not currently offering multi-product discounts or other promotions. It does not state whether there are any restocking fees associated with returns.

Per company policy, the company regards chargebacks and reversals as potential cases of fraudulent use of its services and/or theft of services. It reserves the right to file complaints with local and federal authorities to investigate. It also states that all activity and IP address information is monitored and that this info may be utilized in a civil and/or criminal case(s) in the event of fraudulent use and/or theft of services.

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